Reflections On Chapel Hill Shooting: A Great Legacy

Yasir Qadhi


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Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi shares his innermost and heartfelt thoughts on the Chapel Hill shootings and the great legacy left behind by Deah Barakat (age 23), his wife Yusor Barakat (age 21), and her sister Razan Muhammad (age 19), who were brutally murdered in the Chapel Hill Shooting.

Deah and his wife were newlyweds and were renowned in the Muslim community for their active participation in noble causes. The heinous murder seems to have been propelled by religious hatred against Islam. Even as the perpetrators of this lowly deed may go unpunished and unaccounted for in this world, the Hereafter awaits to engulf them with the punishment for their act in this world.

May their deaths be accepted as Shahada! And may their deaths not be in vain!

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Hua hadn't had a summer that led in a myriad water mula. mula Hakuna ahead. What are you?

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My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, we are all painfully aware of the tragedy that took place two days ago. And it is difficult to talk about this tragedy. Without emotions rising. We are all painfully aware of the murder of three of our young, innocent men and women. And so much can be said. But well, I just want to mention a few simple points that we can all benefit from. First and foremost, tragedies, and harms and problems are indeed a part of this life. And a lot tests us with various trials and tribulations and

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the parents of

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the parents of those young men and women have been tested in a manner that we can only begin to imagine. And we ask Allah subhana wa tada to make their affairs easy for them. But as we look at this tragedy, there's no doubt that we see as well the wisdom of Allah subhanho wa Taala. As we look at this tragedy,

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it is as if Allah Subhana which Allah chose these people to be role models, even in their death. It is as if Allah subhanho wa Taala

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carved out a life for them. That is a life that we can only be jealous of, even though they are half or one third of our age, that the good that they have done, and the prayer and the Baraka that has come from their lives, and the love that the community had for them while they were still alive, much less when they are dead. It speaks volumes about their loss and they're taqwa and they're a man, nasty woman. When I was a girl I had it speaks volumes of their real sincerity. The fact of the matter, my dear brothers and sisters, is that Allah chose them because they were so righteous in sha Allah, and Allah bless their families, because a lot wanted to raise their ranks in this world and

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in the next, because our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said in the La Jolla comedy with Tara home, that when Allah loves a person, he tests them. So this family has been tested, both of the families have been tested, the communities have been tested. And all of us were simply witnessing, we are not being tested the way they have been tested. We're simply looking on and spectators to what is going on. But subpanel law, the galvanization of the American Muslim community, this could have been any one of us, this could have been any one of our children. We all are worried about the future of our community in this land. We're worried about the rhetoric that people are saying, Yes,

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we do not know exactly what happened in this particular case. But still, it seems to be what it seems to be very clear to us. And regardless of the specifics, for sure, the rhetoric that is we're hearing from many segments of this society are very dangerous. And perhaps incidents like these, perhaps Allah xojo is using them to really be martyrs Shaheed so that the people realize that we cannot continue with this rhetoric and this spiteful speech. And so panelo My dear brothers and sisters, one of the things that really amazed me was that every now that I have, I don't know the family personally, but many of my friends are personal family friends of this couple. We also have

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some of our members here in Memphis, go to attend the janazah as well. And we have seen their interviews online. It is amazing the amount of sober and the amount of patience that is demonstrated from this family. And I wonder when I look at this, where did that tell be awarded that that training come from? that a young lady, a young man, the brothers and sisters, they have so much fortitude, so much courage, so much a man that the brother says on the TV interview that don't think that we are sad, he is speaking to MSNBC, a non Muslim interview says don't think we are sad, we are happy, we are rejoicing that our Lord has chosen my family to become martyrs. What type of a man is

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this? where a young man This man is coming out from him? And one wonders so panela he is born and raised in this land. What has happened in his life? That is a man is so strong. And if this is his case, how about the boy and the girl that and the sister How about the three of them? So paddler brothers and sisters, these three let their tragedy not be in vain. Let us do a number of things. First and foremost, most importantly, right now make dua for them and for their fathers and mothers and sisters and brothers, may Allah azza wa jal grant them

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The peace and the Sakina May Allah azza wa jal accept their Shahada May Allah azza wa jal give sober and tofik and Eman to the family members of those that are left behind. This is the first thing we need to do make to offer them. Secondly,

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we need to support their legacies and there's many funds raisings going on and this is not the time to get into that, but their families, this young man bleah, he was training, as you know, to become a dentist, and he was going to go to Syria and the refugee camps. He had gone last year with his fiance he had gone last year, they had helped the refugees and orphans with his wife, now they're going to go again. And then we're going to get 10 doctors, they're gonna sponsor 10 doctors to go, I mean, we'll let you think about this a 21 year old man, 21 years old, most of us have not gone and volunteered in a refugee camp. Most of us have not spent anything of this nature. And here is a man

