The Graciousness Of Allah

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Mohammed and Mata earlier so I have to send them to Sleeman Kathira mama but how does Allah azza wa jal judge the people? What is Allah subhana wa has attributes that he uses to judge the people who the Juma

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was the word that we call Adam. Right? Justice. Is that how Allah subhanaw taala rose between the people

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is that Allah rose between the people Gemma

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Allah I swear if it was only by his added by His justice will be ruined

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by his father. His graciousness Subhana wa. Let's learn a little bit about his Allah's graciousness from this hadith insha Allah Baraka with that hadith number 11. And the other side in the book of Allah, Allah sincerity. Carla and I will Abbas Abdullah and Ambassador Abdul Muttalib Raja Ultron Houma and Rasulullah Salallahu Salam famiwy and rob this Jalisco disease right now that the Prophet saw some reports that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala says, in the Lucha

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Kala in Allah to Allah cuttable Hassan It was the year that Allah Subhana Allah Allah Almighty, has verily has ordered that the good deeds and the bad deeds to be written down, like Allah subhana wa Taala he is the one who assigns things to be good or bad. So Allah azza wa jal makes this thing sinful. Allah makes this thing good is not for you and I to decide that like what's happened in this world these days. When you leave it to the people to decide what's good, what's bad, what's going to happen is your mom curse. So he ALLAH SubhanA wa taala, he has written what is good and what is bad call. So maybe Jana Dannic. And then he explained, explain all of this to us. Then he says Subhana

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wa Femen hammer, the Hadith, feminine Hammurabi has written the Prophet citizen says, He who intends to do a good deed intense al hum in the Arabic language in this hadith right now, me is to have the intention and the intention is what it is where it's in the heart. Like if your heart inclines towards doing something we call this hum. Like you have that kind of inclination, that kind of concern for it, like I have a concern my heart to do something. So it's got to be positive could be negative. And here I want to do something good. Someone who maybe has Center and the professionalism says, Whoever intends to do something good fell on Yamaha was unable to do it. cutterbar Hala, who

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terracotta Allah Ando has written Camila, Allah subhanho wa Taala will record it for him as a full Hassan

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even though you haven't done it, like what you had the intention to fast tomorrow, tomorrow is Wednesday, or Thursday, you want to fast on Thursday, you have the intention. And then on Thursday morning, you're sitting down there doing your routine, sipping your coffee.

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And as you're about to leave, just like ah Subhan. Allah, I wanted to fast this day.

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If you genuinely sincere, if your intention was genuine and sincere that you really had the intention to fast as they and you couldn't, because you forgot, you're going to get the full reward for it. As if you fasted that day.

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You had the intention to give charity in shallow Tana, this upcoming fundraising, but in the last version. And then as you were waiting for the day to come because you'd like to give like everybody else, something happens, you had to do some of that money to do something else.

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If you had that sincerity in the heart, that you are giving this money for that charity for that organization for that fundraising, you will get the full reward for it. Even though you're unable to do that.

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You had the intention to wake up for 200. So you go to sleep, you make Rule Do you go early, because you know, if you go by 11 o'clock, you're not going to wake up. So I went at 930 I went at 10 o'clock, for example, I made sure to wake up at 100 and then Subhanallah you wake up at a dental surgery,

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even though you're unable to wake up for tahajjud but for that genuine intention, that sincere intention and determination in the heart, you're gonna get the full reward for doing it. Even though you haven't done it. Is that justice?

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Is that justice? Ijeoma No, that's graciousness.

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Allah has been gracious for you right you are now but has given you just by the mere intending to do good.

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And that's how great the mercy for Allah subhanho wa taala. Now then he said on one hand, maybe half a amla cutterbar Allahu and the washer has an earthen Isla Serbia and Isla de often cathedra and if you intend to do something, and you're able to do it with him to do something good and you are able to fulfill that Allah subhanho wa Taala will order more orders to be recorded as 10 has an ad and then those 10 become worth 700 And then he says what

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even more.

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So the bare minimum for every good thing you do is worth 1010. And then those 10 will be multiplied to 700 as Allah as well Subhana Matana and then two as much many more even multiplication will be basically going to infinity.

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What is so strange the regimen?

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Is that also justice. That's not justice, that's graciousness for the the gracious of Allah subhanho wa Taala so that's why when we make our dua we say Allah Who man will now be fondly Calabria and lick

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your Allah, deal with me treat me with your graciousness. Because if you treat me with your justice, they'll probably I would be doomed I'll be ruined because I don't think my good deeds are enough even at what I do is enough for me to take me to Jannah I'm depending on Allah's Mercy Subhana wa tan, which is what the prophets are some says in the Hadith call, none of you is going to interject now by his Ahmed

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led who had to call my genetic family

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under the for the Lord Brahma to Allah's Mercy will introduce to Jana Cordova and taro Salah Anna, not even me, sort of lesson unless ALLAH SubhanA wa take us by his graciousness, and His mercy. Then he said Salah Salem Paul,

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when am I busy? Yeah. And if someone intends to do something bad if someone intends to do something bad, fell on me a Mullah. And this person did not do it. cateva Allahu endo Hassan and then Kameena you shall be taken hacer una for this.

