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The historical context of Hadith's actions, including the infamous Islam-impacted marriage offeated woman named Cad Cadib accelerator, is discussed. The struggles of Muslims seeking their brother's money and refuse to see their actions, as well as the importance of accepting the message of Islam and being a Muslim. The speaker emphasizes the need for people to be clear and not hesitate to ask questions, as history legacy is legacy.

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Smilla Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in Hadith recorded in Sahih Muslim, la Tehran Minalima woofie che never trivialize any good deed, I want you to memorize the simple beautiful Hadith never trivialize any good deed, you do not know the effects of the smallest of good deed. It is possible that something you do innocently without understanding the repercussions of what you do can literally change the course of Islamic history. And in today's brief, hotter, I want to mention one such beautiful example. We all know the single most famous general, upon whose hands ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala allowed the majority of conquests that

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forever benefited the OMA and that is highly dependent Waleed. We all know that this was a person whom the prophecies of himself called the unseeded sort of Allah safe woman so you Fila he must rule the open sword of Allah subhanho wa taala. This was the lack of the title given by our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. What most of us are not aware is that Harley Davidson police conversion is one of those stories that takes place without even understanding the repercussions of what will take place. And it involves his older brother, Al Walid even unworried. So the family of cognitive elite. Of course, his father, by the way, is actually the winner of the euro. And actually, they've

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done a movie euro was the chieftain of the blue mass zoom, and the bundle Masoom was the tribe of Abuja. He and I both thought it was the chieftain of the bundle Hashem, and the bundle Hashem and the bundle Masoom were the two most influential tribes of licorice and the chieftain of the boom of zoom, the cousin of Abuja, hell is actually this is called its father Khalid Ibn unworried. So this actually the abnormal hero by the way, this will lead others out. And John Arma this will will lead was the one that the process that was talking with when even OMAC tomb came this is that Al Walid and Allah azza wa jal mentions a madman is still gonna this is Al Walid, this is actually also al

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Walid, the beginning of surah and Mudassir when Allah azza wa jal mentions the whole story that others have another one and from another battle was tough, but if it were called and had the electroneutral in her Allah holdall worship, so obviously his soccer dad is worried Allah is speaking about unworried. Over here he had three sons Alwaleed, Khalid, and Hashem. These three sons Holly's the middle son, all three are enemies of Allah and His messenger. They participate in the Battle of butter, and

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a lowly Walid is taken prisoner, the eldest son, the father is now det. Al Walid is taken prisoner. And he comes to the masjid of the Prophet salallahu Salam, along with 70 of the prisoners of war, and the Prophet system and the Sahaba they make an assessment of what will their ransom be those that had the highest amount of money the wealthiest families their ransom was 4000 dinars the highest level, those that could not afford anything as you know the famous story they were to teach the children how to read and write and they will let go free but everyone was given a price tag depending on his family. A low leads family is the richest family of Makkah. So a lower needs price

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tag is the highest category, only a handful got 4000 That was one of them unworried, so they have to wait for the money one of the brothers to father's dead now he's dies, so why didn't he sham were arguing and the one of the one of them is a full brother one ism as a half brother, the half brother says, I'm not going to get 4000 for him. And the full brother says of course you will. We're going to do it. So it takes a while is delayed. In the meantime, Al Walid is stuck in the profit systems masjid for perhaps we don't know exactly maybe 10 days, he's there 10 days. Now, what's gonna happen when somebody sees the Muslims and the Sahaba and the prophets Assam for 10 days. Unbeknownst to

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anybody, Islam entered the heart of the prisoner of war. He's tied up there was no jail in Medina. There was no complex, you know, like the current guy is doing for the innocent children that doesn't exist. Okay. There was no you know, barbed wire. Where is the prison? It is the masjid itself. So unworried, along with all of the other prisoners are essentially living in the masjid, they're given food, they have bathroom breaks, they're going to come back and they're staying in the masjid. So for at least 10 days, maybe even 15. Alwaleed is observing the Muslims listening to the whole buzz and de Roos, seeing the community and slowly but surely, Islam enters his heart. Eventually, the

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brothers in Makkah resolve their dispute, they get the 4000 and Khalid comes to Medina as a mushrik. And He hands the 4000 to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and and Walid is now freed. So

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It was late at night they exit the city. They go to sleep, Khalid wakes up and his brother where he is nowhere to be seen, gone, disappeared. Where did he go? Lead returns back to Medina to accept the shahada in public in the masjid that the prophecy center hours after he is released, the Sahaba said, Why did you delay? I mean, if you wanted to accept Islam, why this 15 days and your brother comes in the money? So he says, firstly, I didn't want you to think that I accepted Islam under pressure.

