My Erroneous Judgement

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punch line, you know, two minutes, because he's hovering around. He's gonna say to us, oh brothers, please, for the sake of Allah give me 400 pounds I need to buy a ticket to Italy. We're waiting for the punchline.

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Yeah, he's hovering around.

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Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, listen to this, he said, to walk with another person to fulfill his need is more beloved to me than doing a takeoff for an entire month in this Masjid must be the number he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to walk, to go out of my way to assist another person,

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another person

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to assist another person, just to walk with Him. And to assist him is more beloved to me than doing it ticked off here for an entire month.

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And you know, why? One of the reasons that we don't help other people often because we are of a very suspicious nature.

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And that's the truth, we can somehow justify it not helping other people. Oh, it's his fault. You know, let me tell you the See, and this is why they say never judge a book by its cover. Honestly.

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We were at the airport in Turkey.

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And the guy comes to us, a Pakistani guy comes to us.

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And he says, Oh, I miss my flight. And you know, for those who have been for hygiene, ombre, you know, unfortunately, many, many people that we encounter often Pakistanis, you know, lost my ticket, miss my flight, my wallet has nothing. So he's saying to this, at least three of us sitting there thinking, Okay, here's the punch line. He goes, I want your help. As we're thinking to ourselves, all of us are thinking the same punch line, you know, to myself, because he's hovering around, he's gonna say to us, oh, brothers, please, for the sake of Allah. Give me 400 pounds. I need to buy a ticket to Italy. We're waiting for the punchline.

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Yeah, he's hovering around

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after a while after about 20 minutes elapse.

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So hold on. Maybe there is some reality to the call. Yes. I asked him for money yet.

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So I took him with a flight within about 45 minutes. So I said, Look, I quickly took him to death seek only speak or do he's going Italy. So I took him to a desk and reality was that he did miss his flight.

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vaccines, you know, his swab would have run out my time he Italy so they would have sent it back. And fortunately, I could speak English. And I managed to resolve the situation to a degree and then a guy from America who misses flight. And he said, Don't worry, I'll help him. I've been here since yesterday.

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But see, this is the thing.

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We judge people.

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We justified it. This was just you know, week and a half ago. And somehow we justify to ourselves that we are not going to help this individual.

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Mufti Shafi Rahmatullah, and he was on a train once

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and move the ducky who is mostly Taqi Usmani if anybody knows was Turkish money, how is Allah, you know, he's regarded as now the most influential Muslim in the world, he can talk.

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He says, I was a young boy, I was studying my hair and my mother and a beggar came on to the train. And his father is moved out of Pakistan. So the beggar comes, he said, he gives him

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so much these hops as I was rereading fic books at that time that you shouldn't give the car to this person, you shouldn't give the car to this kind of person. So I said to my dad, I said, you know, that guy could be a professional beggar you just gave the money to

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say says my father said you're right, my son.

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He could have been a professional beggar who may not have been a professional Baker. But if Allah only gave to those who deserved, then you and I should get nothing.

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You and I should get nothing at all.

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And therefore if you know 100% that person the corner is a different thing. But know me so judgmental, that Allah always deprive you from giving or assisting. You can make an excuse