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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi delves upon the meaning of two of the Names of Allah – Al Kareem and Al Akram.

The meaning of Karam is that act of extreme generosity that invokes goodness within yourself about giving. Al Kareem is the One who gives without asking anything in return and gives without reason or gives without being asked. He gives to all and doesn’t concern Himself whether the one who is receiving is righteous or not, a believer or not. 

Al Kareem indicates Generosity and Magnificence. The one who is Generous is the most Noble. Allah is Al Kareem and He loves to be asked of His generosity. 

The Name of Allah – Al Akram means that Allah is the Most Generous. No one can compete with His generosity. 

What are the blessings of these names of Allah for us Muslims?

  • We appreciate the Blessings of Allah. Everything we have is from Allah.
  • Allah is Kareem to everybody. The greatest Karam is Taqwa.
  • Allah is Al Kareem and He loves generosity. The one who is generous is beloved by Allah and the angels.


AI: Summary © The transcript describes the names of a lot that are related to one another, with Al Karim being recited as the name of Islam and Kuru Edward being the name of a law attorney. The recitation of the third name is discussed, with Kiloya being the one who recites the third name. The definition of Karen is used, with Alaysha Gray being the one who gives and the one who gives. The history of Islam is discussed, including the use of "naqma" to indicate wealth or fame, and the importance of showing one's love for their partner.
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smilla al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Adi he was happy to be here.

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Today we will discuss two of the names of a lot that are related to one another. And those names are al Karim and a crumb al Karim and a crumb and the name of Allah Al Karim occurs either two or three times in the Quran. How can it be either two or three? Well, as many of you are aware, the Quran is recited in various karats in various recitations. There are 10 authentic recitations. And these recitations are complimentary, not contradictory, and not to go to advance in the Quran. But interestingly enough, the Arab or what you put at the end of the letter actually affects the meaning. And so in some karate, the name Kareem occurs as the name of Allah. So this will be three

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times and in some cases, the name Kareem on this third occurs at least as a description of the throne of a lot. So let me give you the exact verses that we're talking about. So the first time that the verse Gideon occurs, Allah subhana wa tada mentions in the Quran that woman Yes, code for India? Yes, Kuru dynasty woman cover up for in Nairobi, honey Yun Karim. So this is an explicit that Allah xojo says, Whoever worships and thanks Allah, then that's for his own benefit. He's thanking himself he's going to be benefited in the long run, and whoever rejects Allah, then lets him know that Allah is Allah Ronnie and Al Karim. So this is the name of a law attorney and educate him. We

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will come into the name on Monday next week in sha Allah so Allah is saying I am lkt him I don't need him will explain what it means. The second is that Allah mentions that get him Yeah, you have insano mouth or Raka arabic al Karim Oman, mankind, what has caused you to be deceived about your Lord who is Al Karim. So there's definitely two times al Karim occurs. What's this third time that we said could be this could be that that I is La Ilaha Illa Hua Robbo La Rochelle Carey. I put a full stop here. La Ilaha Illa who Rob Bula Rochelle Kareem. Now, the way that we recite the Quran is the recitation is called halfs. The restoration of house this is what we are reciting right now, in

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our recitation, which is what we are familiar with. There is a cluster of rubble our shall carry me in this recitation, the word keti would be a description of the outage and not of a law, the Lord of the Karim owlish. So Kareem here is a description of the outage. So according to this recitation, the word al Karim is a description of a lost throne, not a lot. So this is not the third time however, there are other recitations of the Quran, where there is a bummer Oh boo louder, she'll carry move. And if you put a Bama then the Kareem is a reference to rob and not to the ash, the Kareem Rob of the throne, and not the robe of the Korean throne. Everybody clear little bit advanced

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Arabic but the point is definitely two times and then in some Kerala three times the word al Karim occurs, and as for the name of a Quran, then all of us should know the verse there's only one verse where it occurs. Which one is that?

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Corrado? bukal A Quran? Allah Allah, Allah, Allah in Santa Monica yalom. So a Quran occurs only once. Now what exactly is Quran? What exactly is Karen, the famous linguist and philosopher in misco way, he said that Karen, is to spend plenty roughly, without feeling anything in your heart, and to spend on each and every useful and beneficial endeavor. So he defined Karen as the act, not just of generosity, extreme generosity. without feeling stinginess without feeling in your heart. Oh, why did I have to do that? You feel good, and you spend on every useful endeavor. So this is one of the meanings given of Al Quran, Imam Al ghazali, the famous advisedly he said, Karen is to be generous

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while you are kind and before even being asked, and to share One's Food even meaning with everything, even your food, you're generous with it, and to be gentle with anyone who asks even the most precious thing to you. So Karen is being defined as to give magnanimously magnanimously means your heart is feeling good when you give unlike some

