Yasir Qadhi – Ask Shaykh YQ #90 – How Does A Women Determine Her Cycle is Clearly Over to Resume Praying

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the signs a woman is likely to resume praying if she has a normal cycle. They give examples of signs that indicate a woman is likely to resume praying if she has a normal cycle, and explain that if a woman has a normal cycle, she should do the hustle. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of waiting a little extra time for a woman to resume praying if she doesn't have a normal cycle.
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Okay, so the next question we have

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sister is from Toronto. She emails and she says that what are the clear signs that a woman's cycle is over such that she should resume praying? She is confused about this issue.

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The response. So the fix of menstruation is a very, very long class. Frankly, it is one of the most confusing chapters to all those who study it. But I will give you a short and simple answer.

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If a lady has regular menses, if a lady has regular menses, ie, she has a habit that she knows, roughly so many days, she's going to be without menses, 2728 29, whatever, 26. She has a rough idea one or two days, but the most she is she has a regular cycle, and then five or six or seven days. And again, roughly plus or minus a day or two is well known that everybody every average lady goes through. But overall there is a rough cycle that she knows what it is. I'll answer this question. If she has a regular cycle. If she does not, then I'm not going to answer because I'll have to go to Photoshop for a specific photo for sure. For her situation, if she has a regular cycle, one of two

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signs is what she needs. If either of these signs is met, she should do the hustle. And she should resume prayer. So a lady that has a regular cycle that is roughly similar every single month, either she finishes her menses when she sees the whitish discharge on her pad, and all the ladies that have regular cycles know what this is. So when that whitish discharge comes out, and it is visible on the pad, once that is seen, then she may assume that anything after that is irrelevant. There might be traces of blood that will come there might be a drop or two that will come. But once that white is discharged has come, she should do the hustle. And she should start praying immediately. This is the

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primary sign. Now suppose she missed it. She didn't see it. She didn't know what happened. And her regular days go by suppose she has it for six days. And on the sixth day, she's waiting, waiting, waiting, that does nothing happens. You know, she wakes up the morning of the seventh still no discharge and she she does not have her period for more than seven days ever. Right? So six days is your max let's say generally speaking, so on the seventh day or basically anyone her regular cycle finishes, she knows I should give just give an example 567 whatever it is, she may insert a pure cotton for example, or tissue or something into her area and then check Are there any dots? Are

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there any spots Is there any blood or not. And if there is nothing if she takes it out, and it is basically clean without any reddish or pinkish discharge, in this case, her area is clean, she may assume that that is the equivalent of the wires discharge, and she made them do her household and start to prayer. And if it so happens that the widest discharge comes in 12 hours and she's done some solar, you know no problem. They okay she made it he had and whatnot and she should then keep in mind that the next time her cycle doesn't have the widest choice, you should wait a little bit extra. But the first time it happens, you know second time it happens Don't worry, she may follow

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her regular cycle so that she is consistent in this regard. So these are the two primary factors that demonstrate that the monthly menses have finished number one the whitish discharge number two in case there is no discharge for that particular timeframe and her timeframe finishes she may then check by inserting a tissue or a cotton swab and then taking it out and making sure that there is no trace of blood and so if it is clean, if area is clean, then she may do hosel and resume praying Now suppose she does not have a regular cycle. In this case, the answer is much more longer and she should go to a qualified shake or shake her and asked about her specific scenario to get her answer

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and a lot of soldier knows best.

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