Ask Shaykh YQ – Episode 25 – What Should I Do If I Did Not Fulfill an Oath Made With Allah’s Name

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Brother asks, I made a promise with someone. And I mentioned the name of a law and made an oath and the name of a law, the promise he didn't tell me what it is, I made a promise I said Allah's Name. At the time of the promise, I was sincere. And I felt that I could fulfill the promise. However, the situation deteriorated between the two of us and neither he nor I is keeping up that promise that we made in the name of a law, I feel very guilty, what can be done

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any game

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in Florida, he, no,

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he did not tell me what it is. And the point is not to what it is, but the fact that he made an oath with a last name. And now he is unable to fulfill that oath. So we need to understand in our religion, invoking a last name, when you make a promise is a very, very big deal. And our scholars mentioned that there are three categories of mentioning Allah's name when you make a promise, the first of them it is what is called low. And low is when you mentioned the name of a law and the context, people understand. It's not a serious oath, it is simply that you say a last name. And this is something that is very common in some cultures. For example, you say, Are you free right now?

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Well, I'm busy right now.

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This here will lie, I'm busy. It's just an expression. It's not like you're giving a hell of that is serious in nature. Okay, can you make it that on Thursday to have a meeting as well? Like, can we do it another day? It's just you say Allah's name because that is the cultural habit. And in my own experiences, I would say and Allah knows best that in some cultures, it's more common than others. And perhaps in certain cultures, it's not that common so when I say this, people have certain lands so it's not something we're accustomed to we don't do it in our culture. So it's a very cultural thing. In some cultures Allah His name is mentioned every second sentence you know, will lie this

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will lie that will lie this every third thing is well lower level like if something like this, you know, so is their culture is common. And this the verdict is, it is makrooh but not how you should not mention a last name for no reason, but it is not sinful me I'm gonna go to Jan number this everybody understands. When we say well, I am busy. It's not like the world law. You're given a court of law when people are looking at say, I swear by a lot I'm telling the truth. The context understandably and Allah mentions in the Quran, certain law, a diverse 89 law, you are a Docomo law, who, below Wi Fi a manickam. Allah is not going to call you to task it's not a haram thing. Your low

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level means you just say it in vain. You're low and you're a man. You mean is the head of in Arabic You mean means you give an oath of Assam, right, in order to save custom Connor, you give the custom right, then Arabic is called the amine. And the mean is essentially like the right time because it's generally done with the right time you raise your right hand in the western court. In the eastern society, you might shake the person and say, I swear by the name of Allah, that's why it's called the amine the seriousness of it is called the right hand. So Allah is saying, now you are a little qumola who billowy if it is law, who you are not sinful, but it is not encouraged, because you

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shouldn't just mention the name of a law for no reason. This is the first category. The second category is the exact opposite. You say the name of a law and you mean it, but you are the biller lying. And this is called in the Hadith al yameen. Allah Hamas, and Hamas means the one that inserted you in because you go to jahannam for this year mean, and the Amina Hamas Alia mean, the oath that will cause you to enter our WWI jahannam the Prophet system said, should I not tell you of the major sins? They said, Yes, yeah. rasulillah. So he said to do shall quit alone to do this. But then he was lying on his back. He stood up, not stood up, but he got up from he was on the wall, he

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got up and he said, and the false You mean the Yemeni? Hormuz, de Mille vamos de Mille vamos the false You mean, to show how important it was, he got up and he made this that to mention the name of Allah in vain, knowing not to try not to intervene in Barton. And in another version, or another Hadith, we learned that we do believe that there is learn of a law on the one who uses the name of a law in a lie out of the law. There is Alice Lana on this person, therefore by unanimous consensus, to say the name of a law

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In a lying oath is amongst the major, major sins. And there is no Tafara other than genuine repentance to Allah, you cannot just make it up by doing something. This is the type of sin. The only thing to make it up is your class and your Toba between you and Allah. Otherwise it is amongst the major sins, to mention the name of a law and to intentionally live. And that's why do law is made against that person in some headings, for example of the doors that are made against this person is the businessman, the merchant, who makes a hell of an oath with a law that he purchased a product for a certain amount and he's lying to sell it at a higher profit. So Allah His name is so

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cheap, that he's willing to sell it for a few dollars. How can there be Baraka in this person, that person liner has been given and there is no Baraka. So, the opposite is a nominal homos, and that is to lie intentionally knowing you are lying and bringing the name of Allah into it. And the third category, which is what our brother is asking about, this is called algemene al Mohler, Al Qaeda, the amine that is a serious You mean the amine that is meant to be the real oath In the name of Allah subhana wa Tada. And Allah mentions in the Quran, wife over a man accom protect your oaths when you mentioned them and name of Allah protect your oats. And Allah says in the Quran, that in

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the lady nation on the back the law who a man named him feminine Colleen and Allah calahorra can often occur whether you call them Oh, la cama de la youngdo la him when I use a key him What am I double? Those who mentioned the name of Allah in false you mean those people Allah says, Listen to this, number one, they have no share of the accurate they'll get nothing. Number two, Allah will not even speak to them in anger, Allah will not even speak to them. Number three, Allah will not even look at them. Number four, Allah will not purify them. Number five, and they shall have a painful tournament. What more do you need? What more do you need to warn you do not mention the name of

