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hamdulillah All praise is due to Allah subhanho wa Taala we praise Him and we seek His help. And we seek refuge in Allah from the evil of our souls and the consequences of our actions. Whomever ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada guides, none can miss guide and whoever is misguided, none can guide him other than Allah Jedi the Jedi, who I bear witness and I testify that there is no Lord no creator, no Sustainer no deity worthy of worship other than Allah subhana wa Tada and bear witness and testify that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa Salam is his final prophet, and his most perfect worshiper, and our role model in this dunya and our intercessor on the day of judgment as to what follows. Remember all

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Muslims that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has commanded us to be conscious of him when he says in the Quran, yeah, you hola Dena, Amaru Tapachula haka, Ducati. What are temotu Illa one two Misty moon,

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dear Muslims, of the realities of our lives, is that each and every one of us is tested and tried by other people in our lives. Each and every one of us faces hardships and wrongdoings caused unjustly by the people in our own lives, whether they're our family, sometimes even our immediate family, our parents and children, or our siblings, or our cousins and uncles, or they are friends, or they are acquaintances and colleagues or they're even strangers. Every human being at multiple times in his or her life, finds that their rights are being taken away from them. Either an actual physical, right, many may be inheritance may be a money that is due to them may be something that was

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rightfully theirs, or their honor is mocked, or they are transgressed against in many different ways. And such as the reality of our existence, there is no human being ever who has been safe from the problems and trials of other human beings. So in today's brief hutzpah, I want to remind myself and all of you what should be our stance as Muslims when others wronged us when we feel an injustice has occurred? When people have trampled against us they have gone against what we believe is our health. Our do what does our Shetty remind us? Firstly, brothers and sisters, we contextualize what is happening. And we understand that being tested by the hands of other people around us is one of

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the integral mechanisms of Allah's tests on us. Allah uses the tests and trials through other people to test you realize just like that person is being tested in what he or she has done against you. So to Allah is testing you and your response to that person. It is your test just as much as it is his Allah reminds us in the Quran, what your battulga calmly Bowden fitna 10 atoss be rune, we have made each of you a test and trial of others, each one of you will be tested by and be tests for other people, there is no such thing as a human existence that is free from the tests and trials of other human beings. And by the way, just like somebody is irritating you, somebody is harming you,

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inevitably, there are people who will claim you have harmed them, and you have done something against them. So this is a part and parcel of our existence, and understand that in the end, it is Allah azza wa jal who is also testing you. So console yourselves that there is no existence in this life, without the tests and trials that will come on the hands of other people. This leads me to my second point, if we understand that Allah is using the tests and trials of other people to test us, well, then we need to understand that what is happening with you on your friend, you want your colleague you want your sibling, you and your cousin, it's not a matter of the two of you alone. On

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the contrary, you have to understand Allah subhanho wa Taala is first and foremost should be in your mind, do not look at it as a horizontal interaction between you and your opponent. rather look at it this person has to answer to Allah for what he or she has done and I have to answer to Allah for what I will do in response. Remove this horizontal direct line and bring in Allah azza wa jal and make the lines vertical. When you do so this will calm you down. When you do so you will get a boost of confidence when you do so you will be able to temper your own anger your own response. It is not about revenge.

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It's not about you versus them. No, like this person has wronged you or bigger wrong. They have wronged the rights of Allah upon you. They don't have to answer to you, they have to answer to Allah have a sense of pity for that, and then realize on the Day of Judgment, you don't have to answer for them, you have to answer for yourself. And so, understand that your reaction is more important on the day of judgment than what this person has done to you. How you react will be a bigger source of potential problem of potential irritation or potential punishment, that what this person has done unto you because you are only responsible for yourself. And that is why when you believe in

