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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a telecoil video game where Jesus Christ is played by Jesus Christ, where Jesus Christ is played by Jesus Christ, and where Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo is played by Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo. The importance of knowing one's actions and emotions to avoid overwhelming others is emphasized, along with the use of drugs to make one's body feel better and the importance of staying in the present moment to avoid negative consequences. The transcript also touches on various levels of smoking, drugs use, and the Shara and the Hara, as well as the importance of trusting Allah's words and actions to avoid complicated plans and avoid feeling stressed or depressed.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh Smilla Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda mon fauna. On finally my Londoner was a nine man camera I mean

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ask Allah subhanaw taala with the best of his name is to put the baraka in this gathering and Cha Medina and the Allah subhanaw taala makers from the people who will be told como MacFarlane Lakhan Padilla say Atacama Sana I mean herbal adenine.

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Today tonight's name in sha Allah Tada is one of the greatest names of Allah azza wa jal, it is alkyl

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alkyl alkyl is mentioned in the Quran 16 times and it is from the root while calf lamb Wow calf lamb and Allah subhanaw taala calls himself Allah kill the trustee, the trustee, the disposal of affairs and The Guardian I'm sorry it's 14 times not 1614 location 14 occasions in the Quran and

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he's the only one who take charge of the affairs of those under his care managing all matters as he pleases and he is the one to be relied on for all power because all power belongs to Allah azza wa jal

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now there is you know when I don't know about

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I'm talking about like my country when you want to I'm shooting everywhere when you want to for example, we are living here and you want to sell a piece of land in Pakistan or in India or Egypt or

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you make it you have a kill right? You do the same Yeah, so you make a kill there is something called what kill arm and what kill hos you have the same also a general will kill and a specific Ocala the Wakita lamb general whatever kill he is, he can do whatever he wants, this is very dangerous. Yeah, I mean, you put him were killed for all your affairs. But the specific Joaquin, you tell them, Okay, that only that piece of land, you are working for it to sell. Right? Now, when you pick that person for the weekend, and I'm the general recolor how much trust you have in that person.

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A lot. A lot of trust you putting everything that you work all your life, wherever you have inherited, all isn't his name, he can do whatever he wants, he can do whatever he wants. So that person has to be extremely trustworthy. And that person has to be extremely caring about you and love you and love your welfare. Loved your Musleh right. When Allah Hill material Allah And to Allah belongs the best example who could be more better were killed than Allah azza wa jal not with my properties with all my affairs

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were Kapha Billahi were Akela and enough it is sufficient to have Allah as my as my Akil type.

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I collected maybe four or five

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definitions of what does telecoil mean from some of the best scholars that ever came before us? Even hedger? Rahim Allah, He said, Listen to this. I'm going to say an Arabic first because it's so deep in Arabic, and then I'll try my best to translate. He said at the local who are Qatar and novel analysts, Bab Baghdad Atlas Bab

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Subhan Allah you understood, disconnecting

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yourself from the means, after you have used the means.

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The medicine is mean, right? Is it mean for cure?

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After I took the means I disconnect myself from the means and my heart is connect connected to the creator of the means. I just take by the mean because if I'm not taken by the wind that's not called to work on. It's called to work on. That's it No, this is fake. Oh, Allah has the Shafi Allah. Allah is the Shafi but he is the one the Shafi told you to take the medicine. So to say that Allah is the result from

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We go sleep and the rest will come no, this doesn't happen. You will fake this is not our call. You take by the means you go look for a job you apply you put your resume here you you study, you go to college, and then you try your best and you say my heart I took by the means and the military finish taking by the means I disconnect with them Carlos I did my best. I took by the means I love this, this definition. Another one.

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Shakira Ibrahim Khan, a telecoil, Tama Nina till CALB BMO de la Azerbaijan, it is the tranquillity of the heart with the promise that Allah has gave Palace, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada said, worship me, and I'll take care, I'll take care of all your provisions, like you know, a number I love to say I love to keep repeating that saying, of one of our righteous predecessors, he said, You know, one person came to him and he said, Did you hear that? The loaf of bread is $1 one dinar? He said, Well, no, he, I don't care if the piece of grain became one dinar. They said, How come? He said, Because Allah subhanho wa Taala asked me to worship him and promised me to provide. I'm doing my job, and

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he's keeping his promise.

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I'm doing my job. And he's keeping his promise. Allah asked us to worship him and he promised to provide Subhanallah do what I'm supposed to do what I asked you to do and forget about the risk. I'll take care of the risk.

