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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi discusses the inevitable reality of death and how we should prepare for it.

Death is a necessary part of our life and we cannot deny it no matter how much we are averse to talking about it. Death is as much a reality as is your life.

Of the mysteries of death is the timing of our death and no one can change the timing of death and the location is also kept a secret even from the angel of death.

The first sign of death is the Sakaratul Maut or the pangs of death. They are the precursor to the arrival of the angel of death.

The death of the righteous is different from that of a Fasiq. The entourage that greets these two types of Muslims is very different. The righteous sees angels of mercy that will be calming him down and reassuring him of care for his family in the world.

Angels Munkar or Nakeer will come to you in your grave and ask the following questions:

  • Who is your Lord and what is your religion?
  • Who is Muhammad ﷺ?
  • How did you live your life?

What happens to a disbeliever? What do the angels of punishment do to him? Shaykh Yasir Qadhi explains explicitly on the torture that he will be faced with. Listen intently to save ourselves from it when there is the time.

Our Prophet ﷺ said, ‘Frequently remember the destroyer of pleasures’ implying death.

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In Alhamdulillah

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Meadow who want to start a new home on a stove fiddle, why not rubella? Himanshu, Rudy and fusina woman say Dr. Medina, manga de la bufala Medina woman Yulin who Fela ha de la wa shadow Allah. Allah Allah Allahu Allahu la sharika wash. Mohammed abu allah sudo yeah yo holla Hina am an otaku la haka Ducati wallet a mutanda. Illa. anta Muslim moon. Yeah Johan NASA tough hora de como la de hola poco min FC wa ada wahala caminhadas oh jaha Weber Semyon humare Jonathan Cassie Rahmani?

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What Taku la luz itas Luna de Waal or ham in the law. How can I de como la Teva? Yeah you hola Xena. I'm going to tell you how well Kudo Conan's Dida useless como para la comida Nova con one minute a la hora Sula, who foccacia fosun of Lima and buried for in nostoc on Hadith eatable. La. Well, hi Ron Hadji Hadji Mohammed in some la la vida he was selling them was shout out Mortimore to her wakulla modesetting Vidya wakulla bit atom Bala wakulla Bala Latin for now,

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Mario brothers and sisters in Islam, it gives me great pleasure to announce an upcoming visitor that will come and visit us What did I had hand a noble and dignified guest and Alhamdulillah. It has been arranged that we don't have to take out of our schedules. We don't have to rearrange anything in order to meet this noble dignitary. And this guest that Allah subhana wa tada has blessed us with. And the reason why we don't need to take out of our schedule, is that our schedule is irrelevant to the guest who is going to come to us, Allah azzawajal has willed that it is a part of our schedule. In fact, it will be the end of our schedule, because the guests that I refer to is

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none other than the angel of death. The guest that I refer to is the dignified Angel, an angel whom Allah has created for the sole purpose of taking us from this world on to the next because every one of us has been assigned an angel, and the reason why this angel has been created, or let us say the responsibility of this angel, the sole responsibility is to take care of us at the end of this life and to transition us on to the next one. Allah says in the Quran kuliah tawakkol Medical note lsvt whoop killer become the angel of death that has been assigned to you shall take care of you shall take your soul at the end of this life. Yes, there is one head of the angel of death. There's no

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question about that. There's one head, there's one in charge. But underneath this angel, there are billions and billions and billions of angels. For every human there will be a special angel that Allah has designated that Allah has put in charge of in order to take our souls. And brothers and sisters in Islam. The fact of the matter is that death is a topic that we don't like to talk about. Death is the topic that we don't talk about it at our dinner tables. We don't talk about it or social gatherings. It is a morbid topic. It is a topic that people try to avoid. And yet death surrounds us and death is involved with us. And death is a necessary part of life. My dear brothers

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and sisters in Islam, not talking about death will not change the reality of death. People in their arrogance even deny many things. Atheists deny God, people deny things that are a part of our religion, such as the prophecy such as the Day of Judgment, but nobody can deny death. Allah says in the Quran that there are groups of people they say we'll call them in here in the Hangout tuna dunya number two under here, woman,

