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The speaker discusses the success of Islam, with men being the focus. They also talk about the cultural acceptance of Islam, with women showing their influence. Representatives from Islam schools emphasize the importance of learning to be an upright, standing Morally speaking person in Islam to build a personal life and build a future based on Islam. The diverse community in Arkansas is also mentioned, with a new center planned.

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everything covered but her eyes What a cruel male dominated culture. I remember this to this day I got down on my knees. And instead of praying to Jesus, which I'd done in the past, I prayed to God and I just said, Dear God, I've tried everything I could I, I just want to worship you, and the way that you want me to worship you and I don't know what it is.

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But you need to bring it to me

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wrong God. Allah, Allah

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and His final messengers, Muhammad, peace be upon him. This is our religion, Islam, Islam, this is the dijo

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I was ready to talk about this, I would only talk about explaining how much respect I have for the faith of Islam Show. Welcome to today's show. That the show

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was made. Last salami calm How you guys doing? How're you guys doing? I'm excited. I'm here with Wendy. She accepted Islam 30 years ago. What was it? What did it for you? We know Islam is the fastest growing way of life in the world yesterday, today and tomorrow in sha Allah. And I want to know, people want to know like, what is it? What's your background? And what had you so interested that you accepted Islam and you still live in it? To this day? Yes. Salam aleikum. Thank you for having me here. And I became a Muslim, as I said, it was well over 30 years ago. But for me, my journey began much earlier when I was quite young. I was raised Episcopalian, but from a very early

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age, I want to say, even 10 years old, I had questions. And I wasn't getting the answers that really felt right to me. And so I started my own search. And my parents actually always encouraged that they were very open minded, they were happy that I was a spiritual person that I was curious. And I just really reached out to different churches, I used to go to

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different denominations of Christianity, I hadn't really expanded beyond that I was in a small farming town in Michigan, but I explored everything I could, and nothing really felt like it was it for me. And this continued all through college, actually. And then at one point, I felt like I'd done

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what I could do in that maybe I was approaching it wrong. And so and this is I can remember this to this day, I got down on my knees. And instead of praying to Jesus, which I'd done in the past, I prayed to God, and I just said, Dear God, I've tried everything I could I, I just want to worship you in the way that you want me to worship you. And I don't know what it is.

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But you need to bring it to me because I've tried everything. And none of them feel right. And I trust you. And I just, I'm done with my own search, I need you to bring it to me and show it to me, because I don't care what it is, how strange it is, how different how foreign, how unusual how different from my own background, I just want to worship you the way you want me to worship You. And

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about a year and a half later, I was introduced Islam and I knew immediately, immediately, immediately, so you said immediately you got down on your knees, and you're praying to the crater alone for guidance. Just like Jesus prayed, he prayed not to himself, he prayed to the Creator to heavens and earth, and you're asking for guidance, and then you're exposed to Islam. And you knew right away what were some of the things about Islam that captivated you?

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The fact that you're worshiping God directly, that it's a conversation between you and God, and that the Quran really felt like

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a personal message. Something from God directly to me. I don't maybe that was selfish to think of it like that. But I really felt like well, this is for me, this is God talking to me. And that was just exciting. And it felt right. And it was right. And it has been right and continues to be right and I tried to share that with other people.

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Tell us when you're talking to some of your family or other Christians now and they're just looking at you and they're like, how can you do that? You know, there's so many different things that Islam is added

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kidding, they'll think they'll think, you know, Islam is about oppressing women, you know, they'll see you now, you know, in the hijab, and then they'll hear about, you know, so much violence in the Middle East. All these things, you know, is a list of array of different things that come up many, much of his mixed, you know, with falsehood, you know, a lot of distortion, lies and whatnot. So how do you tackle those things? When those tough questions are coming at you? Let's start with one of them. Like, you know, how can you become a Muslim when Islam oppresses women, for example? That's a great question. And I do get that, to this day, I get that. I still get that, you know, no one

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really says it exactly like that. But you can feel it coming at you. Like, why would you want to be a Muslim? You're a woman why? We asked a tough question for you.

