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Quran 30 for 30 – Day 25 – Shura, Jathiya

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So, over the counter,

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sort of falsely, that just I want, I want to draw your attention to the very end of the sutra. And then we'll move on to the other schools in the very end of sort of facilites, one of the most beautiful verses and panela verse 53, last panel analysis and V him a artina fill up your feet and forcing him to be alone and would have

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lost parallel analysis, we will show them our signs in the forest horizons in the forest horizons of the universe, and then the signs within their own selves until it becomes manifest to them, that this is the truth. What is this eminent will have what is the lost pounds are referring to when he says Edna would have that this is the truth. Okay, lost pelletize referring to the all of the sutras in this journey in just 25 start off with a mention of glorification of the poor. So last parotitis says that he will show you signs in the stars, and then the sun and the moon. And in the knowledge of how vast the galaxies and you know, the universe around us is, he'll show us signs and not

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tapana, which he'll draw our attention to nature around us as a proof of a loss of habitat is greatness and as a proof of the existence of a creator, He will draw our attention to insects and to animals, and so on and so forth. And then sometimes he'll draw attention to the signs within ourselves of his existence, and of the of the proof of a designer's kind of what's our last kind of I will draw our, our attention to all of these signs outside inside, you know, around us within us all for the purpose of what, until it is made clear to them half a million and a half and a half, until it is made clear to them that this plan is the truth. Now, that shows you that that the goal

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of a loss of having one to add or the goal of the ad, and mentioning these great signs is not just to arrive at the conclusion of a creator, but to arrive at the conclusion that this is a message that has come to the from the greed, the loss of pattern, which is the one who is revealing. This whole sort of full setup is very interesting in that in that sense of how it lays the groundwork the last part of sort of full setup, which is the first part of this just 25 it lays the groundwork, or the framework for everything that is going to come forth everything that we're going to see in the next few solos. So as I said every single surah in this just starts off with a mention of the Quran

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so Surah Surah assura, which is the next surah has mean 19 cough. Last panatela says cadet dku he eleiko will lead what either Latina man comunicare Allahu la Aziz will Hakeem las panatela says that, thus he has revealed to you Oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was either Latina and publika. And to those that came before you Allah, that you know Allah, the Exalted in Might. The wise level math is similar to a man who Allah, Allah, you love him, To Him belongs all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth, and He is the Most High and the most Great, so the concept of Revelation and the concept of Allah subhanho wa Taala sending to us this whole answer that we

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could arrive at a place of guidance. And as I said, Pamela, and sort of fall asleep at the last minute it says he shows you signs in the farthest horizons in the farthest horizons and then within yourself. So a loss of kind of metallic and sort of the Shura, he mentioned to do some work to get a photon info to him, that the heavens almost tear from above above them, right that so he drew attention to the heavens in sort of full seated and insolent assura last palletizers these Heavens and the skies and the universe, almost tears from above them. And when melodica to your sub behold and behind the rock bottom, we are stuck through Lehman fill out once again the angel seeking

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forgiveness for so some kind of law, just like the last just every sort of mentioned the angels, comforting us once again here. And the angels declared the praises of a lost pen and metallic and they seek forgiveness for those that are on the earth. And in Allahu Allah for Rahim, Verily, Allah subhana wa tada is the off forgiving and the Most Merciful. So last time it says that the words of shidduch the words of

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associating partners with a loss of hundreds of denial and rejection of God, that that they almost tear the heavens in the earth and at the same time, the glorification of a loss penalty for almost tear the skies above us the amount of angels that are glorifying the last panel to Allah. So Allah drew our attention to the horizon in the previous sorta and now Allah Subhana. Allah has mentioned it to it to us once again, in verse seven Subhana Allah in the last few Sutras, we saw this emphasis on the contract

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Have the people of Paradise Lost hope and Elena Malanga has no, they don't need to fear they don't need to grieve. We saw a lot of a lot of discussion about the two groups. So in the previous just you had the conversation between the people of Hellfire and the people of heaven. You had the conversations within the parent within gender within paradise between the people of Paradise and the conversations within Hellfire and so on so forth. And some how to love verse seven of this surah was the most difficult verse in the Quran for our great Khalifa bin Abdulaziz Rahim Allah Tana, for the great leader of this Omar Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Rahim Allah Tada.