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woman routine. There are people who say this only this world there is no hereafter we're not going to be resurrected. There is no answer, but they have to say then moved to Wanda here we will live and we will die. They cannot deny death. Even if they deny God, they cannot deny death, even if they deny a resurrection. Death is a reality that is a part and parcel of our humanity. And people can try to attempt to play with death. They can attempt to run away from death. They can have a desire to live long lives. Allah says in the Quran,

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Allah, Allah Deena Shaku yo what do I do? Boom, lo you,

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Santa Rosa,

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that there are people they want to live 1000 years and they will try their best to live that 1000 years. And Allah says even if I were to give them that 1000 years, it will not save him from the eternal

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Punishment awaiting him after that 1000 years. Brothers and sisters in Islam, death is a reality just as our life is a reality. We know the verse in the Quran that occurs at least three times in the Quran kulu nups. In that cultural mode, every single soul shall taste death, every single soul. There are no exceptions. And in fact, Allah says in a very beautiful and simple way, Allah illustrates for us the reality of our life on this earth and that every one of us is going to end this life. Allah says in the Quran, one of the best sharing medical clinical hold, we did not give eternal life to anybody. What am I gonna do by sharing the comical hold? We didn't give eternal life

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to anyone. FM emitter, foolhardy, Dune is a beautiful verse here, it is addressed to the profitsystem directly and to us indirectly alpha emitter for real holiday June if you Yasuda law are going to taste the death alpha emitter, if you are going to taste death, fo Rouhani Dune do they think that they are going to live forever? If Allah were to give eternal life to anybody, he would have given it to our Prophet Mohammed Salah love it he was said to them, he would have given it to the greatest human being who ever lived. And yet Allah says after emit foolhardy don't, if you are going to suffer and taste this death do they think did they presume that they will live forever

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Allah says clearly in the Quran in less than a year to and what in the home may you join us We are a pseudo law are going to die and they too are going to die in committee yet when we're in the home a year to you You're a pseudo are gonna face the end of this life. And so will they, nobody on earth escaped this fate of death. And this fate of death. One of the mysteries about it is that Allah subhana wa tada has kept the secret of the timing of death from even the angel of death, the Angel of Death only is informed on the very day at the very hour, he is told to go and tell take this person's life Otherwise, this is a secret that a lot himself and only Allah knows. Allah says in the

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Quran, in the law in the Horton was sad, are prophecies and explained, there are five things that only Allah knows and nobody else knows. It only Allah knows and no other being knows. And this verse tells us that in the law, we're in masa, Allah knows when is the day of judgment when you live zero. And Allah knows when and how the rain will fall. Well, yeah, and that will not fit or ham and Allah knows what is going to be in the wombs of the mothers, whether it's going to be a boy or girl the healthier stillborn and the future of this child. Well, yeah, I never would have one man said that enough. So mother taxable harder, and no one knows what's going to happen tomorrow. We're not

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tethered enough, some be a little intimate, and no one knows even the land or the country they're going to die in. Notice Allah says the location because the location is something we think we have more control over. Oh, I'm living in Tennessee, I'm going to never leave this land. I'm going to always remain here. Of course, I'm going to die here. No, you don't know this. Your land is not even known to. It's not even known except to Allah much less the time of your death. Only Allah knows the location and the time of your death. And not even the Angel of Death is informed except before he takes your soul and this is of the mysteries of Allah azza wa jal that he has kept to himself. And

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additionally, the death of every person comes at a time when Allah has decreed no one can cheat death, no one can change the timing of death. Allah subhanho wa Taala clearly says in the Quran, women can add enough sin and moutere in the evening law, he could have been more agenda that no one can die, except that Allah has conditioned it. Allah has allowed it Kitab and Marcela. This was already decreed in the book. It's already been written in the book and Allah subhana wa tada says, some of the hypocrites they said, Oh, if only these people had stayed at home, they wouldn't have gone to the battle, they wouldn't have died. This isn't one of the battles the Muslims want and they

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died. The hypocrites said Oh, they should have listened to our advice. They should have stayed home and it wouldn't have died. And Allah subhana wa tada says that no, this is not true. For those whose death had been really, Allah says laborers and the iniquity of Allah human enamel Jerry, for those whose death had been written, they would have been forced to leave their houses and they would have met their debts at the time and the place are located by Allah subhana wa Tada. You cannot cheat to death. You cannot run away from death. Allah subhana wa tada says aina Mata Kunal you did it Kumamoto, what our country people region, Moshe, yada, no matter where you are, death will overcome

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you and take you even if you try to protect yourself in fortresses in high buildings. It's not going to make any difference because the angel of death has access to your soul.

