Yasir Qadhi – Ask Shaykh YQ – Episode 04 – How to Reconcile Ahadith Mentioning the Ummah Splitting & Being Strange with those Stressing Unity

Yasir Qadhi
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Our Prophet system said in a hadith that Islam began as something strange and it shall return to something strange. So give glad tidings to the strangers this idea visited muddy and it is a hessen Howdy. And our Prophet system also told us that his own mobile divide into 73 groups. So how do you reconcile the hadith of strangeness and the hadith of splitting with those a hadith about Muslim unity?

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the name

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this is the first question that we seem to have a little bit of a maybe internal tension, where it seems as if one IDF is predicting,

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differentiation, one Hadith is saying that people will be strange Muslims will be strange, and there are so many ideas are telling us to be united. So with this, we say that if you look at the commentary of this Hadith, if you look at what human hedger said, or Sinani said, a showcard. He said, they all mentioned that this Hadith of the 73 is actually one of the most misunderstood and misused and abused people use it to try to foment factionalism. And that was never the goal of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi Salaam never intended that we go and disunite even more than is already happening. So what we need to do is to look at the goal of

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this hadith and the wording of this Hadith, the Hadith of the 73 sects. It is a hesson Hadith is not so hey, it is hesson it's a good idea is founded Timothy and have been merged and others. The most authentic hadith By the way, the ones that behati and Muslim, they don't mention 73 they simply say there shall be a group that will be rightly guided until Judgment Day. So they mentioned some positive things. And that is why some of our scholars, a small minority have said that this idea of 73 is actually not authentic. However, in sha Allah, the majority position, the correct position is that it is authentic. However, if you look at the wording of the headings, the headings begins, my

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oma shell disunited, my alma shell split up into 73. This wording is so important why, because the Profit System begins the Hadeeth by stressing my alma then he mentioned it will be divided. So all of these groups without exception are within the folder of Islam. And if they are within the folder of Islam, this means that the rights of the Muslim that have been Muslim shall be given to all of them in terms of responding to the salon, in turn is making to offer them in terms of visiting them when they are sick in terms of praying janazah over them. So the rights of the oma will be given to all of these groups. We are not talking about those groups that are outside the fold of Islam. When

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are the groups outside the fold of Islam when they contradict the explicit kenema La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, or they contravene something that is known by unanimous opinion everybody knows it. And a group says, We're not going to accept this and these are the exception. So within the oma there will be some division, also a son and he says it is a big misunderstanding to say that the majority of the oma will be misguided. They get this from the fraction 72 out of 73, but a son and he himself says and before I'm even hedgerow, all of these other groups put together or a small percentage of the one correct group, all of the other groups will not be as large as the mainstream

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oma, how do we know this? Because our Prophet system predicted that the bulk of the oma shall be rightly guided in the oma to mutton mahoma. My Alma is a blessing that Allah has shown mercy to our professors and mentioned that jabril showed him the omega will go to heaven, and it blocked the entire horizon. Our Prophet system said Hadeeth isn't Bahati would you like it that out of all of the 70 plus one was my alma will be one third of the people of Jenna. They said Allah walk about one third. He said, Would you like it? If the fraction was one half? They said Allahu Akbar one half he said, Well, why I'm optimistic that my own man shall be two thirds of the people of Jenna, one out

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of so many almost and two thirds. This means that the majority of the oma is insha. Allah rightly guided not incorrectly guided, it is a mistake to say that the majority is incorrectly guided. In fact, one of the hallmarks of Orthodoxy is the mainstream. Our Prophet system said hold on to the mainstream that the blessings of Allah the hand of Allah is over the Gemma. So the bulk of the Alhamdulillah is rightly guided and we know this from the theological beliefs. The bulk of the oma believes in the Quran believes in the sooner respects the Sahaba they

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hadith of gibreel the sixth or can they believe in them? This is a hamdulillah. The majority. As for the disagreements beyond this insha, Allah, this is not something we should make a big deal over and ask for those who disagree with the six fundamental pillars of Eman. So there are groups that don't like the Sahaba. There are groups that reject these deviations, do not kick them outside the fold of Islam, they remain Muslim. Therefore, they have some connection with us, but not as strong as the connection of those that obviously fulfill all six of the pillars as well how we treat these other groups, it varies from time to time and place to place in situation and situation. At times of

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weakness, we need to strengthen ourselves by unifying as much as possible, perhaps at times of his power, we can be more harsh at those who are deviating but at times of weakness. These are the times where we do not disunite we attempt to unite. And this is something that our classical scholars including me, Tamia and others have mentioned. So the bottom line, the Hadith of the 73 and the Hadith are being strange at the end of times, they are authentic, but we should not use these a hadith to increase division. That's not the intent of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. As for the hadith of strangeness, it has nothing to do with division. It has everything to do with

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sticking to morality, sticking to good love when people have left of love, because our Prophet system said that towards the end of times, the one who holds on to the religion will be like the one who's holding on to burning charcoal burning charcoal burning fuel. He didn't say that that within the oma there is going to be division. He said, the Hadith of the strangeness people will not be following Islam. So the one who is honest, the one who is praying five times a day, the one who is avoiding the matrix sins, that person will be strange, and that is true. So it has nothing to do with Unity and disunity, and Allah subhana wa tada knows best.

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