Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J01-005A Translation and Word Analysis Al-Baqarah 17-20

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of learning grammar and memorizing past and present tense in learning is emphasized, along with the need for a mindset and understanding of these topics. The use of "harbor" and "monkey" in Arabic and English is discussed, as well as the importance of memorizing "has" in various context, including political events and storm experiences. The transcript also describes a series of verses and recitation, but the meaning of "has" is unclear.
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Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh who are the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim, WA Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah al Karim rubbish Rahi Saudi Wei, a Siddeley Emery Wahoo Yurok data melissani of coho Kohli Allahumma Nickleby was so deadly Sonny was slow Sophie Mata Colby Amin, Yoruba, Al Amin. So how was your experience of memorizing last week's lesson? The translation, it was a bit hard, okay? I'm guessing because it was long, so it took some time. But were you able to recognize the patterns that we studied in class? So perhaps the the tense the pronouns, the verbs and pronouns Alhamdulillah. So I'm going to leave the grammar at that, and

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inshallah the concepts that we have studied so far, we will be, you know, reviewing them, because the way that you learn grammar is by application. So I'm sure you have more questions about how can we recognize, you know, verbs of past tense, what other signs are there, etc, but we'll do these things gradually. Inshallah. So even in today's class, we're going to apply the same rules that we learned in the previous class, okay? One thing is that, you know, the way that you think about something really affects your capacity to learn. So, if you keep thinking, or if you keep saying grammar is hard, if you keep saying translation is hard, then you will definitely find it hard. But

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if you have, you know, an open mind, and you say that Allah subhanaw taala has promised that his book is easy for remembrance, then for, you know, learning for taking lesson from I have to do my part, I have to keep trying, I have to keep doing whatever is within my capacity, and insha Allah with time you will learn, you know, it's very important that the person who is trying to study is patient with themselves. Do not expect immediate results from yourself that you should be able to read the translation once and you know it, you listen to the class, once you study a set of verses once and you know it, it doesn't happen like that. Think about it, Allah subhanaw taala reveal the

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Quran over a period of 23 years. Right? Why? Because the Quran is supposed to be learned gradually. So do not expect immediate results from yourself. All right, but at the same time, do not be lazy. Do the homework that is assigned to the best of your ability. And don't give up and Alhamdulillah it's Ramadan, we have the special Baraka the special blessing of Ramadan, make special dog for yourself that ya Allah make the learning of the Quran easy for me, And Alhamdulillah you have the whole week in the middle to be able to, you know, learn gradually see what's best for you. Maybe on Sunday, the best thing for you to do is to you know, listen to the recitation the verses again, and

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you know, just read the translation once, you know, divide your lesson over the course of the week. So for example, on Monday, memorize a translation of one idea on Tuesday memorize the translation of the next idea. So if you divide your work and you continue to study consistently and slowly, in sha Allah, you will see results. All right, so the first thing is believe in the promise of Allah, Allah subhanaw taala is truthful. No one is more truthful than Allah when Allah has said, Well aka Dr. Sonal polyaniline victory for Helmy more decades than this has helped this is true. And, you know, we don't need people to tell us that when Allah is telling us that the Quran is easy, then it is

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easy and easy doesn't mean simple. All right, easy, doesn't mean you don't have to put in the hard work. It means it is possible. So you have to have the right mindset. You have to have the right approach. You have to think positive, you have to seek the help of ALLAH and you have to do your best in sha Allah. And you know, discuss with your classmates, ask your group and charges for different tips as to how you can memorize the translation, how you can review it, and in sha Allah with time you will see a difference insha Allah. All right. So with that, let's begin today's lesson today in sha Allah lesson number five we'll be doing verses 17 to 20 Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim

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Metha Lu hom ver example QMF le is like example, and levy of the one who is still Okada. He kindled Nowra a fire fellow man then when Allah

