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Bilal Philips
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history and obligation of hedra, a hedra that is a fundamental belief among Muslims. They explain that hedra is an obligation for Muslims to live in a community, but it is not a requirement for them to do so. The hedra is a way to establish order and community, but it is not a requirement for them to do so.
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This, it was cleaned up by Dollar Tree tawheed was established, so the obligation was no longer there.

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However, Prophet Muhammad SAW seldom left behind instructions, indicating that in fact, though the obligation of hijra to Medina is no longer there.

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The obligation of hedra remains in the Muslim community

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as a principle,

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till the last day of this world, and I had is not narrated by Mario.

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He quoted the Rockstar sentiment saying, Latin culture and his euro had gotten hotter October

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hedra will not end until the acceptance of repentance ends.

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Well, Adam Toba had taught law chumps men MongoDB Ha. And Toba or repentance will not stop being accepted until the sun rises from the west

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until the sun rises from the west, that is one of the major signs of the last day.

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So Prophet Muhammad wa sallam here confirms that hedra is ongoing. It didn't end with the conquest of Mecca, the hatred to Medina ended.

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But the concept of hedra remains.

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So when he said,

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anybody on menasha, banner, Ronnie as mushrikeen, I absolve myself

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from all those who live in the midst of the mushriks

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the idol worshipers, the pagans, he absorbs himself from us,

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saying, This is not the way to live. It is not proper, that a Muslim lives in the midst of the isolators.

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He will not be aided by the intercession of the prophets of Salaam on the Day of Judgment, because the prophets are seldom said I'm in a sense of him

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or her.

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In other narration dimensions, that you should not see their fires, nor should they see yours. Of course, in those days, it had to do with setting up your tent or your your house and fires was what was used to illuminate the houses at night lamps.

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Meaning that your neighbors, those who live around you should be Muslims.

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You should not live and all of your neighbors front back sides are non Muslims. That is not the way to live. That is wrong.

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It is wrong. It is not permissible for a Muslim to live like that.

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As long as he or she is capable of living otherwise. Of course, we have exceptions, exceptional circumstances, but we don't make those exceptions, the rules to people. Anytime we look at these kinds of issues, people always say but what about me? Well, okay, you maybe there is an exception in your case. But we don't deal with the exceptions. There's always excuse for the few exceptions. But for the majority, where there is no exception, we have to deal with the command of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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So it is an obligation for Muslims to live in a community. That's what this is calling to as I said in the very beginning, the principle of hedra is a principle of community establishing communities. Now,

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the title was hedra time to make tracks. Now people normally assume when we say hit dread means Mecca.

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You know, get on the next plane and out of here.

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But we have to understand look at the history and the time of the Prophet Muhammad wa sallam. They hit Europe from Mecca to Medina was

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That's out of Arabia know,

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the most fundamental hedra was right within Arabia itself.

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They hit you had to Ethiopia was the first one, which wasn't the obligatory one. That was when they had no other choice. But when they had a choice, then the hedra which became an obligation and all the Muslims was one to Medina

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700 kilometers to the north. in Arabia, still, Arabia was a land of disbelief.

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It was dark.

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So hit you up. doesn't necessarily mean leave the UK.

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It means establishing here first and foremost where you are.

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Muslim town.

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You heard of Chinatown?

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Well, you need to think about Muslim town.

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Yes, people would say that's Bradford.

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We have one already. No, no.

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Bradford is not the place of Hydra. Bradford is by default.

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Right? Muslims gathered there by default. This was not something deliberate where they chose to make hedra for the sake of Allah. Because remember when we're talking about cidre prophet SAW Selim it said, men cannot Hydra to who elect dunya you see boo ha, Amara Athenian que ha ha for hijra to who Allah Maha gra. Whoever is Indra is for the dunya

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the people who came and settled in Bradford was this for the sake of Allah. No, it was for the dunya

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they left Pakistan for the dunya.

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So, Bradford, we don't consider Bradford's and the other Bradford's around the UK. You know, we don't consider those to be truly Muslim town.

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It's a place where people collected but now you can see in Bradford, and similar towns, all of the corruption that exists in the rest of the society.

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In the jails,

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how many Muslims are there use young people in the jails.

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Even as one brother told me, who works with the jails, across the northern part of the UK, that in virtually every single jail,

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there are her father,

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her father,

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and they didn't become her father in jail.

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There are five as kids who ended up in jail.

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This is the consequence, the consequence of not establishing Muslim community for the sake of Allah.

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This is what Muslims have to do.

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To make the hedra here in the UK, to choose various towns, cities, whatever, and

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congregate there. Become the majority.

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Be able to influence what takes place in that city. eradicate corruption

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and establish within the

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overall framework of British society and its legal system, establish Islamic order.

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This is something possible.

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And this is the challenge that we face today.

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These conferences bring us together for a moment. But imagine if we all actually lived around here.

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