Taraweeh Reminder #01 – Submit to Allah as a Muslim

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taraweeh and now as we are in the beginning of this great month, it's very important to start very clearly very positively have a vision about where we're going and that is about making sure that our hearts our intention, our minds, are clear in where we are, what we want to achieve, and where we are heading. And that's about having the right intention. Now, a lot of the time, people talk about intention in terms of, you know, from the aspects of the AHA and whether, you know, intention is like a is like a condition or a pillar of the Salah or condition of certain a bad like booboo or, or the like, but here we're talking about not just that it's a condition of fasting that you intend to

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fast, but rather, it's more about the fact that you are also having the What are you trying to achieve from your fasting? And without doubt, fasting is a great act of a Bader, which Allah subhanho wa Taala has ordered us to do. You see in the Quran, Allah Subhana, Allah says,

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For Kuru worshop, watabe, in the hypo abdominal hyper s, where the mineral fragile in the night lysing to eat, and drink until fragile time basically until the dawn time is apparent,

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distinct from the night, then Allah says from Tim or sciamma, he lay them complete or continue the fasting till the nighttime minute until Mahadev. So the situation of the believer in his intention is that he is responsive. And that's an important part of why do we fast what is our intention is that we are responding to Allah Subhana Allah, he's saying to eat and drink, you are allowed to eat and drink, he then says to you fast you stop eating and drinking. So your reality as a Muslim is a response to a loss of Hannah tan. And this is very important because one of the things that Ramadan is trying to teach us in this training facility that we are in is that our, our neffs our alter ego,

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if you like that which is in how do we control that? How do we get a grip of that? How do we allow ourselves to be in control, not to be guided by our whims and our by our desires and by our lusts? But rather we are guided by what Allah subhanaw taala wants from us. So that's an important aspect of Ramadan and what better than you as an individual as the human and many times Allah subhanaw taala and the peroxisome How do they refer to the human? What is the title of the human what is the best and most honorable title of a human? And that is a lab. A lab is the slave. No better translation for the word Abbot than the slave I mean, some people translate it as the worshiper or

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the servant.

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The reality is that ABD is a slave. And when you are a slave, you are basically submitting yourself to your masters to Allah subhana wa tada that's what really makes you what makes that fasting and makes the intention and fasting such such prevalent you know, something that's so, so beautiful and so real because like I said to you, it's Allah Subhana Allah telling you what to do, and what not to do what makes things right and what makes things not right and not allowing your neffs your desire you know, tomorrow is going to be a very hard day let's let's face it, a lot of people wake up tomorrow they're gonna have headaches they're gonna you know, because not used to fasting is a new

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experience is going to be very hard.

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The usual inclination of the nurses are I need my breakfast, I need my cup of coffee, I need my tea. I need this, this this. It's about how do I overcome that? And you're overcoming it because you're saying no Muslim, I am a Muslim. I am ABD I'm a slave. And by saying I'm a Muslim, it means that you are submitting to Allah subhana wa. That whatever Allah wants from you, you are ready to follow in that

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in that guidance, and that's what made Ibrahim it said I'm who he is as Allah Subhana Allah mentions in the Quran

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is Allah Allah hora boo Islam

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is Lord said to him Aslam submit, he said Islam to Europe, Allah Allah me. I've submitted to the Lord of the

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Well, so this little Milan, as you start off, your intention should be, I am fasting Ramadan because I am a Muslim meaning I am submitting to Allah subhanho wa Taala I'm going to do what he wants me to do what he is telling me to do. I am going to follow his instructions and I'm not submitting to my desires, I'm not submitting to my whims to my weaknesses, to my Shahada, all these things. No, I'm going to control them. I'm going to be in charge here. And secondly, what I want to say is as well which is a very important point for anything in intention, with intention, you know, the generosity of our last panel is so great. It is so magnificent the generosity of our last panel and the more

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the more you seek Allah The more he gives you. You know, in the beautiful hadith of Cozzi, Allah subhanaw taala says

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that the hora de la Abdi

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sugar on the cover up to LA Veronica and he she brought it to Iran a lot of answers when it was my slave comes to me a hand span

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or foot length of a foot I come to him an arm's length one way the camera by Ilya

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takadanobaba Ilia zero on top to relay it to who man that if he comes to me there either is basically an arm from here to is called the the Iraq Okay, so if it's all metaphoric, but what the point is, if you can't take a step of a search so much Allah subhanaw taala come closer to you much more. If you take this step of come close to Allah, Allah will come across step two for about about you can't see my hands but that is basically the whole arms stretched out this is called the back. So the more you come closer to Allah, the more Allah will come closer to you. And that is the whole nature and the whole reality of fasting of this a burden of this practice is I want to come closer

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to Allah. So Allah wants to give you but you have to seek a lot to get out. If you don't seek it. You're not going to get you know, if you don't knock on the door.

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And you don't ask, nobody's gonna open the door for you. Okay, it's a simple equation. So in Rome avant make sure that you're knocking on his door and right now today, as we're starting Ramadan, make that intention as wide as possible, as big as possible, you know, trying to intend so many things out of Ramadan that you want to achieve. It's not It's not about the intention of just, you know, I just want to intend to fast tomorrow which you should have in sha Allah, but also make it wider than this. Make it bigger than this in sha Allah to Allah Allah who will give you according to your intention.