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Yasir Qadhi
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Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Ali he was a big marine. And we continue on this odd nights in the last nights of Ramadan, the 25th nights to discuss some of the Beautiful Names of Allah subhana wa tada and tonight the name that we will discuss is the name of Allah elwha hub, the name of Allah elwha hub, and the name Allah hub. It occurs three times in the Quran as a proper noun, and it comes from the root word hub from the root word hub, and what Hubba is to give or to gift and the famous lexicographer of the Arabic language, but as for honey, he says what Hubba means to give what is yours, what you own, to somebody else in return for

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nothing. You give what is yours to somebody else, and you don't want anything back and from the word whatever, the Arabs have the word for gift, HIPAA, HIPAA comes from whatever, but it's what you give, as a gift, without any strings attached, without any reason to give. Because when you give for a reason, that's not a gift. If somebody does something for you, that is not a pure gift. A pure gift is from the heart. And it's not because of something that you have done. Because if you do something, you get a payment in return, you get a salary in return, you get a reward in return a pure Heba a pure whatever has to be without any strings attached. So Allah hab is the one who gives

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What is his to you, without any reason that you have earned it, you haven't done anything to deserve it. You haven't worked for it. It is a gift that is given from the generosity of and we're happy to you. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is a word and the meaning of a word, or the structure of an Wahab is the one who gives and continuously gives. So Allah have the one who gives everyone everything that they have. So everything that everybody owns, is not ours. It is a gift from Allah hab. We do not own anything, everything that is ours, including us, including our lives. It is nothing other than a manifestation of Allah hab. So Allah gives not because we have earned not because we deserve but

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because it is his nature to give and he doesn't need anything back from us and the name of Allah and Wahab is especially associated in the Quran, with the blessings of spiritual Rama and the blessings of family. In the Quran, the word will have occurs the proper noun three times, but the verb occurs more than a dozen times. And almost always, Allah describes what he gives a family or of spiritual blessings with the verb awaba or its permutations. So for example, Ibrahim alayhis salam says Alhamdulillah Hilah de wa hubballi kebari izmailovo All Praise be to Allah. Allah is the one who has whatever he has gifted me even though I'm old, he's given me a baton He is married and his help. And

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Allah subhana wa tada tells Ibrahim, what will happen Allah who is how clever yaku we gifted Ibrahim what will heaven Allah who we gave him a Heba of his help, and not just his half but Yahoo, so children and grandchildren, Allah said this was our Wahab, our Heba to Ibrahim, and Allah says regarding Dawood alayhis, salaam, what will happen, the Buddha Sulaiman, we gifted the wood, we gifted him with soul, a man near him and Abdul Wahab What a beautiful gift. What a beautiful servant we gave. So Allah is Allah have who gives us primarily with wealth or sorry with children and family and with spiritual blessings. Ally's origin mentions that the prophet Zechariah he's making dua to

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Allah in baytril Mk. This is making dua in that holiest structure of his time, and he is praying for his entire lifetime until he becomes old and he raises his hands to Allah and he says, Oh my Lord, my hair has grown white. My bones have grown feeble right? And here I am making dua to you. So for heavily milda Luca Walia gift to me from you a worry and I want to hear is a son who will protect me a son who will take care of me so he uses the verb whatever to ask for. Yeah. So what is

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is a logical first step Jebin Allahu wa heavener who Yeah, we responded to him and we were the ones who we gifted him. Yeah. And of course Maria and Isa are also the same verb is used jabril comes to Maria and Judy says to Miriam in honor of sudo Viki Li ke Olam and zakia I am the messenger of a lot to you do between says to Merriam so that Allah will gift you a pure child. So the primary usage one of the two primary usage of the word hub is the gift of family, the gift of a beautiful family and that is why one of the Quranic doors that all of us should be making regularly are gonna have the Lana mean as wodgina was the re atina kurata unit which under the matakana mama Oh our Lord

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headliner gift us because he's the Wahab gift us our spouses and children that will be a coolness of our eyes. We want our family to bring comfort to us. So Allah have is associated number one with family. So we use our hub when we make do our for our family, and especially for those who don't have children. And what have is the most powerful name to use for those who don't have children. zecharia used it that he that Allah azza wa jal is the Wahab he wants Wahab Give me the gift. So those who don't have children, you may especially use the name al Wahhab, and those who even have children will use will have to bless the family. We use it we'll have to make sure that the

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spiritual blessings are given to our spouses and our children. And the second primary usage of the verb will however, is in the context of righteousness in the context of spiritual blessings. So Musa alayhis salam makes the out to a lot of be heavily hookman well how can you be solid hain Oh Allah gift me wisdom and gift to me to be amongst the righteous people and in sort of other in Milan we are commanded to make the drama robina la to Zoo Bana vida de tena Wahab Lana Milan kurama in Intel was