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Some of us we give and we go home we can't sleep at night. Why did I give $1,000? Why did they give you the beggar? That's not Karen. That's not Karen. Karen is to give and you feel good while you give. You feel a sense of peace and you're not double guessing your own generosity and you give without being asked and you give that which is precious to you, and you give that which you need to even share your food that is the height of Karen. So then who is Al Karim Allah azza wa jal, who is Al Karim, one of our scholars said and will carry meaning Allah is the one who gives without asking anything in return, and the one who gives without any reason to give and the one who gives without

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even being asked to give, he is the one who gives to all and he does not concern himself with the state of the giver. He doesn't concern whether the giver is righteous, whether the one being given excuse me, whether the one being given is righteous or not, or even Muslim or Kaffir. So Allah Karim is the one who gives everything to everyone without measure without question and he continues to give this is the Al Karim and therefore they carry him as well our scholars are safe is the one who accept something back in return from what he himself has given and he praises the giver of that gift, even though he's the one who gave the gift in the first place. What do I mean by this? One of

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our scholars and the the Sufi saints, one of the classical Sufi saints by the name of Junaid, one of the famous people of the past Junaid once heard a audit recite in the Quran that you that the Prophet Are you in Virginia now who saw the rock near Mill Avenue in a web a you have Allah says we found a YouTube to be patient near my lab. What a noble servant was a YouTube and he was one who returned to Allah always and Junaid began to cry when he heard this verse Junaid began to cry when they asked him why are you crying? He said, can you not be are you not amazed? A love from his bounty gave you the patience to bear the problems. And when he was patient, Allah accepted that

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patience from you, and then praised him for it by saying Nirmal apt. So the one who gave him the patience, accepted it back and then praised him by saying near him I loved how Kareem is the one who gives you the gift that you're going to give back to him and then he accepts it from you and then praises you for the very gift he gave you that you give back to him. So this is Al Karim because anything we give to Allah Where did we get it from? We're not giving to a light as is in that in 919 a rod your own yet when we give What does al Karim do? He thanks us and he praises us for whatever little that we can give. And so al Karim therefore, is one of the names of Allah azza wa jal that

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indicates generosity as well by the way, Al Karim has a secondary meaning, and that is of magnificence. Why? Because for the Arabs, and this is in our nature, all human beings, but the Arabs prided themselves especially that the one who was generous was the most noble. The one who was generous was the greatest of any society. So even though the word lkt literally means the generous, it also means the respected and the noble, because generosity was the most respected trait amongst the Arabs. So when anybody was generous, not only was he called generous, the term al Karim then also meant the noble the dignified, the one of respect the one of majesty, and this makes us

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understand why Allah calls his house getting because the house doesn't give. But the house is majestic. The outers does not give that so the cut the courage of the outage is not in generosity, the current of the auto show His Majesty, our shall carry me the here when the out of the throne is being described as Kareem, then this means the hour is the most majestic of all of Allah's creations, as well the Quran is described as Kareem when hola kita buen Karim. It is a Karim book. So the Quran is carry him because it gives you everything your hedaya your spiritual sustenance, your purpose of life, it gives you a man it gives you everything that you need. So of course it is a

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magnificent book as well. So the Quran is Karim Allah is out is also getting and of the meanings of Allah subhana wa tada being khadim and only allocating can be like this, of the meanings of Allah being allocated him

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Love is so old Kareem that he loves to be asked of his generosity. And in fact, if you don't ask a law, he will become irritated because you're not asking him and this is unparalleled in the creation. No one's Khurram is that level that he wants to be asked? And he loves to be asked. And if you ask other than a law, in fact, this could even be *ting. If you ask an idol or if you ask a false deity, and even if you ask another being, and you know, it's not a God in your heart, you should realize Allah is blessing this person to help me out. So Allah is so educating him that he loves to be asked, and if you don't ask Allah, then he will be irritated. And our Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam reminded us of this in the Hadith and Timothy, that when you ask a law, it is ultimately the outcome when you ask a law, failure stack theory, let him ask even more than what the initial draw came to his mind. Finally, a stack is here. If you want a million dollars, don't stop at a million ask 10 million, right? If you want genda don't say oh, well, let me be the very last person to enter agenda to get the very last house on the left hand side. No, say I want Gen Natal for those. You asked for the height. Our processor him said one one of you asks a law failure stuck there for he is asking his Lord that is the ROB He is the Lord that is Al Karim. He asked to ask

