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We all know who was the fastest man on earth. That was a sign bolt. He never drink anything out of you. When I started to study medicine, I saw that basically everything is based on just drugs. So unfortunately, we are not treating people who are just treating symptoms. Yeah. Why are so many people they're scared to drink raw milk?

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Because Because of corporate wealth, forming their minds and views of the people, people are usually ignorant, go on a television and see what corporations which pasteurizing milk, telling them. Of course, guys, we're here at the goat farm. And we're gonna

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bring you some of the tremendous benefits of drinking the milk, how it was ordained for us to drink.

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raw milk will talk about the benefits of not only cow's milk, but also the extra benefits of goat's milk raw.

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And we call that real milk. Not pasteurized, not going through the human process where you destroy all the beneficial the majority of the beneficial nutrients, the digestive enzymes that are in there, and people are actually getting sick from not drinking the real milk, but drinking the fake milk, the pasteurized milk homogenized milk, so we'll be talking about that here on the D show don't go anywhere. This

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one is so much milk. I can't even make the cheese I make this just to try for myself here and others because everybody want a milk Vasya I couldn't even make maybe I make three times she's secretly

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because milk is just me disappear. I don't have a milk and somebody like my friends and Canon said do you make cheese we would like to also well

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I don't have milk if you don't have a milk probably you can't make cheese.

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you see this is a cheese which was sitting in it you can try which was sitting in it in a salt and in a way that's mean this and salt

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I'm a mom of six and I provide

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what kind of salt?

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See salt. Is it the best like a hum Emily thought he thought Yeah, but you know that salt v there are

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plenty of jawed inside. Plenty yada

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is a

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way over 60 or 65 degrees Celsius. Milk is pasteurized, that's where you losing around 40% of all important good things in a milk what you should have in your body. That's why raw milk have all that but pasteurized milk lose 40% of all that. And that milk which is a pasteurized can stay longer. But you see raw milk even if STI or Nope. Even if come

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sour. It's not dangerous because you get the other product. For example you can put in a raw milk, little bit of yogurt to spool some yogurt and leave on a sun here just preserved from animals live on the sun. And after 2448 hours, mix that together you have beautiful yogurt, you can drink it it's a top quality that's mean it can't be done just for you. When is a milk healthy it can't be done even if you if style and a son because you have different product because milk working all the time of works inside the milk making next product but let's go back to the cheese. One more one more question. Why are so many people they're scared to drink raw milk?

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Because Because of corporate Veldt forming their minds and views of the people. People are usually ignorant. Go on television and C vote corporations which pasteurizing milk telling them of course that milk in a shop is a pasteurized, they're selling them and that's what they know. They're never

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You see it only

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5% of the people on earth wanted to put nose behind the fence to see what's going on why somebody giving me only option of this I want to have a look other things, because you see, a sadly Western countries like Germany, Australia, New Zealand, UK, they even

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prohibit to sell to the public raw milk.

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Why? Because

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big corporations who own so many 1000s of calves, sheep and goats, they're pasteurizing milk to sell to the public, and they're making good money. And of course, they will say, while raw milk is no good, that's the only reason and people doesn't know people what they watch on a television they see the politician, they see the corporate

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magnets who is a multimillionaire is because of the university. And that's what the what the following like a sheep, you know, put the one sheep over the bridge the rest of them, they go if you ask them why you going? Well, I'm going because one of them

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go first,

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I want to tell you how I make the cheese

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you get

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this is wrong. This is now raw goat cheese and row organic cheese.

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If you

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you see the vehicle that when you milk

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from the goats would be ideal if you can pick up straightaway and bring the inside and keep that temperature

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and pull that stuff cold the cold that Maya here. But that actually is a special stuff, which is a mite from the stomach inside of the sheep

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in the body, and that comes sour.

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And that mixture we call that Maya, which is the organic, the miking bloke who have that formula only in travnik, near the wash, which he making that sort of stuff, and you put one spoon in a five litres of milk, mix gently up and down like this, and gently or not to give it fast meal, fast mixing. And when you do that, let us stay for two hours. After two hours, get a knife, cut in squares, like maybe two square centimeter sovann or whatever. Then just move them together to separate the squares and leaving more to our soul for doesn't matter. It's another when that happened when totally cool down and you'll see you got greenish

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this way on the top. That means cheese's that they own then you strike and

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put that in it in the shapes. And you got this look real goat cheese, raw goat cheese, ergo cheese, which look you can now this cheese you can

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put in couple hours to dry.

