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The Story of Nuh – Part 2

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I said I want to hear about a character who hamdulillah Hawaii that was Salatu was Salam ala Mala Nebia. I'm about Welcome to our part two of the series of the Prophet Muhammad Hassan, which is, of course, a broader, a longer series that we're doing about the lives of the prophets. So we began with the Prophet it, Sam now we are now with the Prophet Nurhaliza Salaam. And we had gone over in our last seminar or the last lecture, pretty much the majority of the Quranic verses not every single one, but basically the most important ones that mentioned the story of the prophet nor Alayhis Salam. Now we're going to go back and dissect in a different manner, and try to discuss

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what we can know and learn. And also if we can ascertain aspects of the life of no idea his salaam, and square it up with what we know of our own human history. So today will be part two, and we're going to begin by talking about when did the Prophet alayhi salam live? And what do we know about the chronology of him visa vie the other prophets? So when it comes to the timeframe, obviously, we don't really have any archaeological evidence, per se, of the existence of many of the prophets of our tradition. And so what that it is what it is, neither should we go to extremes and you know, pretend that there aren't nor should we be this be a point of concern to us. So what if they haven't

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uncovered anything about the Prophet? No, Alison, and well, that's their archaeological research, and we believe in the Quran, and the Quran has told us of the existence of Allah, His salah, and by the way, for those Muslims out there who believe that the Ark has been discovered or found, and they find pictures online and whatnot, please understand, there is not really there's no actual shred of historical evidence, what you find the pictures, this is, what's a nice way to put this somewhat of a historical scam, somewhat of a internal, you know, sell validation by believers who think that they're going to find the Ark and whatnot. No, there is no hidden ark that has been discovered, we

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believe in the ark, because the Quran says so we don't need to find some false archaeological discovery. So please be a little bit more verifying, you know, just believe any picture you see online. So we don't really have any actual archaeological evidence of the people of New Orleans salaam, or of the mention of the prophet nor or Noah in ancient times. And so what it is what it is the Prophet, no idea, his Salam would have existed very, very, very early on. Now, when I mentioned the story of Adam alayhis, salam, I mentioned a little bit about probable timeline. If you go back to that lecture, I mentioned that it is a very interesting question. When did roughly the Prophet

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Adam live? And I, if you listen to that lecture, go back? And we basically don't know for sure. And neither is it a point of our theology, so we shouldn't make any definitive claims. That having been said, if we were to posit, Adam alayhis salam to be very early, 50,000 years, 100,000 years, 150,000 years, it doesn't matter to us as believers, it's all fine and good. And so because we have archaeological remnants of human beings, we have the bones of Homo sapiens our own, you know, ancestors, our own exact, you know, people and creatures in DNA. We have verifiable evidence, this is your teeny This is utterly This is in debatable, it is beyond a shadow of a doubt that human

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beings have lived on this earth for many, many 10s of 1000s of years, in fact, probably more than 150,000 years. So that being the case, well, then, if we extrapolate Adam alayhis, Salam back 200,000 150,000 Well, then what remnants will remain, a lot of people don't understand this, that we really don't have archaeological remains of histories beyond 5000 years, right? Our recorded history of mankind only goes back, you know, 3000 years, 2000 years or 4000 years. That's it. History has not been written down and recorded. We have remnants of structure, we have, you know, the pillars that we find in some island, Easter Island or whatever, you know, we have remnants of pillars are

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structures that might date back in Turkey. They uncovered a monument that was built maybe 9000 years ago. That's all we know. It's a monument we just have a clearly human ordered structure. It's not some

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thing that is just coming out of nowhere people have built something, but who they were, what their names were, what their legacies were, they didn't record history, right history has not been recorded, written mankind. The the art of writing is relatively recent. So if new Heidi has Salam and his name, and his ark has not been recorded in ancient history, that is exactly what we would presume because ancient history has not been recorded at all. We don't have a shred of information about actual names of peoples and dynasties and whatnot, you know, before 5000 years, much less 50,000 years. So if we don't have anything from the archaeological side, what do we know from our

