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The transcript describes Jannah worship as a way to strive for her deeds within the Salah and strive for her best. Jannah's actions are related to deeds within the Salah and she is striving for her best. Jannah's actions are related to deeds within the Salah and she is striving for her best. Jannah's actions are related to deeds within the Salah and she is striving for her best. Jannah's actions are also related to deeds within the Salah and she is striving for her best.

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So welcome, because usually we begin with our announcements. First and foremost, the usual announcements that we have every single week. Regardless of what our governor says we were going to follow common sense here. We're going to make sure that we are wearing our masks throughout the entire hotel bar. And also afterwards, you're not allowed to take the vote until you go to your outside of the mosque facilities inside the mosque facilities. We have mandated based upon the advice of all of our doctors that it is mandatory to wear the face mask throughout the entire hotel and even as you exit as usual, we are in need of your two eyes and donations. And we're opening up

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also the door for as they got donations for Ramadan for the Syrian refugees. The details of course are on the flyers. And on the board in front of you. We've had special requests for a number of doctors, Dr. Rizwan Khan, who was our previous board member his father in law passed away in Pakistan we asked Allah azza wa jal to forgive him and to raise his ranks. We also have two special requests for dua for two surgeries taking place to date. First brother Ahmed was mine has a surgery and also brother semi who is the son of our board member I will be loud they're both having surgeries we ask Allah azza wa jal to make it easy for them and to grant them a successful surgery

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brother Ahmed this month son is having the surgery recovering okay insha Allah

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said I want a camera how much Allah he'll Barakatuh

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Hi yah

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Hi Yano slaughter

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Hi yah

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Hi y'all

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hamdulillah exalted be the name of Allah the Majestic, the Most High. We put our trust in Him, and upon Him do we rely? He answers our door ours for he is our molar and our ally. He revealed to us his speech, whose recitation with our voices we Beautify. And he gave us the Sharia that we strive to live by. We ask Allah for forgiveness for our sins on the last day and our hearts to purify. May Salatu Salam be upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to whose prophethood we all testify as to what follows know that Allah Subhana Allah Allah has commanded us to be conscious of him when he says in the Quran, yeah, are you Hala? Dina? I'm an otaku. Allah halka to call it Walter Mutanda

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Illa we're under Muslim on today inshallah Tada we will discuss two beautiful verses in the Quran that were revealed in the Macan phase. And these verses are the last two verses of Surah Al Hajj. And these two verses summarize for us so many beautiful aspects about our faith. And as well the style of the verses and the context and the benefits that can be derived can take up many long lectures, but of course time is always limited. So we will summarize some of the benefits from this comprehensive revelation of Allah. Allah says in the Quran yeah you hola Dina, amen. Oh you who believe it okay who was Judo what abou do Rob back home without will hire Allah Allah come to flip

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on. Bow down to Allah and ROCOR fall down in such the worship Allah and do good. If you do all of this, you will be successful. In this first verse, Allah subhanho wa Taala lays out the boundary of success. If you want to be successful forgiven, be granted Jana, four things are mentioned. And they're summarized in two, because the first three are all revolving around rituals, do ROCOR do sujood and worship Allah ruku and sujood is of course in Salah and that is indicating that number one salah is the most important aspect of worship, and number two within the Salah, our physical postures of bowing down, lowering our head to Allah and then falling down in prostration these are

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the highest of deeds within the Salah and all good deeds Erica wants to do ye boo doo, doo a bother of Allah that's the first pillar. And of course within that pillar salah is the most important and within salah, ruku and sujood and having who sure during recording sujood the second pillar were found all higher, do good to mankind, be good to people, be good to your family, be charitable, take care of orphans do higher to society, as our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was asked who is the best of mankind, He said, Hi, you don't NAS and Faro homeliness, the best of people are those who are the most beneficial to other people. This verse tells us the bare minimum you want to enter

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Jannah worship Allah and be good to mankind. You're good with a little higher. But you see Jana has 100 levels or more, and we want the higher levels. So what do we do? That's the second verse. What Jah he do Fila he halka Jiajie strive in the way of Allah, the way that Allah deserves, you should strive in His way. These are the doors that are flung open, and by the way, this verse was revealed, and there was no military jihad. These verses came before the Battle of better yes indeed, certain aspects of jihad are military, no doubt about it. But the word jihad does not only indicate capital, Jihad can be done with the pen. Jihad can be tongue with the tongue. Jihad can be done with money.

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Jihad can be done with knowledge. Jihad is multiple areas, and Allah is saying strive in my way, to the best of your ability.