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You know, he, his wife said that the most difficult verse in the Quran for him was verse seven of this order, and particularly the last part of it where Allah subhanaw taala says, but he couldn't fill agenda well for a confessor is that a group of them will be in Paradise, and a group of them will be in the blazing fire. So he used to cry and he used to wonder well, the alongside I'm home, so to which of the two groups do I belonged? So, it continues along that same theme that Allah subhanho wa Taala will place people within their various parties within their various

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you know, within their various places. You also see in sorts of shootout loss of habitat, it emphasizes so there are a few dominant themes. One of the most dominant themes within sort of the Shura is the, the idea of continuity of the masses. So, in the beginning of the last parameter, Allah says that he has revealed to you what either lived in him in public and to those that came before you, so that the idea of continuity of Revelation is some is a dominant theme within sort of the Shura. So for example, verse 13, loss of Hannah Montana says, shout out Allah camino de Lima wasabi, new Han, one lady Oh hanaa ilica one I will say now Viva La he were Moosa were Isa and so on

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so forth, that he has ordained for you of religion, what he has enjoined upon know how to his setup, and that which we've revealed to you over Hamad sallallahu wasallam and what we enjoy enjoy upon Abraham and Moses and Jesus peace be upon them all, Brahim Moosa, and he certainly was set up. And so Allah subhanaw taala is saying that this was something that was given to all of them and attain with deep that they were told to establish the way of God whether it's a fatwa, Kofi and do not find yourselves divided within that. So last pediments, Allah mentions this, this concept of continuity. Also in verse 14, one that's a fatwa called lm and the merger of Houma and MOBA, we haven't been at

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home, that the only reason why they became divided after divine revelation came to them was because of their arrogance was because of their egos, was because of their envy. So lost keratitis saying knowledge came to them, but because of their arrogance, and become because of their envy, they ended up ruining themselves. So that's one of the dominant themes is continuity. And you find this throughout sort of to shoot our last panel, China emphasizing that this is the same revelation that he gave to those that came before. One of the most beautiful themes though, and in fact, the most beautiful and powerful underlying theme of sort of the Shura is who is Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Okay, who Allah subhanaw taala describing his attributes. So for example, if you look at verse 11, of sorts, assura 507 hour to an hour, he is the Originator of the heavens and the earth. Jared Allah Coleman and fusi come as wamena an army as Raja he made for you from among yourselves mates and amongst even the cattle mates. Yo, yo, yo, yo configure last parenthood's Allah, he, he multiplies you thereby, laser chemistry he shade on what was Semyon Basia, there is nothing like on to him and he has the all hearing and they all seemed. So Allah subhanaw taala introduces himself in many ways throughout the, throughout this particular sort of left wing party, somehow it will allow you

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absolutely no risk or even your shot away up there in the movie, could we say no, I mean, to Him belong the keys of the heavens and the earth, he extends provision for whom He wills and he restricts it. So yep, so turista Nemanja, way up there. So this is a meeting of others to restrict. So he restricts to some people in the hub equally saying their name and a last kind of metallic is all knowing of how he deals with his creation of everything that belongs to him. So part of what's out and how he should distribute it some how to what to add, so lost turns out it also mentions in verse 23, that it can lead you back to LA where Eva who that this is, it is it is that of which

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Allah subhanho to Allah gives glad tidings to his servants but who have his servants who are his Urban alladhina amanu amilo sloty hat those who believe and those who do do good deeds, so it is he's proud of what Allah who gives glad tidings to his servants.

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And 25 verse 25. So verse 23, Allah subhanaw taala gives glad tidings and He rewards His servants who do good deeds. Verse 25, wahoo Allah The acapella Toba Terra Nova de ye are for NSE

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alone, and it is he who accepts the repentance of his slaves, and he forgives sins and He knows that what you do. So verse 23, mentions that it is he who rewards and verse 25 mentions that it is he who forgives. And in verse 28, well, who led us to leave him in the mouth continental way unsure or rough matter it as a loss of Hannah Montana, who sends down the rain after they had despair? Why until automata, and he spreads out his mercy all around, well, who will really you will meet and he is the Protector, he is the Guardian, and the one who is always worthy of praise. So last parents, Allah mentions that he's the one that sends down rain after we've given up on him after we felt a

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sense of despair. And what that means is that there are times in our lives where we feel like nothing is going to come back that we're going to be living in a difficult and constricting situation for the rest of our lives. When is the mercy of a lot coming? And then we'll also panatela sanza

