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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi discusses at length the origin of Salah and its profound necessity in our lives. Every single pillar of Islam was ordained by Allah through Jibreel AS to the Prophet ﷺ. But only for Salah, Allah communicated directly with the Messenger of Allah ﷺ in His Divinity. Such is the stature of Salah.

While Prophet Ibrahim and Ismail AS are building the Ka’bah, Ibrahim AS says, “O my Rabb make ME amongst those who establish the Salah, me and my children, Our Lord, and accept my supplication.” Surah Ibrahim

The very first commandment that Allah gave to Prophet Musa AS, He said, “I am Allah, there is no deity worthy of worship except Me so worship Me and establish the Salah to remember Me. ” Surah Taha

The infant Prophet Isa AS said, “I am a servant of Allah, Allah has granted me the wisdom and given me the book, and He has made me a Prophet, and He has made me Blessed wheresoever I may be and He has commanded that I pray and give charity as long as I live.”- Surah Maryam

The  Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ Seerah is sufficient enough to highlight the prominence of Salah. The Night of Isra Wal Miraj gave us the blessing of 5 times Salah in a day.

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi hence, implores us to establish prayer and get rid of all the invalid excuses we make to not obey this most important command of Allah. We will be questioned about Salah before anything else on the Day of Judgement.

“The Prayer Prohibits you from vulgarities, obscenities and other sins.”

[Surah Ankabut]

The last words of the Prophet ﷺ on his deathbed are, “As-salaah, as-salaah! Wat-taqullah fee ma malakat aymanukum.”

Hence, his only request to the Muslim Ummah even during his final moments was only and only to establish prayer sincerely and never lose track of it.

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hamdulillah the monastery you know who wanna still fiddle? Why not? Oh the villa Himanshu Rudy and fusina woman say RTI, Medina, Mayor de la, la la la,

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la la, la la, la, la, la la, la la la sharika for shadow and Mohammed an avocado pseudo yeah you hola Xena Amanita por la have caught you caught a wallet mo tuna in

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the moon. Yeah. Johan de Souza hora de como la de cada hakomi nuptse wahida wahala come in Hazzard. jaha Weber salmon humara jangka 01 is what topo la la de Tessa Luna v one or ham in LA How can it come? rafidah Yeah, you hola Xena Amano, choco la waku Colin said de de

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de como para la comida roba con woman your daughter in law What are Sula who, Posen? alima am about my dear brothers and sisters in Islam. As we open up the Koran as we have done for our salata, Torah we and we open up for the very first sutra that we recite after Fatiha fellowship Hannah was added tells us that Elif Lam Meem daddy colicky tabula rasa, if you would read that this is a book, there is no doubt in this book, there is no misguidance in this book, it will be a guidance for those who are righteous. And then Allah describes Who are those that are righteous, and lady in a, you know, Nebula lady where you'll see more of those so that they are those who believe in that which is

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unseen. And they are those who established the prayer from the very beginning. Allah tells us this book is a guidance for those who have a man and those who established the salah. And what this means is that if you are not of those who have Eman or if you are not of those who establish the set up, then your benefit from this book will be limited. This is a book that is meant to guide those who believe and who have faith in Allah subhana wa tada and who have established a prayer. The very first verse in the Quran explains to us the importance of the prayer and the importance of the Salah or the prayer as a sign of Eman as being a part and parcel of our Eman And Allah subhanho wa Taala

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is a constant theme not just through the Quran, but throughout the centuries throughout the prophets of Allah subhana wa tada every prophet of Allah was given the same message and that is to establish the prayer when our father Ibrahim alayhis, salaam, the father of all prophets, when our father Ibrahim alayhis salaam was building the holiest place on Earth, what do I came from his heart? What was we asking Allah for? As he was building the first messenger and the first bait Oh whoo basin? Well, there I didn't know the first house ever built for a lot. Imagine the psychological state of mind he was in imagine the humbleness he's feeling. Imagine he is the human being who is building

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the first messenger. What is he making do out for Ravi Gianni Maki masala tea. The only thing he's thinking about Oh Allah, let this house be a place of worship and let me be amongst those who regularly pray in it and everywhere around the Earth from Vidya. I'll name okay masala Oh Allah make me of those who established the sutra and also make my children amongst those who established the Sadat the Prophet Musa alayhis salaam, the Prophet Musa alayhis salaam. He is wandering in the valleys of Midian and authority Cena and he wants to find a light for his wife for his family for shelter. So he sees a light in the distance onto the center and he walks up all the way to get this

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light and it is not a light of this earth. It is a divine light. It is a light of Allah subhanho wa Taala the very first encounter where Allah speaks with Musa, the very first hisab the very first conversation, what does Allah tell Moosa? As Allah says in the Quran, in any anara book, I am your Lord. Allah and Allah in the Quran was

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to confess edema you have in any and Allahu la isla in Anna five Bodine.

