Can I Give Up Everything & Worship Allah Alone For My Entire Life

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Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim Discusses

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Can a Muslim devote their life entirely to the worship of God give off, give up working family and other things.

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And hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam without a Surat Al Mustafa in the Straight Path of Allah is not just straight, but it's also balanced. The prophets lie Selim worried very early on about those who go to extremes, whether the extreme of addition or omission, adding or neglecting. And of those who added were some of the young companions at the time of the prophets, I sell them in the authentic hadith. Some of them said, I'm not going to get married, I don't have time to raise a wife and children look after their daily needs. I'm just going to be devout day and night, I'm going to give my total focus, I'm going to be like a monk. Another

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one said, Well, listen, I'm going to sleep by day so that I can worship a lot by night, I'm going to stand in prayer all night, from the time measurement has set until failure. I will not go to sleep, I'll be up in prayer, vigilant in my night prayers. The third one, he said, going to indulge in marriage, I'm not going to get married, I'm not going to pursue that. Another one said, I'm not going to break my fast every single day. I'm going too fast. For a law when the Prophet heard of this, he summoned them and he said, I've gotten married to women, and I eat in some days and I fast other days, and I pray by night, but I also sleep by night, men roughly about uncertainity Felisa

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made me, the one who leaves my path. The word su not in Arabic literally means the straight path, the one who leaves my well trodden illuminant path, the one who leaves my so often was talking that leads to Allah is not up to me. And therefore know that there is no monasticism to be an Aztec in our Deen to such a degree that you say I don't need a job, I'm just going to sit in the masjid I'm going to worship a law and the law will send birds to feed me. That process is not something that is a part of our faith. And I leave you with this example of remember the Allahu anhu remember the Allahu anhu used to work one day and sit with the Prophet One day, the day he went to work his

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neighbor would take notes and fill him in at the end of the day, his work day what the prophet had said what instructions were given. The next day his neighbor would go to work and Omar would sit with the prophet and then share the details with his neighbor in that evening. A balanced life is the life that is pleasing to Allah and the Sunnah of our messenger Mohammed.

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