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theological side? From our side? As I said, we thank Allah, unlike the Bible, we thank Allah we don't have a timeline. We don't have a 5000 or 6000 year timeline. So if we extrapolate, nobody has salam to be 10,000 years ago, 50,000 years ago, and somebody posits he might have existed during this timeframe. So be it it doesn't matter to us but what we do know for certain is that no Holly has Salam was the first Rasul sent to mankind. So no highlight his Salam was the very first person who was sent to a nation that rejected Him, and that nation did not believe in him and did not believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala and the people of nor were the first generation whom Allah

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destroyed the Quran mentions multiple generations whom Allah destroyed multiple civilizations from the Quran tells we destroyed we destroyed the people of them would we destroy the people of our do destroy so many of the prophets of old right cut them at all mono and cut them with us how will a candidate but so many people were destroyed them Myrna whom, you know mean human ohana, some of them were drowned, some of them a storm came, some of them, a loud noise came, some of them Oiselle Zela, an earthquake came, the first civilization to be destroyed by Allah was that of the prophet nor Alayhis Salam. Therefore, without a doubt, we believe, as a part of our theology that nobody has

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Salam existed very, very early on, after Adam, the first Rasul that was sent to mankind, Adam was not also Adam was the Nebby Adam was an heir because his children believed in him right. And if you remember, we discussed the difference between Rasul and maybe many, many, many lectures over the very beginning of our series. And what we concluded was that a Nebby is sent to a group that already believes in Him is probably expecting him they haven't rejected Him they shall not reject Him. As for a Rasool a Rasool is sent to a nation that does not believe in him, or a soul is sent to a nation that does not believe in him. So he has to establish his credentials he shall be rejected.

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Every Rasul was initially rejected by his people, and sometimes they continue to reject Him and until Allah's punishment, and sometimes they eventually accepted like the Quraysh. And the people of Arabia eventually accepted the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, so are assumed is sent to a nation who does not believe in Him. And generally speaking, our soul comes with a new Sharia, generally speaking, perhaps a new book, but that's not the condition the condition is, our soul is sent to a nation that he has to establish his credentials and prove himself nor is the first Rasul. And the Quran mentions in so many verses that we don't have time to get into frankly, there's so

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many verses, the majority of them about Nora mentioned this, that when Allah wants to set a timeline, when Allah azza wa jal wants to mention from this to that, right? Always, inevitably, the Quran begins with noon. And this is enough of an indication that Nora was the first or a soul and that his people were the first rejecters the first people to reject the prophets of Allah were the people of no hurry has said them. So, for example, Allah says, well look at our center No honey, Allah called me We said no to his people. And the Quran says Welaka Darsana. New Hanover Ibrahima, which I'll nephew to react to him and the bullet I will get out. We said no, and Ibrahim, and we

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made in their progeny, all of the prophets and all of the books were revealed. So Allah is very, very explicit that from the progeny of new head Ibrahim, all future prophets came every Rasul and every Nabhi that was to come came from the progeny of Noah and Ibrahim, so either from Noah only, and so for example, one can say that Luca Alayhis Salam is not a child of Ibrahim, look at Islam is the nephew of Ibrahim and Luke is a direct descendant of Noah and the future profits after Ibrahim were both descendants of Noah and Ibrahim alayhis salam. So Allah azza wa jal clearly mentioned that every Nebby and Rasul that came after Noah is from the progeny of adore, and after Ibrahim is from

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the progeny of Ibrahim and Noah, another verse that shows the North was the first Rasul is Allah says no Quran in our hyena ileka

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Camera Oh Hanaa Eleonora hint when the V and M about they will hand it over to him or smile that was how he is how we are Kuba well as well to where is where you but we'll use our how nurseryman will attain that with this Guru, Guru Sudan Casa Casa Sneha. Malika macabre wallaroos, Sula, Lim Nakuru, Sadek waka LEM Allah Musa Colima. In other words, Allah has a long list of prophets and beginning that Prophet beginning Allah says We inspire Giuliana surah Allah like we inspired Nora and all of the prophets after him when Naveen and embody he, hence, when does Allah begin inspiration, know how to his Salam NOI is the first Rasul and to be sent to mankind and every Rasul after him is someone

