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Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi explicitly elaborates on the importance of having good manners in Islam. What constitutes good manners? Some of them are listed below.

Our Prophet ﷺ said, “Verily, I have only been sent to perfect good manners.”

  • Whenever someone came to the Prophet ﷺ for advice, it always was more often than not related to perfection of good manners.
  • People can be never given a better blessing from Allah than good manners. It is the best treasure one can have.
  • The Prophet ﷺ said that a righteous Muslim can achieve the level of an elite Muslim who is firm in fasting and praying by simply having good manners.
  • Our Prophet ﷺ said that having good manners is a sign of Iman.
  • Allah loves good manners and He hates debased manners.
  • Good manners are the weightiest and heaviest things on the Meezan on the Day of Judgement apart from Iman and Taqwa.
  • Our Akhlaq will dictate our closeness with the Prophet ﷺ on the Day of Judgement as is mentioned in a Hadith.
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In Alhamdulillah, the monastery in hoonah still fiddle when not rubella human surely and fusina woman say, Dr. Medina, Mayor de la bufala mobila woman you Lil hufa Haji Allah was shadow Allah, Allah Allah Allahu la sharika wash. How do I know Mohammed Abu hora? sudo yeah you hola Xena Amanita Ducati wala Jamuna. illa Anta Muslim moon. Yeah Johan De Soto hora de como la de Hala hakomi nevsun wahida wahala caminhadas o jaha webasto amin humare jalin casier on one is what hola hola de de Luna b1 or ham in the law. How can I Li como la Kiba yeah you hola Xena Amano taco La La kulu Conan sadita use La La como para la come Genova come one minute to Allah wa Sula.

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fosun alima I'm about my dear brothers and sisters in Islam. Allah subhana wa tada praises our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam by describing him in the Quran as one in

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Hoboken Alvin. And surely you are have a very noble rank when it comes to your manners when it comes to your luck. We're in Colorado, hello Ken Alvin, and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is reminded in the Quran, that had he not had good manners, if he did not have good o'clock, what else couldn't have fallen hollyball called me learn for domain Holic. If you were harsh in your characteristics, and you had a hard heart when you dealt with people, then the people would have turned away from you. And therefore, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is made a role model for us when it comes to good manners. And even he despite his rank and stature is reminded that if

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you did not have good manners, even if you have the wahi coming down, and you have the greatest rank, and you have and you have and you have, but if you do not have good manners, then your whole dialogue will be ineffective. There is no point in calling people to that which you do not have good manners, and that is why our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in Boris do the minimum Academy of luck. The only reason Allah has sent me is to perfect muckety muck of luck. leotta mimma McAdams, Allah so that I can perfect the best of all manners, and no doubt my dear brothers and sisters, the topic of Latin adapt is a constant topic of our hotels and our gurus. But we're lucky

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we still find the oma so lacking in o'clock, we still find the oma not knowing how to treat others Muslims and non Muslims elders and youngsters, we find them lacking in this manner. And so we need to keep on reminding ourselves and we need to keep on reminding others of the importance of luck. And in today's short,

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I decided that we will summarize some of the main blessings of Allah mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah in seven characteristics, so that in sha Allah huhtala each one of us can be more motivated, can be more eager to perfect our mannerisms. And this is human nature that when we learn the blessing of something, we become more eager to get it. When we learn the benefits of something, our desire to attain that benefit becomes even more and so insha Allah I will remind myself and all of you have seven simple blessings that the Quran has mentioned. And the Prophet system has mentioned of good luck so that the goal of the hotbar we will be motivated to have good luck throughout the

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day and night. Our Prophet sallallahu Sallam of the seven blessings, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam whenever a Sahabi came to him and asked for comprehensive advice, almost always that comprehensive advice was about manners. Remember the Sahabi that came and said Dr. Rasulullah? give me advice. And the President said Don't get angry. This was not theology. This was not ethics. This was not some deed filk Do not get angry in Arabic towards laptop. The man felt shortchanges. I know I want some advice. Oh, Sydney, give me something real Yanni. I want something big and the process and kept on saying lotto lotto doubletalk, and this is all about monitors, and once why the