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In fact, the way that Allah deserves you strive in His way with Jah he do Fila he haka jihadi, whatever good deeds you do, do it the best, whether it is your charity, whether it is helping other people, whether it is via knowledge, whether it is in any endeavor, do it how could jihadi that is raising the bar very, very, very high. In fact, it is so high that we might lose hope How can I do jihad, the heart of Allah subhanho wa Taala which I do feel like haka jihadi, how can I reach that level? And that is why Allah didn't gives us hope. Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us hope, after telling us to go as high as possibly we can. Allah azza wa jal then says, Who are your Tabacum or

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people, you are not random. It didn't just happen that you are Muslims. Allah chose you to be Muslims. Allah selected you out of all of mankind. It's not random. You are not sitting here for Juma simply because of a complete random act out of the cosmos. No, Allah chose you out of all of mankind. We are Muslims. And out of all of the Muslims that Hamdulillah we are worshiping. We're sacrificing our time on Friday. We're coming here to pray. Joomla and all of this is a blessing from Allah. Why is Allah mentioning this? Because the one who tells you to reach for the stars, he tells you don't worry, I chose you. I chose you. You're on the team of Allah, Allah in the Hezbollah, he

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who will move on we are the Hizb of Allah, we are the team of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and Allah chose us to be on that team. Allah selected us out of all of mankind. The fact that he selected us shows us that he knows we can do it, and that's why he's telling us who want you to have outcome. He is the one who chose you. And then he encourages us even more. One major Allah Allah confit demon heritage. He didn't make this religion difficult. The religion is not difficult. These are words of enticement, words of encouragement, words of optimism. Don't give up. Don't give up. I chose you. This religion isn't difficult. It's been made easy. Who would you Tabacum? One ma da da da confit.

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Dinniman. Hi, Raj. And then he gives us even more incentives. militare Abiko Ibrahim, this isn't new. You're not the first generation you won't be the last generation what you are doing the commandments you have been given righteousness, piety, Riba, the worship, you are not the first this is going back all the way. Your forefathers, Ibrahim, this is his mill. It is the middle of every prophet from his time up until the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you're not alone. We're in a large team. The team transcends civilizations. It transcends almost it transcends profits. It goes back to Ibrahim alayhis salam militar be calm Ebrahim, who was sama commune? Muslimeen? What is the

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name of this team? What is the name of the group that Allah chose? Who means Allah, Allah is the one that has chosen you. And he's called you all he's given you the description of Muslim, this is our team. This is our group. And Allah chose us to be a part of it. And Allah named us and Allah told us what to do the one who gave us all of this, he's not going to abandon this now, the one who chose us and we didn't ask to be chosen, the one who guided us and we didn't ask to be guided. What do you think he will give us when we actually asked him when he gave us the best blessing without even us raising our hands? When he guided us to Islam without even us asking him? What do you think he's

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going to do? When we asked him Oh Allah give us that highest level of Allah make us of those who are doing son Oh Allah make us of those who are doing jihad the way that Hunka Jihad it who watched Abba Kawamata Allah Allah confit demon out Raj militare of Yquem Ibrahim, who was sama Coleman was the main I mean, acabado was he had he called you Muslims in the previous nations and in this nation as well. It's not a new team, the team of Islam, the group of Muslims, it goes back and it shall continue until the day of judgment. And it is Allah subhanho wa taala, who chose this name for you. And the name of course implies submission and n implies peace. Both of these are implied. Islam

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means submitting to Allah and when we submit to Allah, we will find within that submission, peace, Islam is submission and submitting to Allah brings about peace. So Allah is saying, This is my team, submit to me and you will be safe. You will find peace who Osama bin Laden was steaming and a couple of he had Why leave one of the reasons why Lee Hakuna rasuluh Shahidan Alikum who is the leader of our team, who's going to be our guide, who's going to be the one

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That is literally our coach. We look up to him for role model. We look up to him for inspiration. We look up to him to tell us what to do. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we're not alone. He didn't just create us and then tell us we're Muslims. We have somebody that is going to be monitoring us. And even when he's gone, his sunnah remains, even when he's physically not tear his car remains. And that will be a witness for all of us. That will be a role model for all of us. Lee Hakuna rasuluh Shahidan as they come, and then you as well Oh, Muslims, you have a responsibility? What is your responsibility? What's your Kulu shahada, the nurse? So the Prophet system is our

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leader? He is our shahid. He is the one we look to. But then he has entrusted us with the task. And what is that task? The rest of mankind should find us to be role models. The rest of mankind should look to us for what it means to be a worshiper. What are the embodiments of being the true believer in a god? believer in the Sharia believer in the final day, we need to be role model citizens and role model human beings. The Hakuna rasuluh Shahidan Alaikum what's a Kuno shahada, the nurse all of mankind should take you as the witness. We need to be the role model quantum higher our own Latin origin in us, we are the best of the Omaze why? Because we command what is good forbid what is evil.