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after we have despaired, and then from verse 36, to the end of sorts. assura, who are these antibodies of Allah, Who are the slaves of Allah, Who are the servants of God? How do they respond to the, to the thing, the things that Allah Subhana Allah does for them. So last kind of data from verse 36 Fela Kuti tomb in shaken cemetery Hey after dunya one hour in the lifetime whatever God in Medina Amman or Allah Allah be him yet okay Lord, the last panel terraces so whatever you have been given is but a passing enjoyment for this worldly life but that which is with a lot is better and more lasting for those who believe and put their trust in their Lord one Medina yesterday born acaba

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urolift. me one fellow ash, that and they are those who avoid the greater sins and the and the obvious sins. Now this is a very interesting way that a lost prototype describes us because a lot mentions again just previously who anybody that he is the one who accepts the repentance of a service, and he forgives much. So a believer will inevitably fall into minor sins. And I believe a believer will inevitably make mistakes, and a believer will inevitably do things that he's not supposed to do, or she's not supposed to do. But you need to stay away from the major sins, and you know, at least, and philosophische, those wicked, open forms of sin, and so on so forth. There's a

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big difference between the major sins and the minor sets, right? So loss of data has commanded you that you pray your five times that you do your photo and you do your mandatory things and at least always avoid the major sins and avoid the major, you know, deeds of wickedness, and then ask for the minor sins, which you'll inevitably commit, you don't insist on them, when you inevitably commit them. You seek forgiveness from a loss of Hannah Montana. So those who who don't indulge within the major sins, they might, you know, may Allah protect us, but some people have fallen into a major sin, you know, a couple of few times in their lives, whatever it may be, but they don't insist they

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don't, they don't find themselves indulging within major sins. What a lovely home, yes, yes, you don't. And when they are made, angered, or when someone upsets them, they also forgive so they draw from the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala and they forgive others as well. So it's not just that they expect a lot to forgive them. They also forgive others because they want to be forgiven for by Allah subhanaw taala will let the minister jab will drop the hammer a car masala when I'm wrong, sure. avena home when my mom was at now young people and those who responded to the call of Allah subhana wa tada and they establish the prayer. So

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responded to the call of Allah, Allah mentions in the beginning of the surah that this was the call to all of his prophets and all of their people, a cardinal sola, they establish the prayer a lot of times our medicines that he gave the command to establish the religion to establish the prayer to all of the prophets that came before. Now what did a las panatela say led them astray? led them to, you know, to arrogance to ruin, and to competition over the religious authority and so on so forth. A loss of Hannah Montana says here what amerihome should have been at home and the way that the believers judge their affairs is through mutual consultation is through Shura. Shura is one of the

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most important qualities of our religion. Right? It is the true manifestation of a democratic process. All right, it's not every democracy means many, many, many different things. I'm not getting into that. But in Islam, the idea of consultation the idea of, you know, people having their voices heard of the prophets license them even consulting with his companions and so on. So

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Fourth, so the believers don't have you know, they don't compete over religious authority. They don't you know, if anything they're afraid to represent the religion of Allah subhanho wa Taala because they realize how important of a trust that is. Instead there's consultation amongst them with their affairs woman models of now from UConn, and they readily spent a spend of that which we have bestowed upon them. A last kind of tasks as well, Athena either outside the home and Bellevue homeopathy alone, and those who want an oppressor wrongs them, that they take their revenge. But of course, they you know, they don't,

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you know, they don't go beyond what Allah subhanaw taala has allowed for them. So what does that say you say to a mythical ha, that the retribution for an evil act is an evil act just like it from an alpha will Allah for Angela, who are Allah in

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the mean, but whoever pardons and who reconcile so whoever overlooks, remember, last, Karnataka mentions that he's the one who forgives you and Allah mentioned that the servants of Allah are the ones who forgive others. But Allah says in the case that you're wrong, you know, you can take back your retribution, but it has to not exceed that which was done towards you, but from an alpha will also have whatever pardons and makes reconciliation than his reward is due from Allah subhanaw taala so on the Day of Judgment, a loss of Hannah Montana will specifically reward those people.