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are at it illuminated man what? Hola who is around him? The Hub Allahu Allah took away venuti him their light. What Tabaka home and he left them fee in Lulu Matin darknesses lair not, you will see rune they see someone they are deaf ones. Bookman mute ones, are immune blind ones, for whom so they lair not yellow G your own they will return owl or kelsa Ubin it is like a downpour main from a summer ie the sky, which fi in it Luma tone or darknesses were are done and thunder were broken and lightning. You had your Aluna they put our sabe our home their fingers fi in and then he him their ears, men because of our solaric the Thunderbolts Hedorah as precaution and multi against the death

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will Allah Who and Allah mu hailstone is one who encompasses Bill caffeine, those who disbelieve your candle Burpo The lightning almost Yafo it snatches away our Busara home their sights, cool lemma whenever Allah it sheds light LA home for them, my show they walk fee in it what either and when a lemma, it becomes dark, I lay him upon them, camo they stand well and if sha Allah who Allah willed leather however, surely he would have taken away, be summary him they're hearing what herbal sloty him and their sights in Indeed, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah over coolly every che in thing a de Rouen is ever able. Okay, let's look at the verses at a glance. These are the verses that

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inshallah we'll be studying today. You can see over here that many words are repeating. Okay, so for example, the word methyl, we have methyl hyung and we have QMF ally. We have later on Philomena Allah as you can see in green, although it's the same word comes again, although a la home, you don't have to take notes, I just want you to be able to recognize the words that are coming again. Okay, the words that are coming more than once in these verses, because this will help you not only memorize but also you know, make the connections. We have the word the harbor right in orange you can see the harbor. This word also comes again later on the harbor. All right, leather Harbor, we

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have the word Lulu mat in blue, and you can see that it comes again Lulu mat and then from the same root we have another word coming up later a lemma and remember that when the routes are the same, that means that there is some overlap of meaning. Then you have in pink ubislate own they see an apple SATA home their sights and apple sloty him again, that same word is coming later on. And you have the word buttock and again the word l Burke. So you can see that a lot of words are repeating. And quickly we learned last time about past tense verbs and also present tense verbs I told you that past tense verbs are called What exactly are they called? In Arabic? very mildly. Exactly. So the

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words in orange are all verbs of past tense is still Tada. He kindled a fire a ball at it illuminated, the hubba took away Tara cat, he left right and then we have a law. It illuminated my show they walked a lemma it darkened became dark mood they stood, sha Allah willed, the hubba took away inshallah we look at the meanings again. And then you have very muddy water. Right now I just want you to recognize that these are verbs off mildly. Okay. And insha Allah I will tell you the signs, but slowly remember fairmile daughter a clear sign was that it begins with the letter Yeah. So you will see Rona they see yellow G or ona they return yadgir I Luna they put right Yeah, can I

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do it is near Yeah. buffle it's snatches. So we have verbs of both past tense and present tense over here. Now let's look at eat

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toward okay Metha Liu home their example this is methyl methyl means example and it's from the root letters means that lamb and home means them are there. So, Matthew home together their example. So, their example meaning the example of the mafia clean the hypocrites is kammath le like example. So Cal means like and methyl again is example. So their example is like example a levy of the one who they are example is like example of the person who we have read the word a Lavina before a Lavina means those who slaughter levena and Nam Tarly him The path of those who so a Lavina is plural and Alevi the one who's singular okay. So is like example of the one who What did this person do is

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though other he kindled All right, meaning he lit What did he light What did he Kindle now Ah, if fire the word is still cada This is a verb of past tense or present tense just by looking at the translation What do you know past tense Exactly. And the route is well off then we're cold is fuel and Estacada is to kindle a fire because in order to kindle in order to light a fire, you need fuel. So it's still harder now raw now is fire. All right, and it's from the root letters noon welder. Then what happened he kindle the fire fella man then when fermions then lemme when together then when a law at it illuminated. This is a verb of past tense or present tense, mildly or magalia. Past