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who is a progeny who is direct descendant of noi. And Allah is telling our prophets of Saddam, that just like we inspired Noah, we inspired Ibrahim and his smile in his house Jacobian as well, and Isa and use of Musa and how rune and we gave Salam Dawood is aboard and we have mentioned some of the stories of the prophets to you, and we have been silent about other stories and we gave this aboard to Musa so once again. Where does Allah begin know how to his Salam? And Allah says in the Quran to the Quran, talking to the whorish LM yell at him never letting them obey him call me know Haven't they heard of the people before them the home of nor while letting them embody him and those that

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came after them alakina whom we destroyed all of them notice Allah is telling the Quraysh Haven't you seen the people before you beginning from no and all those after Allah destroyed once again indicating what the first destruction to the people have no idea his Salah and Allah says cuz they were all whoo cancer but Kabbalah home Alma no handle more setting before them. The people have rejected the prophets. And Allah says walk home and no human cupboard. And before them all was the owner of Noah. So we go on and on point is I'm kind of elaborating on this, but it's very clear. Whenever the Quran has to put a beginning, we find no is mentioned. And whenever the Quran has

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dimension, the first nation who disbelieved we find it is the home of Noah. From the Hadith we get the same message. From the Hadith we get the same message. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said regarding the job that every single Rasool since the time of Noah has told his people since the time of Noah has warned his people against the John, but I'm going to tell you something, no Rasul before me before me, said so once again, every Rasul since the time of Noah, once again, when he has to begin, he begins with new Alayhis Salam. And in the famous Hadith inside Buhari, we learned that we learned that the people will go to the Prophet system on the Day of Judgment, they will go to

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many prophets, they're gonna go to Adam, and they're gonna say, Adam, you're our father, Allah created you and make sure for our for us, Adam will say I am not, you go to know how they have set up. So they will go to Norway. And they will say to Norway, oh, no, you are the first Rasul whom Allah sent. You're the first Rasul whom Allah sent. So once again, we have the clear,

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theological position. Again, this is very clear that Nora was the first of all later prophets and Russel. And this also, by the way, one can rethink through so

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in our last lecture, or two lectures ago, before I talked about noon, right, I went over Idris and I went over sheath. And I mentioned that Denise and sheath, even cathedra, and others, they placed them between Adam and between, nor now that is the position of the vast majority of historians. And they take this straight out of the biblical the Old Testament. However, fact of the matter is, and I'm going to be a bit bold here and say, there is no reason for us as Muslims to put in the least before No, I put in my chronological series simply because that's what everybody else does. Right? And that's what even cathedra does, as well he literally mentioned that you know, that after the

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chapter of Adam unsheath he then movement weren't mentioned in Chapter of of Idris. However, if we were to say that Allah subhana wa Tada has mentioned multiple times, that beginning with nor every prophet after it comes from him, right, which I Nephi do react to him and the water will get up from their progeny. We made new Bilwa Naboo prophethood came from the progeny of Noah. Of course, Adam is an exception because he is the first human So Adam is a separate case, nobody can be like him. He was the first human he was created by Allah directly. Allah spoke to him directly. You can't compete with other mighty salaam He is our Father. He has a special status right? Allah created him up

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there, Allah spoke to him directly Allah

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sent him down here. So his prophethood was from up there. Allah spoke to him when Allah created him, therefore, he comes down a prophet. But what appears to be the case, the first Nebby and Rasul on this earth was snowing. And this is what the Quran and the Sunnah clearly seem to indicate. So with utmost respect to other scholars, and again, I know I'm going out on a limb, I know perhaps some others who are going to, you know, find this problematic because again, the notion comes that you know, who are you to go against, you know, even continuing with not and, again, I'm not going against I'm simply presenting to have been corrected has an opinion. Others have their opinion, but

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there's no moronic reason to believe that Idris Ali has Salam is proceeding No, on the contrary, the Quran might actually indicate the opposite. So for example, in Surah, Maryam which I quoted, I think two lectures ago, I caught it sooner Maria, that Allah mentions it at least by name. And Allah mentioned Idris, after many, many, many prophets, and then the next verse or three verses after Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions after mentioning Idris, and mentioning Ibrahim and mentioning a smile and mentioning is how can mentioning mme and mentioning ESA after mentioning all of these prophets, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says that we like Aladdin and Allahu Allah him these prophets.

