Yasir Qadhi – Ask Shaykh YQ – Episode 24 – Is it Permissible For An Unmarried Woman To Shave Her Hair

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the practice of shaving hair, with some women saying they want to avoid shaving their heads because of their health issues. The segment also touches on the use of headaches and the lack of certain traditions in shaving women. The segment ends with a discussion of the importance of shaving women and the use of headaches as a way to avoid shaving them.
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So sister emails me says that she does not have a husband, she is single. And she is not getting married or I'm assuming she's passed the exam or God would not. She is saying the question is as follows that,

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am I allowed to shave my hair off, but I will wear a hijab? Don't worry, you

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know the name.

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So she wants to shave her hair. And she's saying, is this permissible or not for a lady to shave her very quick question Is this okay? The issue comes, this is an area where we have an explicit headache.

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And there are a number of traditions in this regard of them is headed inside Buhari, our Prophet sallallahu Sallam very afraid himself. But it means I don't want anything to do with this with this freed himself from two types of ladies. Number one, the lady who wills the dead, wailing the dead is something that insha Allah is not really practiced that much anymore, even to some cultures to do it. wailing is when somebody dies. So ladies, in particular, raise their voices and chant certain things in a rhythmic fashion. How are we going to live who will take care of us, this is a type of wailing that was prohibited as for crying, and as for expressing grief, this is all headed wailing

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is a specific type of crying that especially incorporates how long phrases in it. So the Prophet systems that have nothing to do with the lady who does this, and the lady who shaves her head off, because that was something that the priestesses have older than the ladies of Jehovah did. So this is one Hadith. The other head Ethan Timothy, the prophet system forbade a lady to shave her head this is explicit. So this is now because of this, most of them that have said that it is haram unless obviously there's always an exception for what medical there's always the Sharia always comes to any cancer something of this nature, obviously, no scholar says that is haram in that case,

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obviously, but the default one group of scholars and this is the majority says it is how long because the heady, the explicit and a smaller group of scholars, I believe they shall free whether or not they said that the default is that it is mcru for the one who is single, ask for the one who is married, then it was gonna be unconditionally mcru, but the one who is single, and so their their reasoning as follows that this is something Allah has blessed the beauty of a lady with and so if she is married, then she should beautify herself, her husband, but they said if she's not married, then they're in less than the strength of the headset goes down in her case. And so if she wishes to

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do it, then it is not how long but she's simply mcru it's better to avoid both madhhab say, it's better not to do it. The love, is it how long or is it mcru as well there are a number of narrations from our stab your own antimetabolite not from the Profit System. But these are early scholars who said Allah has honored women with long hair and men with beards. So the point being this is something that Allah has honored. So then why should we ruin that honor with so the default we should say and I say to the sister, no, you should not do so however, it is authentically narrated that our mother should have the love wine after the era of our profits or sell them she cut her hair

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to her shoulder length. And that was something that was a typical, the outcomes of that time would have very long hair. And it is authentically narrated that when basically there is you know, you understand it when the process is no longer there. So then she would cut her hair and she made it small. So from this we can gather that cutting the hair even to a short extent is something that is completely permissible and it's something between the husband and wife that however she wishes to change your model her hair as long as shaving is not done unless it is for a medicinal purpose. As for other types of hair and there I've gotten a lot of questions about you know, the the eyebrows

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and my shoulder. That's a separate question. But for this question, the default is that no she should not be encouraged to completely shave their hair but she may trim it if she wishes. And with that we conclude for today

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in a feed dounia Solomon

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