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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah He offered to set a woman while on this blessed day of this blessing moment of yo mu Juma. I want to start off by praying to Allah subhanho wa Taala May Allah azza wa jal make this day a day of Baraka and blessing and pible and acceptance, Aloma I mean, today we are at part nine in our journey through this beautiful book of don't claim or Hema hula. And I know that a lot of you are going to enjoy this reminder. Because this reminder, even if no kayam in his book says that this is one of the most important and beautiful of the 10 ways to receive Allah subhanho wa Taala His love, and

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today it's about alone time with Allah, particularly during the nighttime when Allah subhanho wa Taala descends. The third part of the night, he comes closer to his creation, especially and particularly to those who worship him during the night hours. Now, obviously, we're going to be talking about tahajjud because that's what he mahalos referring to here. When you spend time alone, crying and pouring your heart out pouring all of your emotions out to Allah complaining to him, unloading all of your worries and stress and all the things that are on your mind, you continue to plead to him, to give you the strength and patience and stability to move on in your life. When this

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happens, particularly in the last part of the night, so very close towards us a little fragile. The point is a number of things. Number one, you sacrifice a portion of your sleep for Allah, that's a big deal. So much so that Allah praises the people who wake up in the night and pray to Him and sacrifice their sleep time. Now, here's the thing. Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam did mention to us that the sila that is most beloved to Allah after the fidella, after the compulsory prayers is going to be a pm will late it's going to be the tahajjud. And the tahajjud is a very beautiful experience in the sense. It's all about you and Allah alone. And I know that all the other prayers that we

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have, we're supposed to feel that the same connection. But tahajud is very different. It's very, very personal. It's a very intimate time between you and your Creator. No one knows when you're awake, everybody else the rest of the world is sleeping. And it just feels like you're the only person in this world and ally soljet is watching and speaking with you. And secondly about the the pm will lay period or the nighttime prayer. The Prophet it sought to sell and never left this off. This was something that he made obligatory upon himself. He made it a point even during battles, when all the soldiers would be sleeping and resting during the night the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa

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sallam is praying and making Dora throughout the entire night. The night prayer is so beautiful, but the thing is that there are certain things about it that people generally fear or they're scared about when it comes to the night prayer. And I think the most obvious one is they're afraid that during the day you'll be tired and exhausted how are you going to go to work? How are we going to go to school so you can handle your day if you've been up all night? Mmm with the hubiera Hema hula one said while la he the person who wakes up and prays during the night will never feel tired during the day. And I thought that that was profound because when you try when you give this a chance now just

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think back especially particularly in Ramadan if you're not praying pm will lay now think back when Ramadan was happening when we had the total we're going so late at night. And a lot of you probably you pray the total week plus you pray throughout the night. How is your day? Don't you feel that at some point during the day Yeah, you might have periods where you're exhausted your body's just literally needs a bit of rest. But then there's also the majority of the day where you feel relaxed, calm. You're you're in the state of tranquility and peace and you're able to just get by during your day. Some of the scholars said that the night prayer improves your memory. And so you know you're

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you're sitting there you're you're studying better you're able to perform your duties and your tasks better. And Allah azza wa jal just puts bottlecap throughout your life when you pray at night, whatever struggle and whatever problem you have. It can all be resolved if you have the night prayer and the night prayer is consistent with you. So how do you do this? The night prayer can be as many raw carrots as you want but the bare minimum at least make it to raw carrots. And of course you follow that with the winter and the winter can be one Nora kara 357 all the way up to 11 or carrots like that.

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messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once did in the night prayer, it's similar to also lengthen that prayer. So you recite as much of the poor end, as you know. And yes, you're allowed to hold the poor end in your hand and literally recite from it. The rulings with Sunnah prayers are slightly more loose in that sense than the father prayers. So there are certain things that it's okay there's there exceptions with respect to son and Noah few prayers. But the point here is this. Here's a couple of things I want you to think about in sha Allah. And these are some of the things that if no claim Rahim Allah alludes to with this titled, number one, why should you have alone time with

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Allah? And the answer to this, there are many but the scholars teach us and tell us when you have alone time with Allah, Allah and the consciousness of Allah remains with you throughout the day throughout your life. When you take time, and you literally stop your day, all of your responsibilities, no matter what you have all the distractions around, you put all of these things aside, and you literally spend some time praying, making Dora reciting the Quran. Just alone, time reflecting and thinking about yourself, your life, your family, all of the things that you've that you want to achieve for the sake of a lump, you'll start to notice that the connection between you

