Answering Interesting Questions – Part 5

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Answering Interesting Questions – Part 5 – Ramadan 2016

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Another interesting question, I thought it was really, really cool question is regarding iron number 46 of sorts of hedge in which Allah subhanaw taala revealed. And I'm reading the translation as this person wrote it. So have they not traveled through the earth and have hearts by which to reason and ears with which to hear for Indeed, it is not eyes that are blind, not Dharma absorbed, you know, but blinded are the hearts what I can tell Hulu and Latif Salut, which are in the breasts in the chest. As per science, we know that reasoning is done via the brain and not the heart. Can you elaborate why Allah utilize the word heart instead of brain and this is, there are many other ions

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that are clearly what you can call unscientific. Right? And it seems like one of those clear cut is realizing that they have hearts with which they cannot think or they can't reason. You know, why in the world? would he say that? Because we know the hearts aren't the ones that reason the brains are the ones that reason. Some have tried to explain this away by saying, well, when he says hearts, he really means brains. I don't believe that I do believe that allows origin means what he says. And he's the most eloquent of all speakers, he's the one who taught language to all human beings to begin with. So when he uses the word, he uses it, knowing full well its implications. And if you

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want it to say brain, he would have said brain but he did say heart. The first thing to note here is that we are, you know, so impressed with science, and that's okay. In our day and age, we are living in a scientific era. But that doesn't mean that all human language and all speech is reduced to scientific speech, when your loved one comes and tells you, you know, when when a grandfather comes and tells you, my grandkids have stolen my heart. That doesn't mean they ripped his chest open and took his heart and ran off. You know, our man, that guy is so hard hearted. His heart is like a rock. You know, he, when they say that, they don't really mean that if you do an EKG or you, you

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open up this guy's chest, you're gonna find a rock in there, it's still gonna be a squishy heart. When somebody says, You broke my heart, nobody physically broke your heart. This is these are expressions of language. Right, and particularly about the heart, there are expressions found in virtually every culture in the world. And so when allows them, it just says they have hearts, and they don't think with them. Allies highlighting a very powerful, beautiful spiritual reality. And the language of spirituality cannot be captured within the language of science, these are two different things, you know, the image and the faith in Allah, that, you know, is a gift given by

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Allah rests inside the heart. And when you look at the world with that, imagine what you see is different. When you look at a tree with the man, you are reminded that a seed is turned into a tree, and it bears fruit, you're reminded that Allah gives the dead Earth life like he will give me life again, you're reminded that this, this seed of human inside me is supposed to produce, you know, goodness, like this tree produces goodness, and it produces more seeds, you're reminded that when you give even a little bit of charity, like a seed of worth of charity, it can turn into a tree, and it will bear fruit, and every one of those fruits will have multiple seeds. In other words, when you

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give charity, a level multiplied and multiplied and multiplied, you're looking at the same tree, but you're looking at a spiritual reality, not a scientific one, you can look at a tree as an expert in plant life, and tell me what species it is, how old it is, what kind of climate is best suited for it, you know that if it's healthy, or it's sick, and things like that, and I won't know any of those things. You're looking at it scientifically, but you're certainly not looking at it with your heart allies complaining, you're so able to analyze reality around you scientifically, how are you not able to look at it spiritually, the same reality also has a spiritual message. And that's why why

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don't they reason with their hearts. And that's actually a very beautiful expression of the Quran. And so manikaran defines what you define is what you would expect to be like scientific expression. It's not it's just using beautiful language. And it's again, not limited to the Quran, it's found in virtually every, every literature, every kind of language in the world.

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You know, you find these kinds of expressions and the Quran is full of them, even for example, when you know to be literal, because sign scientific language is very literal, right? It's black and white. But you know, two people are talking and a friend says, Man, I did everything for you.

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Or, you know, a husband says to the wife, I gave you everything. That doesn't mean they gave her everything. It just means all kinds of things. You can't be literal about everything. That's not how language works, right? So we bring this kind of reductionist kind of view and a kind of interpretation to the Quran and it's really a disservice to the book, may Allah protect us from doing so? That's not to say that the Quran does not have scientific phenomenon. It certainly does. But the way it speaks of them is very, very powerful and very beautiful.