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The first commandment that the Prophet Musa is given on tour de se not worship me for Britney, but how what up

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and established are Salah, in order to remember me the importance of sight I could not wait for a second meeting. It could not wait to the second stage. The very first encounter that Allah speaks with Moosa, he tells him what

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the Prophet Isa and in his system, the prophet, he said, he said, when he comes forth in his mother's arms back to the city of Jerusalem, and the people are wondering, how could this holy lady How could this pious servant of Allah, this amount of Allah

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Bring forth a child when she is not married, and she has been commanded by a law that I cannot speak. And so all she can do is point from the heavens to the baby, she cannot speak she is not allowed to speak. And a law produces a miracle the likes of which mankind has hardly seen, what does this two day old infant say? What is the first holtsville of the Prophet sallallaahu salam to the Bani Israel into the Jews are in the Abdullah patani okitama, which are adenine abbia, which are either named Mubarak and aina Macondo. What else Ronnie, this sign it was the katiba the first chutzpah of our Prophet Isa sallam, he is hardly two days old, and he's preaching and lecturing to

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the Jews in the Bani Israel eat. And he says, I am the servant of Allah. Allah has given me the book Allah has made me a prophet. Allah has made me bless it wherever I am. And Allah has commanded me to establish the Sunnah even the babies holtsville could not wait for another day. The very first sermon establishes the center. Our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is revealed he comes running back to his wife Khadija, because he doesn't know what's happening. zemi loonies me Luna Cover me up, cover me up. And Allah subhana wa tada den reveals the second and the third revelation. Yeah, you held Muslim in Houma, La La Ilaha de la nuestra who poco de la Oh, was it it was

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the very second or third revelation. Our Prophet Mohammed is still in his wife's house, but Aegis house and he is covered he's Aminu. Nizam Maloney. And the command comes, yeah, you have Muslim men for you who are covered up, you have a job ahead of you, you have a task ahead of you. And in order to prepare you for that task. Poor men lay that in putty that you have to pray half the night, half the night you have to pray for less than that or even more than that. And the hesitancy Muslim tells us that within the very first week of Revelation, within the very first week of Revelation, God had come down and he had taught our Prophet sallallahu I think he would send them how to do with who and

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how to pray. And the prayer was so early in this revelation that as you know, I called him How did he accept Islam? He was a young child, seven years old, living with our Prophet Mohammed's listen to him and he comes back in and he sees his, he sees the Profit System, his cousin, and he sees Khadija his cousin in law and they are praying and he wonders what is this and when he finds out he then accepts Islam, the very first week of Revelation, Allah told our Prophet system to pray. And what is amazing here, the prayer was not legislated for the rest of the Muslims for another 10 years, but for our Profit System immediately, and even the prayer that was legislated for the Muslims. When was

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it legislated? It was legislated before any other commandments there was no zecca there was no cm there was no Hajj there was nothing except in Medina, the one commandment that came down in the muck and face the one obligation of our Shetty or that came down in the muck and phase was the obligation to pray and even in this obligation and how it was given, we are shown how important the slot is. Notice our scholars mentioned that every single commandments that Allah subhanho wa Taala gave to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu it he was sending them it was revealed via gibreel down to this for the commandment to fasting Ramadan, it came down as a verse of the Quran, that commandment to gives

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the calf the commandment for go for Hajj, the commandment for this the commandment for that all the prohibitions, all the laws, all the shut off air, it is all coming down to this earth via God. There is only one exception to this rule. There is only one exception when the command was so great when the command was so great that no messenger was sent down to this earth. No verse was revealed no angel had to fly down and flush her down to tell our Prophet system something No, the message was so great at the messenger was called to the presence of the Divine to be handed the message directly without any intermediary. There was one commandment that was so noble, and it was so important that

