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The importance of honoring Islam's actions and not denying one's obligations is emphasized, along with the negative consequences of not being recognized for their actions. The speakers stress the importance of educating children and fulfilling parents' roles, as well as considering parents' priorities and changing one's behavior. Consistent parents and leaders are crucial for success, and parents should fulfill their children' responsibilities and be true to their children. The importance of reflection and acknowledgment in fulfilling obligations is emphasized.

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When he was sending them, or Shavon, oedema data to have a column that there could be the agenda Allah or koulamallah to him for not all praise is due to Allah we praise Him we seek his aid and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves in the evil consequences of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides, none can lead astray, and whomsoever Allah leaves to go astray.

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I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship. But Allah the Almighty alone, and I bear witness that Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him is His servant and His messenger. All you who believe fear Allah as issues should be feared and die not except in a state of submission to your Lord as Muslims, or mankind, be dutiful to your Lord who created you from a single person. And from him he created his wife, and from them both, he created many men and women, and fear Allah through whom you demand your mutual rights and observe the rights of your kin. Surely Allah is Ever and all water over you, or you who believe. Keep your duty to Allah, fear him and speak the truth. He will

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direct you to righteous deeds and will forgive your sins. And whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger has indeed attained a great achievement. The best words are those of Allah. And the best guidance is not on Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him.

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And the worst things in the religion or the annuity invented matters. And all the newly invented medicine religion are an innovation and every bidder is misguidance.

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If a woman works hard in her own restaurant, or in her family business, cooking, like food for the customers, then she's a hard working woman. And she deserves admiration and respect.

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And if a woman or a man for that matter serves food in their family, owned business as a restaurant serving others, then they are hard working people. And they are looked up to is

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doing such a great contribution.

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There are achievers, we admire the hard work and their grit. If there is someone who works as a janitor, male or female, cleaning toilets, in different places, or even buildings, these are hardworking people. They deserve our respect, our appreciation, and they are constructive, contributing members of the society. But if a mother cooks for her children, cooks for her husband, if she cleans the toilets at home and she cleans her house,

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then she's an idol member of society. She's a sit at home, Mum, someone who's not contributing.

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If a teacher, male or female, they teach students at their school.

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These are admirable members of society who sacrifice that time, their knowledge, their expertise, they sacrifice other options, other career options in life.

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They deserve our admiration and support unlikely so truly so. But

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when a mother teaches her own children dedicates her time to teach her children, or when a father contributes to the education of their children, these people are not contributing to society. How retarded could we get as humans in our thinking?

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When it's your children, when it's your husband, when it's your wife, then contributing

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is an embarrassment.

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It's looked down upon.

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Cleaning cleaning the toilets at home

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is something not to be admired and respected. It's a waste of life. But when you do it

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in a public building, or in a business, then you are the pinnacle of society. You're an example for others to follow.

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When someone works as a secretary,

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obeying orders blindly

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doing everything for the boss, this is a hard working person. They deserve our respect. These are good examples.

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But when a wife

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helps out her husband at the house, taking care of it, keeping it clean, looking after the children, educated their own children, she's an embarrassment for society.

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That's what we are being fed. And that's what we have swallowed. Now even mothers full time mothers

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who admire Hubley sacrifice, any other choice

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when they fulfill their these obligations and these tasks from a position of inferiority,

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they feed that kind of reverse logic even to their children.

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Many mothers are fulfilling the duties of motherhood, and of being a guardian of that house, or someone who looks after the house and after the household. But they do that with shame, and embarrassment. And that sort of rubs off on the children.

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They don't respect the position of the mother. The girls don't want to be like their mother.

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They want to be a secretary, they want to serve someone else. If you serve your husband, if you support your husband and help your husband, you're an embarrassment.

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But if you serve a stranger and you make money for that,

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then you are someone to look up to.

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It's the best career in the world.

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When you educate your own children,

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because you when you prepare these little creatures, these innocent human beings, when you feed them, when you clean them, when you clothe them, when you educate them, when you teach them about life, when you prepare them for life, when you connect them to the purpose of the creation, when you nurture them emotionally, when you help them build a healthy sense of self.

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That's an embarrassment. That's a waste of time. That's a waste of life.