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Listen to this carefully. These prophets are from those whom Allah has favored min Zuri Yeti Adam, they're all from the progeny of Adam, women Hamill Noma I know him and they are from the progeny of those who are on the ship with Noah women. Zuri Yeti Ibrahima is suraj II, and they're from the progeny of Ibrahim and is suraj eel, and we have favored them all. In the nice, seems to be from the progeny of new honey Brahim, which would make him maybe an Israelite Prophet, or maybe Allah who are them, A prophet from one of the nations that are descendants of Ibrahim and are non Israelite, because, you know, there are other nations as well that were Semitic in nature, not just the Jewish

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and not just the Arabs. There were other Semites as well. It is a misconception that some people have that there are only two types of semis, the Arabs and the Jews know, there were multiple types of cemetery when it hit Saddam had multiple, you know, civilizations sprang forth from him. So it is very possible that Idris Ali his Salam is a prophet may be from the Bani Israel. But had he been from the Bani Israel we would think that we would find mention of him in the later prophets. The as I said, the correlation of Idris to ENOC right Enoch, the correlation of these two Enoch, it is biblical. It's not Quranic right? So some of our scholars correlated at least to Enoch. There's no

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Quranic evidence, there's no sunnah evidence to do. So we can posit, and the Quran in my humble opinion seems to suggest that no, but to be clear, I'm not stating categorically this is the case Allah knows best. But I am stating that there is no reason for us to place a disease before No, there's no reason for us. It at least can can be afternoon. And in fact, I am stating, perhaps the evidence seems to suggest that Idris is of the children of Noah. I've mentioned a number of evidences here. And if that is the case, then that changes the entire game. And we can then say that perhaps at least is one of the prophets that was sent to other Semitic tribes and nations besides

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the Jewish people. And besides, obviously, the bunny is married, which is the Arabs and Allah azza wa jal knows best. In any case, what we're getting back to our story of know how they Salam

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what is crystal clear is that nobody has Salam know how they have Salam predates any of the other prophets. And in fact, we would even posit make a suggestion that Noah was the first even Nebby that Allah inspired on earth. Because in Oh Hanaa la cama Oh Hanaa Illa know when when the Benin back when they begin them in Baghdad, we inspire Julia rasool Allah like what inspired Nora and the Gambia after him. No, no, it was a both Nibi and Rasul. So Allah says no, as if he is the first Nebby now pause here how about Adam, we explain Adam is an exception and Adam remains an exception and Adam came down from Jana Adam is created up there, Allah spoke to him up there. So Allah is

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saying to the process of Yasuda Allah we chose you we sent Gibreel to you, like we sent to like we sent to Nora Gibreel, did not communicate with Adam. First Allah communicate with Adam directly. Imagine that when went over the story of Adam right? There was no God that communicated with Adam. Firstly, Jabril comes later in the picture. Allah directly communicated with Adam, that's a separate outcome. So when Allah speaking to our Nebby our soul, and he says, Yeah, Rasulullah you're not the first there's many before you. Allah does not begin with Adam.

