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The importance of understanding one's health by examining their appearance and behavior is emphasized in Islam. The speaker emphasizes the importance of following the Bible and Sun paraka to become a good servant of Islam, as it is crucial to be a good servant of Islam. The negative impact of past injuries on one's health is also discussed, along with the importance of following the Bible and Sun paraka to become a good servant of Islam.

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Well, Sally Rosalie, Marilyn Monroe Thea Rama tendon Alamy say Aegina Mohammedan Juana early he was so happy I remain a mother I do. A Salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh.

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I was told to speak for about 20 minutes. And I will try to make it as short and beneficial as possible.

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When people

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look at Islam,

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they look at it from different angles

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and Subhanallah

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you get some Christians, some Jews, some handles

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they hate Islam

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and they

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wait for every opportunity to attack Islam.

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But once they become Muslims,

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they totally change.

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They love Islam.

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They look at Islam differently.

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you before becoming practicing,

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you did not like Islam very much. The bead is doesn't look nice, hijab is very primitive. I'd like to

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enjoy my hair.

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Once you become practicing,

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everything changes. What changed?

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You're the same person

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okay, you aren't the same person.

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But what changed? Is this. What is this? My glasses, the way I look at things. And this is what Islam came with. Islam came with a new pair of glasses that makes you see things how Allah wants you to see them. So it is not your intellect or mine. It is not your logic or mind that makes things good or bad. It is what these Islamic Specht skeptical, make you see things. If you look at Islamic values, you will find that a lot of things in Islam are looked at from different angles, according to how people look in marriage, for example, the Prophet said during his salatu salam, a woman is sought after

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for four things. Her ug, her wealth, her lineage and her religious commitment.

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Then the Prophet says Allah His salatu salam, take the woman with the religious commitment or otherwise your hands will be dusted. Meaning you will not gain anything.

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So normal people would choose a wife number one for what?

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Definitely, if I bring you a monkey

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with a lot of money

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But without money, I will not take it. So everyone when getting married once a beautiful woman in every woman when she gets married, she wants to handsome man. Not someone with five months pregnancy.

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Like so many people do not. May Allah forgive us. So the Prophet says no, no, keep this aside.

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A lot of men don't want to work. So they marry from a rich family.

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And he wants a sugar mummy.

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She spends.

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A lot of people don't care about money or beauty, but they care about prestige. Oh my wife is from family so and so they're very influential. They're very

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A well known, the Prophet says all of this put aside because all of this without religion, you will be loose, you will be in loss as if you're holding dust. So this is what Islam tells us. And

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Allah azza wa jal also taught tells the parents when someone proposes to your daughter

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if he has good religious commitment, and good o'clock give him in marriage. Okay share with his pool, no problem Allah would make him rich.

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II a porno for Cara, you will need him Allah hoomin Firstly, if they're poor, Allah azza wa jal will make them rich from his grace trust Allah azza wa jal. Likewise,

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if you think about how we evaluate people,

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I look at the brother and I say martial law, he's from a very prestigious family, he has a good government position.

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This is not how we evaluate people in Islam. The Prophet RSO son was sitting once with one of his companions, and a man walked.

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And this man was very prestigious, having very nice clothes from a good family. So the Prophet says, What do you think of this man?

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So the companion said or prophet of Allah, this man is very noble. He's from a very prestigious family. This man, if he would propose to a woman, they would accept, if he would intercede. They would accept, if he would speak, they would listen. This guy is very good. So the Prophet did not say anything. Five minutes later,

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another man walks. So the Prophet says, What do you think of this man?

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So the companion said, oh prophet of Allah, this guy is from the poor Muslims. If he proposes, nobody gives him in marriage. If He intercedes they would reject him. If he speaks, nobody listens.

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The Prophet said Rs also, this man is better than 1000 man of this.

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So the Prophet is what? Changing our way of looking at people.

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He says, maybe there is a man who has uncombed hair, who has dust in his hair, who has poor clothes, if he would raise his hand and say, Rob, Allah will answer him.

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So what counts at the sight of Allah azza wa jal is not

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It is not your wealth, your money, Allah says in the Quran, so let not their wealth or their children amaze you are Muhammad. In reality, Allah plans is to punish them with these things. So the wealth that people have is not always a blessing. It can be a punishment from Allah, but we Masha Allah He has a fancy car, masha Allah, He has a beautiful house, Ma sha Allah, he has a lot of money, not knowing that they will pay a lot for this. Do you know that the Prophet said Allah He salatu salam, the poor people, like you and me,

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will enter paradise 500 deals before the rich.

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The rich will enter paradise 500 years after the poor, why will they go to hell? No, no, no. But they will spend 500 years

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answering questions. Where did you get the money? Where did you spend it in? So the poor are always luckier than the rich when it comes to this.

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our definition of someone who's broke

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is a person who doesn't have money doesn't have credit card doesn't have any bank account. But what does the Prophet salallahu salatu salam, he said to the Companions, do you know who's broke?

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So the companion said so

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One who doesn't have money, said no. A person who's broke is a person who comes on the day of judgment.

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He has prayers, He has fasting, he has charity, he gives, but he in this dunya

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took the money of this man

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backbite this man, slandered this man, beaten this man made the blood shed from this man. So on the day of judgment, He will give from his good deeds

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to them. What happens if his good deeds are over? He will take from their bad deeds, and it will be put on him and he will be thrown in heaven.

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Although he used to pray fast and give charity, this make him no better, man, he's broke.

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This is how we evaluate people.

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When you speak about strength.

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One of the brothers I was with five minutes ago was taking a selfie with me.

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He says Jeff, do you do MMA?

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I said no. No Hamdulillah I do nine millimeter

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you know what's nine millimeter?

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This is better than me.