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tense, exactly. It illuminated. And the root is blood. Well, Hamza. All right. So then when the fire illuminated Mahala who? What is around him around who's the person who kindled the fire? Because of course, fire produces light as well. But it's very clear that the fire is very small. It's very weak because the light is barely just around him. All right, and my Hula, hula, hula who this is how will how will means around and who him all right, who this is the pronoun and hola who how this from the letters how well lamb so then when the fire illuminated what is around him what happened? The Hub Allah who be naughty him, Allah to Kuwait their light. Now you can see there's a lot of words over

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here. Now that hubba literally means he went, Okay, the hubba means what? He went from the root letters that hubba but when the verb the hubba is followed by the heart of the letter B. All right, that so the hubba be, it means to take away. So the hubba what does it literally mean? He went but when it's followed by B It means he took away so who is taking away Allah All right, and how do we know Allah is taking something away because of the Lamar remember I mentioned this to you earlier that this is how you know what the noun is in the sentence the subject or the object. So here because of the llama at the end, all right, we know that this is subject so they have Allahu Allah

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took away the notary him their light. Now you can see over here that the word with is in parenthesis and it's not bolded so you're not expected to memorize this, but it's there because we want you to know that we didn't, you know, forget to translate this or ignore it. No, what's happening here is that the meaning of the hubby together is changing into took away. So Allah took away their light, naughty him nor light him there. So when the fire illuminated what is around him? Allah took away their lights. Root letters are Nuala and what happened? What Taraka home and he left them what and Tharaka he left home them. All right, he left them. This is again family. All right from the root

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letters to law calf, and he left them were fee Lulu Matin in darknesses. Many darknesses first they were in one darkness, right? They were in one darkness before which was the darkness of the night. And then what happened? One person lit a fire and when it barely illuminated what was around him? Allah took away their light and now they're left in the

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Many darknesses Lulu mat is the plural of Luma. Luma. Darkness, Lulu matte darknesses. And this is from the root letters law Lam Meem. Okay, so he left them in darknesses and now that they're in darknesses what's happening? Lie you will see rune? Not they see. Right landlord you will see room they see they're not able to see. And you will see rune. How do we know it's there? How do we know you will see Rona? Is there see? Excellent. We have the yet at the beginning, which shows us that it's third person, and the well known at the end shows us that it's plural, right? So not they see you soon as from both sides. So what's happening now? They were in darkness, someone lit a fire. The

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fire was there. But Allah took away their light. And now they're left in darknesses and they're unable to see what is their condition. They are so mon deaf ones book mon mute ones are immune blind ones. The word ones what does that show us about these words? Are they singular or plural? Are they singular or plural? Exactly? They're plural, right? And the singular forms are in red. And also one more question. Are these words nouns or verbs? Nouns Exactly. How do we know these are nouns? A very clear sign of nouns over here. Exactly. The 10 wean at the end. All right. So when you have 10, Wien meaning double Holika All right, at the end of a word, that's a sign that the word is a noun. All

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right, so mon book mn rom Yun

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All right. So someone is a poor left the word l some are some is a person who is deaf. So someone deaf once people who are deaf and this is from the root side Meme Meme. Book one is the plural of Eboracum at the cam is a person who is mute, unable to speak so Book One mute ones from the root letters back calf mean or Omean is a plural of Arma Arma is one who is blind sir Omean blind once. So under a hula Arma right in South Abba we learned and it's from the root letters. I mean, yeah. So there are deaf ones mute ones blind ones, for whom so they lie yard your own land, not yard your own they will return. So they are one zoo, they will not return. They will not return yield your own.