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And we believe in Allah, we demonstrate what it means to be believers in Allah Jalla Jalla whoo hoo. So Leah coonara solutia, hidden Alikum water Kunal, shahada and a nurse now, we have been tasked with a monumental task, it is a global task. It is a task that is no doubt very daunting. We have been literally told you need to be the leaders of mankind in your morals, in your clock, in your ethics, in your laws, in your spirituality. In your honesty, everybody should take you to be role models. That's a huge task. We once again feel daunted we feel scared, What is Allah say? Begin with the basics. Go back to the very basics. What should we do for our team of salata or to begin with

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yourself, establish the prayer and give charity, this goes back to the previous verse, the exact same message, but in different wordings, because the previous verse said, do record, do sujood and do good deeds to others. And the best of good deeds is to give your money to the poor, which is a cut. So this verse once again goes back to the basics. Begin with yourself, make sure you have fulfilled your rituals, make sure you are giving your charity unto mankind and yes, the task is great. Yes, it is a huge responsibility, massive responsibility. But what do we do? What? Tulsi mobila We turn to Allah for help we turn to Allah for help Allah Who created us and who guided us

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and who made us a part of his team, and he gave us the name Muslim, and he made us in the same league as the prophets before us. That creator is now telling us it's a huge task. But don't worry, turn to me why Tulsi mobila Turn to Allah for help and protection. Ask Allah subhana wa Tada for what you need. Who am hola como. Allah is your Imola and Mola here means what? The one who shall protect Mola means the one who has a nurturing care and the one who shall protect because of that care? It has two implications. The molar is the one who loves you and will protect you. That's what molar means. So Allah is saying, I am your molar. Don't worry. Don't feel daunted. Don't be

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overwhelmed. I gave you a task, and I chose you for my team. And I'm here whenever you need my help. You always need my help turn to Me. Who am hola come near me al Mohler friendly airman. Mola, one airman nacio. What a beautiful protector is Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and what a perfect source of help the molar the one who loves and will protect and then I'll see you're the one who has the power to help you. And this verse summarizes for us the beauty of our faith. It shows us how blessed and fortunate we are that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala gave us this blessing without even us asking him, it tells us what we should be concentrating on our personal rituals and then being good unto

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mankind. It reminds us of a global responsibility. Don't be selfish, you have a responsibility to all of mankind. And then it tells us Don't worry, I'm here for you turn to me. I will help you I will protect you. And who else do you need once I am protecting you for Nirmal Mola when Emma nasiha May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless me and you with her through the Quran. And May He make us of those who is vs. They understand and a

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Why is halal and haram throughout our lifespan? I ask callers forgiveness you as well ask him for his or her food and the Rockman.

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Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah are praises due to Allah the one and the unique, he it is whom we worship, and it His blessings that we seek. He is the Lord of the oppressed, and the one who answers the drop of the week. Dear Muslims, this verse and many verses reminds us of one of the most No, the most important blessing, not one of the most important blessing. And that is the blessing of Islam. Who was your Tabacum he chose you. He selected you out of all of mankind. He is the one who chose you. Alhamdulillah hinda de Hidalgo, the hada wama, hakuna Lena de Allah, Allah and Allah and Allah, all praises due to Allah who guided us to this and we would never be guided had it not been for

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Allah guiding us. Allah blessed us with the best blessing and the greatest near ama that is even imaginable. And that is the blessing of Eman and the near amount of Islam. And he gave us these blessings out of a blessing from him out as a father from him out of a Karim from him. And this has mentioned as well in Surah LT RotZ in Surah Al gerat Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us when a group of Bedouins came to Medina, a group of new Bedouins they were arrogant and they said that we have accepted Islam. We are the ones that are the new Muslims we and Allah azza wa jal revealed in the Quran, the MO noona I like an Islam who they think that they are doing you a favor. When they have

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accepted Islam. These Bedouins think they're doing you a favor. And Allah azza wa jal flipped the script around but Allah who your moon or Alikum you didn't do anybody a favor, Allah chose you and Allah blessed you and Allah azza wa jal showed His favours upon you. Allah is the One who is the manaan but Allah Who Yamuna Allah, Allah has shown you a favor by doing what and had accumulated Imani that Allah has guided you to Iman, if you are really truthful, if you're truthful about your claim to be Muslim, then you would realize that it is not because of you that you are Muslim, you would realize you didn't cause your Islam if you really are Muslim, you will recognize it is Allah