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You did, and I have various answers. But for myself, obviously, I'm not oppressed. I don't feel oppressed. I don't believe Islam oppresses women, but you have to be

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specific in your answer. And that's part of Dawa, as you know, is finding out what the best answer is for each person what it is, what is the root of their question, what is it fear? Is it curiosity? Are they trying to mock you? Or, you know, I tried to ask them questions back to find out the root of their question, and then answer it from there. Because really, there is no pressure. And for myself, you know, wearing hijab, it's not something I did immediately. It was after the birth of my son, who's my second child,

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that I started wearing hijab. But

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to many people's surprise, it wasn't something I discussed with my husband, it wasn't something he had asked me to do. I woke up one day after many days of praying about it, and I said, You know what today's take, and I'm gonna wear hijab, so it had nothing to do with him, forcing me to do it, it was something that was personal and private, between me and Allah.

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And do people get surprised when you tell them? And when they find out that Mary, the mother of Jesus wore hijab, right? And then you see nuns who are the best of Christianity, right, they end up wearing pretty much was hijab.

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I think one thing I've found in you perhaps have as well is that people have,

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they have notions that are presented to them that they've heard over and over and they just don't think outside the box, they haven't thought of it like that. And when you say that to them, they're like, oh, yeah, you're right. We've been to where like to see pictures of Mary, you know, dress like this, and, you know, and so forth, you know, something that they hadn't connected with a slam yet until you do that for them, but it's obvious once you do, and that's a good feeling to see that light bulb kind of go off in their head, will will go ahead and show them also, this is actually from a friend of mine. It's a Christian friend who sent me this and inshallah

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Patrick, he also I think he's having an affinity towards Islam, but he sent me this and what's your reaction? We're going to put this up so they can see it? Also. I don't have my glasses. Oh, okay. So here it says, There's a woman and she's dressed like she's going to the beach. And, and she's saying that everything covered but her eyes, what a cruel male dominated culture. And then it has the woman here on the other side, and she's covered up. And then she's thinking about the other woman, nothing covered, but her eyes. What a cruel male dominated culture.

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Well, that hits it right on the head, doesn't it? Yeah. When I go to the beach, which I do, and I'll be fully covered. And I've gotten over that the stairs and no one's actually ever approached me and asked me certainly I get looks, but it is.

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It's just like, night and day when you see women like that you feel so bad for them? I do personally, because

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they've just been taught this they've been taught that their body is what's the most important thing about them. And it's something to be proud of. Yes. You know, I'm, I'm proud of the body God gave me I live in it. I try to take care of it. But I also honor it by respecting it. And part of respecting it is privacy keeping it for myself and for my husband. And these women don't know that and I just I feel like when I explain that to people who asked me I've never had anyone on the beach asked me but I've had people I've had this discussion with women before.

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I can see them thinking it over because it really

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it is something to think of your body as belonging just to you, but what are you going to do with that? What are you going to do with that?

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that information and we kind of have a discussion from there and it can go some interesting places. Well, I want to I want to thank you. Thank you for sharing that with us here in just the home of Bill Clinton. Hmm. Has Has he connected here with the Muslim community? Is there any been? Has anybody? Has he had any exposure to Muslims and Islam? Do you know anything that's going on with him? Is he still this is his home base? Hmm. It is. And you know, that, I really don't know. I know that he did come here. Frequently when he was president. In fact, I met him once. And when my children were little he, we live out by a golf course. And course he coughed a lot. And I took my