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bingeable came in the process of gave him advice, and he said, Oh my god, it tequila haoma Quint, and some of the scholars say this is the last sermon that he gave to him was the very last one where I left for Yemen. And he gave him a little bit of a lecture. And this is the last phrase that was in that lecture that Omar eyes have Taqwa of Allah, wherever you are. And whenever you do a bad deed, follow it up with a good deed will hardly or cannot be hurricane Hasson and the last thing he said to him, wherever you are with the people have

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The Best of luck when you meet with them harder than NASA be Hello Can hessen Make sure when you're with the people and interact with them, then meet with them and interact with them in the best of all manners. Another Sahabi came for advice and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, avoid the major sins, is tenable, Kaaba and overlook the faults of other people. overlook the faults be forgiving, be gentle. And all of this goes back to a HELOC. Because what makes you bad laugh with somebody it says faults with you What makes you angry and irritated when he does something to you? And so our process is telling the first Sahabi Don't get angry. He's telling why when you meet with

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people meet with them in the best manner, this third Sahabi he's saying, you know when people do things to you just overlook it. Don't be so petty and harsh with them. And all of this shows us that almost always when somebody came for advice to the Prophet system, what advice would he give something to do with the perfection of manners and this shows us how important it is a second blessing of luck. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that people cannot be given any blessing better in the eyes of Allah than crystal hollow. No one is blessed with a better blessing than her Snell holub which means good manners, your money, your wealth, everything is secondary.

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Because how many are the people that have money but they are despised by mankind? How many are those that have other worldly blessings, but the people hate them? And yet, voila, he a person might have nothing of this dunya but he is nice and gentle and kind and he is the most beloved in the whole community. Why? Because of good luck. So, good manners is the best treasure that you can have that people can appreciate you for and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in one other advice, he said to one of the Sahaba he said, I advise you to have good manners, it could be a little hollow. I encourage you and advise you to have good manners and also observe long periods of silence. For by

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the one in whose hands is my soul, the creation is not beautified by anything better than these two things. Mata jumble Hara will be mithya the creation is not beautified in any matter better than these two things. What are these two things hosted on Whoa, look, and then keeping your mouth silent as long as you can. The less you talk, the more problems you will get. The more you open your mouth, the more you will hurt people. Right? So the profitsystem said, What are those two things that are the most beautiful, the most handsome in any human being good luck, and to listen to being quiet for long periods of time, less not being talkative not being always open mouth. So the profitsystem told

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another Sahabi This is what I advise you good manners and Arsenal Hold up. Why? Because nothing beautifies a person more than good manners and long silence. This is a second blessing of a third blessing of o'clock. And this blessing is one that I find great encouragement. And I think most of you will as well, that most of us, we know that we are shortchanging our religion when it comes to the worship of Allah, we know that we are not worshiping a lot of them the way that we should. We know that we are not fasting and praying and Koran and Vicar as much as we should. And we feel an immense sense of guilt and we should feel an immense sense of guilt. But there is a way that we can

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get those blessings. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that a righteous Muslim, meaning a Muslim who prays and is the basic Muslim, any Muslim that is avoiding the major sins, a righteous Muslim can achieve the level of the one who Salam a one. So one means he's fasting all the time. But one means he's praying to God every night that the Muslim who's okay is decent. Now notice here, we're going to come back to this point. He didn't say the Muslim who's not praying. He said the Muslim who's average he's okay. He's avoiding the major sins. He's praying the prayers that Muslim can reach the level of the elite Muslim. So one medical one, the one who's fasting, the one who's

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praying all night, there who sneer horiuchi simply through his good luck. And so, when we look at those in the past, or even we might know somebody we know they're paying 200 to three hours a night we know that they're this and that will realize that if you cannot do this, there is a means that you can do to get to that level layer below he will get to that level how so by his good luck simply by having good manners, Allah azza wa jal will elevate your rank to be equal to the one who will achieve that rank simply through hard a bada and there is no doubt that this is good consolation for the many of us we find ourselves shortcoming when it comes to the Quran and the Quran ibadah will

