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The transcript describes a video featuring a man named Subhanab jam on a street in Bukhari and Muslim. The video discusses the most likely meaning of a man's name, which is Islam. The segment also includes a discussion about the meaning of a man's social status and how to teach children to use it.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi over get

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smaller hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam before we

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learn a new DUA. Today Tonight. Our dear brother, brother, amen of Rama, who's, who comes here every single day. Fish on Aisha Mashallah. He's very, very, very sick. Subhanallah he called me that he cannot even walk anymore. Something happened lower limb. He's the he was a Dr. So peacekeeping, your darkness and a lot of him a bilateral demon. Yes, fear. That's a lot of memorable. aushadhi And, yes, fear.

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So tonight Subhanallah I have no doubt in my heart that we all know that again, because we learned it sometime in our life.

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But we did not know that this dua that we all know by heart was the most dua that rasool Allah Islam ever made.

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The most dua that the best man ever created, ever made.

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The most dua that the man sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that taught us all the DUA that he ever made.

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There are two of them. One narration from Musallam about one DUA and one narration from us, which we will be studying tonight, which is in Bukhari and Muslim called the anus or the Allah one can Axl the most dua that rasool Allah is made is Allah hum, Tina for dunya Hassan with clarity Hassan,

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Now we all know the DA right. But did you know that this is the most dua that he made a salatu salam and the Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim. Now, as we all know, if we change Allah humatrope banner, it will become an area in the Quran a number to 01 in Surah Al Baqarah Rob Ghana at enough dunya Hassan will karate Hassan, walk in what is the thing that we did not know? Listen carefully, because I won't be in the law with the help of Allah change the way you say this. Change the way you understand this.

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Robina we all know I'm begging Allah azza wa jal attina Give us feed dunya Hassan in this dunya Allah give me Hassan

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and give me in the F euro in the hereafter give me Hassan for you. That is all understood. What is the Hassan in the dunya include? And what is the Hazara in the accurate include? This is the secret.

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The Hassan I hear that you're asking for in the dunya listen carefully. It includes good health.

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Good spouse, good children. Good job. Good house, good friends could fail. The dunya every hire that's in dunya in the dunya isn't that hustler?

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And every failure in the akhira isn't that hasn't been accurate. Yeah, Hassan what are the Hassanal of the Amira? Number one

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to get the book in your right hand to cross the spirit like lightning, to be saved from the Hellfire to have a hisab yes here an easy accountability to enter the Jannah to see Allah azza wa jal all that is in the activity Hassan where's the problem?

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Where's the problem?

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Of nothing other than your husband?

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This is the problem.

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From now on, please think about that as an adult in your life. You're sick that has an eye Allah I'm asking the dunya is health. Yeah Allah and the African I wonder for those who Allah will accurately hasna your Allah want to be with Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that's included in the Hassan of the accurate. So concentrate when you are saying this? Doha please. Now when can we say this to our

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we all know that when we go to hajj and umrah and we were making Tawaf and this is where most of us learned it right? Before you get to the casual sweat. That's the only dua that is 100%, authentic, other places around the cabin, you could do any other dua, but at that place before hedgerow, between the hegemony and the Blackstone bene at in dunya Hassan will activity Hassan walk in. This is one place second Rasulullah Salallahu Salam when it wants to visit a very, very sick as a hobby. As a matter of fact, the Hadees said he looked like a small bird from the sickness. This is how sick he was. So sometimes I said, Did you make any dua?

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He said yes, yes.

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Did you make listen to this style? You've never heard this diet in your life? He said yeah.

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Allah whatever punishment you decreed for me in the akhira Give it to me in the dunya

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Subhan Allah in the Kinetico

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one Subhan Allah you can attend to this. What kind of dies this? Instead say Robina attina Fidel dunya hustler? Well Phil accurate the hustler walk in so when you're sick or in hardship in general, right? And in this food, even though it's an A in the Quran, but I do not recite it with a killer. I don't say Rob then not know enough in dunya hustle will

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walk in, not in your social or as usual before you make the Tasleem so yeah, one ly simple to teach you to the kids, but teach it from with this kind of understanding from the so they will not wait for you for 50 years to understand it the way we understand it now. And subhanAllah we need this dua 24/7 And I repeat before I finish the most dua,

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the most dua, the teacher of this ummah, the Mufti of this, the moulana of this ummah, the shake of the yoke, the say Eden mousseline taught us Subhanallah that was his most thought. So let's make it also our most everybody as usual. Rob Donna

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Rob Brunner.

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Fit dunya has center with clarity has Center working at Urbana

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May Allah subhanaw taala grant us this in this lesson NATO Friday. Keep making a lot of syrup on Rasulillah Salam, and we'll see about 645 70 by the

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mean moon and levena woovina sala de force your own. Well levena umani Lova we want a new moon. Well levena Homeless Zanka de lune Wallasey now whose only 4g him have you hone in

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as Why do you

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get a man in whom will you marry me?