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Then put them in a special buckets with a salt and keep them for Vint

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after 90 dice, but after 90 days, they would become cheese which

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I can show you I have a little bit of example of that. We can test

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it so now we're drinking some sutra suka suka

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suka English way rah rah way. Good hell Bismillah

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whey protein it's just the way the right way.

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So this is where they make that's the synthetic version right? Yeah. This is the real way this is

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for us because somebody's teaching. This is how you can get the real way.

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We're looking for some real wrong answers.

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kokako many nephmadness is here in Bosnia.

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So what When did you milk this this morning. So this is from this

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Morning is milking raw goat's milk. What are some of the benefits of goat milk that you can share what raw goat's milk? Look at Oh, goat's milk, according to science, from UK and United States of America? Is it 5% equal to the mother's milk what we drink when we born? And how many?

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percent? 85% 85%? Yes.

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And plus this milk? Is that from

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organic food? Because my goods it everything what is organic on this land? never been any chemicals. And that is a plus.

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In my opinion, goat's milk is at the best milk on earth what you can have.

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That's basically what can I say about Guzman.

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And we also have a future medical doctor here who has been studying nutrition. He can go also share with us some of the insights that you've learned about the benefits of goat's milk.

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It's now equal to one. So goat's milk is a very good option if you're searching for milk to drink, because in goat's milk, you don't have a to contain, which is basically the allergic substances that we have in cow's milk. So as the previous Mr. Said, so if it's most like mother's milk, so 85% is alike. And basically when you this is milk if mother doesn't have milk, to nourish the child, so this is milk of choice for you. Can you tell us some of the we talked about the goat's milk but what other foods do you have here? And how do you feel now your health wise eating the real foods? And have you totally gone away from eating much of the fake foods? And how is eating this kind of food

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This is truly organic food benefited your health?

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Well, I'm 61 years old and I can run now like most of the city blocks 25 to 30. Even more

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benefit of the goat's milk is an enormous and plus plus one more Tink,

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I will show you after we can try, we can bring here and try

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product from goat's milk, you know when you have a cheese. And after that we have

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I forgot English how you ciphersuite can English Nananana it's a it's a back to the to the future our nutritionists, medical doctor who's really

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he's understood that in medical school, doctors don't learn about nutrition. So you went on your own to study nutrition, you were so amazed with it that you're continuing going to medical school, but at the same time, a parallel is happening. You're studying the benefits and getting more educated on nutrition. Is that right? Yeah. So basically, we haven't spent any hour on learning about nutrition since fourth year. So basically now I'm finishing the fourth year, and I was interested in nutrition and the alternative medicine. Since I performed pyjama for us, it was before even I started medical school. So basically, when I started,

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when I started to study medicine, I saw that basically everything is based on just drugs. So unfortunately, we are not treating people we are just treating symptoms. So we will we should try to find out what is the cause of disease. Because, for example, if you look about the serious cancer so you will see that how the doctors on the east are treating the people which have cancer and they basically cured them with a loss help, of course, in three to four months, maybe a year depends on the situation, the patient, what key piece of advice would you get? Would you give for people out there who are trying to better their health. They're trying to take care of this vehicle that the

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crater is provided for us to get us through life. And now they're they go to the doctor, they're confused. They sit there they get seen they wait an hour, they get seen for five minutes and just like you said they get another drug, but they want to take their health to another level. What piece of simple advice or a couple pieces of advice would you give them? Well, first of all, I would recommend them to eat as much raw food as they can. So avoid sugars avoid refined especially refined sugars. avoid processed food, fast food

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woods. So basically you should eat and drink like for example, goat's milk that we mentioned here. eat soup, bone broth one broth, especially because it's basically it regenerates all cells in the body. So Subhanallah you have a lot of benefits we inshallah can cure every disease if we focus on our health

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This is the goat cheese. Yes, raw goat cheese. You just made this this morning. We got we also we also got some raw goat cheese here. So what would you say are the benefits of now we talked about the drinking the raw goat's milk? And also the benefits? There's benefits tremendously of raw cow's milk also, right? Yeah. hamdulillah we have as well because when you drink as well, cow's milk, but unprocessed, uncooked. So basically a row when you when you drink it, we have 10 times more electrolytes are vitamins inside it than cooked. So even even when we mentioned cheese, or even it's goats or cows, it has enormous benefits in our health, but I would perform rather goat's milk

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instead of cow's milk, because of all the previously mentioned,

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benefits. So you mentioned something very important, not the conventional milk because according to the Food and Drug Administration, they have is the number one allergenic food is milk. Of course, that's not the real mix that the creator gave us to drink. That's the process milk that's gone through the the pasteurization process modernization process, you were talking about the real straight from the source. Yeah, but I mean, I understand that the process why are they doing this, because when you have for example, 100 or 200 cows, and there is a lot of risk of brucellosis or other type of contamination. So, basically, because of this, they are doing those things, but

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unfortunately, it is causing harm to our body. So we should, if we can, we should find the best or nearest farm. And the guy, the guy that we know, for example, he, he has, he has foods, which is organic that gives to his animals. So basically, we should take milk or milk products from him, not from the farms. One more thing I want to ask you what about when you go to some of the mustards you go, you know, to the housewarming parties, and you got first thing on the table is the Coca Cola you know that the processed foods you said stay away from that? How important is it to get into someone's head to really stay away from these foods now? Because how detrimental is this to having

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good health and avoiding bad health? Yep. Oh, when we eat refined sugars, basically we in I think in Coca Cola, we have approximately five grams of sugar, refined sugar. So basically we're increasing our are

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increasing our meat increases, basically the causes of diabetes, for example of atherosclerosis, other diseases, so basically, refined sugar, as now studies show that basically they are number one, especially as dairy products, which are derived from conventional animals, or conventional food. So basically, those products we should avoid First, we we should take care of our health because our Lord said us. Yeah, Valentina. Amano has gone into EBIT Mara kanakam. So basically, this word means clear. And it's not just Hello, it's clear. So we should eat raw organic food.

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Beautiful advice, beautiful advice here in the tyee back in the good food that the creator last month has given us. And what were you saying now what is this? This is a nice product when you're making cheese from the guides. Of course.

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Again, we talk about raw milk, not pasteurized, raw milk. And this newest product is called why

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it's so nutritionists and so good.

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We all know who was the fastest man on earth, there was a sign bolt. He never drink anything else or use any medical food to get his body fit. He has a special farm on your mica on Jamaica. And they're making so many hundreds of liters.

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Goats product news product from the cheese which is why and he drink that because this is a basically medication in one way. It's clear up our body, from the mouse to the back, all of i and i would recommend everybody

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Everybody to drink specially in the morning when you wake up just cup like this. It's so good. If you if you go well, we were not trying to explain in a vial of nutrients America but if you go on a Google and just ask Google to tell you what is this you will see what benefits you got from this, but you believe or not 90% people, if you give them for free, they will walk why they don't want to drink because they're ignorant, because ignorance is the biggest

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enemy for us. They have no idea like I said to you, when I offered the goat's milk to the blokey eater I said, this is not goat's milk, goat's milk supposed to stink. That's, that's his attitude, what somebody else told him, he he never tried before. And that's why we have to encourage people to, not just to, to, to drink to benefit of that. And it's really important, both and sisters to understand that there's a difference between when food when you have food as color, and then tell you that the real food, organic food, the you know, and there, there came a time in history when the food was just food. It wasn't organic, it was just food. But now, nowadays, you know, they've even

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distinguish, you have, you know, half a million fake food items out there. That is destroying people's health. You have 95% of chronic diseases are food related. So we're trying to get people at a white belt level to remove the Coca Cola and the sodas from the mustards and take it up a notch, get rid of all of the harmful elements that are just invading the body, toxic foods, poison, and you wonder why your kids are sick, you're sick, you're overweight, you're obese diabetes, heart disease, cancer, through the roof. So you've got to get these things right, if you want to have good health and honor, the blessing of health that a law that the Creator of the heavens and earth has given

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you. So this is just one aspect of it. We're talking about it. We're talking about the milk, but take it to another level and remember this eat real food, avoid fake food. And I love to see people who have taken it seriously. And they're starting to educate their communities in the mustards. They're starting to create awareness. And I'm telling you at the end, this is what's going to pay off this is the preventative measures that you're tying your camel as a prophet. So some said you're doing your part now and then from there inshallah you put your trust in Allah subhana wa tada Allah, the Almighty