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hear is that when we can make that up, that this is the blessing of Allah, you will get to the level of the one who is a very righteous worship, worship or simply

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By your luck, another blessing of o'clock the fourth blessing of Allah. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that having good manners is really a sign of a man. And therefore, if you don't have good manners, you really don't have a man. And one simple Hadith that we have all heard so many times, a kimono and Mina imagine, so know whom

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the most perfect of believers in their Eman UK model meaning that a man is the one who has the most common man is the one who has a son whom coloca is the one who has the best manners. And therefore having good manners goes hand in hand with having a mind in Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this is also proven in the other hand, it which is very famous simply towards and it really summarizes the gist of Allah and Islam, a dino Alma mela, Dino Alma mela, the religion is judged by how you interact with others, a deeper and more ama, how do you know somebody's religion? How do you know what is your real religion? It's not just in the Quran and dicker notice that has a place of course,

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because no matter how good you are, as we'll come to, if you don't worship Allah, that's not good enough. You have to worship Allah. But then how do you judge somebody beyond the five prayers and avoiding drinking and whatnot, a dino almarhum. Allah, how does he treat other people? Does he show respect? Is he kind and courteous? Is he controlling of his anger? Is he generous? Is he somebody who used whose word you can respect and trust? Or is he the opposite of this? A Dino al Mohammed? And so our Prophet system said the best of all believers in their Eman are those who have the best of luck. And in one Hadith, the prophet system described these people and he said, they are those

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who Yeah, and a foreigner will use the phone, which means they are friendly with others, and they allow people to be friendly with them, that there are those who find comfort and being friendly, being generous, being always on the giving edge on the giving end. This is of the characteristic of good luck in another heady the process of describe what is the one who's good enough, he said a moto owner can often which is an expression, and it literally translates their necks are stepped on. their necks are stepped on. This is one meaning of this phrase. And the meaning here is they are humble. They are modest, they're not arrogant. They're not going to be those who are rejecting

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something rather, they are very gentle and humble. And in yet another heading the process that said that the believer is humble and modest. Haytham oncologia good wherever he is LED. He goes there, meaning he's not going to cause a commotion. He is a gentle, sweet person, and wherever he is led by his friends by his relatives to do something to help out. Obviously not incidence understood wherever he's led for a good cause. He will go along with that cause Haytham oncogenic lead wherever heitman Caden called wherever he is led, he will go to that place. And the meaning here is they're humble. They're modest. And Allah azza wa jal describes this in the Koran wherever the man or lady

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named Shona and an ugly hona. Who are there, Eva Dora man, this is a description who are the real servants of our man. They are the ones who are walking with gentleness on this earth. I'm sure none of the homeowner they're walking with the utmost humility. And we're at the heart of omega Hironobu Salama, when the ignorant people they try to have a fight with them. They say something harsh to them, they say set up. They don't want to get involved in this type of debate and, and and fighting. And our prophets of Salaam said the movement is lay, you know in a in a characteristic of Mormon. The Mormon is laying and Hadean and these are almost synonyms, but it means they're gentle, and they

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are modest and humble. They're not arrogant. They're not vainglorious. Our Shetty, tells us that good luck and good Eman they go hand in hand. And therefore our fifth point of the blessing of good luck. And it makes complete sense where we're from the fourth point that the people with the good of luck are the ones whom Allah subhanho wa Taala loves and that people without good luck are the ones whom Allah azzawajal does not love. We know from the beautiful Hadith in Sahih Muslim that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the La jameelah and your hibel Jamal, that Allah is beautiful and he loves beauty while you hate buma Karima

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and he loves the good manners, why Accra? huzefa and he hates the low and the debased manners. Allah is beautiful and loves beauty and a part of beauty is to have good manners. In fact didn't our processing them say the most beautiful thing in a person is good manners. And so when our prophets or some said Allah is beautiful and loves beauty, he immediately said and therefore he loves good manners, because good manners are what makes a person the most handsome, the most beautiful in the eyes of other people and no matter how beautiful they are.

