Yasir Qadhi – Ask Shaykh YQ #97 – The Islamic Ruling on Oral Intercourse

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The discussion delves into the use of "angry act" in modern Eastern culture, with the idea that it is not a normal practice but rather a result of "angry." It is also discussed the prevalence of "medicals in various cases, including cases where a man may impose on his wife's mouth. The use of "medicals is not a sinful act, but rather something that is prohibited by unanimous consensus. It is also noted that "slack" is not a noble act, but rather something that is considered a habit. It is also emphasized that avoiding rearview mirroring and finding sexual satisfaction within one's marriage is crucial for couples.
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The next question that we have and again I've been asked this so many times and this is once again a sexually explicit question. So please this is not something that is meant for a younger audience. The permissibility of oral * What does the shitty I say about oral *?

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now again the the issue of oral * and again if you are watching only this one video, I've given another video about what is forbidden in intimacy so you can watch that video as well. And then watch this in conjunction with that one. Oral * does come under the the the gray area that the Shetty is not explicit about between the husband and wife. And we actually do not have a lot of quotations about oral *. The reason being that oral * generally speaking, was a sexual habit that was frowned upon in most Eastern cultures. It is something that is not you know, embraced it is more of a Western notion. And this is actually historically true. I'm not just

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inventing this, even the the ancient Indian book of the Kama Sutra, if you actually look it up, it actually mentions this act as not being between husband and wife really, it's mentioned amongst other segments of sexuality and the pre Islamic outcomes actually also knew of this act, and they considered it to be vulgar and crude, not something that is done by normal people. And this is mentioned this is indicated when

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the the famous incident in the Battle of sorry, in the Treaty of her day BIA, when one of the negotiators basically insulted the Sahaba by saying that they're gonna abandon the Prophet sallallahu wasallam abubaker sudip became so angry, that shy that modest, that humble the pure person, he became so angry and enraged that he lost his temper, and he uttered a profanity. And this is so a typical of Obama. So therefore the law one, but in his love for the profits of the law, it was seldom when that man came and dared suggest that a worker is going to abandon the profit of seminal Sabra and abandon the process of them, his, you know, his emotions went from zero to 1000 in

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one second, and he wanted to utter the worst vulgarity that they could they could ever utter, to get his point across to this man. And he said something that translates as and again, it is explicit. So be you know, this video is not meant for the, the you know, except for an adult audience, he literally said, go suck on the clutters of a lot, this is literally what I will work with. So the upset, okay, also bothered a lot. And that was their female goddess, okay? Now, this is a very interesting curse. It's a very interesting curse. It actually demonstrates that oral * was known to them. And it was an insult. And it was the highest insult. And it was an insult for a man

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to do this, because they considered it to be demeaning and vulgar. So it's very clear that, you know, Eastern cultures generally and yes, out of cultures over even pre Islam, and throughout, you know, most of Islamic history that they viewed this act as not being Noble. But as I explained in my other video about the the what is how I'm in sexual actions and what not. nobility does not translate into how Rahman halaal something can be ignoble. And it doesn't make it how long something can be against the purity of the fitrah. And it doesn't make it how long you can say it is McGrew, and therefore, how Rahman Khaled is not based primarily upon nobility, it is based upon what Allah

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and His Messenger have said. And therefore, because of this, I understand that so by the way, you're not going to find classical discussions in the books of filk about oral *, you will find about *, you will find about * you will find about so many other things that were known, but you will not find a detailed discussion about oral * because it was not something that was common at all. Now, you will find very, very few references very few references to it. And of those references is some scholars did allow it. The famous humbly scholar I'll call the FBI that he said that a man may kiss the * of his wife before * without Carvalho

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and after *. It is mukou and he said this

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Same applies for a woman that she may kiss, demand Oregon with passion, he actually said this that with passion she may enjoy and demand Oregon. And he also said this is the position of our thought, the tiberi. And in the famous el fatawa and Hindi of Hanafi fits the famous fatawa Hindi that was compiled, I believe, under the LM give rich timeframe, not 100%. So don't quote me on that. But in the fatawa Hindi, it says that if a man inserts his Bible without Hindi is not that old, it's only like 200,000 years old. So it's not one of the ancient books, but it is a relatively more modern one. It says that if a man inserts his penis into his wife's mouth, some have said this is makuu and

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some have said that it is not mcru. So we have that reference there. And to be the famous Andalusian scholar, he mentioned in his Tafseer that about al Maliki the famous earlier Maliki scholar, he says that he quotes from last vlog which is one of the classical scholars of the Maliki method, that it is allowed for them. And this is explicit brothers and sisters, it is allowed for the man to lick his wife's Oregon yell has a hillbilly sign, it literally says to lick. So we have some very few references that some of our scholars considered it to be permissible. At the same time, a lot of modern scholars considered it to be impermissible, and I can quote you like five or 10 that and this

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is generally modern fatawa. As I said in earlier books, it's not really discussed. And they bring a number of a number of evidences for this right. So the first evidence that they bring that it is impermissible is the whole genre of verses that already quoted in a hadith that approach women, you know, they are your cultivation approach them from their health from their field, and they say that the mouth is not an orifice of cultivation, so allows you to think approach them from as if they're feels as if they're cultivation. Now, this is a very weak evidence because by unanimous consensus, it is allowed for a man and a woman to play together with each other's hands until * is

