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Nouman Ali Khan – Islam vs Culture

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan talks about how Allah made us into different kinds of people and diverse tribes so that we can recognize each other and learn about other cultures and societal norms. This would help better our practices and imbibe goodness from different people and cultures. Allah has designed it all in this manner.

Whether Muslim or not, the problems arise when some practices within a culture become unfair. Our Deen came into being to correct that which is corrupt, unfair and unjust.

Some practices show the clear contradiction between Islam and culture adopted by many cultures. We need to understand that when Allah has shown the way, we are no one to stand in the way and make our own rules and norms and regulations that contradict Islam and then we wonder where the Mercy of Allah vanishes. We are to blame because we have violated the basics of Deen and have disobeyed Alla and invited His wrath upon us!