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My dear brothers and sisters in Islam death is a topic that we don't like to talk about. And yet it is a reality of life. Allah tells us in the Quran and at the heart of the Moto one yet Allah is the one who has created both death and life. Hello Carl Mota will higher death is a creation just like life is a creation. And notice in this verse a lot begins the verse quite mentioning both before I lead the Holocaust and moto will hire even though one would think that it might make more sense for us to mention life before death, and that the follicle Hayato will not because life comes before death. But the verse mentions death before life. Why? Because death is the eternal state for us most

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life is a temporary thing, 40 5060 years How long? The answer or the eternal life that we're going to have is going to be the next life and that is the life we enter through death. And so Allah mentions death before mentioning life. How long will one live on this earth? Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in Medina Urbina said Tina was 17, what kalila men whom Martha was 18 How do you disintermediate the process, Adam said, the average age of my own mother, this is an average. Of course, there are many exceptions, the average age of my alma will be between 60 to 70 years, and few amongst them will go beyond 70. This is what our profitsystem informed us and we see this

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reality living in this earth and dislike How long is this 60 and 70 years, and what can be accomplished in this miserable time, this little time that we have, it is the wise person who takes advantage of that time, and it is the fool who ignores death, and who thinks that this reality will never come to him, or Muslims, our Prophet salallahu it he was sending them has explained in a lot of detail and with great, great clarity, the events that will occur in every person's life that will talk that will signal death and the journey that the soul will take as it experiences this phenomenon of death. The very first sign of death is what the process is some called sekadar to

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remote and a woman she has it in the Quran as well. We're at Saqqara to multiball and Sakura chill mode means the pangs of death. It means the pangs of death. And these sucker rods, they signal a type of suffering a type of pain, that is something that is very unbearable. Our Prophet Southern himself suffered it before he passed away. And missionaries that he visited or she entered the room of the Prophet system, and he was tossing and turning in his bed and he was sweating profusely and he was robbing the sweat from his forehead. And he said, in a little multi Sakharov Allah in that invoke de sac about that Verily, death has these patterns that has these patterns. And these

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patterns are not a sign of evil at all. Our profits are some suffered them, they are simply the precursor, the common precursor to the eventual coming of the angel of death, and the angel of debts coming when the person sees the angel of death. Our Profit System set told us that there will be this millisecond where you are still alive, and you see the angel of death in front of you, you are a part and parcel of this world, you are still a part of this dunya but the Angel of Death is there and only you can see it and Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions in the Quran that this will happen we're just happy that you come across it that this is something you will running away from la caja

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Queen zefiro flirting minha Allah says you are attempting to deny this you are ignoring this you will have fun about this. And then Allah says that today kashia uncas yo aka bazooka Yama, Hadid. Today when you see the angel of death, we have lifted the covering you will see the real world and that is the next life. CATIA FNA anchor will talk and today your eyesight It is as if headed here means it is very clear you will see everything. So when the Angel of Death is seen, and you are still on this earth, the prophecies that have said that is one Toba is cut off. There is no Toba when you see the angel of death, that is when the repentance and all hope of salvation is finished.

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If you were not righteous before, you're not going to be righteous now, and this soul this angel of death will take your soul and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that when the rule leaves the body, the eyes follow the rule up. The Hadith isn't Muslim and Mohammed is authentic, that when the rule leaves the body, the eyes follow it up. And that is why our Prophet system said every dead person His eyes were looking up. This is a phenomenon we know from real world. Every person who dies his eyes are looking straight up. Why? Because Allah has allowed us as individual human beings to see our own route. We see our own route as it leaves our body and we see it go up and our eyes fall.