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achieved, and a man may * onto the body of his wife, and nobody will say it is held on and he will do it intentionally. It does not contradict the verse, so it's a very weak way to refute this. Another thing that they say that those who make it out on they say that the mouth is a noble organ, and the mouth does Vicar and the mount recites the Koran. And so we should not put, we should not put our private parts in it. And to respond to this one can say that, that might be a valid point that it is a noble Oregon, but it doesn't make it sinful. It doesn't make it how long you can say that it is discouraged. You can say that, you know, it's not befitting but to say it is how long

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is to bring Allah sin and allows maybe wrath or lust cursor, or you know, not necessarily wrath and Chris, but you're saying that it is potentially punishable and the evidence or the notion that the mouth is knowable and decode is done will okay. Riba and the Mima is a worst sin then, you know, kissing the organ of your spouse, for example, and it is done by the mouth. So what are you going to do if somebody does LIBOR? We tell him you don't read the Quran. If somebody slanders does both done, we're going to tell him don't do it of Allah subhana wa Tada. So, the two are separate things and you cannot bring the notion of to help him just because you said that the mouth is a noble

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Oregon, the max that can be said is that it is not a noble act, I can I can understand this. But as I said, to say something is not noble does not make it sinful, in the eyes of Allah subhana wa Tada. Now, I think one of the strongest ways to actually say that it is mcru or maybe more than mccoo is to bring up the issue of an adjuster. And to say that, potentially an adjuster is going to be put into one's mouth. And to respond to this one could say that the majority of the methods, actually three of the methods say that * is not nitrous. Okay, so three of the methods actually say that it is not nudges. And then one can also respond that by unanimous consensus, a small amount of ninja

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says overlooked because you cannot, you know, protect yourself now what constitutes more, that is going to be another controversy. And still, I would say that this argument of NASA, you know, as we said, it is best to avoid an adjuster but in and of itself touching something that just or you know, of that nature, it's not something that is going to incur a loss in and if it is done for a reason. It is permissible by unanimous consensus, as I explained in the previous question, that you know, person changes the diaper of their child and that might be not just or you cleanse yourself and that is not just so you wash it off afterwards and it might not be noble, it might not be something that

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is you know, dignified, but something that is undignified does not become necessarily sinful in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And therefore, what I would conclude is that oral intimacy is something that one cannot say is sinful in the eyes of Allah, but at the same time, one

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should understand, frankly that this is a habit that we are picking up because of the prevalence of it in the cultures that we live in. Not that there's anything wrong with every single habit, but this particular habit, it was not something that was common or the norm in the majority of cultures and especially in Muslim lands and cultures and that is why one does not find a discussion of this in the classical books you find just as quick reference here and there. And generally speaking, we do find permissibility in some of the previous or whatever. And I want to quote you a fatwa from

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one of the scholars who gave this

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regard with regards to oral *. He said, that In conclusion, it has now become clear that oral * is not prohibited. But it is not the normal choice for committed Muslims and Muslims. Despite the fact that oral * is not held on it is completely disgusting and does not conform to the pure taste and the decency of a Muslims personality and, quote, I am sympathetic to this. So it is not how long you're not going to be sinful. But at the same time, let's try to cultivate higher and try to do that which is the best another photo from modern hanafy chef Mufti, Ebrahim decide, he writes that it is mcru because the mouth is not an Oracle of Ages. And because

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the mouth is used for reciting the Quran, and for doing Vicar end quote. So makuu I agree with this fatwa, that oral * is not how long, but it should be makrooh. And if the couple, three feels that they must engage in this, they really should make sure that no jossa is avoided, and nothing of that nature is ingested. And that of course, the pre med the or the pre seminal fluid is measured. So keep that point in mind. And if it is done, then it should, it should not be something that and again, I mean, the problem comes to your brothers and sisters, that people have been raised in a society where certain acts have been absorbed by them, they want to do these things. And if

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they are told that it is not allowed, you know, within a marriage, it might actually cause problems for many of them. Sometimes, people convert to Islam, and they are totally accustomed to a certain lifestyle. So we we cannot give a blanket fatwa to every single couple, the default as I have said, and this is the position of advocating is that it is not how long it is not sinful, but I'm not giving the green light, it is mcru and one should strive to one's best to attain a more noble or more purified level. But if one does it, one will not be punished by Allah subhanho wa Taala. And by the way, interestingly, just interestingly, Jewish rabbis as well many of them, they also forbid

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this, and they say that it is not some time in the Orthodox strand. And also before I conclude the center of this, this, this question, I want to again be very clear here, that

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this is something that is above and beyond normal *. So if a woman feels that she does not want to engage in this, the husband cannot force her because she is required by Islamic law to be accessible for regular *. If there's no, you know, other impediments, she is required by our Shetty to allow him to have * with her. She is not required by our Shetty to satisfy every fetish or every desire of his that is beyond that, which is mainstream and normal. And so if she finds this issue problematic, she should speak with him and she should not be forced that having been said, The flip side is well that if the husband, you know, it might cause problems as well so

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that they should try to find some type of, you know, middle ground or whatnot in this regard because again, we want couples to find marital happiness within themselves. We want them to find sexual happiness within marriage and from each other. And so these things need to be discussed within the marriage and couples need to negotiate what what can and cannot be done within the confines of their bedroom. But from a purely technical perspective, she should not be forced to do something that is above and beyond what is regular * and you know, the two can negotiate you know what what can be done and Eliza knows best

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