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You know, you know, those people who forgave solely for his sake and pardon solely for his sake, so this is sort of shorter, the next surah is Surah zakharov Why are these people you know, forgiving for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala Why are these people taking the high road? Why are they seeking this and why are they seeking that because of the zoflora of the ornaments of gold in Gemina the ornaments of Golden genda so Pamela, they are ready for the ornaments of golden Jenna that's what they're looking forward to. They don't see this as the as the place of their ultimate happiness, but rather the place that Allah Subhana Allah has promised for them. So sort of zoflora once again

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Hamming. So it starts off with a couple it starts off with the disjointed letters, while keytab and will be and the clear book in Jana who put on an hour B and Lancome tampilan. Indeed we have made it a pure Arabic Quran so that you might be able to understand what in houfy Omen Kitab Medina, Allah and even Hakeem And verily it is in the mother of the mother of the book. So it is in Allahumma fourth, the Quran is also is preserved within a lotion matter fourth aloha in my fourth, which is amil keytab here, refers to the tablet that Allah subhana wa tada has allowed for everything to be written within it, everything to be written with it, everything that has happened, everything that

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would happen, so on so forth, it is all written within the preserved tablet. The Dana Narnian, Hakeem indeed, before us it is exalted and full of wisdom. Allah subhana wa tada mentions to mentions about this book as well.

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Something that relates to us in in labor to others.

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And so it's the two hands so we'll get back to that but alas pants I mentioned, the plan wants to us once again to us and the position that it has with him subhanho wa Taala. Now the dominant theme of sources of growth

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is the favors of Allah subhana wa tada and how we respond to the favors of last pinata upon us. So the favors of a lot and how we respond to the favors of Allah upon us from verse nine when an insult a woman, Hanukkah, sama, to a layup, una halaqa vanilla as easily. If you were to ask them who has created the heavens and the earth, they would surely respond, they were created by the last panel in town and they were created by Allah Aziz aligning the Exalted in Might, and the all knowing. So, essentially, these people are as you know, and the rejecters of the Prophet slice and they had no problem acknowledging that there was a creator. But at the same time, you know, they wanted to

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associate partners with that creator they had taken away from, you know, from from Little via or the UI, calling upon the last panel into Hana alone, believing that all benefit and harm only comes from a loss of Hannah Montana, they did not want to submit themselves to the way of a loss of data so fine, there is a creator, they had no problem acknowledging that at times, they would say that it was created by a loss of Hannah Montana, but then a loss of Hannah Montana mentions the favors the favors of a loss of Hannah Montana, and let the janilla Come on out of the nada or jalila comfy her Subala Allah Allah contacta doing. He is He who has made the earth for you like a bed and he has

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made for you roads there in

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In order that you may find that you may find your way meaning he's made the earth, some kind of went to a place where you could where you could travel, where you could travel throughout. He's made the surface of it easy for you to bear. What are the images that I mean? So Matt eema and B Potter in the unshown v belt at Mater, Cather Lee Curtis LaDonna. Lost chronotype says And is he who sends down rain from the sky and measured amounts, and we revive there by a dead lens. Thus you will be brought forth once again, when the Holocaust as well as Aquila or janilla, commoner full key will anonima Tanaka born and it is he who created the species all of them. And he made for you of ships

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and animals, those which who mounts. So last panatela mentions all of these different signs that he gives to us all these different favors, all of these different ways that he's made things easy for us, you know, interestingly enough one last time to elaborate on the smoothness of the surface or the way that the surface of the Earth

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is easy to to navigate and to travel. You know, how you think about the planets in outer space that have been discovered in recent times, right, the surface of this earth how easy it is for us to live upon this earth and the way that Allah subhanaw taala has made the the climate and the atmosphere beneficial to us. So a loss of habitat is talking about his favours upon us now, how do we respond to those favors from Allah subhanaw taala mentioned specifically the near my daughter's the blessing of daughters now realize this is to a Japanese society to an ignorant society that does not value their daughters. And so there's a society that doesn't value its daughters. It is a giant piece of

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society to an ignorant society. But here in particular, these people took to the extent of female infanticide, where they would actually kill their daughters, they would bury their daughters alive and lost parents I was talking about how you know, how could you turn away from such a beautiful nirma so verse 17, what either Bushido Shahada home, Mima nanny Mathura Bala watch Hulu swet, De La Hoya kaeleen. And if they are informed of the news of the birth of that which he has set forth as a parable to the Most Beneficent meaning of a of a girl and another, and another verse pantai, says what the Bushido will answer. So it's the same concept here, but they are informed of the news of

