Yasir Qadhi – Ask Shaykh YQ – Episode 03 – Is Organ Donation Halal in Islam

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The fifth council discusses the issue of organ donation and the importance of donating organ to oneself. They also discuss the need for science to avoid cutting people up and giving money to others. The council also clarifies that donating organ to oneself is a form of mutilation and that it is allowed to happen if people feel comfortable with it.
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Somebody said that he was filling out his driver's license form. He got to the question of organ donation and he got stuck. What should I do is organ donation halaal in Islam on

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any gala region in Florida, he him.

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Last year the fifth council discussed this in our annual meeting and we released our fatwa about organ donation and the Fed council North America as you should all know it is the senior most and eldest body is from the early 1982, which was formed and it is a council that deals with modern issues and fatwas, and it is headed by some esteemed scholars including Dr. Oz Mslt doctors are thought it Dr. Jamal By the way, Dr. Joseph elder. I'm also one of the junior members on the council. So we discussed this issue of organ donation and we released a fatwa about organ donation and we said that there are certain areas that are inshallah very clear halaal other areas that a

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very clear how long and as usual, there's a bit of a gray area. As for the clear, Helen, what is without a doubt acceptable is that a person donates an organ to another person, it is not a requirement that the person be Muslim, you may donate an organ to another person that is needed for the life or the stability of the other person. As long as the first person does not give his life up for the other person. You don't kill yourself for the other person. So the person can write in his will when I die, you may give my heart to somebody who needs it, you may give my liver to somebody who needs it while alive you may donate that which you can live without like your kidney. I don't

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think there's anything else or maybe half of live or whatever the doctors know best but you know, whatever you can live without you may give to a person who needs it to live a normal life or to live a life but you cannot donate sorry, you cannot give for the sake of money. You cannot sell your organs by unanimous consensus. It is how long to sell your organs. It is how long to give blood for a gift you do not to give blood to get money. Why? Because our body does not belong to us it belongs to Allah subhana wa Tada. We cannot sell what we don't own. I don't own my body, a lot owns my body, we can sell what I own, I can sell you my iPhone, I cannot sell you my kidney, I cannot sell you my

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blood, I cannot sell you my organs it is how long to buy and sell one's organs. So you may donate your organs

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to another human being, however, to donate to what is called science, the fifth council said no, because this is a type of mutilation and to simply cut up a body and to open up things and look at this. We you know our prophets Allah sent him said Hadith isn't a Buddha would breaking the bones of a corpse is as simple as breaking the bones of a living person. This is a heady, and our Profit System forbade mutilation, even of the pagan enemies in the Battle of budget. He forbade mutilation, and cutting up the body and taking things out. This is a type of mutilation. So we do not do this to ourselves willingly. We do not do it to our loved ones, we don't do this. And that's why as well,

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autopsies, we try our best not to do them. But if the government requires it requires but we don't willingly just do it for no reason. We want to protect the sanctity of the body, as well, by unanimous consensus of all the fifth Council's of the world's reproductive organs cannot be donated, you cannot donate male or female reproductive organs. This is something that is not allowed to donate as well. The person whose organ is donated, that is the person who must sign in his will or her will, that I want my organs to be donated now, gray area, what if the person didn't say yes or no? If the person said yes or no, that's binding? What if he was quiet? Then the heirs come and say,

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oh, our cousin needs his his liver, okay. Our sister needs this and the heirs decide to take an organ is a bit of a gray area. The fifth council allowed this that if the heirs unanimously agree and they they feel that our brother our father, our mother would willingly give up an Oregon to such and such a person and if they agree, then inshallah Tada. It is allowed to do that. If they unanimously if they don't unanimously, then that's a one of those gray areas. And the biggest area that we did not and could not reach a decisive verdict because doctors themselves have not reached a decisive verdict. When does death begin? And life and such that you may take the Oregon out because

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I'm not a medical doctor. But from what I understand there is this this small gap of a person who's about to die, that you need to take the heart or the liver or the kidney at

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time when, technically the heart still beating, but the brain might be dead for example, right? So you need to take it out and and then you know, do that and you're going to cause the death of this patient. This was a great area because doctors themselves have not quite fine tune this. For sure if the patient has died, you may take the organs out if he said you may take them out. But what if the patient is on that line between life and death? Can you take an organ that will cause the death knowing that he's about to die? This is something that doctors themselves are discussing amongst themselves. So the fifth council said we need to come back and look at this when we have more

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information. That is the only gray area that was there in the major in disregard. And with this a shallow data we conclude our q&a

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in a few

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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi delves into the permissibility of organ donation. Can one donate their organs?

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi provides us with valid pointers and the concept of organ donation, thereby, facilitating our comprehension of the terms and conditions for this phenomenon to be made permissible. 

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