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Eid Al-Fitr Khutbah 2016

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This time,

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Allah, Allah Allah Allah, Allah.

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Allah, tala

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procedure servants of Allah.

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This is the completion of Ramadan, and the celebration of this completion. The halal pencil marks the completion of Ramadan. One of our main pillars of Islam, the first of the month of Ramadan, we have completed it. So let's rejoice in completing the first Ramadan rivulets first rejoice,

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to highlighting the blessing and the favors and the bounties of Allah subhanaw taala. Having granted us the opportunity to fast and pray and Ramadan, which will be grateful for him having granted us the ability to worship them, and to finish and complete the fastest robot and I am covered. So Amina was accepted from us. That's also rejoice in the name of Allah subhanaw taala. Having guided us to Islam, let's rejoice in

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Thailand, I've been guided to this place that you can never understand how great it is to be guided to the perfect teachings to be guided to the perfect free, one humanity, one God who created us whole and communicated the purpose of our creation to us through mighty, credible, trustworthy prophets and messengers who prove their credibility to us to humanity. This is the freedom Islam. This is the simple sound, logical, incorruptible creed of Islam. So let us rejoice and be invited to this faith. It is a blessing from Allah subhanaw taala to have guided us to this place.

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We rejoice in all of this. But our I enjoy saying the blessings of a loss of counteroffer, Allah will not barred us from seeing that we are in fact growing through very trying times, the Muslim community here and the global Muslim community, the Muslim community at large is going through very trying times.

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This country in particular, we are witnessing alarming levels of Islamophobia. Covered women are being cursed in the streets.

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Any master any Muslim organization is guaranteed opposition to build a to maintaining it, to expand it.

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And these are facts and all of us are aware of these facts. So during these times, many of us decided to feel powerless. None of us decided to do this to feel and act powerless. And it is true that you are in control of the global environment. You're not in control of global politics. You're not responsible for all of the tense, perilous conditions in our in our world today. And you feel that you have no control over them and that you have no power to change them. If that is partially true. You still have a lot of power.

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Because powerlessness is a choice. It's not inevitable destiny. It is a choice that you make. Why is he would not be prohibited from powerlessness. powerlessness is an Islamic powerlessness is sinful because you are prohibited from being weak.

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Feeling and acting powerless, but loss of power if I haven't said what I

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can do not be weak, do not be afraid, do not be weak can do not breathe. That's approbation, that is from Allah subhanaw taala the Prophet sallallahu Sallam reiterated this prohibition, when he said this time in law he does seek help from a lion do not act powerless, they will not be heard and seek help from Allah. If powerlessness is a destiny that is inevitable, you will not be prohibited from powerlessness. But powerlessness is our choice to make, we choose to be powerless, we choose to feel or act for this for not powerlessness,

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powerlessness and muscle, it is not our business and financial resources. powerlessness is the powerlessness and vision and powerlessness and resolve that is why it was for Vegas from powerlessness, because it is not physical powerlessness, it is not financial, financial powerlessness, most of the powerlessness is the powerlessness of vision and the power of isness and resolve.

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So, let us not be faint, and let us not be we we have to act on the individual level, we have to make these times these prime times we have to make use of them, we have to make use of these trying times and capitalize on them. That is what the Sahaba did in Mecca before our last

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victory. This

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is what they capitalized on these times. They show the love their devotion, they show the law, their commitment, they show the love and resolve, they show love, love their endurance, their perseverance for his sake. And you can imagine so many, yes, all of those, they, they actually departed from our life before the saw the victory of Islam. Do you think the church changed them? Do you think that Allah will give them a lesser reward than those who witnessed the victory of Islam in Medina? Absolutely. So when you when you're going through a time, so difficulty, hearts of adversity, these are your opportune times to capitalize on them and show your patience, your endurance, their

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devotion to this the your commitment to this theme, we must first as individuals reaffirm our belief in Islam, we must first as individuals own this religion, on our faith, own our faith, not just the Muslims by name, by birth, not just the culture of Muslims, but on our face, through beneficial knowledge, spiritual purification, and surrounding ourselves, with good company coming together and surround ourselves with good company beneficial knowledge, spiritual purification, and surrounding ourselves with this company until we are completely comfortable with our the, with our faith with that which we believe in one of humanity, one God who created us all, and communicated the purpose

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of our creation to us through credible and trustworthy prophets and messengers. And they communicated one religion to humanity, worship god alone, worship God, and associate no partners with him. So contemporary completely comfortable, we should be seeking to reaffirm our faith until we're completely comfortable than the joy, the peace of mind, the inner happiness that people experience when they reached a level of certainty in their face, and they know for sure that they are on the right path has matched this has matched this. So let us on our face, that is the first thing that we need to do. The second thing that we need to do is basically to start acting, because

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we're not powerless. There is so much that we can do as Muslims, if you just examine the concept of a PSA, and we are all aware of the concept of an asset. That

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is a concept that we as Muslims are aware of it says about perfection, and about friendliness. Don't we learn this? Don't we don't want our teachers to have us when they teach us the hobbies of debris. Or he came and asked the prophet SAW something about Islam. He said don't our teachers tell us that

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about perfection and finding next

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we leave every Muslim and non Muslim after our each and every encounter we have with someone who's Muslim or non Muslim, Muslim or non Muslim, if we just leave them with this impression that this Muslim woman or man is competent and compassionate, every encounter you have, if you make sure if you work hard, so that every encounter you have with a Muslim or a non Muslim, you leave them just with this impression, this Muslim man or woman is competent and compassionate, if that is all you can do, and you can do much more than this, but if that is all you can do, that is plenty. That is,