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he's about to get married, and he wants to save up to get married and he says, spends that money to go help refugees. What like, where do these people like this come from? But like this person says, If Allah azza wa jal made his life to become a role model for us, and then took it so that he is a leader, even in death as he was a leader in life. Few people can claim this few people can claim to become leaders even in depth. And it is quite clear that this was one of those people that Allah subhana wa tada chose. So the second thing we can do is to support their legacy. And the third thing is to ask ourselves, why did Allah choose them? And how did they get to this respect and legacy, the

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outpouring of love and emotion, this was perhaps the largest janazah, or one of the largest Genesis that America has seen 7000 people overnight come from around the country are coming in, becomes a mainstream news media event. cnms Ms. mbcr, reporting the janazah just because of the numbers 7000 people, why, why this is what happens when you dedicate your life to Allah, we see the results in this world before the next. This is the love return for this world. What do you think that the next will be waiting for them? If this much respect in this world, and they're barely a fraction of my age and your age, think then what about in the next life, so we need to follow that legacy. And

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understand the best way to gain a lot of zoologist blessing is to be on his path to be as loving as caring, as sincere, as merciful, as dedicated to these positive causes. This is what we need to do. And there is no doubt as I said that it is because of that is shallow, the other that so much love the fact of the matter, anybody this could have happened to anybody, it could have happened to people unknown never seen in the masjid. And the reaction would not have been except a fraction of what it is. But a lot of chose specific people. And a lot of xojo wanted to demonstrate to us and to the rest of the people. This is the reality. So we need to learn from that. And we need to also

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start our own legacies, will I and you get even a fraction of that legacy that they already have for their lives, will we be able to leave behind the same amount of love the same amount of respect and honor the same amount of a loss blessings in the next life? This is something we all need to think about. And then lastly, my dear brothers and sisters, indeed, we don't know exactly why this tragedy took place yet we're still finding out nonetheless, we all need to be extra vigilant, vigilant and monitor our situation. There has been a number of incidents going on. A girl was followed to her car in one city and threatened by a gun and there is a fire in one mosque. We don't know exactly the

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details yet. So I don't want to mention anything but it might have been an arson somewhere else in this country. Things are changing. And there's only one way really, that we're going to have the narrative back to the way it was. And that is if each and every one of us stands up against prejudice and lives the lives of the Prophet Mohammed says I'm soon following his Sunnah when the people know who we are, and respect us. We don't have the luxury of shoving our heads in the sand anymore. We don't have the luxury of changing our names and pretending we're not Muslim. Each and every one of us these people were killed in their houses, the man entered the door and shot them

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executions out in the head in their houses. We don't have the luxury of running away. We need to stand up and understand. We need to earn respect, earn the love of the people around us. There are campaigns to vilify us to smear us. We need to do the opposite. We cannot fight fire with fire over here. We have to demonstrate the rahima the mercy of Islam, the love the compassion of Islam. We need to do like those three, that even mainstream news media are talking about how good they were, how righteous they were. People that typically smear Islam

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When it came to these three, even they could not spear Now, what does that demonstrate? You want to win over the love and the respect, you need to live the life of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem, be kind and merciful, go and help the orphans help the Syrian refugees do something in your locality so that the people understand this is who we are. And slowly but surely, when we start changing this message, when the rhetoric cannot face our actions, actions speak louder than words, then insha Allah to Allah, this will abate and die down. I am optimistic in sha Allah, but we don't want these debts to be in vain. And let us all learn a lesson that death is around the corner. These three the

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band got married six weeks ago, brothers and sisters six weeks ago. Can you imagine? There's still memorabilia of the weddings in their houses, all of this stuff and they're still there. Can you imagine? The sister said we just celebrated their wedding and now we're doing their and their, their their funeral? This is the reality of life. Can anybody here guarantee when they will die? how long they will live? These three martial arts of Article are they prepared? They didn't think they're going to come this end this soon, but they prepared and Allah bless them, so that each and every one of us also prepare for that day it will come to us inevitably let us prepare for that day. And let

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us ask ourselves, what is the legacy that I have left behind? And what is the legacy you have left behind before the Angel of Death comes along in the dying for a mineral allama lotta Rafi has a new museum in LA with a hammer Illa for Raja wala Jane and in la cabeza de la Ilaha. feta when I see it on Isla de la ma fildena. What is one interlinear some of whom have been Eman wala Tisha kuruvilla Zilla, Linda robina in Nakuru for Rahim Allah Hama is an Islamic Muslim in Oklahoma is Islam all Muslim in Alabama is that Islamic Muslim in Alabama or Adana our other Islamic Muslim baby Sue in federal home in upstate Mira Hafiz LBD Jacobi we are Aziz about the law in the law Giada America I'm

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doing better be heavy enough say within America the auto ship with Alexa become a URL modem and Genie he will insert for called as important in idema in no law home and equitorial soluna nebby Tina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam with us NEMA Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik one of the Quran surah Mohammed and while he he was such a big marine about the law in the law to Allah Yeah, Motorola attenuata orba Wang Hans Akshay. Will moon kariobangi

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Kuru Kuru la female Kuru Kuru telecom Allahu taala a kebab welcome is Salah