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It and that is when death comes to us. And this is a reality that we know and we experience and we see around us and the process of death. It is at the time of death, that the righteous and the evil there are differences put the righteous is death will be different than the person who has a faster kind of budget. Our Profit System told us that for the moment, when his time of death comes, the angels of death all come with their entourage, they come with a delegation a welcoming committee, and Allah refers to this in the Quran. In the in the Medina Paulo buena Allahu finless Docomo, tetanus zemo honeymoon, mala, aka a lot of water has no agenda.

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That those who said Allah is our Lord, and they will firm in this statement, the angels will all come down to tennis, the meaning in words in armies, they will all come down. And these angels the Prophet system told us they will be as far as the eye can see. And they will have bright faces, shining faces, faces that bring comfort faces that bring peace and the person is seeing this right at the last millisecond of his life. And he is terrified. Everyone's going to be terrified. What will the angels say at this time and a half one.

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Don't be worried. And don't be scared. Don't be worried about what you're going to face in the future. Don't be scared about your family and children you left behind. Not only

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we are your protectors, we will take care of you in this world and in the next we'll take care of your family and we'll take care of you not only open for the head to do your work. This is something that will happen to the believers that the believers will see as far as the eye can see beautiful angels calming them down, consoling them. And then the professor said um, said and his room will leave his body like water is poured out of a jug. Look at how beautifully the water comes out. It will leave simply it relieves beautifully poetically, even. And the angels the processing of said will handle his joy with the utmost gentleness and the utmost care and they will bring with them the

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shrouds of gender and the flowers of gender and the perfumes of gender and they will shroud the ROI in these perfumes and trousers of gender and they will raise it with utmost gentleness and the doors of the heavens will be opened up and the route will go up to Allah subhana wa tada and Allah will say look to Wilkie taba Abbe de fille de that write the name of my servant in the register of the highest registers in the register of the righteous people and then Allah will tell the soul go back and rest for a time on this earth min ha ha Kanako Murphy Han Are you do cumplimiento no fujichrome tarlton Ohara that the who will then go back down and rest in this earth except for the roof of the

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Shaheed who will remain flying in genda as a reward for the Shaheed but for the rest of humanity, the route will come back down and they will rest in this earth. And in this resting what as soon as they return to this earth. That is when the two angels have been cut in Nikita will come and these two angels of Mancha nickeil will ask every single human three simple questions. Who is your Lord? And what is your religion? And what did you say about this man? We need the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu I think he was sending them who did you worship? Who was your Lord? What was your lifestyle? How did you live your life? And what was your attitude towards the Sunnah of our Prophet

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system? Did you take it? Or did you reject it? These three questions by the brothers and sisters cannot be answered academically. If you know the answer, but you didn't act upon it, you will not be able to answer this is not mere theory. This is reality. Medina, how did you live your life? Not what you said was your religion? What was your actual philosophy of living Medina? What did you do with your life? Did you really live according with Islam or not? That is a question mere theory cannot respond. It is actual practice. And Allah says in the Quran, you said that you love Latina armano bill wholly therapeutic and had to do Nia with an affidavit. The response to this question

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will only be by Allah affirming the belief lever to respond, you think bitter love, I lost the bat is needed or else you cannot answer Phil higher to dunya what will occur in this world and in the next world alone will give you that feedback. Otherwise you will not have that. But the converse are the opposite the case of the one who's evil, the case of the cafard and the 5g, our profit system also gave us his story and what will happen to him. I will preface this that I'm said as for the one who was evil who was fired who lived in in pious life, the angels of punishment will come along with the angel of death. Not the angels have mercy the angels of punishment. And as far as he can see

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while he's still alive. He's still this is the last millisecond and that is why if you've ever witnessed somebody die, you see them pause for a second. You see them

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them completely as if they're transfixed. And then there goes that millisecond for them. It is like an eternity for them. This is a different world, they're seeing the angels, and they're seeing the angels of punishment. And right then and there. Allah says in the Quran in alladhina to the war, famine, I could avoid me and footsy him, those whom the angels took and they were rounding themselves as soon as they see the angels, they will give an excuse. How do

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we didn't do any work? No, no, it's not our fault. And Allah says in the law,