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How do we know it's there? Because of the Yeah, third person and well known at the end floral. And this is from the letters rajim. Alright, so yellow G through the word yellow Jeru. What does that mean? Yellow G RU. He will return all right, and yellow G are una, they will return. So someone Bookman or Omean, for whom Lyle Jerome, there are ones who will not return L or meaning. This is another example their example. The example of the hypocrites is like kelsa uban. See the word cat. It's coming again. Metha Lu home camera thali their example is like example of the one who here el kelsa uban. Or their example is, like is a YouTube and say you've been noun or verb, noun or verb

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noun Exactly. How do you know

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can we exactly double Holika at the end? Or their example is like is a YouTube So YouTube is a downpour a heavy rain from the letters saw dwell bell so like a downpour, which is heavy rain that is falling from where main from a summer this guy? Okay, a summer L means the summer means sky. So like a heavy rain falling from the sky. Summer is from the letter seen meme? Wow. What's happening fi in it, meaning in the downpour in that heavy rain? There is Lulu Mattawan there are darknesses again we can see the word Luna Matt, this is plural awful. Zuma. La la meme is the route. So in that heavy rain in that size tube that storm is what a lot of darkness is and not just darknesses there

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is also what are dune and thunder from the root letters a lot are in that one Walberg Khan and lightning what and Burke lightning from bare rock cough So what's happening here? Heavy Storm there

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his darkness and darkness basically what does it do? It affects your visibility, you're not able to see clearly. So why is it dark because of the heavy rain probably because of the night and also because of the heavy clouds. So there is darkness. And in addition to the darkness, there is thunder, there is the noise. And then there is also those flashes of lightning. What do they do? Your Aluna they put meaning the hypocrites who are caught in the storm they put and your Aluna This is from Jarrah Jeem I inland is the root Darla means to make something but the word is very versatile. So it also gives a sense of putting. So the primary meaning is there. Alright, but it's

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not bolded because you should be able to recognize the primary meaning in the context it doesn't mean they make rather it means they put so what do they do in all of this darkness thunder and lightning, they put all sabia home their fingers fi and Danny him in their ears. So I'll saw a bear means fingers home there and a saw a bear fingers. It's plural. So the singular form is a search bar. And it's from the root letters sought by Irene. Okay. So they put their fingers were fie and then he him in their ears. And then again, this is plural. It's the plural of the word goon, which is from the letters Hamza than noon. Okay. So they put their fingers in their ears. Why would

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someone put their fingers in their ears? Why do people do that to block out the sound? Right? So they're putting fingers in their ears men because of okay, because of what a solaric the Thunderbolts A solaric is a plural of the word sorry PA, and Sarika is from the root letters. slogged. Iein off and Sarika Thunderbolt, the lightning that falls on the ground, right? So they put their fingers in their ears because of the Thunderbolts meaning they don't want to hear. And they think that by putting their fingers in their ears what are they going to do they're going to protect themselves they're going to save themselves from dying. So they do this Heather all mouth as

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precaution against death. Now Heather, this is from the letters had their raw hello is precaution All right. And emote. L means the mouth means death from the root letters meanwhile tap. So as precaution against death they put fingers in their ears, will Allah Who and Allah wa and Allah who Allah will Allah Who Mohit on and Allah is One Who encompasses How do we know that this word should be translated as one who encompasses Where did the one who come from? exactly mu Mohit on meme like mostly Hoan right most 13 So Allahu mo hailstone and it singular the word is singular because there's no well known or yeah known at the end. So Allah homo hailstone Bill caffeine mohila is from

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the root letters how well PA and Bill caffeine literally is with the disbelievers be meaning with L meaning the and calf fit is disbeliever and the Yamuna, Theon indicates plural. So disbelievers. And here we're not translating B, which is why you can see that it's in parenthesis, because in English a heartbeat is to encompass someone. Okay, so Allahu mohill tone Bill carefully read. So the LaMattina at the end is not a sign of plural. Okay, the llama tain the double halacha. At the end of the word is not a sign of a plural. It's a sign of a noun. Okay, so Allahumma Hilton, Bill caffeine, caffeine. This is from Kapha. Cover your candle Burpo. The lightning, almost, what does it do? Your

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stuff will absorb at home, it snatches away their sights. Now, why Bookman? Omean is with the Mateen that's not the sign of plural. Okay? The huddle cat at the end. Show us the role of the word in the sentence. Okay, the Hello Kathy can show us the status of the word in the sentence. They don't indicate to us the number of the noun the quantity as in is it singular or plural. So