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so Kunal

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sdwa, this is very, very deep to work on who was teaware il CALB filmen. Well, I thought, very deep. He said Subhan Allah, wow, may Allah make us reach this level. He said it is your heart is equal. The feeling in the heart is equal. Whether you receive something or you lost something.

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You had the same feeling. And you have a showroom of cars, you sold 50 cars, you are happy to the Level A you did not sell one car, you are happy to the level A.

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This is big.

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I came I have the best cars, they all clean, they all checked, Everything's beautiful. I opened on time, I have excellent customer service, I took over them by all domains. Hamdulillah I sold 10 cars Allahu Akbar, I did not sell anything Allahu Akbar, I took by the means my heart is matawa kill, this is typical. This is typical Subhanallah deep tobacco

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or something similar at Tawakkol and yesterday in the exam will tell

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you have abundance and scarcity are equal to you. The hamdulillah whatever Allah gives me, I am satisfied. Now

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if we do not have complete our Quran, Allah azza wa jal, what is the main reason? Now you see all of us if we if anybody asked us if I ask you, are you on with our kids? You would say yes. Right? We all say yes, we are matawa killing Allah. But where does that show

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that your Tawakkol shows when things are tough.

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When things are really tough, for example, you are obliged to open or to work in an haram place to make money and you say, No way. This is not going to be pleasing to Allah azza wa jal. I'm not going to do it. This is our call.

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This is

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when you see your son crying, he wants a toy and the thing that the only way you could get it is through rebar or a car whatever. And you say no way we can keep walking to school or riding your bike till till you know we can afford it.

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That is the Quran Allah azza wa jal when you have complete trust in Allah azza wa jal and one of the main reasons in order to have complete tele Quran Allah or to increase our tabacon Allah very simply, is to know Allah and exactly what we're doing right now. When we keep knowing that I am my heart is connected to the coffee to the bar to the oven to the dude to the Rahim to the MaHA Iman, to the hottie Subhanallah then I feel so much security, how can I not have to work on him out? How can I have so much tobacco on a human being? I gave you this example before And subhanAllah we could all relate to it. Very, very influential man stood up here and he said Sayed everything he wants on

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me and he's very influential, very strong, very powerful. How secure you feel. You feel very strong you know what I'm connected to the most rich man to the to the to the most influential man to the big politician big this. You feel very insecure, hardly anybody and he tells

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As you listen anyone touches you I'm a phone call away. How do you feel?

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spamela you feel so comfortable? You're, you're you put him on the speed dial on the favorite him has anything have bone? Nobody talked to me. How about if you're connected to the to Allah azza wa jal really connected to Allah, Allah He, nothing will faze you, nothing will bother you, nothing will bother you if I'm connected to a human being that could die any second and that's why Allah subhanaw taala said Subhan Allah such a beautiful area, whatever can Alhaj Allah the layer mode, you know, hey, what does he mean? Alive living right. So, he could have said hey,

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because he obviously is opposite off mode, opposite of death. So Allah said, Put your trust on the high that does not die this high, this high this high this high dies,

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put your trust on the high Alevi layer moot.

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He does not die. He is the award he's the accurate Subhanallah put your trust on the height and the delay a moot?

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We're Katha Billahi work here.

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So the more you we know Allah azza wa jal, the stronger is our Tawakkol on Allah azza wa jal. Cada had a Sheoak he said at the work Canada South Africa Rajat listen to this he said a telecoil and a fella Theodora, Jack tilaka is on three different levels and a will alula either or Thea Shaka where either money or sober. The first level of tobacco is that if he gets something good, he is Shaku he is grateful. And if something evil happened to him, he is patient. This is the first level of technical which is most of us in sha Allah Tala. Then the higher little bit a little bit higher level. He said, almanor Willapa Mustonen. If he was deprived, or if he was given, it's equal to Him,

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that's a little bit higher level.

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Then he gets the highest level spamela one of the highest level is and Minar my chakra, because he was deprived, he is very grateful to Allah azza wa jal

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because he was deprived, he was so grateful to Allah azza wa jal, how come? That's the one I sent to united group.

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Because listen to him called one of the righteous, He said,

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If I ask Allah, and he gives me, I'm happy once. And if Allah if I ask Allah, and he does not give me, I'm happy 10 times.

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They asked him why? He said, Because if he gives me, that's my choice, and if he deprives me, that is his choice, and his choice is better than my choice.

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But what is this thinking?