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and Allah starts to get stronger. And that whole experience you start to love Allah even more, you connect with him even more. And this is why when people have doubts of a life, Allah is really there and his existence and so on and so forth. To had Jude removes all of those doubts and replaces it with certainty, you're confident that he's there, you get this connection that will love it, I don't even know how to describe it with you. Only the people of pm will lay can describe to you what it feels like or to some extent what it feels like with their relationship with Allah. Second thing about pm relay is that the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam mentioned to us in a very beautiful

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Hadith that Allah subhanho wa Taala descends to the third part of the night, or descends to the lower heavens at the third part of the night. And one of the things that a lot so Joelle is looking for is which one of my servants is asking for forgiveness so that I can forgive them, which one of my servants is standing up in prayer so that I can accept it from them. In other words, it's a time where even Allah subhanho wa Taala himself comes closer to you. It's not just you to him, but even Allah Himself descends and gets closer to the servant that's praying that standing up and that they're crying and they're emotional for Allah subhanho wa Taala say, Allah loves that believer. And

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this leads me to the third point about crying for the sake of Allah. You might be wondering, Well, why do we need to cry? Why do I need to force that emotion crying makes me feel depressed, I feel sad, you know, it ruins my day. Not when you're crying for the sake of Allah. You know, that's the most beautiful thing about this whole spiritual experience. You know, when we cry when something happens or something makes us sad, yeah, that's an awful feeling. Nobody likes to do that. But when you cry for the sake of Allah, Allah, it's probably the happiest moment of your whole life. You just enjoy that moment where you can express and unload all of those emotions between you and your

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Creator. The prophet or the salt was Salaam did however, recognize that crying for the sake of Allah is not easy. And most people will have difficulty doing that. And so he tells us in a very beautiful narration, that you should cry for the sake of Allah. When you feel that emotion is starting to stir up in you. Try your best to let it out. But then the Prophet Allah is subtle. Selim continues and says, If you can't cry, then force yourself to cry, force the emotion out. So try this might take a few tries. By the way, you'll notice maybe like the five, you know, five or six times over and over, you're trying to push this emotion out. Just remind yourself and tell yourself, the heart is sealed

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from this emotion and will let you crying for the sake of Allah almost feels like a forgotten sinner. Very, very few people in this world cry for the sake of Allah. Maybe like the memes of the heart. I'm like, you have to reach this incredibly high level so that you can bring out some of that emotion. But the truth of the matter is brothers and sisters is that we all have it in us, all of us can experience that beautiful moment where you cry for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. You'll notice that even in that moment, your doors become more sincere. And as a result, it leads you you want to worship Allah more and more, and having that time alone. Our Prophet alayhi salatu salam

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told us the cattle

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categories of people, seven categories of people on the day of judgment will receive a shade from Allah azza wa jal on a day that there is no shade except the shade of Allah. And one category of those people is somebody who when they are alone, and they are thinking and reflecting on Allah, they start to cry. And so that's that's the hint here. Here's a couple of ways you can help your yourself. You can help bring out this emotion number one, is praying more than just the Fatah praying more than just a compulsory prayers. That's one of the wisdoms behind Sunnah, and voluntary prayers is to help continuously break that wall that seal that beautiful emotion in you stick

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continue to shatter that wall. Why? Why do I say it that way? Just imagine that think about how your typical day goes. All the things that you see all the things that you hear all the things that you're exposed to, these are layers after layers of a wall that's being surrounded and placed around the heart. So when the heart wants to express or let out a bit of that emotion, it's very difficult. And so you find it easier for yourself to bottle up that emotion rather than expressing it. So when you go through all of that throughout the day, and you continuously try to fight through and break through that wall, slowly, but gradually, you'll start to feel it, it's going to happen, and you

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keep working at it and working at it. And then in sha Allah huhtala when it does happen, you're gonna probably cry, because you're overjoyed and happy that you can actually cry for the sake of Allah. And you'll want to experience that moment every single time you pray. Every time you recite some Korean, every time you make your door you're gonna want you're gonna yearn for that moment. And this is why now Look, I want to read you some of the things that the reader may have said, with respect to pm or Leyland that emotion and hustle bustle, yo Rahim. Allah says, Now listen to this, it's really beautiful. He says, I never found any type of worship, that is more beloved than prayer

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during the nights. So somebody asked him, What is so special about the people, particularly their face, what's so special and beautiful about the people who pray in the night. Because what happened is, and I'm sure some of you know this as well, that you'll notice that when Allah when you pray during the night, Allah blesses you with a note or a light on your face, you become this like, incredibly beautiful and pleasant person, like people will look at you, or you'll look at somebody who you know, is praying at the night, and you're like, I can't even describe it to you, you're just gonna see something beautiful about them, and you don't know what it is. And you want to be their