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Yekaterinburg cool now Burke we read earlier bump is lightning you're familiar with this word now l barcoo. Is the lightning now what's happening year caddell Berco The lightning almost not the word yet. Kaddu is from calf while dal Cathy Accardo is when something is at the verge off or almost nearly. So Yekaterinburg could lightning almost what does it do? Yeah, duffel it snatches away your duffel is from kapa haka phase to suddenly * something away. So the lightning almost snatches away a Bousada home their sites and upside is the plural of bustle bow Sodre is the root so what happens could lemma whenever Allah Allah home it sheds light for them Allah this is from God well

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Hamza, do you remember this word? We read it earlier? Allah X ma hola who? Right? Although at mA hola who and now this is Allah. Okay? The word Allah technically is past tense, it shed light. Remember in the previous class, I mentioned something to you regarding the word either. What does it do to the verb off past tense that's coming right after it? Exactly, it changes the tense, right? So coulomb is also one of those words. It's changing the tense. So whenever it sheds light for them, okay? Meaning, remember the thunder bolts and the lightning. So whenever there is lightning, there is a thunder bolt and with that there is some light. And of course that light is just for a few

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seconds. What do they do in those few moments mesh show fee heat. They walk in it? Because otherwise there's darknesses right? Lulu mats. So, Michelle fee they walk in it again. Michelle technically is past tense, but it's coming after Columbia. It's connected with Colima. So when it sheds light, they walk in it and my show this is from meme Shinya mushiya To walk. So my show fee they walk in it meaning in that storm, what either and when a lemma it becomes dark again you see the word either a lemma a dilemma technically is past tense but here the tense is changing and the root is law Lam mean? So what either although lemme I lay him when it becomes dark upon them, meaning when there's

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no lightning and the storm is there, the rain is there. The Thunder is there, and they are in darkness. What happens? Camo they stand, camo This is from cloth while meme. Remember the word up Munna salata they established the salah, so up Mona is also from the letters cough well meme and camo they stand. Okay, so what either of them are really him camo. Whenever it sheds light, they walk, and whenever it becomes dark, they stand. Allah subhanaw taala says well, oh sha Allah Who And if Allah willed, shout Allahu Allah Who willed now SHA literally means he willed. Who willed Allah who Allah willed, this is why the words are together in one box. And if Allah willed and sha Allah

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is from the letters Chien yeah Hamza mushiya. Will. So if Allah willed leather her Barbie summery him, whatever, Swati him, surely he would have taken away their hearing and their sights. If Allah wanted, he could have taken away their hearing because they hear the thunder, which is why they put their fingers in their ears and they see the lightning because of which they walk in those few moments of brightness. But if Allah willed, He could have taken away their hearing and their sights completely so they wouldn't be able to hear the thunder and they wouldn't be able to see the flashes of lightning. Now be summery him be means with summer is hearing him there. And again, this is the

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Habibi what does the hubba mean on its own? Exactly in sha Allah in means if SHA willed Allah Allah, if Allah wills so the Havana literally went but the hubba be took away. So Allah would have taken away their hearing summer see me mine and he could have also taken away what upside him and their sights of Assad Flora love bustle, bow Sodre is the root. So if Allah willed, He would have taken away their hearing and their sights in Allah indeed Allah Allah over Kali every

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shaitan thing cloudy Iran is ever able shaken is from sheen yeah Hamza and Kadir is from off Del Oro. Indeed Allah over everything is ever able he has the power to take away their hearing and their sights. Alright, so let's listen to the recitation of these verses. And then we will begin to proceed

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with any ladies

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all at my house there have been already in the head along with you. He wants to go home feel alone oh man who don't see alone. So

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our kalsa yeading Mina Santa up here whoo man.

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saw the movie?

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meno saw

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one more here. Bill theory I mean, yeah

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he was either

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formal one oh SHA along with other Have you seen him what other sorry him in the law colletion in

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