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Allah in a lie? Never ever ever mentioned the name of Allah knowing that you are lying. This is amongst the greatest avoidable cabal amongst the greatest of all evil deeds. And in another Hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, A cabal cabal are the biggest of all evil number one he said committing shooting with a law number two he said rejecting your parents being disrespectful to your parents. Number three, he said murder. Number four he said early Amina lamos just look at the list. After shooting and murder and rejecting parents what was number four? This year mean? It is next to murder on this list. So be careful Muslims when you mentioned the name of Allah, be careful. It is

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mentioned in our books in the episode of Muslim Ummah, Mr. Mohammed, that receving Imodium was walking on the path and he saw someone steal. He saw someone take another person's property. He said also and so fear Allah don't steal. The man said while law he I didn't steal. He said I said My eyes are lying. And you spoke the truth because you mentioned the name of Allah. I would rather accuse my eyes of lying than accused you of mentioning Allah's name in vain. So he retracted so as not to punish the person but that's up to Allah, He retracted. I must have lied. My eyes are lying. My eyes didn't see what they saw. And a last name is valid, out of respect for the name of Allah when he

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heard the man say, Well, like I didn't steal is that my eyes are lying out. Okay, you didn't steal the shows us the impact of using the name of Allah. So this is a gimme to know, amin

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alomost. And you have a minute more after that, which is the effective You mean, what is the effective you mean with the effective you're in the context clarifies You mean it? You mean it? And the most obvious example is in a court of law. And the judge says in this court or in the Islamic court, Do you swear by Allah, you're telling the truth. This is now is a very serious matter. You cannot just does not you meet a level or there's an argument going and somebody says, oh, you're lying. Now your face changes. You say I swear by Allah, I am telling the truth. This is not Jimmy the low anymore. Right? Now you're invoking the name of a law to bring something serious, so serious

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that the other person will say, Okay, he's not going to disrespect that name. Do you understand why it's so important? So before we even answer the question I wanted to clarify, this is a big deal to mention Allah's Name. And that is why we need to be careful when we mentioned Allah's Name and do not mention it in vain. It is better to face all the consequences without mentioning Allah's Name lying than to mention Allah's Name lying

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Then face that consequences of this dunya and the market. So the context tells us it is human and monoket, the real human, okay. Now the brother says I made it sincerely. So this is not Jimmy Alamos he was sincere. And he said, whatever. And well, let's give an example. I promise to maintain whatever visit your house every few weeks, whatever it was, we don't know what it was, he made a promise to Allah. Maybe there was some tension between the two of them this looks like then they tried to reconcile. So they mentioned Allah's Name. And they said, okay, let us promise by Allah that we will do this and that and the both of them made an actual promise, maybe the both of them

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were sincere, then somehow two things happened and the promise is not met. Here we have two scenarios. Here we have two scenarios. slight difference in the verdict of either one. So I'm going to take a step back the first scenario, you mentioned the name of Allah in a solemn oath, for something to do with the future, and you are sincere. But time changes, and you think or you feel or you presume, that this oath,

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I made it and it was a mistake. And something else is better than my oath overall, in the eyes of Islam and the laws of the Sharia. I said it, I meant it at the time, but I regret it. And I shouldn't have done it. And I realized that the alternative is better for Deen and dunya than what I said. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I did this and Bukhari and Muslim. If you swear a custom By Allah, then you see the other alternative better than your custom, then do the alternative that is better, and make a folder for your yameen Let me give you a simple example.

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Sometimes in

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a state of anger, you have an argument to somebody and you say, well, ah he I will never visit that person's house again. And you mean it? Like you say it and you mean it's not our job to go to the other person's house? So you made a habit of with a lot You say, Well, law, he that person he dishonored me, he disrespected me. He said this about me. And you make custom your family is there your friend's brother, your brother is there. So you will law he I will never visited that person's house again. Now, the mean is Hillel. But is it Mr. hub? Do Muslims? Is it good? No. What did our Prophet system say? If you made a mean, then you realize the other option is better than your your

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mean? What is the other option? In this case? solar? Correct. The other option is solar. You forgive and you make up correct. Our Profit System said don't even hesitate. Don't even hesitate. You choosing the better option. This is well like a mercy from a law. Because if Allah had wanted to he could have said How long do you have to bear the consequences? And dear Muslims, how often we use the name of a law in a state of anger and we mean it. When we calm down.