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You are physically if you are arrogant, if you are boasting if you have contempt for other people if you have bought a club of what uses that beauty, but to Allah He if your external looks however they might be if you have a loving heart, a gentle characteristic, a humble nature, the world loves you, society loves you, Allah loves you, the people love you. And this is what our process of missing a lot is beautiful and loves beauty. So Allah loves beautiful manners, and he hates while you're Corrado. So Allah hates cfrc Haha, the bad manners. And in one Hadith our Prophet says that I'm said, shouldn't I tell you that the person for whom genda has been made? How long? Shouldn't I tell

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you the person for whom agenda has been made? How long? They said who Oh messenger of Allah. What did he say? The murderer the criminal the rapist? What did he say? The one who has a vulgar tongue, uncouth manners and characteristics and arrogance in his heart. The one who has a vulgar tongue is busy. Whenever he speaks, people cringe oh my god is gonna open his mouth again. Because vulgar mouth, putting people down sarcastic, always having something bad to say. The one whose demeanor is off putting for people, the one who has arrogance in his heart and what to face the one means he has it in his heart. And our Prophet system said genda has been made how long for this person? The one

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who has vulgar tongue, vulgar heart, vulgar characteristics, that is the one that gender is how long for and therefore do your brothers and sisters, the one who has good luck, beloved to Allah, the One who has bad luck despised of Allah and Jenna has shut its doors for him. The sixth blessing of good luck. And again, all of these are related but again, it makes us more eager to have it is that

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good manners are the weightiest things in the skills after our Eman in Allah subhanho wa Taala on the meezan on the Day of Judgment, and obviously if a laugh are the heaviest thing in the museum, then it is the easiest to get into agenda with if you have heavy of luck. And this is exactly what our Prophet sallallahu wasallam said. And it is intimidate us how to shake a filmyzilla unofficial hold. The heaviest thing in the skills will be good luck. There's nothing heavier than obviously after Eman and Elijah hello we learned this from other I did that was the heaviest in the skill after you have La ilaha illAllah. What can you add to your skill that will have your other side

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forgiven? And this is good news to us sinners. We have plenty of sins and Allah knows our sins. But we have a means of making the other side heavy. And that is good luck in one Hadeeth of the process and was asked Dr. rasulillah What is the one factor that will help the people get to gender the most? What is that one thing I should concentrate on to get the agenda the most. He said Tukwila he was

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the taqwa of Allah and this is a man we have to have Taqwa. Right? And his snel Hola. Compare are paired together with good manners. And therefore the brothers and sisters, this shows us that good Allah are of the easiest ways to get to gender. And what this means is the person who doesn't have good luck, he will have sins that caused him to go to jahannam. What saved him from jahannam it wasn't necessarily his ibadah it wasn't necessarily His 200 His or on what is the one thing that will cause people to go to genda the most which means what if they didn't have it, they wouldn't go which means what their sinners. So for the sinner, what is his main hope? Obviously, after Eman and

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taqwa and forgiveness of Allah, it is his good luck. And this is of the greatest blessings of good luck, and the seventh blessing and the final one for our husband. Obviously, there are so many more blessings, but time does not permit us to get into them. The seventh blessing of good luck. And no doubt this is a blessing that is very sweet for all of us to hear about. And it is a blessing that we are should all be greedy of desert areas of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that the closest of you, to me on the day of judgment and in general will be those who have the best of luck. And the furthest of you from me on the day of judgment and engender will be those who have the

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worst luck. Your luck will dictate even your interactions with the Prophet system in the next life. Corrado Khamenei man zielen the ones who will have the closest status. The closest place to me will be those who have the best of luck, and the ones who have the furthest place away from me. The ones who are the most despised will be the ones who have the worst. And then he said the ones who have the vulgar wording and they always draw a vainglorious attention to themselves and they are the ones who are the most arrogant again this person

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Hashimoto facial body, it's a common phrase repeated in many, a hadith and the point being, this person, his manners, his tongue, his his his demeanor is always that of a foul mouth person. Brothers and sisters in Islam. Allah is of the quintessential realities of our faith of our religion. Our Prophet system was sent to perfect good manners. You cannot be a good Muslim without having good luck. Good luck go hand in hand with being a movement and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam clarified this and so many a hadith. And no doubt brothers and sisters, your luck are demonstrated throughout the day and night. But I have to mention this one point here before we pause

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for the second holdover. And that is, the main audience of your luck will be your family and their family is the ultimate test of your luck. And this is exactly what are prophets Allah said him said back to the same Hadith I quoted earlier. And another version of it, he said, the best of you, in your ear man are the are the best in your HELOC. And the best of you in your Allah are those who are best to their families and their wives. And I am the best of you, to my family, to my to my to my family. And therefore the brothers and sisters, we cannot talk about a HELOC except that we emphasize the primary audience of a HELOC are not the people you need for five minutes a day.