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the intermediary was cut off, and the messenger was granted his only audience with the divine immediately in his presence. But can Cabo San do a dinner for our hat in Ibiza? Oh, my god marketable for our Jumeirah the one time that our Prophet Mohammed sal Allahu Allah He was sending them was granted that exclusive audience with a lot of xojo directly without any intermediary. What was the command given to him? Our Prophet says and then tells us that Allah commanded me to pray 50 times a day. That was why he was called up to the heavens. That was why he was given this direct audience with a law to show us how important the Salah is and you all know

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The story that our prophets are set on being the obedient servant that he is took this commandment and came down and he met the Prophet Musa alayhis salaam and the Prophet Musa said, What did your Lord commanded you? He said, My Lord commanded me 50 other words, Moosa says, oh, Mohammed, so seldom, I am more experienced than you in the ways of men. I have more experience with the children of Israel, you are still a new prophet for Mohammed, let me tell you, your own can never afford to do 50 kilowatts a day. They don't have the patience, no magic, a lot of people that they don't have the power to pray 50 times a day. Imagine 50 times a day works out to once every 20 minutes or so

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imagine every 20 minutes you have to stand and pray. And so the Prophet Musa convinced our Prophet Mohammed sysm, to go back up to Allah subhana wa, and ask him to make a concession. And from 50, it went down to 45. Once again, Musa says the same thing 4035 30, working his way down until finally after going up and down and up and down and up and down. Finally, it has been decreed five Moosa says, All Mohammed, you're almost still cannot do five go back up. And our Prophet Mohammed says, Adam says, I am now too ashamed and embarrassed, I have gone too many times, I can't do it again. And as soon as he says that they both hear the divine voice. Because both Moosa and our Prophet

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system are Kadima law, both of them have heard a law speak directly, so they both hear the divine voice, that it had been decreed that it would be five, meaning even if you had come back up, it wouldn't have been gone gone down, it had been decreed that it will be five. But for these five, I shall give you the reward of one times 10 for every so you shall get the reward of 50 it is five but it is 50. Now notice here the scholars say Allah knew that he would reduce the so somewhat from 50 to five, of course, all annuities lindos everything alone knew that it would go down from 50 to five. So then why go through this whole up and down in this whole back and forth? Why? When Alan

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knew that it would be five Why didn't he just say it'll be five solo and under story. Some scholars have pointed out that by legislating 50 other words along wanted to demonstrate to us that the purpose of our creation is nothing other than to pray to Allah constantly. What am I up to Agenda we're into in lab here, we don't have only created man and gene in order to worship me. Welcome is Sonata, the decree and the best way to worship Allah is by the Salah. And so by legislating at 50 It is as if Allah is telling us look, you have only been created to pray. And if I had legislated at 50 Salawat, then this would have been your purpose of creation, but I know that you are too weak, I

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know that you cannot pray 50 so I have reduced it to five but you shall get the reward of 50 prayers. My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, that commandment to pray is second in the origin only for the commandment to worship Allah alone. There's only one commandment that occurs more than that to pray and that is or with the law why the worship Allah alone the commandment of La ilaha illa Allah This is more common. But then right after this the most common action that is mentioned in the Quran, more than 70 or 80 verses in the Quran. Allah commands us to establish the prayer and notice there is never a single commandment in the Quran to actually pray salute. No, it's always a

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higher level of famous sila aqui masala, it's a higher level than merely sledded do. I'll say Masada means you perfected it means you put you bring it for the way that it deserves to be brought forth. And as we said there are over 80 verses in the Quran that commanded believers to pray and the blessings for Salah are too numerous to mention and even 10 multiples and the status of sada is beyond even a multiple or two. But to summarize my dear brothers and sisters in Islam, many of our scholars of the past have said that Salah is not a luxury for a man that Salah is not just a enough filler for a man I know many of our scholars have said that PSA is an integral part of a man such