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who has chosen you and Allah has blessed you and Allah has conferred that blessing upon you. But Allah who your Munna alaykum and her documented Imani In Kuntum Saudi attain dear Muslim is the one who chose you is not going to abandon you. The one who blessed you with Islam is not going to let you go now. The one who made you a part of his team is not going to fail you all you need to do is to turn to Him Nirmal Mola one nierman Nasi you never give up hope and Allah never give up hope in Allah always put your trust in Allah raise your hands to Allah the one who gave you the best blessing anybody could possibly have without even you asking what do you think he's gonna give you

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when you raise your hands and you beg him? What do you think he's going to give you when you turn to Him and you ask him that is the Kareem that is the manaan that is the roof that is the right man turn to Allah subhana wa Tada and then strive in His way where Jai who do Fila How could you and you will break barriers and you will raise ranks and you will insha Allah Who to Allah change this world and make your way up to the agenda to for those who are Allah that is our goal. We have a huge task. It is a massive task, but the one who chose us for that task, he is the one that will help us along the way and give us all that we want if we only turn to Him Allahumma and NIDA and aminu Allahu

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Allah tender if you had to deal with them when in love Africa, whether Hammond Illa for Raja whether they in in LA Kadota wala Maria dawn in LA chef Atia while I see Ron Illa Sarita Allah ma fildena were the one in the linea Saba Hoon eBill. Eman. What attracted you Alfio rubina's Hilda Lilla Dena Armando Robina in Nicaragua Rahim Allah humba is an Islam and Muslim in Allahumma Israel Islam are one Muslim in Allahumma is Al Islam on Muslim in Allahumma and Aradhana our other Islam on misdemeanor be su In February it will be enough say where you're at and me Rafi that btw here we are Aziz reebonz Allah in Allah to Allah Amara Combi embed lb he been FC within the mela Codelco say

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with a letter become a URL name engine hey we're insane for call as Emile coilin Idema in Allah home and equatorial Soluna other Nebby yeah hello Lena and also Lu Ali he was selling him with a slimmer Allahumma Salli was selling robotic well. Ali Abdullah Costa Rica Mohammed while early he was a big Marine, about Allah in Allah to Allah yeah

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More than likely what you're signing waiter at the quarterback when handled fracture it will mean carry well buddy. You're either gonna either come to the corona or the Corolla the mayor the Kodachrome wash crew, here's the deal. What did they call Lyta Akbar welcome is Salah

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long long like I said when

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in the law had to earn more home mother was more or ya know sauna Auntie hanging our island fella body and calm comment you SWANA don't call them call Matt USADA along like all

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in all

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the last stone

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along all work bones

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Alhamdulillah he'll have been me been a rough man you're rocking Manichean cam is doing e Canna Ubuntu on

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Canada stowing it didn't no sleep at all it's on stealthing sale all 2019 I'm John I him Hawaii's in

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the Isla de him model on learning.

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I mean

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Yeah, are you hell as in Melbourne Karen was judo abodo are back on we're following clay Rolla come to finish on wotja He don't feel he Hong Kong jihadi who agenda back on one major

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feed demon how old you me let me come on him. Who wants him Macklemore and Muslim in I mean, Corbin wifey Hi Danny Hakuna rasuluh Shahid and Allah econ. Li Hakuna rasuluh Shahid and Allah you can watch icon or shahada

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out the most solid to try it's also a moving lie Why am I wound up on thin air man am I gonna one airman counseling a long one kaboom

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semi Allahu naman Hamidah

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Allah Okubo.

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I love them

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along Cubone

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Alhamdulillah hailed on being me in a rock manner. Rahimi Meineke, and we'll meet Jeanne yuck and

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kindness and then I'll sail autonomous stealthy and most of all Xena and I'm learning him avoiding the metal boom behind him more on being

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to the moon Allah heavy Dean a common law we are level knife and semi Why do you want to feel orderly and one law who will be coordination in our name? Yeah, Moon No, neither Erica and US Nemo on moon nor Allah Islam ACOEM Benina Huya Moon Hola, ECAM and hijack only Imani

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tones or damping in hola Hi Lemuel Eva sama wa T one out of one longhaul hobby Bhima Tama on Allahu Akbar.

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Semi Allah Who

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Amen Hamidah

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along them

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along Long uncouple

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Salam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah all Oh, Ursula Morana equal model

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the first and last row is gonna be leaving insha Allah