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Shaykh Dr Yasir Qadhi divulges immense details on the most common and primary name of our Creator, “Allah” which is mentioned approximately 3500 times in the Qur’an. The name Allah comes from “Alaha,” which means to turn to for protection and help, which every single creation in the heavens and earth do. However, the preferred meaning has the name coming from “Aliha-Ya’lahu,” which means “to worship.” So, Allah means the one who “is worshipped” and “deserves to be worshipped”. 

What are the Characteristics of the Name Allah?

This name encompasses all the other names of Allah, because the one who “is” and “deserves” to be worshipped must have all the other qualities (i.e, other names of Allah). All four primary Adhkar (SubhanAllah, Alhamdulillah, LailahaIllallah and AllahuAkbar) also revolve around this name. The name is very easy on the tongue and has a special “Tafkheem” (heaviness) in pronunciation. Over 33 verses begin with the name Allah in the Noble Qur’an.


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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad in Urdu he was a big marine and Marburg.

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We continue in our discussion of some of the laws, names and attributes and of course we must begin with the most common and the primary name of our Creator. And that is the name of Allah itself, the name of Allah itself. The name Allah itself is of course the most common name of our Lord in our Creator. And there is no other name that comes close to the quantity of times that this name is mentioned. It is mentioned close to 3500 times in the Quran alone. It is the very first name that Allah mentions Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen. And it is also the last name that occurs in the Quran. Hello, Deborah benassi Maliki nasi, Ella in us. It is a name that we

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find in the most ancient civilizations. The earliest Babylonian manuscripts that we have that mention a god mention a God that sounds similar to our phrase, a law. And we find it as well in the olden the New Testament as Ito and Elohim. And therefore this name, Allah was known to the most ancient of civilizations, and it was known to the origin as well. And one of the amazing things even in ancient Babylon, and in the Quraysh tribe as well. Allah was the God of gods he was the supreme god, and they never made an idol out of Allah, the new Allah, the hora, she believed in Allah, what an insult the human hydrocarbon layer called Allah, if you were to ask the aurash, who created you,

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they would say Allah, so they knew the name of Allah, and they worship the law sometimes, but they considered a lot to be too holy, but the name of Allah was known to them. Now, what does the term or the name Allah itself mean? There are many, many opinions, we don't have time to go into all of them. But there are there are some positions that hold some authorities hold that the name Allah is a non derived in name, it has a proper noun that has no meaning at all. However, this is the weaker opinion and the vast majority of Arabic linguists and scholars of Tafseer. They said that, indeed, the name of Allah has a meaning. But what is the meaning of this name, there are over six opinions

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again, we have to summarize them some of the opinions that are mentioned. Some of the opinions that are mentioned is that the term a law the noun, a law comes from the verb and the verb means to turn to for protection, to turn to for help to find sanctuary in to find resting place in. So according to this interpretation, a law is the one whom everyone turns to for help. Allah is the one where the hearts find sanctuary. Allah is the one that the entire creation must turn to. And this meaning is absolutely valid. Yes or no who Memphis semi what he will call a woman who officiate and every single creature in the heavens and earth asks him every single instance he is doing something well,

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who Allahu Ahad Allahu Samad, the meaning of summit as we will come to, is the one who is turned to and besieged for requests. So of the meanings of a law, the one whom everyone turns to have the meanings of a law as well. Some might say that a law the term comes from the name, the proper noun comes from a verb, that means to elevate, that means to raise up as if a law is the highest of the high, and this is correct, Allahu Akbar. And one of the names of Allah is Allah, Allah Subhan Allah because Allah as well those who worship Allah subhana wa tada are raised the highest as well. You are for Ella hula Deena Ahmed Ahmed kumala, Dora john doe, those who worship Allah those who know

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Allah, they will be raised up. So this is a correct interpretation as well. Yet a third interpretation is that the term or the noun Allah signifies the one who confounds and astonishes the mind, the one whom the mind cannot grasp and understand. In other words, the more you learn about a law, the more you are amazed. So this is yet another interpretation. And all of these are valid interpretations. However, the strongest interpretation and the strongest seed if you like, is that the proper noun comes from the verb at the highest level, and adding her means to worship. So Allah is the one who is worshiped.

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This is the real and the correct meaning a lot means the one who is worshiped and the one who deserves to be worshipped and no other being deserves to be worshipped. Like Allah subhana wa Tada. And this is the majority interpretation, even though the previous meanings are valid, and there's nothing invalid about them. Allah is the one you turn to. And Allah is the one who astounds in confounds. And Allah is the one whose heart you find tranquility in right, and happy decree law he talks about. They're all valid meanings, but the strongest interpretation and that is the majority of scholars of the Arabic language, they say that this noun means the being who deserves to be

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worshipped. And this helps us understand why the term Allah is the primary name of our Creator. Allah says in the Quran, what Illa he is a smart listener. All of the Beautiful Names belong to this one name Allah. So we always say and have the names of Allah is a man of the names of Allah is a Rahim of the names of Allah is Allah food and we never slip it around. All of our food is one of the names of a food is Allah we never say that. When one of the names of Rahim is Allah we never say that. We say one of the names of Allah is Rahim. So we ascribe the name to Allah, we never ascribe Allah to another name. And this is in conformity with the Quran. To Allah belong the other names. So