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yarmulke, Yama when you believe in yo Medina, Yeoman Hisar. That's what Yeoman SR means hisab is going to be done. When you believe in yo Medina and Yeoman hisab. All of a sudden, it brings a sense of confidence, because you understand that in this world, there is no ultimate justice. If you seek ultimate justice in this world, you are going down a dangerous path, and you will inevitably do more harm than has been done unto you, you will never be satisfied, you're going to continue push back and get angry and try to get your revenge until perhaps you will do more wrong than has been done unto you realize this is not the abode of ultimate judgment. No. And in fact, a lot of times there

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is no justice in this world. And a lot of times there is partial justice in this world. There is never infinite justice in this will never, even when their criminal goes to jail when the murderer goes to jail. How is that justice you didn't get the loved one back? It's not ultimate justice. So when you believe that Allah is Mighty Kiyomi Dean, that's the whole point you remind yourself, justice isn't the era in this world, the max you can hope for is partial, not full. So realize Qiyamah is when the ultimate hisab will be done. Point number three brothers and sisters. We are told in our Shetty out, when wrong has been done unto us, it becomes very easy for shaytaan to

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misguide us, and to cause us to react worse than what the wrong has been done unto us. When you are angry. When you feel a sense of rage, maybe even righteous rage. That is the easiest, slippery slope of shaytaan to take a legitimate anger somebody has wronged you, you have the right to feel angry. But if you don't keep that anger in check, if you don't control your emotions now, it is very likely that rather than being the wronged, you will become the wrongdoer. Rather than being the one upon whom the voting was done, the more room you become the volume. And that's why we have to be extra careful during this stage as Allah reminds us in the Quran, while Yejide min Commissioner Coleman,

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Allah Allah tidy Lu era do you do who are crapoly Taqwa Be careful, Allah is saying, Let not the hatred of a people who might have been unjust to you, let not a hatred of a people even if they have done wrong unto you cause you to be unjust against them. Notice Allah is telling the mother loom. Be careful, your anger doesn't cause you to become the volume. We have to be super careful in this regard, that in this sensitive situation, when we feel a righteous sense of justice and injustice, anger and rage that we respond in a way and a manner that will still be pleasing to Allah subhanho wa taala. And so many of our scholars have said that it is at the time of injustice and the time of

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anger, that a true person's a clap is demonstrated how you react when you're angry, how you react when your rights have been taken from you is the best indication of your o'clock outside of that one incident. And that's why there's so much praise in the Quran and Sunnah for controlling the anger while Kaldi Mina leave to control your anger man Kenema Anna Lena, the president said whoever is able to control his anger in this world will be honored on the Day of Judgment in front of the entire creation, controlling one's anger and not acting unjustly just because injustice has been done unto you. The fourth point

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What rights do we have when we have been wronged? This topic is much more detailed than what we have time for. But to summarize, when somebody has taken a right of yours, somebody has mocked you, somebody has humiliated you, somebody has physically pushed you hurt you. The Sheree or gives you a ruler, a spectrum. The Shediac gives you multiple choice ABCD all correct. And then E F not allowed, right. So there's a spectrum of

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of acceptability some of this question will give you zero credit and you will also not get a negative you will just be equal, some will give you partial credit, some will give you full credit. And one answer will actually give you a negative credit you will be taken away from your points will be taken away from if you don't react in the proper manner. What is this spectrum? Allah subhanaw taala summarizes it beautifully in Surah Assura that was that was say you can say to me through her

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woman alpha, were us Lucha for a judo who Allah Allah in the hola yo hippo volley mean, for choices are given, four choices are given. Three of them are acceptable, and one is unacceptable. The first one, what does that will say? Yeah, it didn't say yes to me through her. It is allowed, when somebody has harmed you that you harm them back the exact same manner. Somebody makes fun of you in public, you have the right to stand up and say something equivalent back to him, somebody pushes you and for no reason you have the right to push them the exact same amount, which is I will say you didn't say yes to me through her. By the way, Allah still cause her to say you're an evil. If