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What is this thinking? In order to get to that level of this word come out of your mouth? Can you imagine how much torque could you have? Because it's true, right? Whatever Allah decrees, I'm asking for something and I'm really in dire like, I'm desperately thinking about it, dreaming about it making dua for it and and start coming. Why is that coming? Because the one who wants to give it does not give it to you, because of his hikma because of his love to you. So this decision is decreased better than yours. So this is the highest level may Allah make us from these people in sha Allah. Type one.

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What are some of the fruits of the fruits of Turkey? One of the best Subhanallah look at Ibrahim alayhis salam. Listen carefully Aqua Rahim Salam. The famous Hadith isn't Buhari when he was thrown in the fire. But he was thrown in the fire. What did he say?

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Husband Allah, when Emma netmail Joaquin, el Joaquin husband Allah, when am I lucky? Now let me ask you a question.

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He was first

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maybe chained or tied or whatever, because he was not thrown right away. Then he was put in there magenic Schumann Janek builder English.

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Kanopy CANopen.

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Cara? Yeah, whatever it is.

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That's what that's the other one. So he was put there. And then.

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So he was it was stages. What Why am I mentioning this? Because he if he, it's not going to be you make dua and boom, instantly. You're going to suffer a little bit first Allah Ibrahim is Helene.

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Khalil Khalil if his Helene has to wait for to be tied, and if he was cursed, or abused verbally or whatever

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And then he was thrown.

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And then he said husband Allah, Allah kill with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada say, Cooney better than wa salam and become cool and peaceful on Ibrahim alayhis salam Allahu Akbar. This is our cool husband Allah when it Emanuel Akela is one of the best da you could ever make. Who made this dua also, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, a lady in Quran Allah Holman.

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People came and told the Sahaba everybody is plotting for you. They all gonna get you, your Muslims. They're gonna, they're gonna do this to you, they're gonna do that to you.

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They scared them that people are plotting for you faction home, fear them.

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How Allah has if you're living this right, we live in this iron condor.

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When he men working, what happened from Qatar Abu befuddling mean Allah.

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They said husband Allah when Allah is sufficient for us, what happened to them?

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Allah subhanaw taala gave him the funnel with mem says home so and no harm touch them and they have their loved one. The pleasure of Allah azza wa jal Allahu Akbar, just because they said husband Allah and Mo kill from the bottom of their heart, from the bottom of their heart. So Ibrahim alayhi salam said Hussmann Allah and Allah kill Muhammad salallahu Salam short telecoil by saying hospital Allah and the Sahaba God who asked when Allah when Allah kid

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you know who else showed one of the most amazing amazing stories of telecoil

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female hazard hazard

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the desert nobody

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no one he dropped her there with a baby but nothing out of them really deserve that. There's nothing in it there's no buddy nothing nothing literally nothing. Nothing at all

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did Allah order you to do that?

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Said Yes.

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Done is unlined. Yoda Jana. Allahu Akbar. What is this though? Because he would not waste us he would definitely take care of us. Law Akbar. Allahu Akbar.

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Wow Subhan Allah, you leave your wife here you go for traveling for two three weeks forget about it. What are you going to Habibi we mean six months supplies, seven months my salary.

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So hang Allah, that Allah could have hazard and another person in the Quran healthcare worker was blow your mind.

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the mother of

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the mother of Musa through your baby, you are on father's? How many of us are gonna throw his baby in the river. Put him in a basket, throw him in a basket.

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Throw him in the basket. Look at the words and throw the basket in the river and the river is gonna throw the basket on the riverbank free throws.

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Newborn just born which the doctor tells you when he's born. Be careful.

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The skin is alone. The doctor is telling me be careful here be careful there don't make sure

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all the words suck because they see you know faculty fee in Arabic. Kavita, you know what Khalifa means? You know when you put a rocket in the in a tank and you throw it.

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This is called an Arabic Khalifa. The verb used for Musa alayhis salam faculty fee.

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Throw him with power. Why? Because it's going to fall in one of my creations in one of my shoulder and one of my soldiers. That is my soldier. I can tell him what to do with him. Where to drop him how to take care of him. Allahu Akbar. This is our call the lawmakers from these people. I mean, I mean, how can we shoot our Korea one is by one of the ways to shoot our call

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is by making a

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istikhara Surat listi Hara for everything that we do. This is tobacco, right? I'm about to get married to this woman. I'm about to get married to this to this man that I'm about to open this business. I'm about to move from this place to another. I'm about to invest. Allahu Akbar. So I'm making Stelara Yeah, Allah. If this is good for me make it easy. We all know the DUA and if it's bad for me, keep it away from me.