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that the one who does not have sign up in reality he does not have a man. And this is the position of the humble and many of the scholars of the past that the one who does not pray is not even considered a Muslim. Why? Because from the perspective of the scholars and they have a good point here he man is not just theory. He man is not just concepts because if a man had been theory, then the first believer would have been shaped on himself because shavon believes in Allah and shavon acknowledges the Day of Judgment. And shavon knows that Adam and Moosa Ibrahim and mssm are all prophets of Allah chiffon doesn't deny any of that. And yet shavon is obviously not a Muslim Why? I

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live near Medina, one of the famous scholars of the past he said that shavon became a captain because Allah commanded him to do one

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And he said, No, I don't have so what will be the case of the movement who is called he either sign up to do more than 30 such as a date? And he keeps on making excuses. And he keeps on saying no, I don't have to what is the difference between the two and who is the worst of the two? And this is a point to think about my dear brothers and sisters, why did shape on become a Catholic? or How did Allah call him a Catholic? What did he do? He didn't reject something that of theology, he didn't have a concept or a theory that was different than what we believe he believes as we believe. And in fact, Allah says in the Quran that he believes actually says Paula Rob be unlimited enough to move

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iPhone it believes to saying oh my god, allow me to live until the day of judgment. It believes a firm's Allah is a rub. It believes a firm's there's a day of judgment, it believes even makes the right to Allah because he wants to live because he believes a believer Obviously not. Why? Well, because one group of scholars would say because he refused to act upon that belief, because he refused to prostrate when the Lord told him to do one such depth. He said, No, I don't have to. So what will be the case as I did in Medina, he said, of the one who is told to do more than 30 such that is a date and every time he makes an excuse, every time he says this or that brothers and

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sisters in Islam, our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, how do you design Muslim? Thane Abdi was *ty, and another version vain and Abdul will return casada. In another version, he said that the meaning of this ad, the difference between the servants and leaving Islam into Cofer is the abandonment abandonment of the prayer. In another Hadith, he said, Allah had a lady Baden verbena who masala fermenter, aka for the car for Hadith is incident and decide that the covenant or the treaty that I have with the Muslims, the pact that I have, the agreement that I have with the Muslims is that they perform the Sadat whoever does not do so whoever leaves it has, in fact become

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or committed a type of gopher, and these are the wordings of our Prophet Mohammed Salah law while he was sending them and these wordings of the Hadith are proven in the Quran, in many, many verses of them. Allah mentions the people of Johanna and Allah describes them in the Koran find out sod duck or what else one was lacking, because who were the people of jahannam Allah describes them Why did they end up there? They neither gave their charity nor did they pray for outside dufault what else Allah they didn't pray in another verse when the people of jahannam are asked by the angels all do masala cuckoo soccer. The people of jahannam are asked by the angels How did you end up in the fire

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of hell didn't messengers come to you? Weren't you told of this truth? Didn't you know that there'd be heaven and hell? What do the people of the jahannam say? Allah says in the Quran number one reason they say oh Lu lamb Nicko meaner masala number one reason we were not of those who used to pray we had to abandon the Salah. How do you know Neku Minar masani and this emphasizes illustrates that the sutra is not an optional tag that we add on to our email. No, it is a necessary part and parcel of our being believers. And in one verse in the Quran, Allah equate Salah with our email and a lot of calls our Salah he man in a verse in certain bacara Allah says one makanda la julio de

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Monaco comb. The reason why this verse was revealed was a question pertaining to sign up with a lot except those sign out of such and such a people and Allah says Allah will never allow your E man to go to waste. Allah will never allow your E man to go to waste. The question was about Allah. Allah responded by calling slugga Eamon and this shows us that Sana is a part of our Eman And that is why our scholars say if anybody wants to know their level of Eman, all they need to do is to look at the salah and how they perform it and their level of assurance and their level of taqwa and their level of humility and concentration. The quantity and the quality of Salah will illustrate for us our

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level of emotion. This is our barometer. This is our thermometer. We want to check the temperature of our Eman one take the pressure of our man very simple. You look at your setup, the quantity and the quality of your sweater. And a lot describes the righteous amongst the believers not as those who pray no that's basically how the Minoan alladhina home not use alone. No that's too basic alladhina Humphrey sadati him horseshoe later on what did the dino minor sadati him die He moon in another verse. What did I do? To him you have the moon. This is the elite characteristic that Hatfield has shared three characteristics are given. They are constant and they are protecting and