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somebody does evil, well, then you are doing evil, Allah calls it an evil. But in this case, because he has done an evil, you're evil, and his evil will cancel out. And therefore the net result is zero. No team wins. Neither are you the winner. Nor is that person the winner. But in Allah's mercy, he's allowed this as an option. Somebody stands and curses you and makes fun of you and puts you down, you have the right you stand and you make fun of them and curse them and put them down you have the right. And Allah says your evil is allowed. He still calls it an evil, which is to say, Yeah, say yeah, what you have done is not good. It's not dignified. It's not virtuous. But you know

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what he did an evil Allah has given you the option, you may do the evil, and it is going to be net result 00 from an alpha you want partial points, you rise higher up awful. This is you get partial credit. And awful means you do not respond in kind. And you expect Allah to reward you for not responding in kind. You control a legitimate evil response you have the right to and get angry to curse him to make fun of him, you have the right to say bad things like you said about you, you have the right to push him, you say in your heart, allow for I will forgive for the sake of Allah. And you can choose this as an option. That's the beauty of the Sharia, we have this option. And if you

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choose for a judo who Allah Allah, Allah will reward you, you get partial credit. But Alpha doesn't mean you have to make up to this person, you might cut off from him. He was a friend of yours, he made a major mistake. You forgive for the sake of Allah, but that friendship is gone it just Hello. And there's nothing wrong with this. The Sharia has come to be a practical religion. It's not just idealistic, beyond the scope of anybody know, sometimes somebody has hurt you so much that you can forgive but not forget, it's okay. Forgive. And in your heart, you hold the grudge to the Day of Judgment in this dunya you do nothing. And on the Day of Judgment, you lay out your case and you say

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Oh Allah, I held my tongue and I didn't do anything because I want you to give me more than what I will get from him in this dunya. And if you do so for a little while Allah, you get partial credit. And then there is an option, you get the full credit. You get the max, what is that? What a slacker, you Forgive, and you mend? You build the Broken Bridge, your friend, your cousin, your colleague has broken that bridge of friendship. Well, not only do you forgive, you mend it, you give him a gift, you go out of your way, make dua for him, do a favor back unto him, you show him hey, I'm the better of the two in the eyes of Allah. You don't say that. But your o'clock shows until you soften his

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heart and you win him over by your kindness. And Allah says in the Quran, that whoever returns an evil with a good that is indeed very difficult. When are you la casa el Medina Sabado one raka Allah to help them Alim and only those who are very patient and very fortunate will be able to return an evil with a good somebody curses you makes fun of you. And instead you praise Him and He knows you have praised him and other gatherings and you defend his honor when he most needed help everybody abandoned him, you stand up and you help him he was no without any money you gave him alone knowing that he devoted to you you say no for the sake of Allah and our past friendship. I want to mend this

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Subhanallah this was the way of our prophets Allah Allah said and this was the way you

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The use of with his brother in this was the way of our profits are some of the conquest of Makkah, go for all of you are free are forgiven all of you. This is the way of the righteous and the prophets. And if you do so, not only will you win the hearts and minds of the people, but you will win the pleasure of Allah in the most manner. And that is very difficult to do. And whoever does so is indeed very fortunate. So this is zero credit, partial credit full credit. Then the IEA concludes in the hola yo hippo volley mean, Allah does not love the volume in, there's something you can do that will cause you to fail and lose points. And that is when you respond in worse than what has

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happened to you when you allow your anger to get the better of you and you will reply in a manner that makes much more harm and creates much more evil than what has been done unto you in a beautiful Hadith and Sunnah Timothy, a man came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said O Messenger of Allah, I have servants. When I send them for business, they cheat. They embezzle the funds, they curse me. They are rude to me. And so you know, back in the day, what you would do, I beat them. That's what they will do back in the day I beat them. What is the verdict on this? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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that on the Day of Judgment, all the harm that they have done to you of money and stealing and curse will be put on one side of the scale, and you're hurting them and beating them will be put on the other side. And if your beating of them is less, then you are fine. But if you're beating will weigh more in the scales, then you shall have to give your deeds to your own servants.