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the birth, which he has set forth as a parable to the Most Beneficent, his face becomes dark and gloomy, and he is filled with grief. Okay, so Allah subhana wa tada mentions this idea of people that deny

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the blessing of a daughter, the blessing of a girl, last winter, Allah mentioned to us,

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you know, the various blessings that he sends upon them, and the way that they respond to those blessings. And one of the key things that we see about these people is that the way they respond to a loss of Hannah Montana into the blessings of a loss of Hannah Montana, is that, you know, instead of looking at what they have, they look they look at what they don't have. And so, for example, when it comes to the revelation in verse 31, we'll call it a lowland Rosita hurdle, or an Rosalind minakari. attaining. They said, Then, why has the poor and not been sat down to one of the great men of the two cities? what they meant by that Mecca and life? Why didn't Why did Allah subhana wa tada

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not send this to someone better than the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So they deny the blessing of a daughter that's born to them. They they, they denied the blessing of a messenger that sent amongst themselves, instead of focusing on the blessing of having Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam amongst them who at least spoke their languages and was from the same city, the same tribe. Well, not the same full tribe, but the same parent tribe. They had the prophets I some amongst them and instead of, you know, reveling in the benefit, and in the beauty of having a messenger, the greatest messenger of Allah amongst them, I think his thought was set up, they instead responded and said,

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Well, why is it to the Prophet slice of them? Why not us? Why didn't it come to one of us? Why did it have to come to them, which shows you that there was an ulterior motive to them rejecting the message as it came from a loss of Hannah Montana, and it was not because the message itself was problematic. It was because they were problematic. So they were fully willing to acknowledge that there's probably a creator there's probably a designer and they understood how special this message was, but at the same time, it's not us. Okay, it's not us. Now, last winter, Allah mentions to us now, verse 33, to 35, the reward of the people of Paradise as they enter into paradise and they have

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you know, that they have these these large ceilings and they have these these golden platters and they have these thrones that they sit on, and and recline upon and the Las panatela dimensions was so it was affordable.

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And the gold ornaments. And so last time I mentioned to us

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that that everything in this world, everything that is within this Junior is going to disappear. But at the same time, we'll have to end up becoming much suffering. At the same time the hereafter with your Lord is only for the pious, it's only for the righteous. The message here is that this dunya is for everybody. So lots of parents out it will distribute his blessings in this dunya for various reasons, and they'll distribute his blessings to everybody in some capacity, but the archaea, the gold ornaments of the archaea, and

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the paradise that Allah subhanaw taala describes elaborately within the sutra and throughout the world and only belongs to the McLean and only belongs to the righteous and to the pious. So Allah subhanaw taala emphasizes this idea of exclusive exclusivity to those that responded to his blessings in the proper way. What an inch or comfortable as he then a common when you are grateful a lot increases you so if you're grateful for the blessings in this life, Allah subhana wa tada will grant you an entire eternity of blessing in the next. So, this is sort of dissolving of the next soula is sort of the de Haan and sort of the de Haan is interesting because I lost parents at once

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again Allah mentions to us a verse about the hamming while Kitab mo Being that this is the

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the the clear book lost in the now feel a little mobile aka that we have sent it down on a blessing night in quantum Wolverine. And we were indeed we were to warn mankind fee how you for Rocco kulu amarin Hakeem that in that night every matter is decreed. So in the previous surah Allah subhanaw taala mentioned that the Quran is preserved within the preserved tablet aloha Mark was Allah praised aloha

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in this world are sorted to handle last prints I mentioned later to cuddle that you know that the that indeed we sat down the court and on a blessed night and in within that night, every matter is decreed. So Allah subhana wa tada mentions that on Laila from Qatar, not only was the Quran revealed, but every matter is decreed for the for the year to come within NATO from Qatar, everything is written down and decreed for the year to come within labor to Qatar. So last time mentioned to us the specific night in which we are we are seeking obviously a loss franchise mercy and we are seeking a loss critize blessing and a loss penalty dimensions the

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last corner China mentions the poor and having been revealed on this night and allies have mentioned to us how the mercy that he has sent down has overwhelmed us he has overwhelmed us with His blessings, he's overwhelmed us with His mercy. He has sat down his life in so many different ways in the form of the blessings that we enjoy as well as in the form of his forgiveness and the manifestation of his forgiveness of how to what to add. And then suddenly those that were not paying attention to the blessings into the mercy that he was sent, that he has sent to this earth and upon all the people would be overtaken by a Doohan they'd be overtaken by a smoke and Allah subhana wa