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I didn't want you to think that there was a gun to my head, right? That metaphorically, and I'm a prisoner of war. And so I'm trying to wiggle my way out. I'm coming as a free man. Now. Nobody can make it to him or doubt about my philosophy. And secondly, why shouldn't the money of my father benefit you?

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Let his money come after all that he has done, let him benefit the Muslim ummah, and so called it imagine how he must have felt he walked all the way or he took his cattle and walk all the way alone from Medina to Makkah minimum of 10 days travel, and he thinks he's gonna bring his brother back, neither the money nor the brother come back, and he asked to return, humiliated and embarrassed. This is called his first exposure to what Iman does in the hearts of the person. And then Khalid continues his way, you know, and what he does making dua for his younger brother father, because Khalid was the one who argued I'm gonna go the full ransom he's making dua, you know, I want him to

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be guided. He's begging his pleading, but kinda takes a different time. You know, what happened at what you know what Khalid Did you know what happened at Azov? You know, what are the harder it becomes essentially the son of his father, you get my point, he is going down that track, but it will lead never loses hope. And he begs the Prophet system to give me something that I can say to my brother, give me a phrase that I can try to convince him. And so what happens was in the seventh year of the hijra, in the seventh year of the Hadron, when the Muslims are going to do Omura, for the first time, you know, the Treaty of Arabia, remember that incident of the Sierra where the

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condition was, they're going to come back the next year and do umbra, and they will have Makkah for three days. Right. Al Walid and Khalid have not seen each other for seven years, six and a half, six years, they haven't seen each other. They have not seen each other at all. And then when he wants to see his brother Khalid, he is hoping you know, there is no cell phone, there is no satellite, there's no you know, texting, he is hoping that haunted stays in their house during those three days so that he can meet his brother Khalid after all those six years, but Khalid's anger is so much he said, I don't want to see the Prophet system and the Sahaba doing Dawa, I want to leave Makkah, I

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don't want to even be here and look from the window and see the Muslims. I want to leave Makkah. So as you're aware, probably half the city left MCCA and half the city locked their doors and stayed home for three days, right? That was the condition that for three days, you know, no one's going to exit from the Quraysh. Or they can leave their houses and for three days, the Muslims will be there and then leave. So how did opted to leave the city? Now, obviously, I really didn't know this. He rushes to the Father's house, he opens the door. He's eager to see nobody with the women there. They tell him sorry, hearted left, there is no Khalid, his heart is broken. But he has a message from the

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process and that he has extracted because he's the one getting these positives. And he writes a letter and leaves it in their father's house for his brother, his younger brother for the college. And he says and the letter is recorded in Niblick, Athena and others and even a sham, he says, My dear brother, yeah, actually, my dear brother, for how long will you run away from Allah and His Messenger, my dear brother, for how long my dear brother, this my dear brother that and he writes him a moving letter that only a brother can write to another brother from the heart to the heart, he opens up, he hasn't met his brother since the Battle of brother, my dear brother, my dear brother,

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my dear brother. And then he says, and I have gotten a guarantee from Rasul Allah says, and I'm for you by name. Now, he didn't tell him that he was the one who got the guarantee. Leave these details out. But he wants to impress his brother and he says the prophets Assam told me that if only Hadith becomes a Muslim, Luca Raman, who we will indeed honor Him, we will give him the Koran that he deserves, that will make him an honorable person, we're going to give him the the status and dignity to being the son of a Lolita dermaclara. So he sat at the process and mentioned your name. And he mentioned you he said he did a promise he's going to, you know, help you and whatnot. And this

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letter Subhanallah soften the heart of Khalid Abner Walid and he began thinking about converting to Islam. He began thinking about well, is it really true that these are all idols? Is it really true watch and worship Allah Subhana Allah, and his best friend at the time, was his second cousin it crema Reclaimer

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It couldn't have been Abuja who, because Abuja would either in Malaysia are first cousins. So Khalid and Nkrumah are second cousins, their fathers are cousins, right? And so one night, you know, just like young men, they're out long, late at night. They're talking they're chatting, they open up their deepest, you know, confessions and whatnot. And Al Waleed says sorry, call it says to Nkrumah.