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Allah knows what you used to do, they will try to give other excuses. kartemquin men was told that Athena Phil odd, they would say we were persecuted in this world. We didn't have the luxury, we didn't have the freedom to worship Allah. And Allah will say in the Quran, Adam taken out of the law, he was certain for 200 rupee half if you said you were persecuted in one land, and you couldn't worship Allah Couldn't you have gone somewhere else to worship Allah did you have to live in the land you're living in, and this has meanings that there is no excuse for not worshiping Allah, nobody can control your heart, nobody can control what is happening in your house. And if you cannot

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worship a lot at one location, you need to go to another location. The point being this person will try to give an excuse it will fall on deaf ears. And this person, the prophet system said his route will be extracted. Listen to how the example he gave like wet cotton is pulled through an iron comb. What cotton imagine wet cotton being pulled through an iron comb is through it doesn't want to leave his room is battling to leave. And so his route will try to remain but he cannot be stronger than the angels. And so it will be a punishment in and of itself. And right then and there, the angels of punishment will begin their torture on this person, and they will mention him with the worst names

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and they will come with them with fumes and the punishment of the Fire of Hell, and they will handle him in a rough manner until when he is raised to the heavens, the doors of the heavens are shut for him. A blob is allowed to fire a blob of summer that Allah says knock on the doors of the summit will be shut for them when he had his own agenda to hectoliter Gemma Rufus and bill that they will never enter agenda. As long as the camel cannot go through the eye of a needle, meaning they can never enter agenda. And this person will then be totaled up to Bukit Abba Abdi that writes the name of my book in the sea gene in the industry gene and that which is the register of the evil people,

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and this person will then go back down to this world and in this world will begin the punishment of the grave that are above the cover and our prophets of Salaam said in poverty, that the punishment of the grave is true. And a prophet says that I'm said that I swear by the one in whose hands is my soul, in a coma to Luna fiocco, booty calm, you will be meaning you meaning some of you, you will be punished and tested in the grave. And I can hear the sounds of those punishments. And listen to this. Now this hadith isn't Imam as Muslim. If I had wanted to, I would have prayed to Allah so that you could hear the punishment of the grave. But if I were to do so, you would stop burying your

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dead, you would stop burying your dead. If you could hear that punishment, you would be too scared to put your loved one inside that whole. And another How do you think you've been magic? The Prophet says that I'm said now Hmm. But I'm not in love with a couple of gentlemen that I haven't seen anything in my life. And the Prophet system has seen many things. He has gone up to the heavens, he has witnessed the punishments of hell, he has seen many things. And in this Hadith, he said, I have not seen anything, except that what I have seen of the grave is more terrifying than all that I have seen. My dear brothers and sisters in Islam. Why am I giving a whole talk about death in the middle

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of Ramadan? Because my dear brothers and sisters in Islam, if we're not going to think of death in this month, if we're not going to prepare ourselves psychologically has are not minimizing our say yet, if we're not going to truly contemplate and reflect over this ultimate reality right now, at the pinnacle of our lives, when we think that death is never going to occur to us at a time when our spirituality should be at an all time high than when are we going to think of death. Ramadan is the month of worshiping Allah and of coming close to Allah and one of the best ways to give us that incentive to motivate us to worship Allah subhana wa tada is to think about this topic that people

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don't like to think about, and that is to think about death. And in fact, I am not the one to come on you to do this. It is our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who commanded us to do this in our head. You didn't tell me he said, up through the camera. The mill did that. And most I command you to think frequently and to think a lot about that which destroys all of your pleasures, that which is death by medical law, who would have called for a lien one of finding what your demand fee him and it was declared

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teamed up automatic Maryland was sell through law the muddy water comm what he said was similar mcqueary the Memphis sell guru in the world of food over him

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah helwa headin ahead. Alfredo Samad Allah He limited What have you learned? While I'm here Kula who Khufu and I had, what I do. All Muslims, we already mentioned that one of the realities of death is that people don't like to think about it, even though it is a fact of life. And Allah mentions in the Quran that people were in a huff about this. And people were in running away from it that become acquainted with who you wanted to turn away and ignore it. And Allah mentions in the Quran, there are people that are trying to run away from blood. Yes, they're rude. They're trying to run away from that, but they're never going to run away from it. And