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tada mentions that once that comes once that Doohan comes down a loss pantai sends it to the earth, everyone is going to recognize that that that you know that the earth is about to be destroyed, that everything is going to return to a loss of animal to add that that which we have been denying, is indeed true. Allah subhana wa tada mentions to us that at that point, what have you left behind? What is your legacy on this in on this earth within this world? What have you done? When the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala came to you? How did you use them? Did you wait for the Doohan did you wait for the smoke to overwhelm everyone? Did you wait for the blowing of the horn to start to

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worry about what you have done for the sake of a loss of Hannah Montana? So Allah mentions to us verse 25, cantata cool ninja Nathan Murphy on how many gardens and springs did they leave behind? And this is specifically talking, by the way about the people have found, but it's a lesson for all of us. How many gardens and springs did they leave behind? Was the ruler in one common cutting and they left behind green fields and, and unknowable sites, meaning how many blessings did Allah give them? And how much did they leave behind when they're Metin? When that lesson can ofI half Archaean, and they had comfort in which they were completely, you know, delighted. So last time I gave them

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gardens he gave the mansions he gave them springs, he gave them all of these things all these comforts, and they found complete delight within those comforts. kedai liquid our life now

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have common offering. And just And just like that, we caused it to be inherited by another group of people. So just like that everything was taken away from them, the people around and those that are like physical, you know the last branch I gave them so many blessings in this world, but they did not use it for the benefit of any money or anything. All they did was they delighted themselves with those with that temporary dunya. And they did not think about that which comes afterwards. So lost princesses just like that. And another group of people inherited it. Now, of course, in the specific context This is Benny is slightly the children of Israel inherited the kingdom and the goods of the

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people have been around. But Allah subhanaw taala mentioned to us in a general sense, you know, for us to think as well. What have we left behind for my Beckett's alley, he must surmount what our panel Mangieri nor the heavens nor the earth wept for them, nor were they given any form of respites nor were they given any form of relief. Ma bachata, even with some out without an ambassador A lot of times, and who mentioned that there is a gate to the heavens in a seminar that all of our good deeds go go through the Ascend through those through that gate to Allah subhana wa Tada. So there's a gate for each and every single one of us to a summer, a gate through which our essence a gate

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through which our good deeds descend. I'm sorry, ascent. So a great a gate through which our door assigns a gate through which our good deeds ascend. So all of our I'm gonna play, all of our good things are going through that gate to a loss of Hannah and Sally. But when we pass away, that gate is shut. And so the sky's cry in a way that that, you know, Allah subhanho wa Taala has caused them to cry, not in the way that we cry with the skies cry, because that gate is now shut. So the heavens do not have that gate anymore through which your good deeds used to ascend, and the earth weeks as well, what particular part of the earth, the place of your sujood the place where used to prostrate

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the place where used to do good, so the good things that you did for this earth, the profit slice that I mentioned to us a person of knowledge that even the animals, the fish in the sea, seek forgiveness for a person of knowledge because they used to do well by the earth, they used to do well by the earth, they were natural environmentalists and panela. So they, you know, they benefited the earth, spiritually, they used to have places of servitude, and at the same time, they used to benefit the people of the world needs to serve the creation of God, they used to serve the earth itself, in the sense of keeping it, you know, clean and making sure that the amount of the Earth was

00:32:33--> 00:32:53

taken care of, and so on, so forth. So once he says that wicked people when they pass away, despite all the blessings that have been given to them, nor the heavens nor the earth, shed a tear for them, or the people of the Earth's Pamela, they completely neglected the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala upon them. So they were left completely,

00:32:55--> 00:33:35

you know, completely worthless, once Allah subhanaw taala took them away, there was nothing that they benefited, there was nothing that they left behind that was meaningful, there is no resume that they have the people with a loss kind of data that would that would show that they were people who are worth keeping on this earth. So if they messed up with the name of Allah subhanaw taala, it was given to them here, why should I lost, trying to bless them with NEMA in the hereafter. Finally, last 100 mentions and this just sort of Elijah Thea and sort of the Java you can actually see the the transition point between these sources. So sort of assura so I'm sorry, sort of too short. I

