Yasir Qadhi – Allah Loves Those who Practice Ihsan

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The importance of wearing masks and not touching one's face until leaving a building is discussed, as well as the concept of Sun and worship. The speakers emphasize the need for individuals to strive towards man's ability to be of the mercy of others, practicing minimal human actions to achieve their goals, and the fruit of passion and faith. They also mention a photo shoot and a video about a woman named Hope. Additionally, the importance of practicing and acting with minimal human error is emphasized.
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So I can as usual, we have the announcements before the hotbar. As usual, the same announcements make sure you wear your masks until you exit the hall until you exit the building. Make sure that during the football you do not lower your masks beneath your nose or your mouth, as well do not intermingle in the hallways until you exit the entire building. We have to make dua for a number of people that have asked us to make dua, Sr, Xena, Tara has just admitted admitted to the hospital in critical condition. She is the mother of Nadeem Khan, who is one of our volunteers in security. And we also have requests from others to make dua so please join me in making dua.

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O Allah we ask you because you are the Rahman and Rahim you Oh Allah you are the Savior or dua Oh Allah, you know that which is in front and what is behind? Oh Allah you are the high end aka Yom you know the future of Allah and you know what we conceal? Oh Allah, we ask you by every single name that is yours that you have revealed in one of your books or taught one of your messengers are kept hidden with you. We ask you by every single name of Allah, that you grant us the good of this world and the good of next role of Allah or bene Artina. for dunya has sent our authority has an O Allah, O Allah we ask you that you live from us this plague in this calamity Oh Allah, Oh Allah we turn to

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You for protection against this play against calamity of Allah. Oh Allah lift from us display again calamity we repent unto our Allah, O Allah we make Toba unto O Allah O Allah we seek your is still follow Allah. O Allah forgive us for our sins and what we have done and what we have you had to do Oh Allah, Oh Allah cleanse us of every single evil that we have ever done. Oh Allah. Oh Allah there are those amongst us who are sick we turn to you to cure them. Oh Allah. Oh Allah none can cure without your power. So we ask you Yeah, for Wii U Yeah. Aziz Yasha yes, me I do. Ya Shafi Caffee that you cure each and every one of our Seco Allah cure them a complete cure illness Oh Allah so

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that no sickness remains. Oh Allah protect our children and our spouses and our loved ones. Oh Allah, Oh Allah, protect our families and protect all of our communities and societies. Oh Allah. Oh Allah grant us peaceful lives in this world and bless it lives in the hereafter. Oh Allah. Oh Allah those that have passed on amongst us Oh ALLAH forgive their sins Oh ALLAH exalted rank so Allah grant their graves a place in Jannah Oh Allah, protect them from the punishment of the of the grave of Allah protect them from the trials of the grave protect them from the questioning of the grave of Allah make the grave a vast place for them. Oh Allah, allow them to smell of the fragrances of

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paradise Oh Allah, and avert for them all of the nuisances and irritations of the fire of Hello Allah, Oh Allah we ask that you cause us to live in slums and to die as movements and to be resurrected with the prophets and the martyrs what a noble companionship they are. Also Allah Allah who has said know about the Mohammedan while he will be admiring

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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah we praise Allah subhanho wa Taala for having created us and for having guided us and for having sent to us His Holy Book and for having sent to us his best messenger we thank Allah for the blessings we recognize and the blessings we do not recognize. We thank Allah for the blessings we are aware of, and the things wounds we are not aware of. We thank Allah for having guided us to Islam, for we would not be guided to Islam had he not guided us and we ask Allah to send his Salatin his salaam, upon the most perfect human being and the most most blessing messenger to ever walk on the face of this earth. Dear Muslims know that Allah Subhana Allah Allah has

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commanded you to be conscious of him when he says in the Quran yeah you hola Dena, Amana tough Allah. How could you call to Walter Morton Illa one two Muslim moon.

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We are all aware in the hadith of Gibreel. That Gibreel came to our NABI SallAllahu, either he was selling them and asked him, What is Islam? And then what is Iman? And then he asked him what is sun. And so the concept of Sun is fundamental to our understanding of what it means to worship Allah. And if Sun is the highest level that all of us should strive for. Once we know that Ersan is the highest level, we should strive to be amongst them were seen in when we realize that Allah has divided the Muslims into Muslim and more men and not sin. How can any of us be satisfied to be in the lowest we should at least aim? We should at least desire we should at least try and then leave the rest to