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as a community, as a community, there is much that is required, the person that is asked of us and that we are capable of as a community,

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we must come together, we must unite, we must build our institutions and organizations, we must reach out to the larger community, we must reach me reach out to our country bed, we must, must reach out to humanity at large. And we

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we must bring this message

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make people aware and informed of who we are and what Islam is all about. Then at the end, we must pass the torch on to the next generation, the next generation is ready to receive the tours and take it to to take the community to the next level. They are ready. And if we do not do it now and transmit the tours and pass the torch on to the next generation. Those who are called American born an American grown,

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we will we will have interruption between the generations if we don't pass the torch on and then continue to support them with good counsel and continue to support them and see them blossom under our own eyes and under our own supervision, then we will have a perilous and dangerous interruption between the generations. We must unite. But our unity does not mean whenever we talk about unity, people think that we're talking about forgiving all the differences and melting everybody into this parks so that there are no differences and so that we are copies of each other and so that we forget completely about advising one another about exhorting one another to goodness about forbidding the

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evil about commandment the good and that is not what unity about his new ideas about this. We can always communicate our positions assertively. We can always communicate our positions assertively, but with civility and with compassion. We are not asked to ever tolerate deviation. But we're asked to be merciful and compassionate towards those who may trip and fall into heedlessness or disobedience, we must remind ourselves that their exterior sins may be much smaller than our interior sins, we must remind ourselves that Satan was expelled from the mercy of Allah after every year of commitment to worship. Because of the arrogance and pride he held inside, we must remind

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ourselves that is our property that taught us that a prostitute was forgiving, because she gave water to a dog to quench the thirst. So I can read off sinfulness was wiped away, completely was erased, because of a singular act of compassion towards the dog. And if we act with this spirit, with this understanding, then our commandment of good and forbidding evil will prove to be fruitful and will not result in this unity, this harmony over the citizen in our community, we must unite and we must start to build our organizations when our Muslim is going to start think tanks, research institutions, when understood is going to build the hospitals, senior homes, shelters, and so on and

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so forth. If we're just struggling to to build our massage than to maintain our massage in our in our

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in a way that is appropriate of how our message should be, in the 21st century, if we are struggling, just to build the prayer home and to maintain the prayer hold on all the activities that should be attached to the master,

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the gymnasium, the lounge area, all of this before struggling, because we're not as generous as we should be. We are the spiritual descendants of the most generous of all of humanity. He was more generous

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than men. And finally,

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he was more generous, men are more selective, and he was more generous than that good when the green beans are ready. So that was our messenger. So

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how are we following this example? How am I following his example, we are failing to support our institutions. And without building strong institutions. Without building strong organizations, we would not be able to survive. This is not a time where people can survive on their own. This is a fine one, we come together and build organizations and institutions that will help future generations. And that will help or if you know, the misconceptions about a staff, where our research institutions that our answer to the misconceptions that are hated on us from the left and the right, that we don't have them, because we're just struggling to build massage, we as Muslims should start

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to strengthen the bond between us, when when would we be doing this, if these trying times will not make us strengthen the bond between us or not make us compassionate towards one another? When are we going to ever do it, but strengthening the bond between us does not mean that we will isolate ourselves from the community of ours, that we will isolate ourselves and sick boys free ourselves from the rest of the community, the rest of the people in this country, the rest of humanity, Islam is not a nationalistic religion, Islam is a religion for humanity.

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mercy, for the words of mercy for humanity and beyond humanity as well. So, it is time that we reach out to our countrymen that we reach out to humanity and let them know and keep them aware and informed of who we are. And what we are about. And like I said before, it is time to pass the torch on it is late. We have we are bound to pass the torch right now, because it is already they do not hold on to your positions allow the next generation to blossom under your own supervision because that will be essential and any further than they will be after disastrous consequences.

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it was the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in big gatherings of best mates or 30 minds the men of their duty towards their wives

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and towards their households, and also to exhort the woman concerning their duty towards their husbands and tours their households. So we must honor the way of the prophets of Solomon the son of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam must be reminded as men, that the true test, the true test the litmus paper test of our piety is not how much we smile and you know to people at work is not how much we respond to people in the street, but it is how good you are at your household how good you are at how good you are at the wives. That's what the prophet sallallahu Sallam said when he said Pharaoh, Pharaoh, he the best of you are the best of you to their families. That has also reminded our

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sisters, that a loss of

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a loss kind of

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created this situation made this an institution of marriage for Sakina which is peace and comfort, peace and comfort for both the spouses have much is in their hands. Much of it is in your hands to make your homes a place of Sakina a place

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peace and comfort most of it is in your hands It is also in your husband's hands. But let me tell you, much of it is in your hands and you we need to start working. Without that we should stop the power struggle inside the family. If we have power struggle inside every Muslim family, how is it that we can unite at the community level left within our families word of this united if within our families there is much disharmony. So that's part of the reconciliation of hearts there inside the institution of family and go from their into the community and try to bring the rest of humanity into this fold of harmony, peace and respectful, useful coexistence.

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servants of Allah, these are good times for us. These are

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opportune times for us to show

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our commitment to show

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our devotion and to show our resolve, we ask Allah subhana wa tada to bring us the next Ramadan when we the rest of our own map and the entire humanity are better, happier, more prosperous, and more deserving of the pleasure of Allah Allahu

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Allah to solve that

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problem. A lot of men account for one can even

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love enough one at a

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alanine was Salatu was Salam O Allah Allah