00:33:35--> 00:34:12

mentioned. You know, obviously the people consulting with one another and the people recognizing who Allah is and responding to that sort of deserve love mentions the ornaments in Paradise, the gold ornaments in paradise that which we're looking forward to, so to Doohan mentioned, the smoke that overwhelms people and the destruction of this earth, and then what do you have to look forward to those that used to deny Allah subhanho wa Taala and those that you've turned away from Allah subhana wa Tada. Last time mentions to us now Elijah Thea, the nations that are on their knees in front of Allah, the nations that are on their knees in front of a loss of Hannah Montana. So the nations on

00:34:12--> 00:34:58

the Day of Judgment, so do Han is the end of this world. A Jaffa is the beginning of the next agenda as the beginning of the Hereafter, when the nations are brought to their knees, in front of Allah subhanho to Allah. So Allah mentions to us verse 24, through 28, verse 24, while Paloma here in La Jolla tuna dunia now moved to an A here when you licona illa and they say that there is nothing but our life of this world. We die and we live and nothing destroys us except time. My unique una Illa de The only reason why we die is because our time expires, but there is no there is no such thing as resurrection. There is nothing that comes afterwards. maou licona illa de haut. It is only time that

00:34:58--> 00:34:59

does away with us and along

00:35:00--> 00:35:08

Hannah Montana mentions while he that took him a while to enter the United mark and projecta home Illa and carlu

00:35:09--> 00:35:10

I'm sorry. So,

00:35:12--> 00:35:47

and when are clear Verses are recited to them, the only argument that they have to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is they would say to the profit slice and then bring back our father's bring back that and in Quinton saw the theme, if you are truthful, then why don't you resurrect our fathers? Why don't you resurrect our parents? If you're telling us that we will be resurrected in the hereafter Then why don't you have our parents resurrected in this world and those that have passed before as resurrected in this world? So Allah subhana wa tada says, responds quickly love who you are, Allah Subhana hotel is the one who gives you life so may you need to come and Allah

00:35:47--> 00:36:29

subhanaw taala is the one who gives you death. Suddenly a geometric Camila, Yeoman piano t now ye Buffy when I can act are nasty day. And then he brings you back on the Day of Resurrection about which there's no doubt but most of mankind knows not what he learned. He Maluku, somehow it will out well yo meta como Sara to Yama, even you actually lost parents. Allah says, I'm sorry, my voice is my voice is kicking out. So I guess that means that my time is, is up. The last pantai says to Allah belongs the kingdom of the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. We all met up almost at two and the day that the arrow will be established. And on that day, EXOR will novelty alone on that day, the

00:36:29--> 00:37:13

followers of falsehood will lose everything, they will have nothing. What toquilla on martin Jaffe, and this is what the sort of comes from, and you will see every nation kneeled down. Every nation will be on its knees in front of a loss of Hannah Montana. So everyone is humbled before I lost Hannah Montana, and every nation will be called to its record of deeds. And on that day, a loss of Hannah hota Allah says at the oma to Jonah McClinton time alone on that day, you will be compensated for everything that you have done. So that you know just 25 takes us from start to finish. It takes us from our attitude in this world, to the attitude towards paradise to those that that deny the

00:37:13--> 00:37:50

blessing of Allah subhanaw taala in this world, and leave nothing behind the benefits until they are overwhelmed by a loss of Hannah Montana by the end of time and then suddenly, the last scene of just 25 is every oma on its knees every oma is Jaffa on its knees kneeling out of fear of a loss of Hannah Montana out of all the loss of Hannah Montana. So May Allah Subhana hotel allow us to be amongst those who are forgiven and May Allah subhana wa tada elevate us May Allah subhanho wa Taala overlook our shortcomings in this world And may Allah Subhana Allah make us amongst those who are comforted on the day of judgment and were given security on the Day of Judgment. And may Allah give

00:37:50--> 00:38:24

us the best of this world and the best of the next allama I mean, Zack a lot of hate and for your continued to ask for my help. This has been interesting and I'm along because of my throat but hamdulillah inshallah, tada will continue tomorrow night, tomorrow as well on 3430. But as I said, it's Friday and I have about three o'clock, which is four o'clock eastern time. So I'll probably do it right before the hook. But right after the husband shot, let's Allah, the charity that I want to invite you all to give to today is Sham relief. Sham relief is a charity that works for Syria.

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