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In the eyes of Allah doesn't matter what your skin color was, what your what your status in life was. We're all human beings in the eyes of Allah, whether your mom, Luke or Albert, whether you're an employee or employee, you have to answer to him. If you have done more wrong to your servants, then they shall get from your house and not on the Day of Judgment. The man became shocked and he couldn't speak for a while. Then he began to cry. He goes it is like this ya rasool Allah. Yes, it is like this. The Prophet system said, Didn't you read in the Quran, Allah told him enough sous chef, che and when can omit or the headbutt him and harden and attain our behalf. No one, no one

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will be allowed to do a womb to another. And if even an atom's weight is done, it will be brought on the Day of Judgment. So then the man said, If this is the case, the IRIS will Allah, then I have no option but to free the servants of mine for the sake of Allah, I don't want the risk of having to answer to Allah for having done more harm to them than they have done to me, I caused you to bear witness. They're all free for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala. The man did not even want to be put in the position where possibly his good deeds have to be given to those who are under Him, those who have more rights, but still no, when it comes to Allah azza wa jal, we are all equal. So these

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brothers and sisters, these are some of the things we have to be cognizant of when the situation happens of people having done harm unto us. Remember, you have to answer to Allah, not to that person. Remember what this person has done. It is a mechanism that Allah is using not to test him to test you. It is your test you should be more concerned and interested in and remember, Allah has given you multiple options. If you really feel this person has no hope, then you may respond in kind. If the pain is so much you may forgive for the sake of Allah, but not forget in this world and leave the ties broken, you don't have to have ties with every human being, especially if they're not

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relatives. And if you really want to, especially for family, and especially for close friends of the past, whoever helped you, if one of them falls into a mistake and does wrong unto you, then try to find the better path follow in the footsteps of use of and the footsteps of our Prophet Sall Allahu Allah, he was setting them and not only forgive not only forget but mend and be the better of the two and whoever does so Allah azza wa jal says that is the really fortunate and lucky one may Allah subhana wa Taala bless me and you with through the Quran and May He make us of those who is versus the understand and applies halal and haram throughout our lifespan as scholars forgiveness, yours

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will ask him for his the food and the ramen.

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hamdulillah All praise is due to Allah the one and the unique. He it is whom we worship, and it is his aid that we seek. He is the Lord of the oppressed and He hears the prayer of the weak or Muslim. If somebody has done volume unto you, if somebody has shown injustice to you, if somebody has trampled over your rights, taken your wealth accused

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you fall asleep. The first thing you should do is to thank Allah, that you are the mother loom and not the volume. Thank Allah, that if home is being done, if injustice is being done, that you are not standing on the side of perpetrating injustice, and you would much rather that injustice be done unto you. Why? Because of the greatest of all sins is the sin of volume and injustice of the greatest of all sins is the sin of taking the rights of innocent people of slandering innocent people of stealing the money of innocent people of accusing innocent people. And if there's going to be any falsehood and any evil and any injustice, well then a million times over be on the side of

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those upon whom injustice was done, rather than side with the perpetrators of injustice know that Allah subhanho wa Taala has not cursed many categories in the Quran, one of the greatest curses and of the most frequent curses in the Quran, Allah Lerner to Allah He either vadi mean Allah Allah Allah to Allah He Allah volume in Allah, Allah Allah to Allah He had a volume in Allah's Lana is upon the one who has done boom. You don't want to be in that category. You do not want to be in that category. So if Gollum is being done, and it is being done against you say Alhamdulillah I'm not in that category. Let it be done against me. I'm not going to be in the category of those upon whom