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Allah. At least have the goal that I want to be of the mercy in in and in order for us to have that goal and to understand today's brief hotspot is about the concept of Mr. Sun. And what does it mean to be of the Morrison in? No may Allah have mercy on you and me that Allah has praised the Mercy Nene like he has praised no other category in the Quran. In over half a dozen verses. Allah says Wallah who you hit bulwarks in in in Allah you hit bull merci Nein. Allah loves those who practice your son. Allah subhana wa Taala says Lin Latina Arsinoe Al husana was iada Those who practice it son, they will get my Jana and they will get more than my Jana and more than the Jana is to look

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upon the face of Allah. So those who practice your son will get to gaze upon the face of Allah subhanho wa Taala How could we not ever desire to be in that category? Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran in Rahmatullah hilchot EABL Mina

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Marcin in the Mercy of Allah is always close to those who are of the mercy in in Allah Subhana Allah to Allah mentioned in the Quran, ye ye Ji Alladhina X and O.

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Allah is going to reward those who practice it son with the best of all rewards. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the law, what more sin Allah is Allah more sin you hipbone Xand and In another Hadith, Allah azza wa jal has ordained If Sun in all that we do. So of the names of Allah is a sin. The concept of a son is so beloved to Allah, that he named himself a little more sin, He is the one who practice his son, and he has perfected it son, and he loves the people of your son, and he shows mercy on the people of Exxon, and he has decreed it, son in all that we do in the famous Hadith that I just quoted. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah has

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decreed, son in all that you do, whatever you do, try to do it with your son, whatever you do, even if it is a worldly matter, even if it is something that is mundane, so much so that this hadith says, even when you're going to sacrifice an animal to get some meat, you want to have a meat you want to sacrifice an animal. Our profits are some said, Allah is more sin, and He has decreed, yes. And so when you sacrifice the animal, sharpen your blade, don't sacrifice the animal in front of another, soften the blow make it hasty feed some water before you sacrifice and be merciful to the animal. This hadith demonstrates Yes, applies even to animals as you're about to sacrifice them.

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What do you think of your son amongst living people? What do you think of your son amongst your relatives? What do you think of their son with your parents? And that is why Allah says that Allah has written a son, for your parents, your son is the default when you deal with anyone you try to be of the Mercy Nene. And Allah will then bless you now what is your son? And how do we attain it son, your son means excellence. Sound means you go the extra mile, one of the classical commentators of the Quran, and one of the earliest scholars of Arabic language raga. But as for honey, he wrote one of the first dictionaries it's called mu fre data, Quran, he defined as someone that you do more

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than what is required, and you expect less than what is do unto you. You give somebody more than their help, and you're satisfied if they give you less than your Huck. This is how he defined your son to go beyond and above the call of duty to do more than what is required and to be satisfied with less from others around you. And your son is of many categories. We will mention three of them in this code, but but there are many more number one son in your acts of worship. When you are of the Mercy Nene. You will never be satisfied with the minimum. You will not just pray the five for prayers, you will pray the Sunnah and the Nuffield and the tahajjud. You will pray salata Guha, you

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will pray extra prayers throughout the day and nights. If son means you will not just fast Ramadan, you will fast more than Ramadan a few days every month, maybe Monday, maybe Thursday. If Sun means you will give more than just your Zakah you will give charity daily and regularly. So the first category of Exxon your son in your rituals with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada The second category of your son if son in your dealings with other people, and we already defined what around us for honey said you give them more than what is due and you expect less than what is do unto you. You always have the upper hand you always are the more generous, the more forgiving the more kind. This is if son

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you do more than what is required and you are happy at less coming your way expecting Allah to reward you for your son. This is the second category exon with the makuu cards with the people around you. And Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions that he has asked us to be exon to practice exon bhiwadi deign to those that are our parents were the orba while your time Tom Well masa kini well JD the quarterback well JD Jr. Bill saw a bill Giambi weapon is seven, eight categories are mentioned. And Allah says He asks us to do it.

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Son in all of them, if signed to your parents, yes and to your family, yes and to your relatives, yes and to orphans, EPs and to your neighbors, yes and to those that are traveling with you and axon to those around you, every single category of humanity is included in this verse. Anybody you interact with, practice Epson with them. The third and last category that we will mention and there are more than this called by can have time for and the highest category of your son, this is the pinnacle of their son, it is the crux of their son. If you reach this level, the rest will follow. It is the sun that is defined by our NABI SallAllahu, ala he was setting them when God and asked him

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that what is yes and they are rasool Allah. So the best Angel asked the best prophet in the best masjid, surrounded by the best Sahaba he asked him the best question, what is your son and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam defined it as a consciousness, a mental state, an awareness of the bulb and dab with Allah hookah Nikka Tavar for inlanta Contura HuFa in Iraq, if