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Because Adam, as I said, has a special ruling that Allah spoke to him directly as for no Gmail was sent down. And so Allah says Ya rasool Allah you know and all the prophets between you therefore know how they his Salam is the first Nebby and the first Rasul on Earth. And also this, the from from this, then we can derive another point, another simple theological point there should be no controversy over this, and that is that no holiday has Salam was sent to an idolatrous nation which means that some time between Adam and Noah, idolatry was introduced. This is common sense you really cannot have it any other way. We firmly believe that the first man the first of mankind were

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monotheistic, the first of mankind believed in one God worship one God. And they had morality they had a class they had religion. They had the noble teachings of our Creator about the purpose of life Heaven and Hell, Jana and now resurrection, and Nora is coming and Nora is sent to an idolatrous nation. Therefore common sense and the Quran both and the logic, they say it they will tell us that polytheism pantheism idolatry was introduced at some point in time between Adam and between Nurhaliza his salah and the Quran is very clear on this point. Multiple versus Ghana National Olmert and Wahida 10 through martela for fact elephant right man used to be one OMA meaning one religion,

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right? Oh, my here means one religion, right? They believed in one faith, right? All of mankind was one OMA Sama, then they differ for both Alana beginner Then Allah sent Prophets and Messengers Machito Moon tedium in Surah Yunus verse 19 Why not kind of natural Illa Amata Anwar hate that Anthem Mark telephone, right? Allah says very clearly, don't you know, indeed, all of mankind was on my Wahida then splits occurred between them, then the divisions began. Therefore, new highly has Salam is being sent because monotheism has been corrupted. The belief in one God has been supplanted by belief in many, many gods. Now, this belief seems to be absolutely logical, and complete common

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sense. Do realize this is a point of faith and we are firm on it. modern historians of Religious Studies, modern anthropologists of religion, you know, everybody who you know has theories of religion, whether it's, you know, Emile Durkheim, or whoever it might be, you know, your standard, famous sociologist and anthropologist is a religion. You know, they all have the exact opposite understanding. And they believe that monotheism is a later invention, it is a Mesopotamian invention. They say it is an invention of the Bronze Age. They believe that primitive man, prehistoric man was by nature, shamanistic or polytheistic, or, you know, very superstitious or

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believing in a multiplicity of gods, and that monotheism is an aberration. monotheism is a late invention, the Jewish people were the most famous for it, but there are, you know, precursors to it in other civilizations, and this is not the point to teach you anthropology of religion, you can take any class at any university, and you will come over all of these theories. No mainstream anthropologist believes what we believe, and so what we have our theology and beliefs, and they have theirs. And you know, in the end of the day, we understand why they would say this, because they don't believe in our textbooks. And when you look at the remnants of civilizations, when you on

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earth, and dig up, you know, earlier peoples, you do find icons that are clearly religious, you do find, you know, idols, you do find things like this. So, in their unearthing of previous civilizations, their notion is that polytheism was the dominant and also one of the things they do, which is again, very superficial, but again, and again, some of them I'm not I'm there are many who are exceptions, but some of them say, Oh, look at, you know, primitive societies, societies that are cut off from civilization, whether they're in, you know, or the Aborigines, before they were discovered, or, you know, people in certain islands, the Senate Senate to these people that are

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still untouched are various people in Africa that are living cut off from civilization. They say, look at their beliefs. All of them are shamanistic by and large, all of them have, you know, belief in spirits wandering the earth and worshiping one's ancestors and whatnot. So, they may play an analogy, and they say primitive man will also be similar, and you know, they have their reasons and what not, for us, we flip the script and we say no, early man was monotheistic.

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Allah created man upon the fitrah Kulu, the new law to Allah fitrah every child is born upon the, the fitrah. And then polytheism takes place. And so we firmly believe that idolatry was the exception to the rule the norm is that people were upon to heat. The norm was that cada Natsume mutton wa Haider. All people were one belief. And then this idolatry came, and therefore the people of nor were the first nation amongst tomb idolatry became completely prevalent, and from what it appears in the Quran, the reading very clear we didn't we get from the Quran is that nobody remained upon Tawheed except Noah and his family, right? That Allah says in the Quran, we destroyed everybody

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except to Nora and those who believed with him. And no honey has Salam seems to have been the only person preaching to eat and an entire society of paganism. And this shows us that because this does not happen overnight. This shows us that for a number of generations, there would have been two camps polytheism and monotheism. And then polytheism slowly took over and monotheism did not exist. And then Allah sent the Prophet no Hadees Salam, and how many generations therefore were there between Adam and Nora? How many were the generations between Adam and Noah? Well, it is famously reported in our history books, and in the traditions attributed to some of the companions most