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therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, the Muslim, the Mothman, he's not morbid. He's not thinking of death in a way that will make him depressed. No, that's not the attitude of the Mormon. The Mormon thinks of death, as a means to give them an incentive to have a real life after that, because you see, it is a death for us in this world, but it is the beginning of an eternal life in the next death is not the end of existence. Death is the beginning of the real existence, it is only death for us in this dunya but in the real sense of things, our souls will enter their eternal life. My dear brothers and sisters, Allah has given us a short period of time on this earth, how many years

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30 4050 6070 make it even 80 or 90. And of these years 1520 are spent in our youth, another 1520 are spent sleeping, another 3040 are spent for this dunya going to work how much time is actually left for the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala and yet we still bring forth excuse and yet we still have reasons, invented reasons that we're not going to worship Allah subhana wa Tada, my dear brothers and sisters in Islam, the Quran tells us that on the Day of Judgment, on the day of judgment, Allah will ask people or that come to this to fill out the either the sin in Allah will ask people, how many years were you given on this earth? How many years did you have? And these people, they will

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look around and they will see their as an attender say you're up, and they will see their good and their bad, and they will see that they have so little good deeds, they have hardly any good deeds, and they will think to themselves, how could I have lived a life on this earth without amassing a mountain of good deeds? I knew this was gonna happen. I knew there was a death. I knew there's yom Okayama How could I have lived this way? Allah says in the Quran, Yama, idiot. insano. Well, I'm not a vicar on that day, everybody will remember everybody will get it, as they say, everybody will realize yet that current in San Jose crop Of what use is it now. So on that day, everybody will

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think to himself or herself. Surely, if I knew that there was a death, and I knew there was yom Okayama, I would have prepared for it. These are not that I have just a little bit. This means that I must not have been given a chance on Earth. I wasn't given a real chance. And so some of them will beg Allah subhana wa Tada. girone landi amaroo sorry, Humphrey. mattala. Oh, Allah give me one more chance, one more chance, I promise you, I swear, I will be the best person just let me come back to this earth. And you will see what I will do. Others will say, but when Allah will ask them, How long did you live, and they only have a few hours an hour to show for it. They will challenge the

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knowledge of Allah. And they will begin to say all the Bitna young men obelisco young, they will say although you didn't give us a chance, you only gave us a date. In fact, you only gave us half a day. How could they deny their whole life on earth? Because what have they done with their lives nothing. And so when they come with nothing on the Day of Judgment, instead of challenging themselves, instead of rebuking themselves, they will challenge the knowledge of a law and they will challenge the angels and they will be so arrogant. So delusional is the correct word. They're so diluted in their thinking, they will challenge a lot and they will say oh, well, you didn't give us a chance.

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You didn't give us a time. You only gave us one day. That's why they're so few. Some will say you gave us half a day. And then they will say if you don't believe us, Oh Allah first. Dean, go ask the angels who took the records. Imagine how delusional they are challenging the knowledge of Allah telling a lot to go check with the angels because you didn't give us time. But your brothers and sisters in Islam, the Quran tells us that these conversations Why Why? Why do we know these conversations in the Quran that will happen we believe they will happen so that when we read them, we are

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Not amongst those who make this excuse so that when we read these ayat, and we read the excuses, the flimsy excuses given by these people that we realize all along, we don't want to be amongst them. And we want to be amongst those who will say, who will say, in Nirvana to unimolecular sabya for a theory, shutter robbia the man will save the day of judgment as he's given his book in his right hand. How ottavia Come, come, look, this is my book. He's he's jumping for joy. Like when our graduates like when you get a job, you cannot help it. I got a job. I got my certificate. I got my degree. On that day, Allah says that the one who gets his book he will be jumping, he'll be saying

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how kitabi This is my book, come look at it. How did he get his book in his right hand, in Nirvana to unimodal? up in a Serbia, I knew that I would meet my sub, I knew there would be a hisab I prepared for my sub, and therefore I'm getting it where it's supposed to be my dear brothers and sisters, Islam, does it not amaze you that our religion has told us such details of these stories of what's going to happen? In fact, our religion has even told us the questions that a law will ask us on the Day of Judgment. Imagine a professor comes into university and the first day of class he says, These are the questions on your final exam. Can you imagine anybody filling that class? will