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They're not the people you see in the message of the new smile. No doubt that's also a lot. They're not your colleagues and co workers that you sit with for two three hours for lunch. No doubt that is also o'clock. Your real love are shown in front of your spouse in front of your children in the privacy of your house day in and day out when there's nobody looking at you except for the person you're living with. Now, how is your luck? That is the real test as a prophet so seldom said the best of you Eman are those in the best of luck and the best dinajpur those who are the best to their families. May Allah subhana wa tada bless us all to be of those who have good vertical logic and for

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my family it was wicked Hakeem akuto matters marone was stopped for a while the muddy water what is the Muslim quidem infest Alfredo in the hall of a photo

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah helwa hidden ahead of Samadhi lady limited water mula Olam Nicola who coupon ahead we're about to do

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before we finish off the hook, but we must mention what exactly is good o'clock? What does it mean to have good o'clock. And when you look at the books of our scholars in the books of the scholars of adapt, you find pages and pages of definitions and so many different, you know, beautiful statements. For example, one of the scholars says that the this good luck is summarized in the headings of the process, do unto others as you would like done unto yourself. And this is true. And this is the golden rule that do unto others what you would want done unto you that don't show other people that you yourself would not like to be shown another famous Sahaba in a bus had been a bus

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said that good luck means to be patient sober, when somebody shows ignorance to you. And to control your anger when somebody irritates you. And to forgive when somebody wrongs you. To repeat this a beautiful definition. Number one, he said to be patient suffer, when somebody causes you to lose your patience, you are patient. Number two, he's gone more than this. He's actually made you angry, you control your anger, and the record is hidden. You're you're controlling your anger. And then beyond this, even if you feel like doing something, then number three is awful and molfetta forgive the person. This is the perfection of luck, another classical scholar, he said that the essence of

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luck is to control one's anger, and to show happiness at all times. And to help out all of the Muslims to control one's anger. Because the fact of the matter is anger is the number one factor that fears with that interferes with good luck. When you're angry at somebody when you're irritated at somebody, that is when you will show him bad luck. The fact of the matter, brothers and sisters, you don't even need to be a Muslim, to show good luck to somebody who's good to you. It is human nature, when somebody is good to you, you're going to be good to them. You don't even need belief in a lot to do this human nature. Right? Where does that belief come out to control your anger, and to

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still give a smiley face a happy cheerfulness and this is narrowed into the hadith of unassumingly Malik, where the famous Hadith were in the ninth year of the hedgerow and the process was blessed with a lot of wealth to distribute. And this was in her name, and one of the chieftains of the Bedouins came up to him and he grabbed him by the collar and he jerked off his arm.

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Is the upper reader he jerked it off and he left a red mark here and he said to him harshly Yamaha masala send them give me some of this money that Allah has given you. And this is a pure Bedouin acting in a crude manner. And no doubt he deserved to be reprimanded at least, but our Profit System turned and saw who this man was. And Anna says he laughed, and he commanded that he be given some of this money, he laughed in the face of this harshness and utter disrespect that will lie he if somebody who is older than you did it, you will get angry. How about when you are doing it to Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam What do you deserve? And yet our Prophet says Adam turned overlooked

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this and he laughed and he ordered somebody to be given to this Bedouin chieftain The point being the definition of a HELOC means you need to control your irritation, your contempt at somebody else and treat the other person in a cheerful manner. Even when your heart is not feeling that cheerfulness. That's what a HELOC is all about other set another definition of a HELOC, that a HELOC means you be shy you be shy and modest and minimize irritating others and be truthful when you speak and you do much and talk little your actions speak louder than your words you do much but you talk little This is gonna flop don't just say oh I'll help you out help out the person and then don't say