00:26:40--> 00:27:16

predominantly have been Ibis that there were 10 generations between Adam and Noah. Now there's a weak Hadith, the famous weak Hadith that I've mentioned multiple times, which is in Wooster, which is in the Sahibi been headband, three, four or five pages of without RFID allegedly asking the professor some a whole bunch of questions. I went over this hadith so many times, because most of these questions are mythological, right, like, who is the first this was the first set and you can just sense that this already doesn't make sense. And one of the questions was, how many generations between Adam and Noah right, and the Prophet system allegedly said 10 I mentioned this hadith is

00:27:16--> 00:27:43

deemed to be weak by almost all scholars of Hadith and it is weak it is actually very weak, so there is no evidence from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. As for the Sahaba, there is a statement from Ibn Abbas, which is reported in the Masoretic of Al Hakim, and in other books as well. autobody also mentioned this that between Adam and Nora were 10 generations all of them upon to heed between Adam and Norwood 10 generations all of them upon Tawheed.

00:27:45--> 00:27:46

Now, this SR.

00:27:47--> 00:28:13

As my, my methodology has been from the beginning of this series, I have been very clear in this point, that anything we find the historical nature from the tongues of greater odema, and from the tongues of the Sahaba and Tabby rune, we respect it, but it doesn't take the level of the Quran and Sunnah. And therefore, if Ibn Abbas indeed said, this, Jay is good, but it doesn't become a point of faith. And frankly,

00:28:14--> 00:29:02

there is no reason for us to accept this, frankly, because it does not make sense that in 10 generations Tauheed was wiped out and replaced with shook, it does not make sense that 10 generations were upon to heat. And then one generation came and it flipped, and it became upon paganism. And actually this notion of 10 generations, we find it literally in the Old Testament. So like much of the if you look at the story of Noah, Noah, and you look at the genealogy you find exactly 10 people, between Adam and Noah. In fact, the Bible even mentions around 150 years before the between the death of Adam, and the birth of new hottie has Salem, and even even cathedra, by the

00:29:02--> 00:29:49

way into himself dismisses this 150 years. And he posits that maybe each one of these generations lived many hundreds or 1000s of years. And therefore in all likelihood between Adam and Noah were 1000s of years, they make a theory says, Where does he get to that these generations lived for many, many years, he gets this from inferring from the Quran, that no he lived 950 years amongst his people, this is in the Quran, nor lived 950 years amongst his people. And so him even Cassia and other scholars derive from this a point and that is, if Nora lived 950 years, then everybody in his generation also lived a long period of time, and those before him little longer periods and those

00:29:49--> 00:30:00

after him lived longer periods. Just and again, there's no problem in stating this. However, throughout this series, I'm going to be very clear about what is the point

00:30:00--> 00:30:43

To believe, and what is an opinion, the claim that generations lived many, many centuries, is not a belief of ours, it is a claim. All we are required to believe is nor live 950 years and longer. As for the people of Noah, and the grants and the grandchildren of Noah and the grandfather's of Noah, we are not told anything, and there is no reason for us to affirm or to deny, Allah knows best. If they lived many, many centuries, then one could extrapolate that okay, maybe there were 10 generations, and each one lived, you know, 500 1000 years, this gives you any martial law, you know, 5000 or 50,000, or however long you want to do, Allah knows best in the end of the day. It's not a

00:30:43--> 00:31:26

part of our belief. And the less we say about in my life, the safer it is for us. If there were 10 generations, it is possible. If there were more than this, it doesn't destroy our image. If there were less than this, there's nothing in our tradition to, you know, go against this. It's all unknown to us. And so whatever one holes not to problem whatsoever, we also learn from the thought of the sahaba. And again, even Abbas is the primary person saying this, that idolatry began in the people of New by venerating righteous people, and that Allah mentions the names of the idols of Noah, right? This is only mentioned once in the Quran. It is mentioned in Surah, newer in the end of