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Honestly, what could be more retarded than this kind of logic. But when you do any of those single things,

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for strangers, and you get paid for it,

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then it is something that is admirable, from something beautiful, you become an exemplary,

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that should be followed. That tells you how the wealth of material possessions, the love of finance and money and wealth

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has seeped into our being in our thinking. And there are many mothers full time mothers around the world that feel ashamed about the position they are in. But they have no other choice. Why? Because we swallowed

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that brain motion.

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Now what it means to be Muslim is not just, we all have our ritualistic acts of worship, it means we live by the guidance of Allah, we live by the truth, when a person

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fulfills this most noble career and job in the world.

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That is the job of the profits, they educate. They teach that God they help people overcome their problems. They teach people about Allah, and about the purpose of their creation. What does life mean? What are you supposed to do with this life? How do you handle atrocities hardships, challenges, challenging? How do you handle everyday situations? How do you carry yourself?

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How do you behave in the world? How can you be a human being? What could be what could be more noble than fulfilling that job and teaching inspiring? What could be better than that?

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In America, celebrities, we look up to our influencers, what is an influence someone who's teaching people how to live,

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how to behave, how to deal with specific situations, but there is no job that that we'd have much more influence and more variety of tasks than the noble job of being a mother or a father.

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But now we have to see achievement only outside the house. If it's in the house. It's a waste

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and no wonder children are suffering.

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No wonder the younger generation is religiously spiritually emotionally mentally struggling a challenge.

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They have an identity crisis. Why?

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Cuz we look down upon motherhood.

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We look down upon fatherhood

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we look down upon the best

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job that was ever in the human experience that was ever there in the human experience.

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And it's not enough that we call ourselves Muslims. And that we pray, but yet we don't accept unless guidance.

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We let all of that influence, change your priorities, and reverse our definitions.

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No wonder that the future generation is struggling and struggling, is struggling even to be a father or see value in being a father or see value and being a mother speak to any teenager girl. And she asked him, What do you want your future to be? She'll tell you I want to be CEO and I'll be a secretary, I want to be a fire woman. I want to be this I want to be that I want to be an entrepreneur, I want to be an influencer. But how often would you hear a woman and be a mother? Why? Because the whole name, the whole title of a mother has been associated with so much shame and embarrassment, when it's the most noble task, or undertaking a person could ever fulfill in this

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And the problem is that we don't see value in this yes, we lecture about it. We theorize about it, we say your mother's mother's mother's especially Father's love to do this.

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But we feel the shame attached to it, we've swallowed that poison.

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Pill, what we need to do is change that, change that within us. You don't have to lecture about it, you don't have to invite to it, you don't have to advise about it. You don't have to even write about it, just you yourself, fix your logic about it. That's all you need to do. And that's, that's such a great achievement if you managed to do that. Because with all of the the barrage of information and brainwashing that is poured on us that is throwing a shot at us. It's very hard to stand firm with the truth.

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And appreciate what it means to be a parent who truly truly upholds the responsibility whether a father or a mother,

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we think our responsibility is to work outside and then sit, send our kids for daycare, kindergarten,

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school, activities, et cetera. And we have the least involvement and when they grow up with so much resentment, so much pain.

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And in strange meant distance from the parents. We wonder why?

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Why because you were never part of their life. You were never there for them. When they were searching for their identity for their sense of self. You were never there for them when they struggled. And they needed a listening ear someone that they could confide in and feel comfortable with. You never gave them that unconditional love that as a parent, you are there for them.

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Your relationship with them was always conditional. Why? Because you didn't want them to embrace the embarrassment of being a mother, you want them to be a successful businessman, right? Are a successful secretary.

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Or a hard working entrepreneur. That's honor. That's appreciation. That's achievement. But a mother.

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Even a mother does not want her daughters to be a mother.

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That's the that's the education we're giving our kids, our children. So we have the males when they grow up. They don't appreciate their wives for the work they do. I think you're just sitting at home, sit at home mother, that's who asked you are you doing nothing?

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No respect. And the mother herself does not even appreciate that she dreams of leaving the house, doing something outside, then she can be a human being worthy of respect.

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But educating the kids taking care of them, feeding them, preparing them for life.

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She does that with an absent mind. She's not even there. When she does that she turns into a machine because it's an embarrassment.

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And then we wonder why. Look at the whole all of the segments and society, mental illness, skyrocketing emotional issues.

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People are walking in the street talking to themselves.

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People are unhealthy emotionally, psychologically. Why? Because we have the way the world is what the direction in which the world is heading. is treating us as machines. We're robots. We're supposed to produce money.