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friend or you want to talk to them, or you just want to say saw them or they come to them. But you just noticed that there's this sense of calmness and peace and beauty about that person and you know what it is? So the people recognized and knew that. And so they asked what is so beautiful and special about the faces of people who pray during the night. And hustle and bustle, Rahim Allah, He says, it is because they have isolated or alone time with our Russian men. And a lot as a result, gives them or dresses them with light and newer on their faces. So the alone time with Allah, the gift you get from Allah, is Allah blesses you with nor on your face. Some of the scholars continue

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and they mentioned her Listen to this. This is just I was like, amazed when I read this. One great scholar when said that the people who pray during the night

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they experience experience a sweetness in their life sweeter than the people who live to fulfill all of their desires. And he continues and he says, if it wasn't for the night prayer, I would have no love to remain in this world. As one great scholar mentions this, the feeling that you get praying at the night in the night. It is nowhere in comparison, like it can never equal even the person who lives their entire life fulfilling every desire in them.

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The night prayer is above and beyond you. There's just no comparison whatsoever. And so brothers and sisters, I know it's difficult. I know it's hard because of all of our responsibilities to find some time alone between you and Allah. But let me tell you, it's something that has to happen. Maybe you can do it every day, but at least a few times a week. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam used to climb a mountain and

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Enter a cave, the Java node or the mountain of node and metka used to climb this mountain and he used to sit in this tiny cave. Why? Because he chose to have that alone time between him and his creator. There are stories of him that he would be praying his Noah fill, he would be making Dora he would be sitting there just contemplating, he would even be there during the nights and pray his 200. So even he Salalah while he was the most pious of them all, still makes it a point to have some alone time with Allah. Last thing that I'll say to you, brothers and sisters, with respect to just being isolated with Allah subhanho wa Taala. It softens the heart. It puts perspective in life. It

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gives you a sense of purpose. It gives you a sense of meaning you find meaningful things in life, that that really touched you that influenced you that encouraged you and inspired to be a good person. The night prayer, it changes you, it changes the way you think it changes your attitude with people it makes you become more patient, you're more relaxed, you're more love, you're more accepted. People can tolerate you, even if they have a problem with you. Allah blesses that Mercy is spread in the land for you. Because you are from Adelaide, you are from the people who pray at night. And so I pray that Allah subhanaw taala allow us to consistently be amongst those that are

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chosen to wake up for his sake and pray for his sake, particularly during the night hours, like brothers and sisters tahajjud is an absolutely beautiful thing to have. And if you can some way, make this a part of your life a part of your routine. And start off slowly. You don't have to wake up to starting tonight or tomorrow, what have you, you have to start waking up every single night because what's going to happen is your body's going to crash at some point. Start off gradually and slowly. Start reciting short sodas in the beginning and just dude, maybe tomorrow carrots and one winter and go back to bed and slowly start to build on that. Allah loves consistency, consistency.

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It's the quality that matters to Allah, not the quantity So focus on the quality. And make it a point that if you do pray the pm or Lang you think about Dora's thinking about specific things that you want to ask a lot and talk to a lot about, and use the night prayers as a time as a period where you can unload those things. And be confident that insha Allah, Allah, Allah will respond to your door. And so with that being said, Pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala allows us to be of those who consistently pray during the nights. Honestly, to some extent, it kind of feels like even the tahajjud is becoming a lost sooner. We live in a time in a period in this world where there's so

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many other things that you can preoccupy your time with that takes you late into the night. So by the time you get home, or by the time the day is over, you're so exhausted, you knock out, you missed the whole night prayer, forget about fudger that's gone as well you wake up 10 o'clock 11 o'clock the next day, and that becomes your whole routine. And then you leave this world, what a tragedy that would be and so pray that Allah azza wa jal gives you the strength that you could wake up in the night, and that you can take full advantage of his presence in the in the lower levels of Jenna, that he descends and he comes closer to that you can take advantage of those moments and

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unload all of your worries, all of your emotions and all of your doors. May Allah subhanho wa Taala accept from us our efforts. Those of you who are going to be getting ready for Joomla anytime soon my ally so we'll accept from you all of your prayers and your doors on this blessed day of Joomla. Those of you who have finished your Joomla May Allah subhanho wa Taala accepted from you. I've got to get to Joomla right now. So I'm going to finish up in sha Allah, Allah May Allah azza wa jal bless you all, well, we're almost done this book brothers and sisters, so continue with me. Tomorrow B is Neela hytera. Allah will continue in shuttler in a couple more days, we will finish the entire

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book Bismillah hytera Allah May Allah subhanho wa Taala Bless you all keep you safe and keep you healthy, alone. I mean, just like Milo Hayden was Salam. Wa Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh