Ask Shaykh YQ – Episode 30 – I Can’t Announce My Conversion, Is My Islam Valid

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The second question actually really touched me. And it's a very To me, it was a very emotional questions of honor. That really made me pause and it was just an emotional question. I read it and the brother's name is in there, but obviously, you will, when I read the question, you will see why I will not mention his name. So the brother emails and he says, I am from a village in India, and I accepted Islam three years ago, and I have been listening to your lectures for the last five years. And in my town, there's not a single Muslim, or a Masjid. My parents and friends and family do not know about my conversion. My question is, how do I practice the deen? Because I don't know much

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about the deen. And I don't have access to people that can teach me as well. I cannot reveal my Islam right now. So am I sinful for hiding my Islam? Since the situation here is not very good.

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any gala, john, in Florida, he

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flew to LA.

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And this question really, it touched me immensely. firsthand. Foremost, we thank Allah subhana wa Taala, for the freedoms that we have to pray, and fast and be Muslim, and hamdulillah from Alhamdulillah. We thank Allah, that we are not in such a position that our very Islam is a difficulty to reveal. And secondly, I thank Allah We thank Allah for the blessings of the internet that has allowed the Dawa to be spread across this globe to people that we have no contact with. This is a brother. For five years, he has been researching and been listening to lectures, and a lot guided him to Islam. Even though he has never met a Muslim in his small village, he has access to

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the internet. And he's listening to lectures and he's listening to these any lectures and he got the email from his lectures to give us with Hannah law. What world we live in. This is how the man for the law here, Elena, this is a blessing blessings that communication has opened the world now and the whole world literally is a village even the village is on the super highway that is connected. Now as to the response to the question. I say to this brother, that first and foremost obviously any we we thank a lot and you should thank Allah for having guided you to Islam in such difficult circumstances. And realize my dear brother in Islam and all of us love you for the sake of Allah and

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even if you have not met us, we love you realize that your situation is a typical and you are obliged to do only what you are capable of doing without bringing any undue harm or severe repercussions upon yourself or your movements or your freedom is not just a matter of life and death or else you have to do it. No. The *ty allows you in case of harm that is unnecessarily burdensome on you. It's not something that you can bear reasonably, who gets to define what is reasonable only you because you have to answer to Allah subhana wa tada for what you have done. If a difficulty is too unreasonable for you to bear not just a matter of life and death, obviously life

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and death is clear cut that the outcome becomes halal. That even if somebody forces you to commit should as Allah says in the Quran, in lemon okra wacol boom, what's my number a man? That's a clear cut scenario, but the Shetty allows concessions even of a lesser nature, if you choose to do so it is up to you. You don't have to, but the Shetty allows you to do so. And I wanted to

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quote you in some detail but it is all from urban Tamia, the famous called urban Timmy he has a book Min hydrostone and volume five 110 for those that are interested It is a very long passage I have summarized it. He said that Allah subhana wa Taala has informed us in the Koran in multiple occasions, that he does not place a burden on a soul more than what the soul can bear and learn new Khalifa nevsun illa was was ha ha la New California sunny La Casa La ukoliko low enough sun a llama ATOL hub for taco la Hamas, Dr. Robin Allah to hemella mulatto patina, all of these verses are he mentioned them. And then he says, and therefore the kuffar who have heard of the message of the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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Living in the lands of gopher, and they know that the Profit System is true and believe in him and believe in what has come to him. They should fear a lot as much as they can, like Nick joshy and others know joshy was the emperor of Abyssinia and he converted to Islam.

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Even taymiyah says no joshy was not able to perform the hijra. Naja, she could not practice Islam openly. Naja she did not have anyone to teach him all of the *ty of Islam and yet he is a mortman from the people of Jenna. So to our he mentions the famous person in the Koran. We'll call Roger minnow, Minh Ali Ferghana, Yakumo imana, who there was a movement in the family of Freetown, who hid his Eamon so to this person that hid his Eman that this person is considered to be of the people of gender, and likewise the wife of Fishtown arsia. And likewise, Yusuf Alayhi Salam when he was put as the minister over the people of Egypt, all of them work of far and he could not deal with them fully

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according to the teachings of Islam, even though he called them to Islam. Then he goes back to Najafi.

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As for Najafi, he was the king of the Christians. And he realized his people would not accept Islam. And therefore when he died, no one prayed janazah for him not to single person pray janazah for no joshy in his hometown, therefore when he died, no one pray janazah for him so our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam led the Muslims outside and said to the believers your brother a righteous man no Joshua has died we will pray janazah over him in Medina decision as a high level of law a and an A Joshua did not make digital did not do jihad did not perform Hajj. In fact, it was not even narrated that he prayed the five prayers or fasted the month of Ramadan or gave Zach cots. This has been

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Tamia writing, by the way, no joshy it is not narrated, that he prayed or gave Zakah or fasted Ramadan. And we know for certain that he could not judge in accordance with the shadow of a law on his people. Because his people would not have let him do that. And his people would have stopped him. Well now you can live on Epson illa musataha. So he goes on and on. And He therefore says that the joshy was excused because of the pressures on him. And he is a believer, despite the fact he did not do what other believers did. Even in Abyssinia By the way, his circumstances were different. And this leads us to the issue now that well then when are you obliged to migrate? When must you leave

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your land? Our scholars mentioned two conditions necessary and this is based on

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the verse in the Quran in the Latina tower found in Malacca to volley B and husum all female quantum or local now Masada available out Paulo lm talkin honorable la he wants to attend for two Haji roofie ha. Allah says When the angels come to take the souls of those who used to commit sins, Allah will the angel will say what were you doing? And the people will say it's not our fault. We were persecuted in the land we were weak in the land. The angels will say wasn't the land of Allah vast you could migrate somewhere else. Then Allah says lol Muslim, Latina military jolly when they say will Danny lie yourself to your own a haledon they cannot find a way out. men, women and children

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who genuinely are trapped. Allah says these people, I shall forgive them as humans I shall forgive the photo Gods hello and Yahuwah on home. Therefore dear brother in Islam watching from your village in India.

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Two conditions number one, if you are not able to practice Islam at a bare minimum level, which means say the prayers gives the car fast from Oban. You're not forced to commit major sin. Such as in this country of America, we have the freedom. If you have that freedom watch. It is not logic to migrate. If you don't have the freedom. Condition one is met check condition two, do you have the capability to leave that land? Are you physically and emotionally and financially capable? Are you able to leave or you have nowhere to go? You don't have the finances if you are able to leave. So if both conditions are met, then hegira is obligatory. If either condition is not met, Hydra is not

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obligatory. You don't have to migrate so do your brother in Islam if you are not allowed

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To pray, and you're not allowed to fast, and you cannot declare your Islam, but you are not able to migrate, which appears to be the situation, your circumstances, you don't have any place to go. You're in a small village, you don't have the finances to go anywhere. In this case, you must worship a lot to the best of your ability to Allah. Hi, Mr. Barton, and only you know how far you can go. If your life is in danger, you are not obliged to put your life in danger. If your life isn't physical, threatened harm if they will beat you, you don't have to do anything that will cause that beating. It is not an obligation to announce your Islam publicly. It is not a condition. You

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say the Shahada privately, you can whisper the Shahada when you're all alone, La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, you can try to pray to the best of your ability with your door locked when you're alone, try to pray when nobody is watching. Or find a place where nobody is watching. And learn how to pray from YouTube videos, you so you're watching my lectures and other lectures online, there are plenty of lectures on how to pray, learn how to pray, if you're able to fast from a bond, without getting giving yourself away, do so. And if you're able to, you know, do other things as forgiving second, inshallah that is possible for you to do. My point is that Apple law must start to

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do whatever you can, in your circumstance, my dear brother as well if you're able to go to a neighboring village, where there are Muslims and msgid and your identity can remain unknown for the first village, find a Muslim community, because finding brothers really helps out perhaps one of them will be able to help you get away from this situation and open up other opportunities for you. But the point is that you must try your best within your means. And Allah will not punish you for what is beyond your means. So you believe in your heart Alhamdulillah This is the main thing, but you must follow up that belief with whatever actions you are capable of doing. And whatever you're

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not capable then Allah subhana wa tada will forgive you and make dua for your situation we will make to offer you and we want you to know that all of us You are our brother in Islam, even if you're watching 5000 miles away and you're where maybe never meet in this world, in sha Allah to Allah, we will meet in the era you are doing a type of jihad that is inconceivable for us. You are doing a type of jihad living amongst people that might potentially kill you. We know what is happening in that land. Now living amongst people that you're scared your own family and friends might turn against you at any day. And only you know the pressure you are in and for you to find Islam in the

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midst of this environment. Subhan Allah, Allah has willed, good for you that you have found Islam in such an environment. So thank Allah subhana wa Tada. And I hope that that example serves as a role model for all of us here that here is a person he wants to pray. He's asking, How can I pray? And I'm all alone. What excuse Do we have he wants to practice Islam in a place that he might be killed for practicing Islam? What excuse do we have? So I pray that Allah blesses you and I pray that Allah blesses all of us and inshallah we will continue next week which is below

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