00:31:26--> 00:32:14

surah. Allah says, we all laughed at around the idea to come and they said Don't leave your gods, which means they had a lot of gods. They had a multiplicity of gods. And then Allah mentions five of them by name, wala Toluna, what then what are Sua and voila, yeah, who is that? Why are you called wyness? surah Allah mentions five of them, right? This means they had a lot of gods and of them five word that predominant five were the most important. Now, even Abbas mentions that these five war names of righteous people, and after they died, then people built images to honor them. And after a while those images were then taken as icons as gods besides a lot. And once again, it is a point of

00:32:14--> 00:32:48

it been ibis, we may accept it. And it's not a point of theology, if we don't find it. If there's for some reason we don't we find an issue with it. One doesn't have to believe in the statements of the sahaba. When it comes to history, as we said multiple times, in fact, even their filthy opinions, we don't have to follow. So how about a statement of historical fact that they might be taking from somebody they might be interpreting and whatnot. So in the end of the day, there's nothing wrong to believe this. And it does make sense that how does idolatry begin? How does the first idle come about? It does make sense that there's a good intention. And this is found in some

00:32:48--> 00:33:33

of our historical books, it's not a Quran, it's not Hadith. It's found in some of our historical books that the first idols were actually constructed not to be idols, but to be reminders of the piety of the pious. So when pious people died, they constructed an image of that person to remind the people of how pious that person was. And then over time, people forgot the purpose. And they began directing their worship and the prayers to this icon. So again, it could be the case and there's nothing wrong with you know, narrating this, and in the end, Allah azza wa jal knows best. However, there is a slight issue, a slight, you know, problematic, problematic issue has been raised

00:33:33--> 00:34:17

by a number of scholars, including for Christina Razi, and I've been assured and other scholars of our tradition, those that are, you know, a little bit more, let's say that, you know, they're kind of thinking things through, and that is that hold on a sec. How do we have what swerea Who therapy Nasir, as names of the idols of of Nora, and these are the names of the Arabian idols at the time of Islam as well? Because you know, what, are wood is a pre Islamic god, an idol. He was the national guard of the minions of South South Arabia, and there was a symbol of the snake associated with him. He's also called what Doom and what data and what not, and, and the Islamic history we learn in this

00:34:17--> 00:34:59

era, that word was worshipped or would because both names are pronounced with and what was worshipped by the men who killed the kilobytes. The Kalb tribe, and his idol was located at domata gender, and the prophets ism sent holiday that will lead to destroy that idol. And as for suar, the prophets have sent Amber Dibner OS to destroy Suwa and youth in Iraq are also found in other places. Even Ibis said that the idols of the people of North were then adopted by the Arabs. And so what was worshipped by the blue Keylab the kilobytes Sua, by the WHO that is Yahoo by Murad, your oak by Hamadan and

00:35:00--> 00:35:34

Nasr by the Yemeni tribe of him, Dr. Nasir was worshipped by him yet now, pause here, most of these idols names. In fact all of them are found in carvings. We find them in archaeological sites that people used to worship them, pre Islam. And so it is well known. These are the five names of God's pre Islam. When the prophets Islam came out of many of the gods that are being worshipped, these five are also being worshipped. Now this presents a slight problem. What is that problem? For Corinthian Razi mentions it and even assured and others they mentioned this, what is that?

00:35:35--> 00:35:38

When Allah subhanho wa Taala sent the flood.

00:35:39--> 00:36:28

Clearly the people of North were destroyed, and clearly their idols were destroyed. And clearly everybody post flood is a monotheist. Everybody is a Muslim. And many many, many, many millennia go by 10s of 1000s of years go by. And no is the father not just of the Arabs, but of every single civilization on earth. Right? Every civilization goes back to the what it has set up and Abraham it has set up. So when posed, no, you only have Muslims, you clearly don't have the idols. You don't have the names of the idols, you don't have the icons of the idols. How then, did the Arabs coincidentally start worshipping the exact same gods pre noi? How could the names and the idols pre

00:36:28--> 00:36:30

noi be preserved

00:36:31--> 00:36:38

after North by many millennia, and not just that, but only amongst the Arabs? And this is something that