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somebody asks, let's see which one can I take before I let you guys go?

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Okay, yeah, how can we summarize and conclude and in your in your in depth analysis that you conclude that there are two kinds of knowledge in Monterey wire and everyone dariah right, that's right. What that means in Simple English is, I said, there are two kinds of knowledge there's knowledge of the text meaning the Quran, Sunnah, the tradition, etc. And there's the

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The knowledge of reality around us and the Masonic ever met masala Salaam is someone who has been given more knowledge of the revelation than anyone else at the time. And he that has more knowledge of reality than anyone at the time. And so they meet at the two oceans that come together. And that is actually really, at the end of the day. What guidance is guidance is two kinds of knowledge coming together, knowledge of this world and knowledge of Revelation, they have to they have to coexist. You can't have one and not the other. That's what the Quran forces us to do. You can't just study the Quran sitting in a library your entire life, or sitting in a madrasah your entire life,

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you can't. When the Quran says you have to go explore the earth, then the only way to live by that is not steady just at the feet of that iron. But to literally go explore the earth from Lucca, and go find out how creation began. Do excavation cyclotron is actually asking us to explore the world around us. And that's actually the only way you truly appreciate what a lie saying. You know, I met somebody who said, You know, I study Quran maybe 12 hours a day. And I was like, do you go out at all? No. Do you ever go to a park or hiking or anything else? And I'm like, Listen, no, no, I'm just too busy studying Quran only when the Quran tells you or when I'm yellow with a tiny phone saw

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Fatima jacobina. You know, when Didn't they look at the bird above them flying? That it spreads its wings and it contracts them? How are you living by that? If you don't go check out some birds. You know? How are you not? So those two worlds of knowledge do have to come together. Ramadan is a time where we reconnect ourselves with the word of Allah, that ultimate require right that inshallah we memorize more Quran than we ever have. We think about Miranda we ever have. But of course, it's pointless if you don't ponder over this book, and then it changes the way you see the reality around you. It's still those two things have to coexist. And one last comment before I let you guys go,

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inshallah. And I hope I get more chances to speak with you and, you know, take more of your questions

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is that, you know, the revelation is called iaat. And creation, all of creation, Allah says they are not in them. Like most of the time of lessons there is in creation. And these revelations, the ayat of the Quran, also called if miraculous signs are all around us, or lie within all of creation. And miraculous signs are what Allah revealed to us, I'll use the same term for both of them, because they correspond with each other, they complete each other. For us, that the seed of one eye is the other, you looked at something in reality, you experience something. And then you heard the word of Allah and you realize how Allah allows commentary on that reality is the most perfect, you read the

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Word of Allah, and you you learn something about what Allah says about his creation. And then you go out and you experience that creation, and it confirms the word of Allah, they both confirm each other, they both confirm each other. And that's why we have to live in both of these worlds. There are people who are just lost and they've completely left revelation behind. And then on the other hand, you have people that have

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you know, that are engrossed in the study of Revelation, and they've left any any pondering over the world behind, and that that's just a disservice. Those two worlds do need to coexist. And that's why correctly pointed out it's interesting that masayoshi son when he met he met him at the meeting of mathematics behind the place where the two C's meet, like the two knowledges are meeting in the ironically the place also where they were supposed to meet or where the two seas meet, because these are two endless oceans of exploration a large increases in our understanding our appreciation of his word, and I pray that your Ramadan is a very very successful one inshallah with Allah get into gear

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from now and prepare yourselves be in the know and let's try to make this Ramadan one of moderation let's let's do things in balance so we can keep up don't go hype in the beginning and then burn out in a couple of days. And also don't overeat this Ramadan. Let's keep a light appetite in Sharla so we can actually get through the whole thing successfully. Does that come alongside in some article Abdullah, speak to you guys again.