00:31:20--> 00:31:58

love our Lord has done this for us? He has given us the five questions that we're going to be asked, What did you do with your life? Where did you earn your money? How did you spend it on? What did you do with the time I give you? How did you act upon the knowledge you knew the five questions that everybody knows? We know the questions, here they are? Are we prepared to answer those questions? All Muslims, my dear brothers in Islam, death is a reality that no matter how much we like to ignore it, it will not ignore us. It will catch up to us. One of the scholars of our past he said, It amazes me. It amazes me how people continue to decorate their houses and make them more and more

00:31:58--> 00:32:37

beautiful. Even though every night they sleep in those houses, they have one night less to sleep in them till death comes and the house that they have in the art. They don't care how beautiful that is. They don't care how how much fancy It is made or how grandiose it is, even though every night they sleep. They are one night closer to entering that house. Think about this, my dear brothers and sisters, and one of our great setup. One of our great scholars of the past was asked he was a great scholar, he had traveled many lands, and he had narrated many ideas. And he was a great scholar. And he was and he was said, Oh chef, you have lived a long life. And you have gone to many different

00:32:37--> 00:33:18

cultures and civilizations and you have read many books. What is the most amazing thing you can tell us tell us something that really struck you as being amazing in your journeys and in your experience and in your wisdom. And so he said, the most amazing thing that I have ever seen is that people live their lives surrounded by death. Their families died, their parents died, their brothers and sisters died, their friends died. But it never occurs to him that one day he too will die. And this is a reality. How many generations have we attended? How many salado janazah have we prayed? How many times have we gone to the graveyard, my dear brothers and sisters that time will come when that body

00:33:18--> 00:33:54

that is being washed will be my body. A time will come when the pert when the body that is being carried on the backs of other people will be my body and your body. A time will come when that body is transported to the grave and lower down. And when the people who loved me the most and the people who love you the most will be the ones shoveling dirt and sand onto your face. This is the reality of this life. And this is what Allah azza wa jal has created this life for in order to be a test for the next life. Today it is almost half the month of Ramadan is over. Let the wise person pay heed. Let the wise person understand that if you're not going to change the normal bone, you're not going

00:33:54--> 00:34:27

to change ever again. Let the wise person take advantage of the remaining two months. If you didn't do as much as you could have been the first two months then insha Allah there's still time in sha Allah there's still time for Allah knows how long take advantage of this time, not just for the remainder of Ramadan for the remainder of your lives. And if you have done a good job in the first two weeks, then a shout out to either make sure that you're prepared to meet the next two because the last 10 nights are about to come upon us and it is in those nights that lelo topcoder is there My dear brothers and sisters in Islam think of death frequently and not so that you become a rose or

00:34:27--> 00:35:00

you become depressed but rather so that you become more Islamic and so that your priorities your real priorities in life are set forth as our Prophet says that um said the Romans decree had the middle of that increase in the thinking increase in remembering that which will destroy all pleasures increase in thinking of death alone in the dark and for a minimum along with that and if you how to meet them, but in la falta Walla Hammond Illa for Raja whether Dana de la vita whether I'm a real one Elijah feta, when I see her on Eliza CELTA alma fildena, what is one in the readiness

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About a man one Rubina Hill le Latina, Amano robina in Nakuru for Rahim, Allah maricel Islam al muslimeen. Allah Omar is an Islam one Muslim in

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Islam one Muslim in

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the Quran was for the Athena. Lima can Allah moment Arjuna Allah Islam and Muslim Isla de su in Asheville who've been upset Watch out as Mira houfy to the bat he

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revised the law in the law to be embedded bbfc within the Metallica dipoto C with lF B Can you help me when I'm in geni we're in say for Paul McCartney in Lima in Allahumma ecotel Busan Luna had an eBay yeah you Halina Amano swallow, he was selling him with a steamer Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik or any other abductor Sudha Mohammed Ali was sotheby he was selling them by the law in the law how to motivate the quarterback when in fact she will moon Carrie will rarely consider Corona Kuru law the mayor the curriculum wash crew who did not come whether the crew law hits Allah akbar Allahu Sana.