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so happy Lana Milan kurama gift us Rama because you are the Wahab so we use the name Wahab for spiritual blessings. And as we said the proper noun occurs three times in the Koran, and amazingly two of them are used in two hours. So in the Koran the name Wahab is occurring twice in the context of the app to illustrate how important is the name of Allah Allah when we make dua we already mentioned one of those doors are open Allah to Zulu Bana vida de tener. an emulation kurama in Tel Wahab, this is one of the times it occurs, and it is the first time it occurs. And by the way, as we said, most Names of Allah occur and jewel will have occurs singular meaning no, there's no name

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attached to it, and two of the three times, two times Allah says Allah have by itself and that is rare, the usual rule, you find the names of Allah in pairs, very rare, not as common you find them singularly and this is one of those names in Mecca anta Allah hub, you are our hub and in another as well as our hub occurs. And this is the dual of Suleiman. And this really illustrates how important is the name of Allah, Allah have. So they made it his set up one of the greatest prophets, one of the ones he himself is a gift to the world, what will happen at that with a Sunni man he himself is one of the manifestations of it will have when he becomes of age, and he takes over the mantle of

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the Kingdom of that wood and the prophethood pause here. It was very rare in human history, that prophets were both kings and prophets. Very, very rare. This is the exception and not the rule. And even our profits or some was offered Kingdom gibreel came and said that Allah is allowing you to be medic. Allah is allowing you to be medic in this world to be a king in this world and the process and said, No, I want to be a humble Abbot. I don't want to be a king. So he didn't contain the title of a king. But Deadwood is one of the exceptions. He was the king, king David and his son, King Solomon, nothing wrong with that. But this is the exception that prophets and kings rarely work

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together. But that wouldn't send him out or have those exceptions. So Solomon is now a king. And Sulaiman is a prophet, and he is now controlling the dominion of Israel, and he raises his hands to Allah, and he makes that he makes the door at the pinnacle of power, as it is the kingdom of Israel. The ancient kingdom of Israel was a powerful kingdom, and he then raises his hands to Allah and he says, Rob be heavily milkin Lion but really I had him embody. In kantele Wahab Suleiman says, Oh my Lord, I want a kingdom, the likes of which

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Nobody can ever have. I'm aiming. I'm not content with this. I want the greatest Kingdom mankind has ever seen and will ever see. I want dominion and a kingdom and power that nobody can parallel will happily mukalla. Ohio embody and what name does this prophet invoke? What name does the servant of Allah invoke in until Wahab so when so the man has fully been in a law and he puts his trust in Allah have that Oh, wha ha, you are going to give me a gift that no one will be able to rival with me. How did a law respond to our Heavenly Father who we gave him? What did we give him? Where does one begin? For sahana lahori. Geometry Ron hydrosol. We gifted him and we made the wind subject to

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whatever he wants, whatever he wants, the wind would take him wherever he wanted to go. We all know the motif of the flying carpet, it coming from Sulaiman. So the man would sit on a carpet, and he would tell the wind, take me here, take me there, and the wind would pick him up Rouhani gently hydro saw wherever he wanted to go. It would take him at supersonic speed wherever he wanted to go. Not just the wind, but also what's occurred now Laurie hatakeyama, rohana was shot out in akula. Banana and Walker was we gave him the shout out in the gym. They would build structures for him, you know, the structure of the the temple, the Temple of Solomon was one of the wonders of the world.

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And when we visited I visited Jerusalem a few months ago, there's only a few bricks left of that original structure and these massive stones to this day, we don't understand how did they get there? How did they get carved how who picked them up and built a massive structure. And we believe as Muslims that Allah gifted Suleiman the control of the jinn and the jinn built for him Kula vana in they built for him will call us and they would dive deep into the oceans. So the original scuba divers are the jinn, they will go into the ocean and extract corals and pearls and amazing things from the ocean. So Allah azza wa jal says, We gave him the jinn, we gave him shale clean, and what

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our Marina Marina philospher and even more gins, all tied up under Solomon's command, and Allah gave him the animals the title, the the birds, Allah gifted him the speech of the animals, what to Kingdom who could compete with that, and what name did he use?

