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I'm confused between the difference of Fatah and wajib. And also pseudonym waka and so now they're makeda. Can you please explain these terms to me on

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So this question deals with a science that all of us should be aware of all of us should know this broad science It is called solar. And the solar field is the science of how we derive how we extract laws. What are the sources of Islamic law? What are the terminologies? What are the language rhetorics and devices that we use? And how do we reconcile between conflict or potential conflict between the sources itself? Most of the misunderstandings that occur about filk occur because people don't know the chapter of solid fit. One of my teachers used to tell us to complain all the time that one of the biggest disasters, he said, is that the majority of Muslims don't even know there's

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a science called the Sudan. So they open up the Quran and Hadith and without any knowledge of how to derive, they just think they can extract the laws directly. No, there's a science of how you extract the laws. And the science of assorted fit varies from school of law to School of Law. As we're all aware, there are four famous schools of law but there are many more besides these but four that are codified and have an acceptance amongst the oma and also Delphic varies between these four and it is one of the main causes why there are differences of opinion between these four. So for example, the school of Imam Malik of Medina, they took one of the sources of Islamic law to be the practices of

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the people of Medina for example, right. So if the people of Medina were doing something Mr. Malik said, this means that their fathers did it and their grandfathers did it. And the Prophet system was alive when their grandfathers did it. So this means it becomes a source of law. So for Imam Malik, he had a principle that is called the AMA Khalid Medina, the customs of the people of Medina become a source of law for him, they become a part of the Maliki mud hub. And the other three schools said no, the people of Medina are no more special in the third generation than the PF Bala basura and Kufa. And so we're not going to take this as a source of law, it is well known a memorable hanifa he

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concentrated on chaos or analogy more than the other three schools. So this led to differences in law. So the point being, the brother asked a question, what is the difference between Florida and Georgia? I wanted to begin by saying this is chapter one of a solid. If you open up any classical bookable sort of film, the first or the second chapter, it is called gamma takhli fear or the rulings that Allah has placed upon the macula, who is the mocha left, the mocha left is the one who is obliged to follow the laws of the Sharia. So an adult sane, male, female, an adult

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that is able to think rationally so a child is not macula somebody who's not rational, you know, they're they don't have the intellect, they're, you know, mentally challenged, they're not mocha left. So the mocha Love is the one who is obliged by the shediac to follow Islamic law. And there are rulings on the mocha love all over the Shetty, I can be categorized into these rulings. Now. We begin by stating, as we said, ossola varies from school to school. So the Hanafi school has a different categorization than the other three schools and this is something that is general knowledge. I'm not going to go advanced today but it is something you should be aware of even as

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Muslims that are not specialized in physical solar field. This is general awareness. The Hanafi school has seven primary categories. And the Maliki shaft theory and humberview School has five primary categories. Okay, this is something that we should all be aware of. Let's begin with the five so that we get a basis then the seven we extrapolate, so the Maliki the Shafi and the hanbali generally speaking, they have five with some minor differences, but they all have these five and the highest category. So two categories deal with doing something to category deals with don't doing something and one category deals with choice between doing or not doing okay, two categories doing

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of the doing you have the highest level you must do it and this is according to the three methods non Hana fees, you call it followed or wajib they are synonymous for the three main types, the three main hubs followed or wajib or hatom or rochen or lasme. All of this is the same for them and it is something that you are obliged.

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Due to the technical definition, what the macula is obliged to do and what he is sinful for not doing this is the logic or the fourth standard example is the five Salawat This is followed or wajib. The second level of doing is Sunnah or Mr. hab and that is what you are rewarded to do and you are not sinful to not do. Okay, so the to look after the hood is sooner the to look after Muslim is sooner the to look after Asia is sooner. Okay, so this is sooner, then you have the two that you're not supposed to do. So the harshest is how long as you know, and how long is that which is sinful to do. If you do it, you are sinful. Unless there's a Buddha obviously, there's always

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exceptions. So for example,

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eating pig pork is sinful it is how long and then you have the one above that category, which is my crew. And the majority of the metals don't have a differentiation they just say my crew and my crew means if you do it, you do not get sin. But if you don't do it, and you had the opportunity to if you don't do it, you will get rewarded by Allah subhana wa Tada. It's better not to do but in case you did it, then Allah will not punish you for doing it. So the and then of course you have the middle category, which is MOBA. Neither sinful nor is it rewarding. It is all permissible and I'll give you an example of all five when it comes to the dress code for example. So it is wajib for the

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male to cover his hour. This is why it is sooner to go beyond the hour. Not watch it as soon as it is Mr. hub you are rewarded. It is wajib to cover navel to me. Now should a man be walking around in public only navel Tony. It's not befitting it is soon it is Mr. hub, it is rewarding that he covers more than just the bare minimum hour. Okay, it is MOBA to wear Shalwar Kameez or thobe, or pants shirt, all of it is exactly the same. And I have mentioned this in other categories and classes, there's no such thing as Libous as soon as it will claim and others say all of it is mobile, as long as the outer is covered. And it is according to the recording security. It is all mobile. It is

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makrooh. To wear clothes that are calling attention to oneself gaudy, ostentatious clothes, this is mcru you're wearing something that is a typical, and people will be looking at you as if it's a type of flaunting, right this is my crew. And it is haram for a man to wear silk for example, right? So these are five simple categories that I have given you. Now, one of the problems of this categorization that we need to explain to our youth The problem is not in the categorization it is we don't explain it is that these are broad spectrums, not all logic is the same. And not all heroin is the same. And unfortunately, we fail to communicate this to our next generation. So the term how

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ROM for many of them ceases to have its meaning. When we put a large category of things in this box without explaining how ROM is a spectrum. It begins with a very small Senate is still how long and it goes all the way to shirk, which is the worst of all, how long when we tell our children, for example, that murder is how long then we say music is how long, for example, right? For those who say it is how long we'll have another long to lecture about music one day inshallah. But for those who say it is how long our children are, like murder music, same category, how is that possible, and it's not the same category. And it's failure in our part to communicate to our children, how long is

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a vast spectrum, you cannot just fail to communicate this that there is something called sohar. There's something called cabal, there's something called a cabal cabal, there's something called the seven deadly sins, there's a huge spectrum. But for the sake of the *ty or the technical, you just say how long now, it is as if the henna fees understood this. And they said you can't just put all of them in the same, you can put all wajib in the same. So the HANA fees divided the wajib and the harem, each of them into two sub categories, thus making it seven. Okay, so from five, they have seven, because they wanted to convey that not all logic is exactly the same, not all how DOM is

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exactly the same. And so they actually have in some ways a more logical than rational categorization. I say this as a humbly but in many ways, this categorization actually helps us to understand the goals of the city. So the Hanafi said that let's look at what Allah has commanded us and realize that not all are at the same level. Some are very

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Very, very strongly binding on us, right? Let's call that fault and some are binding but not to that level. Let's call that wajib. So for the henna fees followed and wajib are not synonymous for the other three months for then wajib are synonymous. They're the same thing. If Shafi says follow the NFL free says watch him He means the same thing. But if I had if he says follow the verses hanafy says watch him, they mean separate things. Now, what is the distinction between Fatah and wajib? Actually, for the henna fees here you might benefit a little bit Actually, there is a controversy within the classical scholars of the method, even though the default and the beginning position

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which is taught at the beginners level is that followed is that which is a a Delilah and wajib it doesn't have the same level of fidelity or in other words, followed is very explicit in the Quran and Sunnah and to deny it might even be referred or something, whereas wajib is not as explicit in the Quran and Sunnah. This is the majority definition, especially the later Hanafi scholars holdest. So for example, they will say, the five side a lot of fold, because Allah says so, and there's what allotted Heidi, as for Witter, they say the Quran is not explicit about Witter.

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And the sooner doesn't have the same number of a hadith about winter. So it's not as binding, but it is still binding. So they put it in wajib. So they say witr, Salah is wajib and the five day Salawat are followed. However, for the advanced hanafy, they should know that this is one opinion. And others such as a just sauce has a much more, in my opinion, any better. But again, I'm not 100 view. So it's up to you to decide which one you want to follow. It'll just sauce for example, he says that the photo is an essential part of it's such that if you don't do it, then essentially you cannot make up. But a wajib is not as essential. And if you don't do a YG for example, you can make it up

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so he has a different way of putting it but both definitions or I should say three or four because the NF have other definitions, but there is a spectrum of opinion but in the end of the day, follow this higher than watch it however you define it father is higher than wajib. So this is in the fourth category in the opposite category, what the other men have say how wrong the 100 is understood, you can't just see everything hold on because that gives the wrong impression. Some things are not anywhere near as strong as other things. So they divided it and they said that there is something that is called the

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qatal Hutton z and Kara had me okay. And so they had hat on then karahan z then kurata sorry, how long Karakuri Cora karapatan z and then they have mobile. So they have three categorizations under that mobile rather than two and the difference between mcru 10 z and macro to hurry me. So what the majority said mcru the Hanafi said mcru 10 z they called it mcru 10 z then they have a category between mcru and how long from the other categories from the from the three modems? Are you guys following Am I going too fast? For the three month hubs? You have MOBA mcru. How long? Okay, for the HANA fees. MOBA macro becomes macro 10 Z, then there's a new category, then there's a harem and the

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new category is called macro to help me now, what is the difference between the heady meet Makoto Tommy and how long again goes back to you know, technical difficulties but but technical definitions but the essence is understood by all mcru.

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to hurry me the sin is not as big as how long Okay, so simple example. According to and by the way, I've spoken to a lot of handpiece about this, there's seems to be some modern opinion, but the classical madhhab did not allow people to eat shrimp, okay. And I've spoken to some major major Hana fees, and they're wanting to rethink through this shrimpy position right? This is not small fish anymore. We have to go very, very deep fried about decision anyway. Okay, enough for the so our hanafy expert here says he too follows the jumbo position that allows shrimp but the classical hanafy position says that you should not eat shrimp. Okay, now, are you going to equate shrimp with

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pork? Obviously the 100 thieves did not do that. So eating pork is what category how wrong according to the classical majority hunter who position eating shrimp is cut aha

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to hurry me, according to the majority, but there is a new movement that saying Corolla Tansy he I think they like the shrimp too much. Right? So they're like, upgrading the shrimp gets a free upgrade. It's mobile Mashallah he's given double upgrade Mashallah. It's about a COLA and for the majority of it

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By the way, we'll talk about seafood one day lecture about that. So they don't even think shrimp is any way problem problematic anyway, the point being that you understand the HANA fees seven categorizations and in fact it makes actually more sense and a Lost Planet Allah knows best as for the issue of sooner, more akkada and sooner there makeda once again, this is something that all of the various methods have different terminologies for. And so, the concept is found in all the methods but the terminology is different. And so for example, the INF have a whole advanced categorization for the other mud hubs, Sundaram Wakata can also be called Nuffield for example,

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right. So, all of these are terminologies that depends on the method of the scholar who uses them. So, no more akkada would be the sooner that is strongly encouraged that the Prophet system would habitually do and the best example is the 10 or 12 Raka that we pray after fudger sorry before fudger after before and after her after mockery after issue, this is so no more Qaeda, okay. So, now, there makeda for the ohana would be for example, so that the dish rock for example, right the foraker before acid for example, and the forecast before Asia for example, right and the other tabs will say this is nothing. So, the point is this is not something that would regularly be done,

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whereas the other 12 would be regularly done. So there is no karahi sorry, there is no sin, I should say because this other is it mcru to leave asuna there's another also the Estella, but there's no sin in the eyes of Allah if you leave a Sunnah, but there is a sin if you leave a wajib or a photo. So this is the answer to this question, and I hope that inshallah It is clear that these categorizations differ from method to method

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