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think about it. A law is the one that all the other names belong to what in law he smile, or snap. And this explains for us why this name is so powerful. It is the primary name of a law because it incorporates all of the other names, it necessitates all of the other names How so? We already said the meaning of this noun is the one who is worshipped. This is what the term means the one who is worshipped. Okay. So the one who is worshipped must also be Rahman, and Rahim, and medic, and produce and Samir and bossier and a fool if the one who is worship was not Sameer, he doesn't deserve to be worshipped. If the one who is worshipped is not Rahim. He doesn't deserve to be

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worshipped. So because Allah is Rahmani Raheem, and Maddie can produce and Aziz and jabatan with a good beard, so therefore he is worshipped. So the name of Allah is the most comprehensive name because it incorporates all of the other names, the one who is worshipped must have the most perfect names and attributes, or else he wouldn't be worshipped. So Allah is semir and Basilan her food and Rahmani Raheem, otherwise you would not be a law meaning the one who is worshipped and therefore this name is the most powerful name and that is why many of our scholars said that the is small law Hill album is Allah now pause here footnote, what is a smaller hit album, we find a reference in a

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hadith to something very amazing. The grand the name of a law, the biggest Name of Allah is Mullah Hill album, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, there is an isml album there is the grand name that when it is used in a DA, Allah must respond to that. But he didn't tell us what that name is. And our scholars differed over 10 different opinions. And the two most common ones the grand name of a lot is the combination of a high alpha yom, that's one opinion. And the other opinion that is also mainstream these are the two main ones is the smola hit album is none other than a lot itself. It is a lot itself. That is the smaller hit album. The grand is when album is the name of

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Allah, and both opinions have merit and validity to them. Nonetheless, if you look at it, almost all of the gods and the doors in the Quran they use the term Allah. In fact, the four primary uscar everyone should know there are four primary accounts around which all the other account hover and circle over so tanto la hamdu Lillah wa la ilaha illallah wa Allahu Akbar, these are the four primary God Subhana Allah when hamdulillah when La ilaha illallah wa Allahu Akbar, look at it, every one of them has what name? Allah Subhana, Allah Alhamdulillah La ilaha illAllah Allahu Akbar have the unique characteristics of the name of Allah is that it is extremely easy to pronounce. There are

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no hard consonants is just an explosion of air along with the movement of the tongue, a law that's it, there's no hard consonants, there's a minimal movement, the lips do not move at all. And this is the ease and that is one of the miracles and the beauty of this name of the interesting

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About this name of Allah is that it is the only word in the Arabic language in which the double l has a special pronunciation. Typically, if the Lamb has a shudder, we just say Allah, Allah, but the name of Allah to show with respect, we do something called to him, we do something called heaviness. And all of us we pronounce the name not as elaborate as a law that heaviness is only for this name. It doesn't exist in any other word in the Arabic language. Why? Because we're showing respect, we're making it talim. And to him, we're making the lamb heavier. And this is what we how we pronounce the name, unless there's a customer before, then we say lilla, Hill hemmed. Otherwise Alhamdulillah, or

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a law, we say the heavy oil, if there's a customer, then we say, Linda, we make it light. Otherwise, when there's a fat cow or Obama before it, we pronounce the lamb as heavy, and also have the unique characteristics of this name of Allah is that over 33 verses of the Quran, they begin with the word Allah, there is no other name of Allah that a verse begins with other than a Roman. That's it. These are the two names that a love begins verses with. And I recommend only one or two times, but a law is the beginning of over 33 verses. And one of the things that our scholars have said as well, it's a bit of a mystical if you like interpretation, and there's no harm inshallah to Allah in mentioning

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it. But one of the things that is mentioned by our scholars, is that the name of Allah who, if you keep on getting rid of the letters, it still gives you the meaning. So Allah who if you get rid of the L, if you say Lila, Lila, and if you get rid of the lamb, then you get ILA, if you get rid of the other, you get who and so even if you keep on cutting everything, you get to the pronoun, the divine pronoun, and this is a mystical interpretation. Nonetheless, there's nothing wrong with mentioning it. And I conclude by mentioning a beautiful quote from Abraham Oh lozada. When he mentioned about this beautiful name, he said that as for the effects of uttering this name, then how

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can we clarify in a list how powerful this name is, for this name combines all of his perfections and beauties never is this name mentioned over a small quantity, except that it enlarges it or during fear, except that it removes it or during distress, except that it eliminates it or,

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or during constriction, except that it widens it and no weak person alters the name of a law except that he becomes strong by uttering that name. No poor person utters it, except that he becomes rich, no humiliated person, except that he becomes honorable and no scared person except that he finds comfort and becomes courageous. And he says, ignore him says, This is the name through which difficulty is removed, through which blessings are procured, through which is answered, through which weaknesses overcome, through which evil is repelled, and through which good is sought. And this is the name upon which the heavens and the earth have been established. And the books revealed

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and the prophets sent with every prophet came with the name of Allah. This is the name through which Allah established the Shetty. And it is this name that divides believers from unbelievers those who believe in a law are believers, those who reject are unbelievers, and it is this name that will make the scales heavy, that will make the cross on the bridge successful and the gates of Jen will be opened. So he who knows this name and believes in it shall be successful and he who ignores it, and rejects it shall fail and quote from MLP M. May Allah subhanho wa Taala cause the love of him and belief in him and tell him to take root in our hearts and he shall have data who will continue

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tomorrow was Salam Alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato