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Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the political climate in Egypt and its impact on the country, including the use of the Prophet sallavi and the importance of protecting people's life. They also touch on the negative reactions of Microsoft's actions against the Prophet sallavi and the need for more involvement in addressing issues like fraud and fraudulent behavior. The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding violence and staying in touch with neighbors, and advise against making mockery of sources of audio. They also stress the need for more involvement in addressing issues like fraud and fraudulent behavior and advise against watching movies or videos on YouTube.
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God the Father of fear, addictive authority leverage illegal goodhand for human is because it was either because heatable fun Jimena. Tonight he just did the alcohol ujjivan journey and even their son said he and his Irish I didn't recall hearing either because this will go on when I should do it I love love love Why should economic freedom continue and we're going to do under Mohammed and Abu rasuluh Abba. First of all a lot of articles Tala G will follow Hamid bow to learn about Jesus Rahman Rahim Inaka V neck and Mr. ASEAN and Medina you're channeling about one out of a cell for ya allah Moon whatever they are, they are they will saw the look of him is known for some behind the

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rock pika welcome Mina Sergi. Deena Wah.

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So Nicola, with all the

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restriction Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

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if you recall, last week, at the end of my football, my the general topic of the hotbar was stress and depression, and how to treat stress and depression in Islam. And I had dedicated and talked about the current events that have been going on in Egypt and in Libya. And the video that was released in regards to the proper sell off body was selling them that was making a mockery of our beloved copywriting and set up. I had only talked about it for 10 minutes. There are many people in the community who came to me and were requested me that you cannot it is not fair, that you take this subject, which needs so much inebriation and explanation, and try to squeeze an entire topic in

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10 minutes. So therefore, today, in today's look, I want to actually take what I talked about those last 10 minutes last week, elaborate more upon the subject, and the current events that have been going on in Egypt and Libya.

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Of course,

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what happened is that just to just to get started off, and why all this Where did all this start from? Why did the subject matter where they come from? It happened last week. Last week, there was a person by the name of Christopher Stevens, who was an ambassador of America, sent to Libya. And were he and along with three four other people, their life was taken was taken away. And of course, the the excuse behind taking their life away was wife, that there was a video made regarding the pump. So a lot of it was summed up in which there was a mockery of the Prophet Allah has set up. And honestly, in my most humble opinion, of course, I do truly believe this, that this was an act of

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ignorance. This was an act of ignorance. Whoever those individuals they did, it was an act of ignorance, and there is no place in Islam for this. When you look at the subject of killing or taking someone else's life in Islam, of course, you will see the Allah subhanho wa taala. He talks about this in the book on first of all, is that no one is allowed to take the life of anyone else, no one is allowed to take the life of anyone else. In fact, Allah subhanaw taala in the Quran, he clearly mentions that mean actually that you get better than our love and he is right here and nothing but other than Epson behind Epson oversized and fill them up other than NASA, Jimmy, oh man,

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I have a message. And the rule is that if you take the life of one person, you have committed such a cry, it is as though that you have taken the life of everyone on the face of the earth. And if you save one person's life, if you save one person's eye, it is as though you will have saved the lives of the entire humanity. You know, I remember I was approached by a few days ago I had an interview with a woman from Dallas Morning News. In regards to all of this. She asked me one question that what is your stance and what is what is your belief about people taking the lives of other people? And I mentioned to her something very, very clearly it just been one sentence, that life is precious

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life is sacred, rare regardless and whether the person is a Muslim or an almost no one's life should be taken away without in justly no one's life should be taken away and recorded. That's why because life is so sacred. Life in life is so sacred and this is something that we all love. Now, keeping in mind is that the person who was sent from here to America, as I mentioned is in crystal receiving he was only an ambassador, which an RV turns if you look at it, he was only ever seen

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If you look at the general the the habit and the rules and the laws of the Prophet sallallahu, it was seminar that how he would treat results and messengers and ambassadors, we learn something very, very important. And not only do we learn this from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, this is a rule throughout the entire world, that ambassadors should not be killed. Even according to Islamic teachings. There's a hadith of masala Allahu alayhi wa sallam that he said, Muslim that there were schools and messengers and ambassadors should not be killed. In fact, even according to Islamic Sharia, even according to the standard Sharia, if there is an ambassador of a country, that people

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have died, and you're about to go, they're about to go to war with an ambassador from that country comes still you cannot take them out of that person. Still, you cannot take the lead with that person. So even when you look at the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, how he would treat ambassadors, when people they came and they were messengers on behalf of someone else, how he would treat them, he will never treat them wrong, he will only treat them with respect. When you start when you study the story of Philadelphia, when the Sahaba, the commissar something went all the way to Makkah with the intention of former aamra. And they were stopped. They were stopped, and they

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were not allowed to make entry into monka. There was a person by the name of who had been around. So anybody who came to us, Marcel, well, Marlene was salam, as an ambassador, as a representative and a messenger on behalf of the old age. He came to us once in a while it was send them but what can we learn that he was the place you were stopping us from entering into Makkah, the Prophet alayhi salam could have held him as a hostage. And he could have used this as leverage against the pledge that we have a man of yours, if you don't let us into Makkah, we will take the back of this person, what does he do? He never did anything of that type. He led the ambassador calm, he had a conversation

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with that person. And in fact, was there anything I know when he went back to the police and the police, they saw his you know, they saw that he had a you know, there was he was going through an emotional stage. They asked him that is everything okay? Is everything okay? He said that I have visited the king, so many different kings. But I have not seen anyone who is more respectful of your leader than the Sahaba that they are they are respectful towards them, Sua Lombardi was send them, in fact, that had an effect on so head of Adama. So we see that of course, in Islam, the overall wanting to when you talk about taking the life of someone, there is no place in Islam for this. Now,

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having said that, let's go to the next thing, which is that the movie that was created regarding the publisher, Allahu alayhi wa sallam, I want to elaborate upon this, because many of us, we may not have a clear idea about what exactly is going on.

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I found an article actually, he was a brother of the community, he brought an article to me from the Dallas Morning News, that there was a person who actually wrote an article about all these riots that have been going on. And he actually did shed some light on the person where he made this video, he says that, first of all, that this person who made this video, he actually paid some people $75 a day to come and to make this video in his home. Eventually, and after this video was made, he actually put the audio in the mouths of those actors and actresses. And then what he did was that he began to stitch up different different shots and different different video shots. He began to stitch

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all them together and he made one video. Eventually what happened was that when he did want to actually it is very true about this is very true, that he tried to play this into a movie theater he tried to have as a movie theater. And guess how many people came to see this movie? No one, no one came to even see this movie for free. No one wants to waste their time. So then what did he do? He put a he put a video on YouTube about this also promoting his own video. And guess how many response he had? He had said no responses whatsoever. But then here's what happens. A person in Virginia, according to this article, a person in Virginia who was an anti Muslim, and he is by by a religion,

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he was Egypt, living in Virginia. He took this video transcribed a video into the Arabic language by putting subtitles on the bottom in the Arabic language. And then this movie was then sent over overseas. What did the hola and what are some of the people they do over there overseas? Is that then they made this they made this into a big

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Taste, then they began to spread this, they began to spread this far and wide. And so many people, they became more and more aggravated more and more upset, more and more frustrated, as they began to see the movie. And to begin to see the movie, they became more upset and more frustrated, and then got frustrated, manifested in action against the person who was the ambassador of America, who was sent to Libya. And that person, his life was taken away, keeping in mind that a person whose life was taken away, it is ultimately in jest, is injustice towards that person. Because that person never even made the video. That person never even probably knew about the video, he had nothing to

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do with the video. And yet people in almost automatically went and took his life, which is, of course, there is no place of that in Assam.

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Then at the same time, keeping in mind is that I remember very well, when this didn't come out, many Muslims were saying that look, it is the is the is the Jewish people who are doing this, actually, this person in the beginning, he may have said a punch the article once again to the Gospel, any news that this person he did claim in the beginning to be an Israeli Jew. But that was a lie. He was actually a Coptic Christian, who came from California, who did belong to a church in California, it was he who decided to do all of this. And then he went through. And not only that, but if you have been staying in touch with the news, just yesterday on CNN, just yesterday on CNN, there was a

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report that some of the actors in that same video, they did not know what they're getting into. They just they did volunteer just for the money. But then now they are actually suing that person who didn't make the video because they did not realize what is happening when they were getting into. So these are the things that have been happening exactly this is what what has been mentioned in the music. This was based on some research. Now, there is a video regarding the Prophet sallallahu it was just yesterday in the Dallas Morning News. Once again, it is mentioned that this video will now be published, this video will now be published and it will be sent out and people can watch it as

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many times as they want and they can buy the video if they want also. Of course we know that here in this video. There is a mockery and disrespect of the Prophet Sal a lot of money was sent there is no doubt about it. I have not seen the video personally myself, that people who have talked to they have said that it is absolutely a mockery and disrespect of the Prophet alayhi salam. Now we'll get last week and my foot better the last 10 minutes might have been some of the people that got the impression that I'm saying that if they if people are disrespected their profit if they're doing anything against the moderators. So now we are just to be sitting here and be patient. First of all,

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I'm not saying that the very first thing I want to say about this is that if a person if a Muslim brother or sister, if they express their anger, or they express their frustration, or how much upset they are, based on this video, this is a sign of the month. This is a sign of the month. Why? Because when a person gets angry or upset, or frustrated, he will only become angry, upset and frustrated when someone does something wrong to him. And he takes it very, very personally. Whew, you see that so many people have become upset at this mafia was was a lot of it was done. This is nothing less than the site of Eman. This is a sign of ima. And the reason I say this is because when

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I share with you I want to share with you a story of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam that went time he was also being disrespected by a Jew who came and he demanded money to sponsor a Walmart he was and then he came to ask the money back from us was a Walmart he was selling them prior to the date that was fixed, where the prophet he would return the money back. He came down to that bass and he came to the Prophet and he began to disrespect the Prophet. What did the Sahaba do? They just sit there, nobody stood up and they began to they're about to attack that person that the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said that no, this person is not to be attacked, to not have this

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person, in fact, explained to him very, very nicely explained to him very, very nicely. So what do you see the Sahaba what happened was the Sahaba they became upset when people became the disrespected. Why and when you see the Sahaba Of course, they were a mountain each Sahaba individual they were a mountain of emotion on their own by themselves. So when a person they express their frustration that why is this happening? This is a sign of the man no doubt.

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This is a sign of Mr. Noda. But then let's look at the Quran. What does the Quran say? What does the Quran say? What is the sila teach us? Then what did the Prophet do? When people were disrespectful toward him towards him? What are the problems I saw them do when people who did harm and they afflicted punishment, and they affected torture upon him? How did the troublesome Yeah, how do you react to that, and how he treated those people later on. Of course, we know that in the Quran, Allah subhanho wa taala. So that he says, in nothing I can muster as in that he called upon to sell well, while he was selling them that indeed, he says enough, which means that most indeed, we are a

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sufficient for you against the people who make a mockery out of you. This is Allah subhanaw taala saying that you might have to take action, we will be the ones who are taking action, you don't have to worry about it. We'll be the ones who will take and who will hold us accountable for the things they say to you.

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Not only that, but there is another is Allah says in the Quran

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that we know and like a

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balloon, then your chest is constrained because of what they say. But what did Allah subhanaw taala say after that? Did he say that now because you are so upset, and now because your heart is so constrained? Because of what they say go and flakes and go and treat them the way he treats you go and take their lives. Now he might say that he says percent behind the robic glorify Allah subhanho wa Taala what Gumina Sajid deen and become amongst those who are making sujood and there are prostrating themselves before Allah subhanho wa taala. And then he says that while ago the Rebecca had the idea to worship Allah can, you know, devote yourself to Allah subhanho wa Taala until the

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time comes that you depart from this world, the word of God in here in this verse does not actually mean nothing firm and fate, it actually means that, that you continue to worship Allah levy to Allah, Allah will take care of them, and you continue to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala until the time comes into depart. At the same time, when you look at and you say the seed of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the one thing that we will learn is that the prophet is the Sahaba of your Walmart, men and women, they were persecuted because they said one thing and that one thing was that it along with the Rasul Allah, there was religious persecution, yet not a single time did the

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Prophet sallallahu ala he was setting them to eat, tell these people that I want you to go and get even with these people. Not only did he not only did he stay away from this, but he taught us a highway to stay away from this also, there were times when the Sahaba de came to the Prophet, they came to the prophets. And they said that where is the humble love? When will they help Allah calm down the publisher, somebody not come and sit and I say to them, that you know what, whatever they're doing to you go get back to him with them do exactly the way you're being treated, go treat them exactly the same way. In our teach that he said, be patient be patient. In fact, when he saw

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when he realized that there are many Muslims in the community, that is that the prosecution and the torture has gone beyond the limits. What did the Prophet do, he gave them permission to go and migrate to me, Cynthia go is thinking at the center there and become interested there until things being calm down here. So you see that even in monka, after all, the torture, not a single time of the province, someone didn't retaliate, when we know we know the story of five, that he went to die and how he was treated by it, you get after all of this, yet after all this, what did the Prophet saw some do when

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he came and he said that oh prophet of Allah, it is your wish, if you say this, and we will be crushed the valve the people have died the lead between two mountains, they will be crushed to death. What are the problems are Saddam do? He said no, he goes, I forgive them. I forgive them after being through whatever he was. And if you actually study what the parmesan he went through, it is mind boggling. It is literally you cannot even imagine how much tortured how much pain the Prophet saw that he went through. He was pelted with stones to the extent that blood coming out of his body, he came all the way through his shoes and his shoes got stuck to his feet, because the

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blood had dried up there was that much blood after all of this after shedding so much but for these people, what are the problems are some do he forgave them for the sake of Allah and what was the result of that? If you actually studied history, one of the people who brought you saw one of the people who brought us down to India, which and two places in India at that

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and which was India now dividing into India Pakistan, is said that there was a person by the name of Mohammed bin Qasim, who actually was the bravest people to be Islam to India. And because we were he was wrong. He was from thought he was from thought if Imagine if the prophet would have said I guess get rid of all them. They did this to be get rid of them. What would have happened to the people of thought? So we've learned that How about some of you treat those people in Medina in Sudha Ali Imran Allah subhanho wa Taala he says to the Prophet, let's open a one on one on one physical, you will be tested, you will be going through challenges Well, unless my owner and not only that, but most

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certainly, he says unless my own which in the Arabic language it implies that most certainly, you will hear many things from who medullary

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publico those who are the People of the Book, let me know let me assure you and those who come and shoot, what will you hear from them and then can you draw and then you can be much much arm? Much much things that are you know, things are much worse that are beyond our imagination. But what is what else was saying in that bottom verse? What interests me what does that mean? For me, Danica has been more than if you are patient, and you are conscious about the OP you have the awareness of Allah that this is the better course of action. This is the better course of action. When we see the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam after living in Medina, ended a few years before he passed away