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you are conscious that you are worshipping Allah, as if you are looking at ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada directly. Imagine if you could see Allah and you are worshiping Allah, how would you assign RB How would your car be? How would your song be? How would your routine of the day and night to be then our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, even if you do not see him, it's the same thing he is seeing you that is the level of your son, constant consciousness and awareness of Allah dear Muslims, even if we don't attain it, son, every one of us should aim to be of the Mercy mean even if we don't get there, it should be in our hearts I want to be of the Mazzini otherwise, what is going

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to happen? So to Zoomer tells us Don't be like those who when they see the angel of death, they call out to Allah, lo anelli keratin

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give me one more chance of Allah and I shall be of the Mercy Nene. When the person sees the angel of death. They have one request one more chance of Allah let me go back and I promise you, I will be of the mercy in in we are not seeing the angel of death right now. Let us aim to be of the mercy and even before the Angel of Death comes and it is too late to aim for that. May Allah bless me and you with and through the Quran. And May He make us of those who is versus they understand and implement his halal and haram throughout our lifespan. Ask Allah's forgiveness you as well ask him for his love of food or human.

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Hamdulillah hilweh had a had a summit Allah de la mirada Mueller Allah Mia co lo co founder, Eduardo, one of the Sahaba said, the most optimistic verse in the whole Quran. The verse that inspires me the most to be a good person, the verse that gives me the most hope. Algeria if Nikita villa, it gives me the most hope is Surah Rahman. Hello Jessa. Will sunny in the near sun, one of our scholars of the past that have your own he recited this verse, and he began to cry, cry cry, they said why are you crying? He said, Allah has promised us more tools as humans, if we try to have imperfect if son, Allah will respond with his perfect a son. If we try to be of the Morson in we can

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never be of actual people of their son, we can never get to that level. But Allah is saying if you try and you strive and you do your minimal, limited human error son, Allah will respond with what by showing you his son, and can the create it as an equal the uncreated heir son, can the son of a mortal equal the son of the Hordak can the son of a human being ever equal the son of the rubble either mean, but we can obtain the axon of Allah, Allah Nan Allah Jalla Jalla wa kromm, we can attain that If Sun if we strive in our own limited ways to practice if sun and our own daily lives so dear Muslims, aim not just to be Muslim, not just to be more men, aim for a son. Aim for the

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highest, do whatever you can, wherever you are with as little as you have, do it. Practice yes

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On with yourselves with your families with your parents in your worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala and perhaps just perhaps Allah subhanho wa Taala will see that Nia and we'll see your attempt to be of the Mercy Nene and reply to your limited heir son with his infinite exon holders. The inland exon May Allah make us of the Mercy Nene Allahumma indeed our infant amino Allahu Allah to I don't know if you heard that yummy them but he loves a PATA wala Hamad Illa for Raja wala Jain and La Kadota. What do you have on Elijah feta when I see Ron Illya Sarita Allahumma Fila now what is one another data set by Pune been EMA and what a treasure I feel Cubanelles Hill

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Robina in Nicaragua for Rahim Allah whom is an Islam Muslim in Allahumma is an Islam and Muslim in Allah Houma is an Islam or when we slim in Allahumma Aradhana are the Islam will misdemeanor be suing fresh green who've been upset with me the whole future the bat yah yah yah disease rebirth Allah in Allah to Allah Amara embedder Habib enough within NaVi Malacca the photoessay with a lesser become a U haul moon and imaginary he went insane for call Azim and Croydon anima in Allah Muhammad because we also Luna Allah Nebby Yeah, you heard Adina almond or Solu Ali, he was selling with us Nima Allahumma Salli wa Sallim wa Barik. Ala Abdi Kurosu Rika Mohammed while he was savage marine

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rebels Allah in Allah Tala yeah Borbon. Adley Well, Sonny Waitara orba wion Hannah fascia it will Moon carry well badly your ego Comilla Allah come to the karoun Oh, the Corolla Haleema come wash Kuru who Yetzirah come what are the Corolla? heeta Allah Akbar Wa Altemus Allah

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Allahu Allah long accomplish

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madam WOSU more chaos on a yacht

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by the God you saw for the moment is

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Allah Lord

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people to gather the

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to be joined again.

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I'm Sandy in Guyana

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and hamdulillah

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AMI Maliki mmm DD Jana

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again as

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Dino said

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the most

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important of all

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when I was living in Santa Fe

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I can ask the first row last week to start making the way Out

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