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Allah who has everything. So don't be cheap. When you ask lkt this is what the Hadith is saying. Don't be cheap. This is not another person that when you come to me, you're shy. And I'm not gonna give you a million dollars on my fear lucky I'll give you $10 if you need I don't have that money. I'm not that Al Karim. But when you ask Allah azza wa jal, you ask the biggest tank thing that comes to mind because you're dealing with Al Karim. So when you're dealing with Al Karim, you don't cheapen the drop. You make it bigger. And this is the command from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and our Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us that one one of you mix the DA fell Yes, check

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Cyril, let him make it bigger. For indeed he is asking his Rob. He is asking the Lord of the Throne. He has asked me the one who is Al Karim. So al Karim is the one who by nature is generous, and is always generous and asked for a chrome which is the other name right. And a chrome of course is an alpha which is a favorite of lean, which is Allahu Akbar, Allahu Allah, Allah Quran. Allah is the most generous, no one can compete with a law's generosity. And it is interesting to note brothers and sisters, that a crumb is the first name revealed in the Quran. So rock, Cora Messina, Rebecca Haddock, right across bukal a crumb. The first name that Allah taught us in the Quran is a crumb,

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because this is the primary relationship that even the agnostic even the atheist, how can you deny all of these blessings on you Who gave you these blessings? What Oh bukal a chrome your Lord who is an Akron gave you all of this stuff. So the effects of the name al Karim and column number one that we appreciate the blessings of Allah, everything that we have is from Allah. What a spell for ra come near me Jorge Ratan Tina. Allah has envelope doing his blessings, whether you see them or not avoid all about the inner some of them you recognize and some of them you do not recognize. Number two, realize that Allah is getting into everybody, Muslim and Kafeel, believer and faster. Which

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means don't be fooled. If you have wealth, doesn't mean Allah is happy with you. wealth in and of itself is not a sign of Allah, Allah because Allah is Al Karim. And that means he gives to everybody, right? And Allah mentions we recited yesterday at the Oran coolin Newman do how Allah

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Arabic Allah says, everyone we give how Allah the righteous waha Allah and the evil we give everybody miss out on Arabic from the generosity of your Lord. So Allah is Allah Karim. Therefore, just because you have wealth and success and fame and fortune does not mean Allah is happy with you know, because what is the true Quran that signifies Allah's happiness in a chroma key in the law he at color comm This is the true column that signifies a law's happiness, not the current of generosity of wealth and money and fame. The column of taqwa in a Chroma come in the law he is the one who has the most current is the one who has the most taqwa that demonstrates Allah's real

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blessings and generosity as well. When we realize

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That a lot as the origin is Al Karim, then we should practice karate in our lives. And the Hadith is in Muslim Imam Mohammed in the law, her kitty moon, you have bull Quran. Allah is the Karim and he loves Khurram. He loves generosity. And that is why to be generous is a sign of a man. The one who's generous is beloved by Allah, beloved by the angels, beloved by mankind beloved by his family and neighbors, and the one who stingy is despised by Allah, and despised by friends and family, despised by neighbors, everybody despises the stingy person, the one who's caring he is beloved to Allah in the law khadeem your book around you should be generous, and so many a hadith I don't have time to

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go into them, whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day for you. krim bifa hufa yukirin Jarrah, who, whoever believes in Allah on the last day Let him show Kurram to his neighbor. Let him show cut them to his guests. If you have to show neighbor come to your guest. How about your family? How about your children? How about your relatives? If you show cut them to a neighbor living across the road? How about cut them to your kith and kin? So being cut off is linked to a man man can you know Bella who will Yamanaka for Ukraine Georgia for Ukraine bifa. So when a law is lkt him He wants us to be cut off. And the final point that we go back to the verse that Allah mentions one of the

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verses that Allah mentions that Gideon, that Allah azzawajal mentions. Yeah, you went in Santo Malhotra Raka arabic al Karim. What a powerful and beautiful verse. All Mankind. Yeah, you are insane. all mankind? What has caused you to be deceived, to be diluted to be diverted? Why are you in in blindness about your Lord who is Al Karim? How could you ignore the coca cola? How could you not forever be worshipping Allah? What has deceived you about your Karim? Lord Who gave you everything and continues to give you and He will continue to give in this world? Even if you don't worship Him? he'll still give because he's I'll get him. But why are you blinded? Why are you

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diluted? Surely your Lord is Al Karim and a crown and our Prophet says I will make dua to Allah we're entering the last 10 nights. You know what? He would make a llama in the cow for one carry on to Hezbollah for five one this is the out of the last 10 nights I will be starting it in our winter prayer the last 10 nights oh well while you are there I will mention the name for next week inshallah. You are the our food that Kareem and you love our food and you love them. So forgive us. So Allah is Allah Karim and Allah is Allah. May Allah azza wa jal shower us with his scrotum and make us of those who appreciate that courage and allow us to have that carry on in our daily lives

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and we will continue inshallah, tomorrow was sent to Lahore Baraka