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It made me you have to work to three hours every day and shower and get injury. nine millimeter is

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no no problem. Alhamdulillah. So when it comes to strength? Who's the strongest?

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The one who bench presses? The one who does 150 Pushups? No, the Prophet said alayhi salatu salam, a strong man is not a man who fights

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a strong man is the one who controls his anger.

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This is how we look at things. We evaluate people by

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what we see. And this is not right.

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In Islam, we evaluate people by what they can do. For example, I am a scholar. I look at you. What are you?

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Who are you? What did you do? I give lectures. I give advice. I travel. I give hotbar I give there's I'm better than you. Right?

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No, it's not right. How do you know chef? I'll tell you. The Prophet said Ali salatu salam

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when dyrham.

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Raised 100,000 Dylan.

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How's that? One Durham is better at the sight of Allah than 100,000. How the Prophet said, are they some? One man had only two dyrham. So he took one and gave it to charity. How much did he give 50%.

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And another man had millions. So he took 100,000 and gave it to charity? How much did he give?

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So it shows you that don't look at how many lectures the share has given how many dollars how many hotbar because Allah knows I can do better. I can do more. But I'm not doing more. Why? I'm lazy.

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So when I look at you,

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I cannot look down at you and say I'm better than you. Because according to your knowledge, your ability, you're doing far more than I'm doing. So you are closer to Allah than me.

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This is how we look and evaluate things.

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If you look at quality

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versus quantity,

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what is most important

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quality? Why? Listen, the Prophet said Allah His salatu salam, if one of you makes perfect wudu

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and prays to raka

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without speaking to himself about

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reunion. What will happen?

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Allah forgives all of his previous sins to Raka.

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But at the same time,

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how did he describe the Hawaii bridge?

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He says, You look at your prayers next to theirs. And you think that we don't pray? Because they pray all day all night?

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Is their prayer valid? No, the Prophet said, they come out of religion as the arrow comes out from a pray.

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So their prayers is invalid. Allah will not accept it.

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This is how you evaluate things in Islam by quality. And

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most of us look at things in a bad way, such as sickness.

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I am sick Alhamdulillah

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but I'm getting better.

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How do I see my sickness?

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Or it's really bad? I cannot eat Nasacort In fact,

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I can. I didn't. Since I arrived, I did not eat any Indonesian food. I can't with my appetite. So do I think of it as bad? No.

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I said Hamdulillah.

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Allah erases my sin.

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Allah makes me appreciate the long years I had of good health.

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And Allah who makes me understand how small, weak, vulnerable I am. So I will not be arrogant.

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I will always think, Okay, any moment now, Angel of Death comes and says, Let's go.

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Go where

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you will find out come. So I'm always ready.

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Because I have lived a long life and Hamdulillah

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I enjoyed every moment of it.

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This illness is a NEMA from Allah.

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Imagine the Prophet of Allah. Ayoub, Allah tested him with an illness, how many years

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18 years. He was ill. People took him and threw him out of the village next to a dumpster. Because of his illness, the way he looked, he loved he smelled. He's a prophet of Allah 18 years.

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And he was patient. And he was tolerant, and he was contented.

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After 18 years, Allah made him well gave him his family, gave him wealth. What kind of wealth after being really poor

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locusts fell from the heavens, gold and silver, you know, locusts. They come in millions and billions of swarms. They came gold and silver on him. He started collecting, collecting, collecting, putting in his pocket. Allah told him, are you what are you doing? I have given you so much. And he says, I cannot get enough from your grace or Allah. And he keeps collecting this when.

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So even illness, we see it differently than others. People will not email they complain, why me?

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I remember once I visited an old relative of mine. He was 70.

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And he was a very good man. So I came to him and I said, uncle, may Allah cure you and get your health back.

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He said, My son,

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I have no complaints. But my only problem is

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I have been praying in this masjid for 50 years, every fall.

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And look how my health is.

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My neighbor

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never prayed one drug in this message. And he's as healthy as a bull.

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He's healthy. And I say this thoughtful law uncle This is kufr

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Are you blaming Allah?

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Are you saying because I prayed 50 years Look at me. And he because he did not pray for 50 years. Look at him.

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This is how people with little Eman little knowledge can easily flip from Islam to kufr

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You should have seen this as a test, and the uncle has lost his test is failed. Instead of saying hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen.

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So basically speaking, when it comes to

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judging others and judging life, we have to look at things, not through our logic

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rather through the Islamic glasses. If you go and visit some Arab countries,

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they accused one another of being extremists. I come from Saudi Arabia.

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Women usually cover their faces.

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If I go to another Arab country,

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they say your extremists why you make women cover. Our women don't cover

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says okay, we're not going to cover.

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If you go to another Arab country, a little bit liberal,

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like Tunisia, for example. They don't wear a headscarf. They wear Maxi short sleeves, and they say you're extremist. Why? Because you cover your women's hair.

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Okay, we take hijab off.

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You go to France. They say you're an extremist. Why? So you're not wearing a bikini?

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This is civilization. You have to allow your women to wear whatever they want.

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Okay, let them wear bikinis.

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You go to Spain or to Greece. Say dude, extremist. Come on.

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Excuse me. Yes. We have topless.

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What topless Topless topless.

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And this is found in Greece, in Spain. In streets. I've seen this I've been there.

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But the single Swaffham was

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so what is right and wrong?

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You cannot tell

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only the Quran and the Sunnah will tell you what is right and what is wrong. When you apply the classes of Quran and Sunnah you will become the beloved servant of Allah, Allah loves you. And you will see people as Allah wants you to see them. And I think this is the time because my watchman is standing next to me, telling me it's enough. Allah Allah salAllahu Salam, wa barakaatuh Nabina Muhammad