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they have Taqwa and humility. They have concentration. This is the sign of the elite of the believers not simply to pray no simply to pray. This is the bare minimum Eman and our Prophet Muhammad

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Someone told us that Islam is based on five pillars. And the second of these pillars is the sada brothers and sisters in Islam. The question arises, why am I talking about Salah in the month of Ramadan. And the response is very simple, because in this month Alhamdulillah from Alhamdulillah, the average Muslim becomes a better Muslim. Even the below average Muslim strives to become something better all of us, myself and you, all of us, we strive to become a better person. And in this month, those who don't pray five times a day, they struggle, and they try to pray five times a day, and those who pray five times a day they struggle, and they try to perfect the sooner and those

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who pray, the sooner they struggle, and they try to pray. And every one of us strives to go higher and higher and higher. And the reason why I wanted to give the whole talk about sila in this month of Ramadan is to illustrate for us that if we can do it in this month, then we had better make sure to do it in the other month as well, because the Lord of Ramadan is the Lord of Shahada and Siobhan is the Lord of Raja and will harem is the Lord of all the other months because the obligation to pray is not just in the month of Ramadan it is in every single month and many of our scholars of the past including the famous scholar Eben azim, the scholar from Spain underoos even hasm says that the

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one who fasts without praying, he is kidding himself. He is joking how he hired this Sahaba he said, this is the peak of foolishness of stupidity, you're going to fast without praying. He says this is foolishness. What is the purpose of jumping to the fourth pillar when you haven't even done the very first pillar and that is the solder and so in this month, my dear brothers and sisters, when all of us inherited enough, we make an effort to go closer to Allah to perfect our solder what let us make a sincere commitment to Allah let us make a sincere commitment to Allah subhanho wa Taala that in this month, I will perfect my Salah was better than what I usually do. If I don't pray five times a

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day I will begin to pray five times a day from now till the day that I die if I'm praying five times a day I'm going to add on the sooner I'm going to add on the regular soon and that the Prophet system will do from now until the day that I die if I'm praying that I'm going to add on more and more we strive to become higher and higher and this month allows us to go higher and higher than when the month is over. We remain on that high until the next month and we go higher and higher and that is the purpose and the blessings of this month of Ramadan Dhaka lovely welcome for another team when I finally what we must see him that it was declared Hakeem akoto matters Maroon was tough with

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the law the muddy water, what is it Muslim iniquity that manifests itself in the world of food hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Halawa headed ahead and for the summer de la de la mirada, mula, wollemi akula, who Khufu and I had whatever I do for Muslims this month, the month of Ramadan is known for many things it is the month of the month of Sadat it is the month of reciting it is the month of this and that it is the month of Rama and it is also the month of October, it is the month of forgiveness. It is the month of turning to Allah Subhana Allah and intending to make a new leaf to make a new commitment to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And therefore, briefly in this second short altaba

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I want to talk about the procedure, the methodology of repenting to Allah subhanho wa Taala, of Toba, of turning back to Allah, of the names of Allah is a verb, and it's a word means the one who blesses you to do Toba. And then he accepts that tober from you at the word has two meanings of the word he gives you the commitment to repent, and then once you have repented, he then accepts that repentance and what is tober mean, linguistically, Toba comes from tava tubu and taba means to turn back now that means to turn your back and return where you came from. This is what tabber means. It is as if the Muslim has been created to be noble, whatever the harassment, insanity is, and he took

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with him, but then they go away and they become sinful. So by Toba, they turned their back to the sin and they walk back to where they came from, and they return to being in that righteous state. And so Toba means you rediscover the original state of man. And we as Muslims, we don't believe the original state of man is sin. We believe the original state of man is good. What are the Quran napanee Adam, what are the Hanukkah SRP acts and it's a whim and so Toba means you go back to that accent of when you go back to being how you should be by turning your back to the sin and walking towards the forgiveness and the mercy of Allah subhana wa Tada. And Toba is a very simple procedure

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to perform. So very simple way to do it. First and foremost, Elba needs to be done sincerely from the heart. It's loss, there has to be a genuine commitment. And a part of this commitment means that you feel guilty for the sins that you have done and I have done