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kids and I was in the full hijab, and I had my little kids put them on his lap, and he couldn't have been kinder or nicer, but it wasn't something my bill Yeah, so you met Bill Clinton here your your Muslim? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Nobody said anything or had any effect it was my neighbors who knocked on my door said you gotta come You gotta come. He's, he's out at the golf course. I have a real good relationship with my neighbors. And they wanted me to be a part of that. And it's not something we even thought about that. Yeah, that's the only encounter I ever had. But thank you system, we got our money. Alloxan to bless you and your journey. Disciple. Hi, salaam alaikum. If you build a

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house, imagine for the sake of Allah and return Allah will build a house for you and agenda. That is the prime minister of our heavy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tell us now. So you've been a principal here for how long? Seven years? Seven years. So are you excited now for the future project expansion? Of course. Yes. It's going to be a new building. Nice building.

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facility for the kids to play to enjoy their time. Yes, certainly can brother sister how you doing? I'm here with Josh. How you doing? Josh? Doing all right. How about yourself, and we're walking out I said Salam aleikum. And he responded well equals Salam? Yes, sir. Sure. How did you learn that? Um, well, I mean, it's a common term that I've heard growing up, you know, just watching things like, like we mentioned before Malcolm X, because he was somebody I kind of looked up to, you know, especially, especially with his mannerisms. Yeah. So, I mean, it's a it's a greeting, and, you know, so I'd know how to greet back. Yeah. Because I thought because we're here. We're in Little Rock,

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Arkansas. And we're actually at this Masjid here. So I thought our brother Josh is, he's Muslim, but he's not. I was like, What do you wait for it?

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And then we talked a little bit, we started talking about Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali. Their roots actually being Islam. Right, right. So do you what else do you know about Islam? Besides salaam aleikum? Um, so

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besides, besides the hype, sometimes in the media? Oh, yeah. Yeah, I don't I don't even pay attention to the media too much anyways, with things that's where anything.

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But the things I know, I know about the Prophet Muhammad. You know, a lot of other things I know usually come from the tenants of maybe like the nation Islam. Yeah. A lot of people sometimes confuse that. Yeah. Right. Right. And I understand the difference with that, you know, it'll be just like,

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trying to think of a good example. But

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without being offensive with anything. Oh, no, go ahead. Give it raw. I'd say it'd be just like, if you look at Christianity, right? You have some groups out there that seem to be a little more, you know,

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extreme in the thoughts. Yeah. And then most would, and my Malcolm X saw this. And when he went to Hodge, actually, you saw when he came back, you know, what he wrote, he wrote, actually, that when he came back, he wrote that, you know, if Americans implemented the teachings of Islam, this would eradicate the racism that we have today. Because he was sitting and praying with the, you know, the black, the white, the yellow, the also different shapes, sizes and colors, you know, and he got to see the unity of humanity coming together under the worship of one and only one God. Right, right. And that change right there. You know, I thought that was an awesome change for him in his life.

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Especially, I mean, the change going from where he was where, you know, basically almost a heathen in prison, to converting to Islam. They helped him, you know, as I feel, I feel that conversion will help Islam, Christianity, I think those can help because the tenets of those faiths, you know, it's about love, family, brothers, brotherhood, you know what I mean? So, you know, also a way that you carry yourself, you know, I think that's important too. And if people carried yourselves that way, you know, possibly wouldn't be so many in prison right now. You know, one of the main the main core teaching of Islam is the oneness of God. This is the main thing along with developing yourself to be

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the best example of a human being that you can be living by the tenets of Islam, which teaches you to be an upright and standing morally upright human being but one of the most important teachings is and we believe that every message that I got on my knees

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that came with the same message right worship one God one God alone. This is the main main message did you ever get to exposure to this teaching this what's called the pure monotheism of Islam? So I won't say I did

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about this one did you know that Muslims believe in love Jesus? Right, right. Cuz I know it was funny that one, right? I know as far as Islam, Islam goes, he's a prophet, right? Yeah, so mighty messenger, just like Abraham, no, Moses, knowing all the other messengers, one of the greatest messengers that that Right, right. And because I know that, according to the teachings is the same, you know, God of Abraham, yes. Out of Isaac. So