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And Bismillah and I go ahead because a lot of people have missed

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understanding about the secara well this is the Kira, Allah said

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is a hammer

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hammer, if I already studied everything, and I made the decision and I made the decision already, I want this person I want to move to Dallas. I made the decision and I studied the area I came visited and Allahu Akbar, I make this the hara and I go ahead with my plans.

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If my plans start getting complicated, closed doors are closed then you know what, this is not a good sign if everything Bismillah yes sir Bismillah that's a good sign. So I have to like the automat said make us the Shara was the Hara. st Shara is with the human being. Consultation is with people and then there's the Hara is with the verb of the people Subhanallah

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train yourself to trust Allah azza wa jal, just like we said, with Omar Musa alayhis salam, and one of the ways to constantly show that you are in trust of Allah azza wa jal is to repeat the word La hawla wala Quwata illa biLlah the statement here one

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it has many Hadith one Hadith it says that it is the plantation of Jannah every time you say it, you got a tree in general. Another Hadith says it's a treasure in Jannah. The treasure can Jana as a treasure in Jannah third Hadith I don't know if anybody heard this hadith.

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One of the doors of Jannah is called La hawla wala Quwata illa Allah

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one of the doors of Jannah is called La hawla wala Quwata illa Allah what does the house of Allah has to do with our code?

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It has everything to do with our code. Because I'm telling Allah Allah without your house and your cover without your mouth and your power I can get up and pray that's why we repeated after Haryana salah I don't say hi Jana salah I say now how

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Allah Ya Allah, I cannot perform what you're asking me for without your help.

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I want to say hey, I don't say Hey, I didn't come to success. I don't say you mentioned most of us making a dent say hey, I don't I tell Mustafa. Hey, Adam, for that he doesn't pay for that. And I tell him

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when he says Hey, you

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said that.

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There's no way I would gain and earn success without your whole and Coway Allah that means I have to work on Allah. And also as I said, and told us to come to a Kelton have categorical. If you really have to work on Allah, He will provide to you just like he provide to the bird. He leaves in the morning. Empty Stomach and he comes back full.

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But what did the bird do?

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He left the nest. This was awesome. He said yeah.

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He gets up in the morning. Yeah, do he leaves in the morning? He does something but he sleeps all day. There's no jobs to the market is dead Habibi, go

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seek ask

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that statement we'll have to look at it what word by word he leaves in the morning he goes he flies he will sit in the nest and he raised his hand ya know? He has he has wings he uses them

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Okay, the last thing is how we always ended by saying

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how do we use this name in our job? One of the most famous that we all of us I hope we all know inshallah Tada and we all use is when we leave the house every single day. What do we say? Bismillah R Kelly to Allah Allah. Whether How will our Quwata illa Allah Yeah, very easy. Bismillah telecoil to Allah Allah when a whole lotta illa biLlah there is a group of shouting around you when they hear you say that. What did they tell each other Habibi let's go find somebody else. This guy's not gonna work he already made the protection coverage everything by saying that that's what that he said well cleat worker feet. You are protected and you are sufficed the whole day. Bismillah double kill to

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Allah Allah. Allah.

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Allah Okay. Another one is from the ADKAR of the Saba

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which had cut of the Saba as close as the name of killing it

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will kill

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No, seven times every morning has to be Allahu La ilaha illa who la heat our CELT were horrible Arshad him seven times in the morning. Jaquan seven times. Let me see if I quoted this hadith, the reward for it.

00:24:49--> 00:25:00

Yes, colorful Allah alayhi wa sallam. Whomsoever, say that. Allah will spare him seven times in the morning seven times in the evening. Allah will spare him from the

00:25:00--> 00:25:15

worries of the whole day. So you always complain I'm worried I'm stressed I'm grieved. I'm depressed. Yeah when the cure prescription has been given by the doctor of this ummah the best man ever created. So why don't we use it has to be Allah last I answered

00:25:17--> 00:25:32

Tober last I answer Tober has to be hola hola ilaha illa who and they eat our CELT were who are a bull version of him, Allah is sufficient for me. I am putting all my trust in Him and He is the Lord of the arch and allow them

00:25:34--> 00:25:34


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kumara soon I'm in for cecum as he is on Isla Hema I need to hurry Sonali can build more meaning for rocking him. So you know Falcon has to be a more has to be Amma Hola, Ina in

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i Li he tells her killed Wahoo Arambula Arash in loving, llamas allimand Honorable Alameen Zakon la fere Luffy calm shallow todos si on Thursday with another name of Allah azza wa jal, Sahara Muhammad mashallah Allah Allah Allah and the stuff you don't want to be like