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Come on, really? We know these gods are false. I mean, let's be honest here. You know, we all know this, that these so why don't we worship Allah alone? Why don't we accept the message of Islam? They were half drunkard has said one version says And Allah knows, maybe only Allah knows. But you know, they weren't in their full senses. It crema lost the plucks it cream in the middle of the night began screaming and shouting Asaba Have you become a Muslim? You're going to leave us you're gonna abandon your father. How dare you Have you lost your mind and the commotion he became so angry he called the rest of the Quraysh in the middle of the night, because Khalid is the son of a loony This

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is no this is not some innocent this is this is the pure policy blood. This is the chieftain son, this is as close to Realty as the Quraysh can get. So he called Abu Sufian in the middle of the night to aim whatever goes to the door calls half the Quraysh and he goes What are we gonna do do something he's thinking of converting and now Khalid is alone in a room full of seniors of the Koresh and you know mob mentality what happens right mob mentality, one man surrounded by enemies, voices are raised, a sword is brought out a sword is unsheathed and in the anger, one person is about to strike down cognitive another will lead when all of a sudden jumps up and said, I didn't

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call you to kill him. The same person who called them now I didn't call you to kill him. Are you going to kill him? Because he wants to change his faith and so he calls this Allah and he calms them down. He sends them home Hadith says okay, okay, you guys are right. You know, you're I agree. You're allowed to you're allowed to I agree you all right, and he calms them down, placates them and the same night College, goes back home, packs his bags, gets onto a horse and rides out in the middle of the night to make Hijra to become the very last batch of three people to make Hijra before the conquest of Makkah. Allah blessed cod. It didn't actually to be the last batch of Mahajan. You

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know, the Mahajan and the Ansari. The last batch of Mahajan was called in and Woody and I'm going to build a house and

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so I had been Mr.

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Seibel, Mr. Rathman. Very good. Zach Aloka. So, the one who owns the keys of the Sahaba of the of the kava right, these are the last three Sahaba, who made Hegira before the conquest of Mecca, Allah blessed hardly the man who will need to do that. Now, what is the lesson from all of this? And then of course, what happened happened. And by the way, Al Waleed, His death is not known. He didn't play that type of role. Maybe he died very shortly after the death of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and then life went on. He also by the way, helped in the conversion of Hashem the youngest brother. Now, the story the moral of the story is what's the legacy of hadith is known to all of you. How many of

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you know the legacy of it? Can you imagine all of the blessings that Khalid did, shall be credited to Khalid and to Al Walid his brother? Imagine that all of the baraka and all of the glory and all of the love that Harley didn't he add, Masha, Allah how much there is a silent creditor? You see, Allah azza wa jal gives and gives and gives. And as the Prophet sallallahu it was send them said, The one who calls others to good shall get the reward of the one who does it without diminishing the word of the one who does. This is what I'm saying. Law to Iran, middle man who fish a one letter written from the heart changed the course of Islamic history, never trivialize a smile in the face

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of a non Muslim, never trivialized good o'clock when you're presenting Islam never trivialize honesty in your dealings, never trivialized any good deed because you do not know the impact. It is very possible that one such small deed can literally change the course of history by the color of Allah, you might not even know it, Allah knows it is very likely that what he did not see did not live to see the true result of hardest conversion. Most likely he died very early after the death of the process, and in all likelihood, he didn't see the conquests and yet the Hassan ad will be with him in the cover because he did what he did with if lost without diminishing any good that was done.

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So Allah the Quran Minalima roofie che never diminish any good deeds that you can do any opportunity. Just do something and leave the rest to Allah subhanho wa Taala May Allah azza wa jal guidance and guide

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and others through us. And one other point my dear brothers and sisters, a lot of people have come to me with questions and whatnot. So I want to be very, very clear. I am here for the epic community. Anytime you see me you may come up and ask a question. I will most likely not have office hours because I am here every day you will see me if I'm in Dallas you will see me in sha Allah if you don't see me most likely I'm either secret traveling so I will come in sha Allah this is I'm here anytime you have a question feel happy that whatever I am here for you in shallow data don't feel embarrassed or shy you will see me walking back home no problem come up to me and ask the

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question. That's the whole point I want to benefit you you want to benefit me if I have the answer. hamdulillah if not, then I will try my best to get answers for you but don't feel any embarrassment or hesitation to come up and ask me any question. This is what's my purpose one of the main purposes and roles that we benefit one another may Allah azza wa jal grant is it philosophers akmola said I'm able to catch up.

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