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it The similarities are uncanny. You know, but when you think about the world that three major religions of the world Yeah, so, but yeah, that part, I do know. Yeah. So do you have any questions for me right now? Anything that's been tickling you in the back anything that you like about Islam that I can answer? I don't think there's too many questions. You know, I like to absorb things that say, as I learned as I go on through life, and learn, then, you know, that's when I absorbed stuff. You know, have you ever read the Quran? So I've never read the curve. I've read pieces of it. I've never read the whole curve. I'm gonna introduce you. And I'm gonna leave one of these brothers here.

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Zaccaria. This is the principle here. Can I see you for a minute? Or I'll do it off. Can I see you also, who's going to take it upon yourself? Did off come here. And we got the principles. Yes, we got the whole committee. This is our this is our neighbor and friend, Josh, who's going to never read the Quran. So I'm gonna leave it to you guys. I'm leaving tomorrow, but I'm gonna leave. I wanted you guys to get him a translation and maybe some reading materials. So he can go ahead and look at who's gonna who's who you're gonna do it? Yes, I'll do this. The principal. Have you met him before? Okay.

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All right. So how's that as a gift from me? To you? From them to you? How's that? That's fine. Yeah, you can look me up at the depot.com. And any questions you ever have. Shoot me an email and I will hook up again. And I'll answer those questions. Oh, sure. We'll show it was really nice meeting you. It was good meeting you too. Alright, brother. All right. So a mission statement right now is to serve a diverse community

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to serve a diverse community and build a better future inspired by Islam. Can you tell us a little about the community here and the current status of the Muslim community in Little Rock, Arkansas. So Hamdulillah we have a very diverse community here in the city of Little Rock in Arkansas. A lot of people don't think you know, we have a community but kundala we have a lot of Muslims here. We have our Friday prayer, we do it. We had to do it in the gym because the masjid has gotten too small for us. We've we have about 500 people that attend the Friday prayer. We have our school that goes from infant infant program all the way to the eighth grade, and inshallah we want to keep expanding with

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the school. We have our Sunday school, we have our Quran classes, we have our youth programs, sisters halacha

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many, many things that Hamdulillah this this community is doing, we have our programs and we also have our food food pantry, mashallah I've noticed that you have another project going on. So what was the need now because you're in one location, but you're moving to another location. Tell us about that. So the majority of the Muslims that live in the in the city of Little Rock, live on the west side in the north side of the city, we wanted to have a center complete center that will accommodate everybody that lives on the west side of the city. It's about the location we chose, it's about five minutes six minute drive from the majority of the Muslim that live on the west side

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of the city hamdulillah and we are growing. Like I said the masjid does not fit us anymore. So we have to pray in the gym,

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our school

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you know we want to move to high school and keep expanding to ninth grade 10th grade and so on and so forth. But we cannot do it in the current location until us I've seen when I went over there you guys actually started breaking ground. What's the current situation with construction? Yes, so Alhamdulillah we finished phase one which is getting the ground ready for the buildings we've there we bought about 10 acres of land we cleared all the trees and we did a lot of site site work and we also expanded the road Kainos road the land is in really good spot. It's in the heart of West little rock which is mashallah the newer area where everybody's the growth in the city is on this side. So

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now we want to

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raise more funds in order to start with with the school building shuttler May Allah bless his project and inshallah I come back next time I see it all come to a reality and fruition inshallah. I mean, she's like a lucky

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For Amina, and we're so happy to have you here. Thank you very much Sokolova Salaam Alaikum. I cannot leave without giving you a gift if you're not yet Muslim and you tune in and see what these Muslims are talking about, and you'd like a free copy of the Quran, go and visit the deen show.com. We'll take care of the postage and everything and get it delivered to you. And if you still have some questions about Islam, call us at 1-800-662-4752 We'll see you next time until then, Peace be with you as salaam alaikum