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It's all there's a price tag on everything on time in seconds on on where you live and what you do and where you spend your time and even on your thoughts, there's a price tag. And if anything does not match that system of pricing,

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it does not translate into money. It's worthless.

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And we Muslims have bought into this. We've swallowed that hook, line and sinker. But we like to brag that we are people of principle we are people who live by guidance, divine guidance, we like to fool ourselves.

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When we have swallowed that embarrassment

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it's time for for genuine reflection, we need to be brutally honest. We need to be honest with ourselves, otherwise and telling you what jeopardizing the future of our kids, the identity of our kids, the health of the hearts of our kids. We're jeopardizing that normal. You can teach them probably a Quran you can help them memorize stuff, but unless you teach them the true principles and you live according to these principles,

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there is dissonance there is discrepancy between what you say in what you do.

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And that will damage

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the spirit and the heart of your kids.

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You ask Allah subhanaw taala to guide us through the truth and help us fulfill our obligations in a way that pleases Him or will probably hurt our stock federal money will come first.

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hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali he was hugging me and if you look at the best of humanity, these are the Prophets and Messengers, as our beloved Mr. onset in the Aloha novel of equally beloved for Virginia Kaluga.

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Mohammed in here Hello, beloved Mustafa julio de salud, looked at the hearts of humanity. So the heart of Prophet Muhammad, the best of the heart, the best of the hearts, so he chose him for the best mission.

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The best mission is the mission of the Prophets and Messengers. And if you carefully study what a mother does, or even what a devout, committed father does,

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it's actually a reflection. It's an echoing of the job and the tasks of prophets and messengers, teaching, education, helping people understand what life is, what their life is about, and how we're getting them ready preparing them for life, to be able to travel this journey of life and traverse this terrain of this, of this dunya to be able to make it back to Allah. So they can live with dignity, and they can live upon devotion to Allah subhanho wa taala. That's the job of the prophets, and a father and the mother. That's what they do, specifically the mother. That's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when a man came and asked him, man, help them nursery business, or

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Huberty, who is the person most deserving of my companionship of my kindness of my love of my time, that I take them as my closest companion, the prophets or someone said your mother, amok, Allah for men, then who he said Omak your mother again, then he said, then No, Allah Omak your mother third time, had a four month follow up book, then who fourth time he said your father.

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Because of the noble that's the best job in the world. That's the best job description in the world. But put your heart in it. See the value of that.

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A man came to the Prophet SAW Selim, he wanted to to sacrifice his life for the sake of Allah do something that was so selfless. The prophets Allah Salam asked him about his his mother if she was alive. Is your mother alive? He said yes.

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Because the man wanted something that would get him to paradise. He said, It was the May half a million. He said, hold on to her feet. Because Jana is there. Jana is right there. at the feet of your mother. Why? Because she does the best noble job ever.

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There's no career. There's no career line better than that. And we should not swallow the lie.

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That motherhood is insignificant or waste of time.

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Actually, if anyone wants the life to be the most meaningful

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and to offer the best contribution, the best value or return on investment when it comes to investing their life, there's nothing better than doing the tasks of what a mother does.

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And the beautiful thing, there's no money involved. It's so selfless. It's so pure, it's pure meaning and purpose. It's more than just the most noble.

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It's an honor even for a father to be able to fulfill

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the what a mother is supposed to do, or when a mother is offered in Islam to do.

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So the dignity and the privilege that Allah gave a mother that Allah subhanaw taala even protected the mother from having to earn a living and when the bread why, so that she could have for her time fully for the best opportunity ever that could be given to a human being a father is not even often this privilege. Why? Because he has to go and work. Even if he wants to spend time with his kids, he has to go and be the breadwinner.

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But a mother said she saved all of that. You're given that full privilege. All distractions are taken away from you put your head put your attention there put your mind there.

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I'll give you this silver plate.

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But it takes a lot of sacrifice and that's why it's the most noble

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us understand these principles properly and make us good for fathers and mothers and help us rectify our estates along with Philomena willing to listen to me Mina when it was not even on what I'm worth along with in another webinar why stuff and if you haven't seen it, with a bit of predominant one sort of adult call me caffeine alarm or fildena what he wanted in the home health Paulina medicale

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Allah Almighty Fluvanna along with Furlanetto bene Subhan Allah be couldn't be nicer to handle your cell phone was salam ala l Mursaleen. When hamdulillah you're behind me