Yasir Qadhi – Ask Shaykh YQ #89 – Is Wagyu Beef Halal

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the myth of obtain a certain protein called obtain from a cow, which is highly expensive and is not as popular as other foods. The speaker also talks about the expense of cow feed and the expense of cow protein, which is not as common as other foods. The speaker concludes that the protein is only oneSeveral hub, and the rest of the protein is not allowed to be eaten.
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The next question I had to ask it I found it a bit amusing. And also because I myself mood of a foodie so I I had to ask this guy asked this question as well. So our brother is how from Minnesota emails us? And he says is wagyu? Beef wagyu? Beef halaal? Is it halaal? Because he said the cows are fed beer, this is what the question says okay 107

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COVID is in danger?

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know he him first?

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The response to this, my dear brother is how, please do your research all of you whenever you ask or want to do anything, do your research find out what exactly is the issue. And I found this very amusing, because it is a common myth. Firstly, for those of you who do not know, what is wagyu. So wagyu refers to a particular meat that comes from a particular type of cow that is primarily based in Japan, but obviously, since it has become popular that it has been imported, or exported to other places in the world. So it refers to a type of steak that is coming from a specific type of cow, and wagyu is very, very prized is perhaps the most expensive steak in the world, or one of the most

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because of the unique marbling of the fat and the meat that is intertwined, you know, in a way that is not found in other types of cows, and Coby as well as a type of wagyu. And so wagyu is one of the most exotic, if not the most exotic type of steak. And there is a rumor, it is a rumor that one of the reasons why wagyu is so expensive, is because they feed beer to the cows. And first they asked you without even googling, do you really think they're going to give beer to the cow? Do you really think they're going to make the cows candy tipsy and just feed them beer? I mean, it was done? No, they're not going to do this. It's not this is a common misconception about wagyu. wagyu is

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expensive for many reasons.

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One of them being supply and demand. I mean, some kind of law, when when people want something the prices are going to go with as simple as that really, essentially wagyu the cow is not any more or less expensive, inherently. It's just like any anything that people want. Let me give an example. What dates in Medina, right at what dates, it costs the exact same amount of money to plant Iowa than it does to plant all the other dates. Okay, it costs the same amount of effort to harvest Iowa that it has all of the other dates. And yet, Iowa sells for five times the price of regular dates. Why? Because supply and demand is simple as that people want to call us we can overcharge. That's

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the reality of economics. I mean, it's like, you know, Adam Smith, I mean this the reality of economics anyway. So why are you is expensive, not because of the beer. Okay, now, what if the cows had ingest to something How long? Our scholars say? So I wanted to actually answer this question, because it's actually not just as humorous, but we can answer it in a more academic manner as well. A little bit of an adjuster that is swallowed by the animals. This is overlooked by unanimous consensus of all the scholars of Islam, nobody says otherwise. Anybody who says otherwise, frankly, has never been around animals, do you really expect that a chicken or a cow is going to be eating

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Uh, no nudges is going to come in its food. No, obviously, if you're a Muslim farmer, it is held on to give nudges to the animals, if they eat it on their own, without you giving to them, that little amount is overlooked. However, if an amount is given, that affects the quality of the meat, I'm just saying theoretically wagyu is not of this nature, if the amount is given of nudges product that affects the animal, the taste, the smell the color of the animal, then in this case, it is makrooh to sacrifice that animal and eat it. And you should leave the animal for a number of days until it becomes pure. So you do not feed the animal, anything nudges and this is again if you were to have

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power over if you were the farmer in this case, but otherwise, a little bit of an adjuster would be overlooked in any case. So that answers the question that Wagyu beef is definitely Hillel Of course, in my opinion has to be the Bihar or kosher as well. So you cannot use by any. But I have to conclude this question with a very, very important disclaimer. Beef aside when it comes to cooking the steak there is really only one mez hub that is acceptable. All other med hubs were going to be soundly refuted and they are about to there is one metal hub for cooking steaks and that is medium rare. Please make a note of this. And this is the polar roger that all

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The evidence is all around this position. Obviously that is a joke and Carlota

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