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So if Allah hab can give such a man, all of these gifts, then how about us when we ask Allah subhana wa Tada. And as well brothers and sisters, as well, because Allah subhanho wa Taala is an Wahab of the things that we learn is that by nature he gives, so he gives without asking, how about when you ask a lot? Well how he gives without even asking, how about when you ask Allah subhana wa Tada. And that is why asking Allah guarantees a response, as Allah says in the Quran, baccara buco Moroni, a statue bellicum, your Lord has said, Make dua, I will respond to your job. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that there is not a single request that any Muslim makes from

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his coddled, meaning sincerely, except that Allah answers that do. But how is the Torah answered one of three ways. Number one, what you want is given to you. But sometimes what you want is not in your benefit, and you don't know it. You want that job, you want that position, you want that particular spouse to marry, you don't know, maybe that's not in your best interest. So maybe Allah will answer your job by another way. Number two, a law will avert an evil that had been destined for you. And Allah will get rid of it and you never knew. But because of your law, not that evil, you would have suffered a financial loss, some accident something but you may do are you may draw, you may draw the

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gift of responding to the DA that evil was lifted up. And then number three, if neither of the first two happens, then Allah will give you reward and a gift on judgment day that is even better than the DA you asked for. So Allah is the hub he gives, no matter what you asked as long as it is halal, it will be given to you in one of these three ways and that is why I would tell the Sahaba after the death of the prophet SAW some subtle law akula she asked Allah everything don't limit and you're asking so the man did he put a limit? No Limit I want the kingdom like no one else has. You are the what have the imagination goes beyond that is our hub so Ayesha would say sotto la Kula she ask

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Allah everything.

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Your heart desires everything so much. So she said, even if your shoelace breaks, make dua to Allah, because if Allah does not give you a new shoelace, you're not going to get a new shoelace. This is an app. Everything you have comes from it will have even your shoelace who is in the end we'll make cover that is going to come to you subtle law Kula shape. So I'll have the one who gives everything to everyone. And the final time that it occurs in the Quran. We said it occurs three times, the final time is pseudo solid and sort of solid. Allah mentions the kurush. They objected that why is the Prophet system chosen by a law that they objected? Why is this man chosen by Allah to be the

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Prophet so Allah azza wa jal responded back in the home in Madeira big Allah zz what hub? Are they the ones who control the treasures of Allah Rama. I'm in the home Hosea in Ramadan rahbek, who is Allah, Allah Aziz and Al Wahab who owns the treasures of Allah infinite Rama, that is Allah Aziz and and Wahab and the names and as usual have are perfect when it comes to the treasures of Allah. Why, because the one who owns this infinite treasure must be the one full of Riza and power, who else can own this infinite treasure, other than Aziz and then he who has that treasure is not stingy with it. He who has the treasure is not keeping it. He is a Wahab he gifts and he gifts and he gifts as much

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as anyone once he will give it as the head eaters in Sahih Muslim that Buddha narrated that the Prophet says that I'm said that Allah is the one just says so this is a hadith which is very long, the one phrase that we're interested in, Allah says Yeah, everybody, all my servants, lo walakum wa Hara come when in Sakuma jinda come if the first of you and the last of you and the men of you, and the jinn of you were to all be gathered at one plane simultaneously. And each one of them asked me their heart's desire as much as they could imagine, by the way, just imagine billions and billions and billions of humans and jinn. And each one is just asking and asking and asking anything they can

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imagine. And then if I were to give each and every one of them all that they desire, man da casa de Carmen Mulkey, it would not diminish my kingdom and dominion, except like a needle dipped into the ocean, reduces the ocean. This is an Wahab. So the one who controls the hazhar no parameter law. Should we shortchange ourselves when we make dua? No, we ask the best and the highest from the web, never lose hope, like Sulaiman as the greatest like Zachary, as the greatest thing that he wanted us the name of Allah, Allah hab, and Allah will open up the doors and he will gift you all that you want. And especially the name is used, as we said in two things, family and spiritual blessings. So

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we ask Allah hab to grant us a beautiful family, a family that will be coolness of our eyes and a softening of our hearts. And we asked our hub to guide a spiritual and to guide our families. Verily, Allah azza wa jal is that as he is the hub and we will continue inshallah Tada. Tomorrow was set on Mardi Gras.

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi discusses the name of Allah  that is Al Wahhab.

The name occurs 3 times in the Qur’an and comes from the word Wahaba, which means to give (as gift) to somebody else something you own and without wanting anything back in return. Al-Wahhab gives and continuously gives what is His to us from His Generosity.

Since Allah is Al Wahhab, He gives without asking. What happens when we actually ask Allah? Shaykh Yasir Qadhi answers.

A Halal Dua is responded in 3 ways:

  • What we ask is given to us.
  • What we ask, Allah stalls it since it was not beneficial at the time or to save us from a disaster.
  • Allah grants us an even better gift on Yawm Al Qiyamah.

Thus, the Name of Allah Al Wahhab should be invoked to achieve the greatest and highest of everything because it will release spiritual and family blessings.


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