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when he went to Makkah, and the conquest of Makkah took place the year after the incident and the Treaty of Arabia, when the people they were brought before us was so long while he was selling them, those same people who have done wrong to the Prophet, those same people who had kicked out as masala it was someone from Makkah, eight years ago, what are your thoughts on it was seven do now our was in his hand, he could have done whatever he wanted to do. But what did the Prophet do? He chose to take the path of forgiveness, He forgave them, he forgave him for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala. So that's why there were so many stories that we there are so many stories and insists that

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we learn for the purpose of love money within them, that when people they do these kinds of things, I'm gonna share with you later on a little more things about this, that this this person who wrote in the article, he says something more amazing about this, about the same person who made the video. And so but what we learned so far is that when people think disrespect, our schools are locked behind us. And of course, if we show our frustration, and we get upset it and we heard about it, this is the site of EMA and we should, they should be the least this should be the least as promised, or somebody says bhamra Campanula. It will be for 11 years of me designing for LM

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yesterday or Foley LD, whether in your office, even if we take it hard to heart, then this is the least and this is good. At least we show that we have some love for us.

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But the next question is that what are we supposed to do? What are we supposed to do in these circumstances? So so there are some things I can share with you that what things we should be doing, first of all, is that we should be raising the awareness amongst ourselves to ignore the prop to ignore the situation. See, we live in a world we live in a world where you have internet everywhere, you have enemies everywhere. If you go on YouTube, you will find videos that people that have posted on YouTube that are against Christianity, you will find videos online that are against Judaism, you will find videos online that are against other religions. This is the case this is the world that we

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are living in all the time, even this person today, this Coptic Christian who made this video, even if you were to go away, there will be another enemy of Islam that will come around. There are always going to be people who are going to say things about Islam, people who are enemies of Islam. First I one time you had the Danish cartoons, that one time there was a person by the name of Terry Jones, who wants to burn morons that now you have this person, this is not the end of the story. This is good. This is going to continue to go on. This is just we have just probably been started only Allah knows. But this is will this will continue to go on. You will have enemies all the time for every

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single religion. But what are we supposed to do? Instead of getting worked out as I'm getting excited every single time somebody comes out like this? Ignore the problem, ignore it. You know, I do the example last week I gave an example last week when a kid is being bullied in school when a kid is be willing to school. You know one thing that you know what the best way to deal with that is that that child is told to ignore them for as long he can complain and they can be consequences for those kids who are the bullies. But nonetheless, whenever

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Lesson is being bothered over and over again, what are they told you to ignore them, when you continue to ignore them, the people who want you to get excited about the matter, they will realize that this person is not getting excited, he's not getting worked up. He's not taking action. So let's just let's just forget about it. This is what we need to do as muslims need to continue to ignore it, the more we ignore it, the more the matter will calm down. The second thing is that we need to get more involved within our homes and within our Muslim and non Muslim communities. When we see that as soon as Obama It was said when he did when he went to Medina, not only did he just work

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with the hygiene and the unsalted butter, he brought them together. But at the same time, he didn't work with multiple sets. And anonymous until that time were in Medina where the Jews he worked with them, he created the Constitution of Medina with them, he worked with them, yet later on when they were the ones who betrayed the agreement. They were the ones who were then dismissed from Medina. But nonetheless, what do we learn that the promises some he worked with them, and there's so many things that we can do. They're just few examples I can give. We, most of us sitting over here, we probably are, or may not be part of association. If there is a homeowner's association, that we

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shouldn't be part of that we live in a community but we don't express ourselves, we don't get involved with our own community, people, then then we become irrelevant in any society and community, keep friendship and keep a relationship with your neighbors. How many times does it happen that we live next to neighbors for 5678 years, but we don't even know that. We don't even know that the Prophet SAW Selim, he has stressed upon taking care of her neighbors, we need to reach out to our neighbors, when there are civic engagements, get involved in that the best way to know about what's coming engagements are and what I'm where we're sitting engagements are taking place in

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our community, if there is any Muslim brothers or sisters who are trying to run for state or city positions, support them, give them you know, support them. So the thing is that we need to get more and more involved. At the same time. One advice I will give is, do not watch the movie, do not watch the movie. You know, there is a rule when you look at, you know, the search engines, Google YouTube, all the search engines, whether it's Yahoo, Bing, it can be any search engine, the rule is the rule is that when you put anything into Google, for example, the first, the first website, I comes all the way on top of the first page, that is the website that is most visited. That is the website that

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is the most visited when you put something into the into the bar of YouTube and you're trying to look for a video, that video that is tagged with this the search that you're looking for the video that has watched the most days of video that comes out on top. So the keeping in mind is if we don't want others to watch this movie or video, and this is on YouTube live in watching, because I can almost guarantee you I may be wrong is by almost guarantee you that probably 90% of the views on that video are gonna be Muslims and only non Muslims. And care is US weapons so upset about it. So then we are the ones who are watching it, the more we watch it, the more views, the more views gets

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wider when anyone searches for Muhammad Sallallahu, I will send them this will be the very first video all the way to come on top. And if you don't want one others to watch it, we should stay away from it ourselves. Keeping in mind is reaching out to care, you can reach out to care find out what care what has cared done so far, in regards to the to the situation, or they're filing a lawsuit get involved with that we need to learn that when we take action, we take action that is affected, and we are taking action. And we are smart about taking action, not taking action that is ineffective, where we're making more noise, and there's no offense to all of it, and to what we see going on in

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the things that are taking place. But we should not be doing is that for example, if you see Burning flags, of course, it's offensive, it's time for them, then they don't want to see that their rights taking place. You know this person, a person who wrote the article and the Deseret News, he actually he actually said this, that the man who was behind the movie who acts to expose Islam as a violent religion. When he saw when he saw that nothing was going on. He said that then he went to the one of the main reasons he had this video was to show that how violent and how you know how violent Muslims are. And when he did produce the video lessons became a workout they became excited about it. This

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you know what we did? We showed the world that this person whenever he was trying to do he was right. The intention he had behind making the movie he was right. This is what we're showing the world. This is what we're showing the world every single time you

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Don't put bait out for us. We as Muslims, we're biting on that bait, we're taking the bait every single time. The problem is if somebody says, let me know when Jordan was in power 10 You know what that means? That probably some in in the most common form, the easiest way to understand that somebody's a believer does not make the mistake that he does not make the same mistake twice. A believer does not make the same mistake twice. And this is what's happening. The Danish cartoons came, everyone got excited, it was proved I guess this is how you This is how you can get 2% Muslim not violent because of this. When Terry Jones came this what happened again, and now the third time

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the same is happening again. So that's why we need to be very careful about this. And Allah subhanaw taala was the ability to act was this article one and I would have relied on him when I find that when we didn't have him stuck to the law he would have been by saying Hello

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100 Dad coming in and doing a sine wave stop flowing. I would like to show the love and Melinda what my father had to learn that it was actually gonna restaurant.

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My dad, just one thing I'm going to share with all of you is that of course we see that you have so many enemies of enemies of Islam, who are disrespectful. This was a long morning.

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But some of you may object to this man. Some of you may question what I'm about to say. But in my most humble opinion, this is this is why I truly believe that people who are emperors of Islam, they will continue to be the enemies of Islam they will continue to disrespect as well as Allah on April 7. But I firmly believe that if we today we have been so upset about people making a mockery of a source of audio setup, being really honest, these people who are making a mockery they will not be so much held about the about this on the Day of Judgment compared to the Muslims who truly say that I believe in Allah I would love for us we also love it was Sunday, and yet their entire life is

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contradicting the teachings of as well as a loved one. See, we as Muslims, we continue to say that we are so upset we are so upset. We are so upset. But guess what if our life is against the teaching, there was also a long one it was a long, it is not there moving question about somebody's judgment. It will be asked to be questioned about somebody in judgment. And as we know in English, there's a saying in English that I

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