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Allah is Lana is being given and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim of Voldemort who marched on Yom Okayama of Hulu Hulu Martin yarmulke, Yama, injustice will become a darkness a source of grief, a source of perpetual anguish on the Day of Judgment, volume will become guru Matt, Allah is unknown and Allah is calling to note and the Quran is known. When you do volume, you have destroyed your relationship with Allah you have broken your relationship with the Quran. So volume will bring about buruma to darknesses on the day of judgment, and the great scholar of the pastor of Jana 30 said, that will law he if you were to meet Allah with 70 sins

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as long as the eyes can see 70 sins that are private between you and Allah subhanho wa Taala it is easier and far more acceptable than for you to meet Allah with one sin against your fellow brother or sister 70 Private sins as long as the eye can see big sins between you and Allah. It is much easier to deal with than one sin between you and another creative being. And the reason for this brothers and sisters is that Allah is looking for and Allah is Rahim and you just say a stop. But Allah Yara I'm sinful Forgive me Yarrabah committed a mistake, Allah will forgive you. But the minute you trample on the rights of another person, the minute you take the hook of another person,

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well then Allah azza wa jal in his infinite justice removes himself and says, between the two of you, you decide now you tell me which human being will want to forgive a person on the Day of Judgment, which human being will be like a Rahman and Rahim because of this one sin between you and another Mohawk is bigger and more dangerous than 70 100 sins that are private between you and Allah Subhana Allah to Allah because Allah forgives and mankind does not forgive and also brothers and sisters, the final point for today, our Prophet sallallahu sallam said, it took a little more room for in the whole Lisa Boehner who have been Allah here a Job fear the dua of the one who has been

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wronged. The DUA of the mudroom is the most powerful dua there is no dua more powerful than the dua of the one who has been wronged. And the prophets Assam warned us beware of the dua of the one who has been wrong because there is nothing standing between that DUA and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada nothing. In the other Hadith, the Prophet saw some said the dua of the Muslim races up like lightning to Allah raise his up like lightning and Allah here's the DUA and Allah says where is it where Jalali the uncertain Nikki what Obeida hanging, I swear by my visa, and I swear by my honor, I shall respond to your DUA. Even if it'd be after a while might take a while might take some time. Allah

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sometimes for wisdom delays the response to see the test to see the test played out, but Allah never ignores the response. So all you who has been wronged know that you have a weapon that is so powerful. There is nothing more powerful that Travon him has the arsenal of the one doing volume is nothing compared to the weapon in your own in your own pocket in your own hands. That weapon is more powerful than any bomb, any jail. Anything that tyrants can have. That weapon is the dua of them of loom, so be careful Oh Muslim, be careful of ever causing some

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injustice such that somebody else is making dua mentioning Allah subhanho wa Taala and then bringing about your name be careful Oh Muslim, it took a little more room for in the Hubei Sabina Who ouabain Allah happy job may Allah subhana wa Tada forgiven bless all of us and guide us to the straight path alone Benny dine for aminu Allahu Allah that overheard Jambi them and Illa Horta, whether him and Illa for Raja wala Dana and Illa Kadota when I'm dealing in Russia feta when I see it on Illa your sorta Allama fildena What is one AnnaLena Saba Hoonah been Iman wala alumina Hilda Lilina, Amano Robina in Nicaragua for Rahim everybody Allah and Allah to Allah Amara can be better behave in FC

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within Nabi Mala. Could you could you say with a letter become a you have known him agenda here in se Zimin Croydon. Idema in Hola. Hola, como Soluna Allah Nebby Yeah, you already in Amanu Sallu alayhi wa sallam with a sliema Allahumma salli wa sallim wa Burdick Well, Abdullah Carlos Whittaker Mohammed while he was a big marine about Allah in Allah to Allah Yamamoto Bill Adley what exactly

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were you in Halifax? Sure I will tell you about it. You're either coming to Allah come to the Quran or the Quran? Allah had an email come watch crew who yesterday. What did they call white awkward. Well, Tim is

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be famous. The heathen down Seanie one tells

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me what to feed.

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Sunday. What

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feels cool. Ruby told me

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journey tassa down

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