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We regret how often a husband says to a wife a wife says to her husband if you do this again. Well, I will divorce you I was hoping that with a Bella Bella. That's not a successful marriage. Number one, what type of marriage will be successful when the wife has always threatened with divorce? Number two, you mentioned a law's name Don't do this. You don't mention a last name and another verse in the Quran Allah says what? Allah autodata li a man accom don't bring in the name of Allah to use in your custom to do things that are not good Allah saying don't use it. Don't use my name. In a custom for something that is not positive. Until burrata todo bien en us don't do this, that

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you're not going to do better. You're not going to have soda have been a nice, don't bring in my name. Well, he I'm never going to talk to him again. Allah says in the Quran, don't bring in my name. But people do. It's not how long but it is macro. Definitely macro. You're using Allah as some sort of something that's not positive. It's not Haram, because it's not wise, you have to visit you. And so what I'm saying, right, you understand this point, he's not making custom for how I'm going to drink alcohol. Without the Buddha. He's saying, I'm not going to visit this person visiting that person is not legit. So he's not sinful. It is a legitimate you mean to legitimate oath. But now he

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realizes I shouldn't have done that. He comes down. He wants to forgive, but he has mentioned the name of a law. This is scenario one, he sees something better. In this case, there is no repentance but there is a cafaro because why is there no repentance? Because he's doing the better of the two.

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His option of custom was the worst of the two. I'm not going to visit I'm not going to talk. Whatever it is, you understand. I'm going to divorce you if you You know what, maybe your wife went to somebody's house and you don't like that family say, Well, here you go again. I will divorce you

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Hello What type of marriage is this? But suppose you said it has what do you do now? Now you mentioned a last name, you're not going to get away scot free. You're not going to get away scot free because you brought in the name of Allah. If you simply said if you go there I will divorce you. There's not a last name. You made a mistake. You kill yourself for a move on End of story. But you mentioned the name of Allah, you bring it in, nobody told you to bring it in. Now you have to give kuffaar Is that clear? This is scenario one. What is it Guevara? We'll come to scenario two. It's not that you saw a better option. It's simply that you as a human being are not able to do what

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you promised to do. So you are the Arabic word is arges, even odo arges. Okay, you're not able to do that. You made this sincere intention. Let me give a simple example that suppose you both in a state of good brothers that will lie we will visit each other every week. Life happens, you move, you know, move apart, you move to a different location, whatever you get my point, okay, you shouldn't have done that. You know, it's something that Yanni you You brought in Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now you are arges to do in this case, to the level of your incapacity you must repent, if it is truly beyond your control. There is no repentance. But if you are falling short, for example, if you are

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falling short, because you don't like the guy that's different than falling short, because he moved away. Right? If you're falling short, because tensions between you and him, I'm giving an example that we understand, will lie here we're going to visit weekly. Suppose as I said, there was tension between the two you made up you said okay, from now on, we swear by Allah, we will be in touch every week, every month, then another tension happens. And both of you that looks like this, like he's saying, we have gone apart. Obviously, before I answer, try your best for solar always be the better of the two don't don't cut off ties. Nonetheless, it happens. My point is, if it happens because of

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you, you are guilty to the extent that you are not fulfilling the oath, in which case you must also do Toba along with the kafala. This is my point. Scenario one there is no Toba, you're choosing the better option. There is no Toba you just do the cafardo scenario two is not the better option, but you are arges you cannot do it for whatever reason. In this case you must repent to Allah and repentance you feel guilty you do is still far you make an intention. You learn your lesson, you're not going to do it again. This is Toba and on top of that you do cafaro so both scenarios I've got fara what is the cafaro Allah says in the Quran sudama either verse 89, memorize it. Now you are

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looking for love and love with a manickam Wallah. Could you

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be Morocco to meet a man Allah is going to forgive for the level but Allah will call you to task for them when al Qaeda for the serious one * a photo to who this is in the Quran. If you're not able to fulfill the oath, suck a photo to who number one it's amore ashati Misaki mean Oh salty metal termina alikum feed 10 people the average meal of what you feed your family number two, okay swear to him close 10 people the average of what you close your family number three out of Aqaba freeing a slave there is no number three of our time so that's gone. family lineage if you don't have the financial means to pay for 10 people's food or for 10 people's clothing for cm within a 30 am you

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must fast three days the liquor cafaro to a man who can either he left him This is the cafaro of your oath if you are not able to do it, but Allah reminds us what photo a minor come try your best to fulfill your odds don't use it in name. So response dear brother, you have two options and inshallah all of us can afford if you really cannot financially afford then you move to number four which is fasting three days number three there is nothing previously the two options and you may do either one. Both of them are equally valid. Feeding 10 people. What do you normally eat? What do you normally eat some rice and some meat is our normal food let's say okay, or my shoulder bag a

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hamburger and french fries normal meal. The point is what is the average meal mean? Oh sorry. And look at a loss mercy. He could have said the most expensive when you go to the five star cuisine. Or if he didn't say anything some lazy people just said okay, sometimes when I'm really hungry I eat a granola bar. So I'll give 10 granola bars no Allah says min Oh salty amount of mana alikum the average meals that you feed your own family so 10 meals must be fed to poor people. And if you want to you can go to option two option two is what

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10 clothings to poor people so the average clothing item you know if it's an Arab lands so in Buxton, the show outcome is in America, a regular shirt and also the average that your family will wear you will buy and you will give to people this is the co founder of your domain. So that answers our first question in Charlotte clear j

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enough eat dunia Santa Monica

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