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profitsystem said, another move towba feeling guilty is the essence of repenting, that cannot repent until you feel guilty. Think about it. If you genuinely done something wrong to someone whom you love, right, you feel bad, you feel guilty. And so the essence of Toba is to feel guilty feel guilty against yourself or having wronged yourself feel guilty in the eyes of Allah for having disobeyed Allah subhana wa Tada. So the first condition of Toba is that sincerity that that it lasts and that feeling guilty towards Allah subhana wa sallam. The second condition of Toba is that you ask Allah for forgiveness, and this is known as still asking Allah for forgiveness. And there are dozens of

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boronic and DT doors that tell us how we can ask for forgiveness if you've memorized some of them great if not, then let it come from your heart. Oh Allah you are the right man Rahim Forgive me. Yeah, man, dude, how many yellow for infinity. And notice here that of the names and attributes of a law more than 20 of them deal with mercy and tenderness and forgiveness. Yo yo yo food yo feel of them yeah to love yo man. Yo Rahim Yo dude, and on and on. Yeah, I flew Yeah, carry him. So many other laws, names and attributes deal with that have mercy woman young food was the rule but in the law, who forgives sins other than Allah, julio de la de La Nina Ashraf, who either and fusi him la

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takanobu mercy la in the LA yo boo boo Jamia, Allah is telling us in the Quran that all my servants who have wronged yourselves don't give up hope of Allah's mercy. Allah's mercy is more than you can imagine. Don't give up hope of Allah's mercy. Allah will forgive all sins as long as you turn to Him. And so the second requirement of Toba, we ask Allah for forgiveness verbally with our tongues with our hearts, we raise our hands up to Allah, we lower our heads down in front of Allah and we sincerely make dua to Allah thinking of our sins, conscious of our own transgressions, feeling guilty for what we have done, and we say, yeah, Rob Robin of alumna and Susannah or, Lord, we have

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wronged ourselves. We have wronged ourselves, we haven't wronged you. We haven't harmed you. And unless you forgive us, and unless you have mercy on us, we will be from those who are lost. The third condition of Toba, the true. The true person who's committing Toba, who's repenting to Allah realizes that he needs to make up for those transgressions, and so a true Toba will spark extra religious acts of worship. Why? Because when you've committed a sin, you know that you have added weight to the left hand of the Museum of the skill. Now you need to add weight to the right hand of the skill. And so therefore, a part of Toba is that you increase in your good deeds, so panela

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brothers and sisters, if you hurt a loved one, what are you going to do to make up for it? Suppose you said something to your wife that hurt her feelings and you felt bad? What are you going to do? You're going to give her flowers, you're going to take her out you're going to make it up to her. Isn't this how we operate? When in our hidden method either to Allah belongs the greatest example you haven't heard to law you hurt yourself. You need to make it up to yourself. How are you going to make it up to yourself in taba? What am I know why I need I'm

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Toba means you're going to increase the amount of solid, you're going to increase your good deeds, whether that is through charity, whether that is through sadhaka whether that is through fasting, whether that is through recitation, whatever it is, you are going to do something to make up for the sins that you have done. And this is a part of Toba and the final condition of tober. And this regard, regard sins between you and Allah subhana wa Tada, the, if there's a sin between you and another person, you need to make it up to that person. That is, if you stole some money, you need to give that money back. That's the requirement between humanity but the final condition between you

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and Allah subhana wa tada is that you make a sincere intention, never to return to that sin. Again. It is an intention. And this is a common misconception that people think that if you do return to that sin again, that your Toba has become no invalid. No, you make an intention. And Allah knows your intention is sincere or not. You make an intention. Suppose there's a person addicted to drinking, and he cannot help but drink. Every time he drinks. He makes a sincere repentance to Allah. And he says, Oh Allah, this is the last time Oh, I'm not going to return again. weeks go by then he returns again. And then he feels guilty. And he says, Oh look, one more time Toba. And then

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another week and he does it after four or 567 times shavon comes to him and says, forget it. You're never gonna give up drinking. Just drink and enjoy and then take the punishment later. See shavon tricked him into not understanding what Toby says as long as every time he gave up drinking he was sincere and Allah knows who's sincere or not. And then if sometime later on he slips and falls down. That does not disqualify his first job. Not at all, because the law knows your sincerity. A law does not look at the quantity of yourself.