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anything. This is good o'clock you do much but you talk little that you show through your actions What does it mean to be good o'clock and there are so many other definitions we can go on and on. But we'll lucky My dear brothers and sisters The fact of the matter when you try to define that which is obvious you end up being more problematic than not defining it. Everybody knows what is good luck. Everybody knows without having been taught what is good. It is ingrained in us by Allah subhana wa tada because he loves it. So he has ingrained in us we know always in a situation, what is the best thing to do? What is the better thing to do? What is the okay thing to do? And what is

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the wrong thing to do? We know it in every situation that we are in. We know the spectrum. We know what is the best and what would the process have done? And what does Islam tell me to do? We don't need to go to a *i and an item and a chef and a Mufti and say chef Do I need to smile? No, you don't need to ask anybody. Well lucky your heart knows that in my heart knows it. What is the perfection of a HELOC? What is something that okay it's not perfection but still better, what is average and mediocre and what is less than average and the fact of the matter we don't need to define that which is definition is self evident. And our religion tells us to have the best of all

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manners our Prophet system said I have only been sent to perfect these good manners. And before we conclude we also need to point out that our scholars say that there are three categories of manners, a hold up with Allah Subhana, WA tada and the hollub with other people and a flap with yourself and our Prophet system was sent to perfect a lot and all three of these categories, a HELOC with a law means you are humble in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala you are obedient, you are worshiping you show a bada you love a law, you are scared of his punishment. You glorify him the way he deserves to be glorified. This is the essential lack of Allah subhanho wa Taala and that is grupo de We are the

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eyes of Allah subhana wa tada We are the servants of Allah and our o'clock means we show it that we are out of Allah subhanho wa Taala and allow the humans we all know this as well. There's a clock to your parents are connected to your elders of love to your spouses, to your children, o'clock to your neighbors of love to your teachers. All of these are discussed in the books of adapt. These are a draft that we give to human beings and each human has a certain right over us, even non Muslims, they have rights over us. Our religion is not like other religions, when we're supposed to be good to Muslims will also be supposed to be good to non Muslims, we show them the humanity the famous had

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it comes to mind where the Prophet system was sitting and the funeral of a Jewish person went by and he stood up to honor the person and the Sahaba said yada yada This is a Jew is a Jew is not a Muslim. Why are you standing up and our prophets listed him said Wasn't he a human animal condemn your concern? Wasn't he a human that this is a dead person I'm just standing up to respect the person. And even neverwet comments on this hadith is a Muslim and now he says that he showed him the whole of humanity. The whole of humanity. This is a human being his his family's in distressing situation they're walking by I'm just standing up to show respect. We believe that good o'clock are

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shown to all Muslim and non Muslim we don't have a double relationship in this regard. This is a clock with others then we have a flap with ourselves and a flock with ourselves means we take care of our body we take care of our health that we do the things that are appropriate for us remember the famous hadith of said man and Farsi and others of the Sahaba that they would not eat properly. They would fast too much they would give up you know being nice to their wives or or being intimate with their wives than they thought

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This is religion. And what did the process and me say verily your wife has a right over you, your guest has a right over you and your body has a right over you. This is a HELOC with your own body that we take care of it that we treat it in a manner that a lot zoid wants us to treat it all three of these o'clock our Profit System came to perfect. And one final point, my dear brothers and sisters, let us not go to the two common extremes. Unfortunately, these two extremes are all too common, especially in the modern Muslim society. The first extreme is the extreme of the, let's say the ultra fanatical people, and they all they care about is just the worship and the letter of the

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law. And they don't care about being nice to other people. They're more concerned about things that might not be the most important on the list. How do you dress? How do you look? What is this? What is that, but they don't find the law to treat other people. And they're only worried about following the letter of the law. And this is one extreme and it is an overzealousness that our religion does not encourage. And the other extreme is those people who will concentrate more on a HELOC even to the expense of basic worship and they will say Oh, as long as I'm good to other people, that is all that counts. No my dear brothers and sisters, duck Wah and hosting on holo have been paired together

