Conversation between Allah & the Angels about the one who prays at night

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The second kind of deal you can engage in is pm late, get up at night and pray the nights and I want to share with you a beautiful Hadith and Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says in hola hola yo Baku Illa Allah azza wa jal laughs

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at two men

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all Murphy let him bed. He gets up at night that is extremely cold. He gets up midfield or she he will be happy he will be fairly he gets up from his blanket and from his warm bed for top then he makes Robu for mahkamah It'll solid and then he get up. He gets up to pray for your call. Allah would say lamella equity to the angels now harmala Abdi Heather LML Sana,

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why is my servant doing this? Why did he get up in a cold night? Out from a warm bed and a blanket and make we'll go and stand in prayer Allah who would ask the angels and Allah knows. He asks him Why did my servant do this? Fair Kowloon they say Oh Allah, they see a lot better. Elijah, Mr. InDeck worship for cotton meant that he is hoping for the reward that you have. And he did that out of fee of the punishment that you also have of the hellfire and others. Then Allah azza wa jal would say to the angels, for in the play to whom Elijah was a man to whom in May a half, Then bear witness My angels. I have given him what he hopes for. That is Allah's reward and the Paradise and the

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pleasure of Allah. And I have kept him safe from that which he fees that is the punishment and the hellfire and the anger of Allah Allahu Akbar. What a beautiful Hadith one law he, if we only heard this conversation that is taking place in the heavens, between Allah and the angels, one law here we would have never ever ever left the night Press.