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Should The One Exempted From Fasting Make It Up Later

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Zakir Naik

Channel: Zakir Naik

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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Do all of the people that you've mentioned in the exempted categories have to make up their fast later on. Out of the 13 categories, which I mentioned, the first three categories, they don't have to make up their first later on, that is a non Muslim.

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That's a person who is a minute, and a person who is insane. Out of the remaining 10 categories, two categories, a person who is disabled, for long, and a person who is very elderly. These two people also don't have to make up for the fast but they have to pay a ransom, the feeding of a porpoise in February fast dumbest. As far as the other eight categories are concerned, the moment the condition in which they're in gets reversed, then they have to make up for the fastest demonstrate. For example, if the categories are demonstrating lady moment, she finishes administration, then she should make up for a fast as soon as possible before the next time than a woman who is in the period

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of postnatal bleeding. The moment it gets over just too fast. If a lady is pregnant, the moment the pregnancy gets over, and the postnatal beating, so then just too fast. If a lady the fourth category is breastfeeding,

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after the breastfeeding, though, then she has too fast or a person is sick. The moment he gets healthy, he or she has too fast. Similarly, a person who's traveling moment he finishes traveling, he has to fast and a person who's taking part in jihad, fighting the cause of Allah subhanaw taala moment the fight gets over you or she has to fast similarly person who's in compassion and is not fasting, the woman the compulsion is removed. He or she has to fast but natural all these have to be done before the next one. Done.