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Wait a minute, I was about to do some I was intended to do something wrong.

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I was intended to do something really bad.

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And they didn't do it. How am I gonna get reward for London? The dilemma? This is this condition for that. If the person was unable to fulfill that sin, due to circumstances, it will still be counted as say on them.

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Like someone was intended to go steal, or there was traffic jam.

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And it's like, nevermind, go home. Or they're going to get their word for this now. Of course not. But if someone intend to do something haram and then they remembered and they said, You know what? No, I'm not gonna do this. Why? They're afraid of Allah subhana wa Tada. They're shy. They're filled, you know, kind of bashful in that moment that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala will see what they're doing. And they don't do it for that reason. They say the reward is not for abandoning the sin. What is the reward for

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fulfilling Allah Subhana Allah that's an IT service. Hassan is a good deed.

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Because that's Amma LocalDb right now is the act of the heart to fit Allah subhanaw taala so you get the good deed for that one.

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Subhanallah the graciousness of Allah azza wa jal, even when you intend something wrong, and you fear Allah and you stay away from it, Allah will reward you. We're going to see later Inshallah, on the Hadith, the three people who got trapped into the cave and the rock completely closed the door, the exit of the of the cave, and they were wondering, what do we do? And everybody started saying, Hey, you have to ask Allah by some of the goodies that you've done. And one of them kind of one of his good deeds is I was intending to

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have to fornicate with with his cousin was female cousin. And in that moment, she told him it took a lot fewer Allah's don't do this to me.

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And he said, he just kind of committed he stopped, and he left.

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And he said, Yeah, mira, y'all Oh my Lord. If you know that, I've done this for you. For a Jana manana will help us to get out of this of this situation. And Allah helped him to get out of it, which means he was sincere. When he did not commit that sin. He was sincere that he has done that for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala that's when the hashanah becomes actually registered for you.

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And the last thing the preface as I mentioned, when her maybe her family, and if that person intended to do something wrong, and they still fulfill that mistake or that sin called cutterbar Allah yet and why that still this will count on them as one single Say Yeah.

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Now who can get who ends up in Jehan number this gracious decision man, except those who are the the fullest of the fools and the most miserable people

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for every say, yeah, you can only one. Forever Hasina 10 times 700 And even more.

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So what is left for us? So why do people then end up in Ghana?

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Because unfortunately there are man not seems to be enough to outweigh their say yet as a lot if you follow their hearts. That's the thing about the heart. Because sometimes I'm in our journey as a member of a team Rahim. Allah says journey, our journey to Allah subhana wa Tada Lisa Bill Abdallah Kabila Kullu we traveled to Allah subhana wa Taala by the

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hearts not by the feet and we're not going to Allah by foot with flying with our hearts to Allah subhanaw taala. So if somebody ends up in Jannah, that means their hearts, your heart wasn't where it's supposed to be.

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That's why it's extremely important, especially in times like ours, where we have all these Phaeton and all these distractions, that we don't even have time to wake up for 200 We don't have time to come to the masjid, for example, regularly, then at least make sure that you purify your heart. So you go to Allah subhanho wa Taala with the good intention.

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Always check your heart them and always have your heart intending something good. So if it happens at Hamdulillah, you get the merit for it. If not, you're still getting the merit for

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so that if I make mistakes, I will still have a handler on the other side, so many good deeds for me that counts for me to outweigh my say yet. Again, this is the graciousness of Allah subhanho wa taala. What we learn from this hadith is how important really the the intention is, that even if you have the intention to do something good, and you don't get a chance to do it for whatever reason, but you're sincere about it. Allah subhana wa Tada graciousness will still make this count for you as you've done it, and you've done it well. May Allah subhanaw taala make us among those who always intend to do well you're a brand I mean, we ask Allah Subhan to feel to purify our hearts. Then our

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hearts from any say Tiara Bella Alameen We ask Allah subhana wa Tada to make us a mother's or righteous yorubaland I mean, we ask Allah subhana wa Bucha was that which is right and make it easy for you to follow it and what is wrong and stay away from it. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to protect our brothers and sisters because they are a Brahmin. We ask Allah subhana to protect Aubusson Philistine we ask ALLAH SubhanA whatever their safety or Breil Amin ya Allah we ask you to shelter demand shielded from any harm that comes their way or Allah here but I mean, you're allowed to ask for the good and assistance they are a bit Swifty or Manyara him except the shahada, you're

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blind I mean, here the wound and the engineer behind I mean we Allah we ask you to give Schiefer to those who are earlier Allah and for those who are there we ask Allah to keep them safe your anatomy and strength under a man and their hearts says they're a man they're hard protect their properties protect their families, and your love we asked you for them to give them that victory that you promised your Bellarmine but have they lost value Muhammad also has any questions

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so Hanukkah longer 100 Shadow law and several goes over extra money for amatola