Yasir Qadhi – Beautiful Names of Allah – 15

Yasir Qadhi
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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Ali he was a big marine and today we will continue our discussion of a lot of names and attributes and we will do three names that actually occur one after the other. And those names are Alhaji another body animal soul will alhadeff animal body, animal soul will. And the name of Allah alhaja is one that actually occurs pretty frequently as a description of a law. Allah mentions it at least eight times as a description in the singular. For example, Allahu hardihood colletion Allah is the hardest of everything, for example, that he como la hora, bukom hajikko cliche, that is Allah your Lord, the

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creator of everything. So the term Hadith as a description occurs many times, as well Allah describes himself twice in the Quran as the best of those who create us and we'll call it in meaning that Allah is creation is the best of creation, and Allah is the best Hulk so tretter barakallahu acetylcarnitine. So Allah azza wa jal describes himself as a Sonal polythene. And of course, in terms of verbs and adjectives, they are in the dozens will la Chanukah con la la Casa La wa T will all in the dozens the verbs and adjectives, but the actual name of Hollywood as a proper noun only occurs once and that is in the end of students and Azure. And these three names all occur together,

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who Allahu Allahu albireo al-musawi, he is the heart of the body and the muscle word. The word Hulk actually has a very interesting meaning. It doesn't just mean to create No, it means to create from nothing min Adam to create without having any substance to create, and without having a prototype or a model, min Heidi method in sabich. So the Arabic term calc means eager to shake him and Adam to make something from nothing mean lady method in Serbia without having a prototype without having a model. So Allah Hulk is not like our inventions that we do anything that we quote, unquote create, not in a literal sense in a metaphorical sense, anything that we make, we have always two problems

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that will disqualify you from being actual Hulk. Number one, we use the material Allah gives us we cannot make anything from nothing. We can transfer we can take some stone and you know, with a little weight, we can take rocks we can do whatever carving out, but we cannot create something from nothing. Only Allah Who is the Harlock can create something from nothing, as well. When we create we need a prototype. We need models, we need to tinker we need to make version one version two version three. But Allah azza wa jal does not need any type of prototype or model. So Allah Hulk is different than our heart and in fact, there is no Harlock other than Allah Hellman, Harlequin lado

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la luna semi what Allah answer rhetorical question Is there any hardship other than a law that will give you what you need from the heavens and the earth, there is no harder, no one can create, truly create except for Allah subhana wa tada what we can do, we can transform, we can take something and mold it here and there and make something into another but we cannot actually create only Allah is the actual creator. And of course Allah is the Creator of everything. Allahu hodja.

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Allah is the Creator of everything. And Allah mentions that of his miracles is the creation of and he has a long list in the Quran, at least 10 things are specifically mentioned and that Allah says generically, I created everything. So for example, Allah says, women are Yachty he was somewhat he will have his miracles and signs of existence is the creation of all of the heavens and earth, women ayat II and hudec acumen to rob of his miracles is He created you from total women? Is he coming out

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of his miracles is he created for you from amongst you spouses, and he goes on and on and all so Allah azza wa jal is the creator of each and every living an inanimate objects around us, the universe and all that is in it. Everything that it is a law is the one and only hayuk and of the realities of a laws Hulk is that

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Laws Hulk does not require any effort. Unlike when we quote unquote create again, metaphorically, we have to physically do something, we have to harvest the natural product, we have to tinker with it, we have to use tools, we have to have designs, we have to physically labor, nothing we can do except that we have to put in time and effort. But a lot of hard work requires neither time nor effort. In the middle who either are either Shane and Yoda, who couldn't fire Kuhn, Allah creation, Allah wills it into being and there is no other entity in the entire creation, that can challenge a law in this special unique characteristic. Only a law has the power to simply say couldn't fire Kuhn, and that

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is of a laws udara and Allah azza wa jal also, Allah subhana wa tada creates, when he wishes, how he wishes in whatever form he wishes. No one can dictate upon a law when to create, how to create who to create and what fashion to create in so Allah says in the Quran, will la Hanukkah Kula de Botton mingma Allah created every creature from water the origin of life is water we all know but how did Allah create them? What did a lot make of the creation for men whom Millennium she had a botnet some of the creation is crawling slithering like snakes woman whom Millennium she adage lane some of the creation is walking on to woman human Yes, she is a robot Alba some is working on for Yahoo local

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law Houma. Yasha Allah creates as he wishes to create, so Allah has created the creation and made it so varied so much variety is put in the creation and Alonzo just says Lila Himmel Kusama, what you will ob Yeah, hello Masha to Allah belongs to heaven and earth, He creates as he wishes to create. So to sum he gives girls and only girls to some he gives boys and only boys and to some he gives girls and boys. So in the creation of Hulk Allah mentioned it is my choice what I create and give to you. Yeah ha Buddha Manisha enough, who will use the widow Quran inasa and some way Jasmine Yasha akima. He does not give any children all of this is a less other. We have to accept Allah or

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whatever he is assigned for us. But Allah is the Holic and he gifted us even our children and Allah decides how many and Allah decides what's gender? And Allah says yeah Bula Manya sha Allah gifts to whomever he wants. It is Allah who is the hardest yalu Maja Sha no one can challenge Allah, Allah and Allah and Allah subhana wa tada of course has created more than what even we can see. We know that there are creations beyond the heavens and the earth. The greatest and the magnificent, most magnificent creation is a laws thrown the outage of Allah subhana wa tada which is something we cannot even comprehend. And Allah azza wa jal created as well. A pen that our prophet SAW is seldom

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said the first thing that Allah created was a pen Oh, whoo mahalo colo column, and this is the divine pen. And Allah said to the column, the pen, right, and the pen wrote down all that is going to happen. And there are things beyond this, as Allah says in the Quran, why a hollow man to the moon, he has created what you will never know. Allah is beyond this creation as well. And I mentioned in a series I was giving in this Masjid here that some of our scholars such as chauvinism, Eben Samia, he actually had a very, very philosophical and deep opinion that allows creation is infinite. We are not the only creation of a law, there are other parallel galaxies, there are other

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cover law and there are other maybe messages that they have been given. And we are not the only Hulk of a law because Allah is Allah, Allah is the one who continually creates and Allah xojo didn't just create one creation. While local knowledge and the moon, Allah has created things you will never know. And there are evidences I went into in another class in lecture. But the point being that there are indications in the Quran that Allah has created things beyond what we can even know. As for Allah His name's al Abadi, it occurs only once as a proper noun and hardaker body and muscle with all three of these they only occur once as the proper noun together. That's why we're doing

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them together. The name and body of course, it occurs as a description and sort of occur after two weeks elaborate you can talk to the officer from that you can look in the body, Moosa tells his people repent to your body. So it occurs as the as a fraud as a singular, but the proper noun Albury only occurs once what is Albury mean? Everybody has a number of meanings. Firstly, elbahr it means to bring out the creation to a reality. So if it is used along with alcoholic alcoholic means

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To have the plan of creation and elbahr it to actually execute the plan. So allow it to bring it out into existence. So this is when it is put together, when they are separate, all three of these names actually are similar and harder and more solid. But when they're put together, each one takes on a specific meaning that becomes complimentary. So, it becomes if you like the execution of the plan. So alhaja is the one who makes the plan, Albert is the one who then executes it and brings it out into reality. Another meaning of a body is very interesting, and it comes from the meaning of barah are to be different from to disassociate from. And alborada means to be different to cut off to be

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to, to dissociate. So one meaning of a body. And this is a very, very profound meaning. The one who has made the same creation, each one of which is different from the other. Albury, the one who has made the same creation, human beings, each one of them miraculously, amazingly, they are all human, 6 billion are now we're 7 billion. And then we add the people before us and after us, maybe 20 30 billion, no two of these billion, even though they're all human beings, all the same DNA, the same homosapien the same, yet no two of them are exactly the same. This is alpari bar is the one who can create the creation the same yet differently. And what an amazing what a miraculous only Allah can

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do this. Even identical twins, by the way, we know they're not exactly identical. There are some differences between them. No two humans are exactly alike. How can you create 20 billion of something and no two are exactly alike. That is about it. There's a third meaning of about it. And this is a slightly derived meaning it's not directly there, but some of our scholars have mentioned it. And that is from the Arabic word Bara means to be cured from so the one who Bara he's cured from disease. So al Abadi is the one who has created the creation, such that the creation can heal itself, such that the creation, like anything we make, if anything breaks, or loss is broken. If

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something breaks from our computer, or hard drive or anything, it's not going to fix itself. But every doctor here every one of us knows most of our natural ailments and problems or cuts and bruises, our what happens automatically, somehow, Allah subhana wa Taala has created the creation such that the creation Can you breathe enough so it can take care of itself, it can clear cleanse and purify itself. What a magnificent creator such that the creation itself can take care of most diseases, most cuts and bruises. This is a body, so alcoholic body. And then the last one al-musawi and of course animals so good, we all have a vague meaning of what it means and that is the correct

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meaning. Almost so we're the one who gives shape surah The one who gives shape. And of course, almost somewhere. It's as if Allah is saying I am the hardest, the one who has the conception, the body, the one who brings it into being the most so we're the one who then fashions and shapes it. So the hardware can vary and muscle are all complimentary, and yet each one has a specific meaning. And Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions in the Quran, who will lead you so we will consider Hannukah aphasia. Allah is the one who fashions you and your mother's wombs, however he wants so Allah fashions us our postures our skin colors are exact features they are physical by Allah subhana wa

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Tada. So you so we will consider hammy kaliesha and Allah azza wa jal says was so water come for us and also I am the one who gave you your suitors your fashions and forms for Santa surah calm and I am the one who perfected your fashions and forms. So even our shapes, our sizes, our features, our forms, even they come from a law and of course not just us, but the entire creation. Look around you and marvel at the diversity of shapes and sizes. Who made the giraffe so elegant, the gazelle so beautiful, the whale so massive Where did all these shapes come from? Each and every animal is truly astounding and it's and the dynamics of its own structure, the bone structure, the exoskeleton, the

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internal skeletons, every animals features where did it come from? The diversity of the surahs that exist are from Allah subhanho wa Taala and I have a tangent here perhaps is not the best to say on the member but it's something inshallah interesting that I myself will use to watch a lot of science fiction growing up like the Star Trek and all this is a big fan of those. And if you look at those movies, not that I'm telling you to watch movies I'm saying but when they try to portray aliens, when they try to portray other life species

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You find that the human mind cannot even imagine shapes that don't emanate from our world. What is an alien in science fiction except a conglomeration of shapes that we know either smaller or larger a dwarf for this, you take the shapes we know you put them together and you get alien species, our minds cannot even envision the shape of another life much less make it much less give it life. This is almost Oh well, this is al-musawi. And that is why Allah has named alhaja and Abadi animal soul are so beautifully harmonized together, our Creator is the hayuk, who plans and can create from nothing, he is the body who then brings the creation into existence, and makes each species each

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individual of the species different. And he allows every member to heal and to grow and to free themselves of disease. And he has the muscle with the one who brings out the shapes and the foreign forms and the fashions in each and every species. So then when Allah says who will hardly call by the animal so well how can we not go on and say level a smile or snap? You sub bit hula hula SMRT will all work on as usual hacking the heart of the body, the muscle word, this is the entity that has every name of beauty and every attribute of perfection. Each and every being in the heavens and earth praises him How could they not praise Him when He is the hardest on the body and the muscle

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will and inshallah Tada. We will continue day after tomorrow with Santa Monica rahmatullah wa barakato.

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi discusses the names of Allah – Al-Khaliq, Al-Baari and Al-Musawwir which are so beautifully harmonised together.

The Name Al Khaliq occurs at least 8 times in the Qur’an.

What does Al Khaliq entail?

  • Creator of living and inanimate objects
  • Allah’s khalq does not require any time and effort.
  • Allah’s creation wills it into being – Kun faya kun
  • Allah creates when he wishes to create, how he wishes to create, what he wishes to create.

The name Al Bari occurs once in Qur’an. What does it mean?

  • The One who brings out the creation into reality.
  • The One who has made the same creation, each one different from the other.
  • The One who has created the creation such that they can heal themselves.

The Name Al Musawwir means the One who gives shape to the creation.


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