00:30:00--> 00:30:39

Ns. Allah looks at the quality of your tober Allah does not count the quantity of times you sin. Allah looks at the quality when you turn back to him and you ask for his forgiveness. And my dear brothers and sisters in Islam, this is the month of October. This is the month of October, every one of us has since I have since and you have sins that we regret that we're ashamed of. In this month, all of us have minimized those sins or even abandoned them and hamdulillah This is the month we have conquered many of our sins true Toba means, once we've conquered them, we're not going to return to them again. And we'll make a sincere intention to Allah subhana wa tada to overcome those

00:30:39--> 00:31:15

weaknesses. And since this is the month where everything has been made easy for you, facilitated for you, where Allah has helped you to rise higher up in your ranks, make sure that you keep those ranks when this month is over brothers and sisters in Islam. I conclude these both of these papers with this simple reminder of the famous Hadith of the Bedouin, the famous Hadith of the Bedouin, that I think every one of us should think about and ponder upon when that Bedouin enters the masjid. And he says, O Messenger of Allah, how many sort of words has Allah made obligatory? And the Prophet system said five, and the bedroom said, Do I have to add anything more and enough at any sooner, the

00:31:15--> 00:31:51

prophecies and said, If you want, you don't have to, if you do, it's good. And he asked the same for supports the cap, and it was given 2.5%, one out of 40 anything more if you want, otherwise, you're scot free, and he asked about fasting, and he said, Ramadan, anything more if you want, otherwise, it's okay, and so on and so forth. And the level that this bedwin set, this is the lowest level of our religion, this is the lowest level of being a practicing Muslim. And the Sahaba had never seen anybody with that level. And so they are wondering, how can this man ever succeed? Because their levels are much higher than that of this veteran. And so the veteran turns around and says, well,

00:31:51--> 00:32:30

law he, I'm not gonna do one atoms wait more for less than what you just told me to do? And the Sahaba were wondering how could this man ever be successful? And the prophecies sort of saw the amazement on their faces, and he said, This man shall succeed if he fulfills his part of the bargain and this benchmark of the Bedouin. It is not a benchmark that the elites have, it's not a bucket and Omar, we're looking at this note for those who are beyond this benchmark thank Allah and look at the fact that the majority of the Sahaba were shocked at how could this person be a Muslim? In our times if somebody is doing this he's considered the elite and the pinnacle isn't that true? If you pray

00:32:30--> 00:33:07

five times a day and you fast Ramadan and you give the cap you are Mashallah practicing Muslim in the time of the Sahaba this Bedouin was considered almost a hypocrite How could you possibly enter agenda with this bare minimum? So for those who have reached this benchmark and are beyond it, thank Allah and look at look at an oma and look at those higher than you but for those who are struggling to reach this benchmark, my dear brothers and sisters in Islam This is an easy religion when Masha Allah Allah confit Dini min how much you willing to love will be cool you surah wala you ready to do so this is the bare minimum My dear brothers and sisters in Islam pray your five prayers faster

00:33:07--> 00:33:54

month of Ramadan, give your zeca go for Hajj once in your lifetime and avoid the major sins and in sha Allah who to Allah If you do so, you will be successful Allahumma in NIDA in for a menial alarma that's it isn't enough you have to meet them but in level one a Hammond Illa for Raja Onegin la vida wala Maria, Elijah feta when I see her on Elijah CELTA Oklahoma, Filipina one in a Latina Saba una de man what a teacher and pupil rubina's Linda Linda Tina Amano. robina in Nakuru for Rahim Allah is an Islam and Muslim in Allahumma is an Islam and Muslim in Allah Who is that Islam and Muslim in Allah him and Arjuna are the Islam and Muslim enemies to Israel who been upset with altijd Mira who

00:33:54--> 00:34:37

fetus vd here we are Aziz rebels a law in the law either American the embedded NFC within Ramallah equity who do sip with a letter B Can you help me when I'm in Genie he will insert for for the exam in calling an EMA in the law. How am Allah eco usaw Luna? Allah nebby Yeah, you are Latina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam with a Sima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik what are the obstacles Sudan Mohammed in why the big marine rebels Allah in the law had to move with it with the one hand it will moon carry with it you're able to come to the Quran, the Quran Allah Allah Allah May Allah the Quran come wash Kuru, Yazid Allah come What are the Kuru la hits Allah akbar wa ultimate sada