00:31:15--> 00:31:55

in so many ahaadeeth taqwa and good manners and taqwa means you are praying you are avoiding the major sins, the one who only has good luck. This is not enough. This is not enough. And the one who only has a bad diet and bad rap that too is not enough. And we conclude by too heady to talk about both of these extremes. And is the final point about whatever the first Hadeeth is the extreme of the one who doesn't have a good laugh. He only has butterfly that the profitsystem said had it is desirable Howdy. Do you know who is the real beggar are the one who's bankrupt in my alma mufflers is the one who is bankrupt he declares bankruptcy. Do you know who is the one who is truly bankrupt?

00:31:55--> 00:32:39

They said the bankrupt or the move is the one he doesn't have anything. It's all been given to his debtors. And our president said no. The real mufflers is the one who comes on the Day of Judgment. And his good deeds are like the mountains has an article gbl he has good deeds, Mashallah all the way up. But he has cursed this person, and he has hit that person and he has harmed that person. And in front of his eyes, all of those good deeds will be given to these people until he has left completely bankrupt. That is the real Morpheus and this shows us My dear brothers and sisters, that the one who has lots of personal about that, but he is lying and backbiting and stealing and Arash

00:32:39--> 00:33:11

and vulgar of what uses that I buy that when they didn't affect it is a lack and conversely, also we have a hadith that says that our messenger of Allah, you know, my great uncle Eben juden, Abdullah bin geodyna process when I met him, I actually did not meet him. She was too young. She was born after he died our process and I met him in Judah and he was a very senior friend of Abdulmutallab, and he was a very generous person and he would feed the judge and he would do many things. So he says all messenger of Allah, my great uncle in Japan, you remember in Japan,

00:33:12--> 00:33:46

what will be his fate? Will ALLAH forgive him and cause him to enter agenda? You know, he was so nice to the people. And what did our process and I'm saying, no, oh son or daughter of a soda? No, because Never once did he say, Oh my Lord forgive me. Meaning what? Never once did he have very bad of Allah. There was no lowering of the head. There was no actual huzhou of Allah subhana wa Tada. All that he did. He did it for the prestige of the people. Let them know that I'm generous. Let them know that I'm this let them know that I'm that. Never once did he actually say, you know,

00:33:47--> 00:34:25

when there's no spirituality when there's no ibadah It doesn't matter how much more drama you have. It doesn't matter how much luck you have. Why should Allah reward you when you didn't worship and believe in Him? And so my dear brothers and sisters, we are between the two extremes. We are people of faith and action taqwa and personal holyoake we pray five times a day and we also show people the best of manners and when we do this then and only then can we use these a hadith and pray that insha Allah who tada Our Allah will act as a Shiva for us. Our Allah will cause us to go to the highest place of gender. Our o'clock will be the heaviest things in the scales Allahumma inni dine for a

00:34:25--> 00:34:27

minimum llama la

00:34:28--> 00:34:28


00:34:29--> 00:35:00

illa for Raja deignan elita What amor de la Ilaha feta what I see on Illa CELTA a llama fildena what the one in La Nina several una bill a man. What are the Jaffe alumina Zilla Latina, Amano? robina in Nakuru for Rahim Allah Mirza Islam al muslimeen alum Islam Islam all Muslim in Islam all Muslim in a lot of them are Adana or other Islam all Muslim in a suit and funnily enough say, watch out as Mira who foetus bt Yakubu yars is anybody's a law in

00:35:00--> 00:35:18

Aloha and welcome to Ember embedded bbfc within Malacca Jose with a letter B Can you help me when I'm in Germany he went insane for even calling idema in the law homothetic Otto you saw Luna nebby Yeah, you will Latina Armand will swallow it he will sell them with a slimmer Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik

00:35:19--> 00:35:24

the course William Hamilton while he was a big marine about the law in the law

00:35:25--> 00:35:36

setting with a little porta viar toe sure it will moon curry will boldly consider karoon Kuru law has come watch guru who has come What are the crew law Kabbalah one of them is sada