00:36:39--> 00:37:17

*ery the Razzie himself problematizes. He goes free, he is Chicago, right? There is an issue here. And how can we how can these names remain? Clearly he says, The idols would have been destroyed clearly no, who would not have kept the idols of the ship, right? And so how did these idols or the names even of the idols, remain all the way to the time of pre Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he brings up the problem, and he leaves us cliff on the cliffhanger. He doesn't give us any solution whatsoever. Even I should also brings up this issue and problem, and he says that this is clearly an issue here. There's a problem here. How do we understand the names that the

00:37:17--> 00:37:45

Quran mentions attributed to Noah, are the names of the gods in Arabia, right, because these are the pre Islamic gods of Arabia. And he says that, well, we can we can say a number of things. Firstly, even as your says, some people have said that when Allah mentions in Surah, Noor, the story of Noah, and then he says, in the middle of it, and they said, don't leave your gods, and don't leave what and swat and Yahoo's and yarraka Nasir

00:37:46--> 00:38:32

even assured says, this idea is a reference to the Quraysh speaking and not to the people of nowhere. So go back to sort of look at that page, and then understand what they've been actually saying. We'll call you later on the idea to come and they said, Who is they? Well, the context seems to indicate the people of Norway said, even assured is saying, yeah, the context might indicate that, but because these are the names of the gods of Quraysh, or the gods of pre Islam, we have to understand by the content and not the context, that this verse is not coming from the tongues of the people of Norway. Rather, ALLAH is talking about what the Quran say. He mentions, some of the

00:38:32--> 00:38:33

scholars have done this to solve this issue.

00:38:34--> 00:39:18

Then he'd been assured says, we'll see he took a look. But this is kind of stretching it, it's a bit far fetched, because there's no indication whatsoever, the whole sutra is about North and the people of North and this one is to cut it off and say, Oh, it's for the Kurdish it kinda sorta, really does not make sense here. So even ashore says that that doesn't make any sense to me. So he kind of dismisses it, even though he says that's one solution that some have said. And so clearly, multiple facilities are having the same question that I'm asking you here. How did the names of the noise idols remain and become adopted by the pre Islamic tribes? Even I showed has another theory. If an

00:39:18--> 00:39:32

athlete has another theory, there is no evidence for this theory, but he needs to solve the problem because it is a conundrum. It is a interesting, you know, issue. It's not a major issue. It is interesting. So even assured says, in his opinion, this is his opinion. In his opinion.

00:39:34--> 00:39:59

The idols would have been destroyed in the flood, clearly, nor has not saving the idols. However, the descendants of Nora are warning their children about the gods pre new pre flood, I should say. And so the names What swasthya Huth and your open Nasir remain amongst the children of Nora, as the names of the false idols and Gods

00:40:00--> 00:40:50

And they're warned constantly about these idols and therefore, the names trickle down. Then he says, I've been assured says, When I'm at even low high, reintroduces idolatry into the Arabs pause here who is Abdullah? Hey, there's a hadith assign Muslim. Our Prophet says and I'm sad that I saw Ahmed who hate being punished in the fire of hell. He was the first to introduce idolatry to the Arabs. I believe he lived a few centuries before the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and so the Shara the, you know the story is go that Arabia was upon to heat. And I would even know how it went up to Roman civilization. And he brought back the goddess a lot. He brought back the goddess a lot. And he

00:40:50--> 00:40:52

and he instituted a lot

00:40:53--> 00:41:41

in front of the caliber. And so he is the one who reintroduced idolatry. So even assured says how malignant or high when he introduced idolatry, he would have introduced the names of the pre Norse gods as well, the gods that go back to this timeframe, the legends remained. And so he took those names and he reintroduced them. So I hope you understand his theory. The names are predating the icons and idols are demolished, but the names remain in the descendants of new. And then when I'm going to hate reintroduces idolatry, he names those five names to the gods of the Arabs. And so the false gods of the Arabs also have those names as well. Now, it's a theory. Obviously, there's no

00:41:41--> 00:42:27

evidence for this whatsoever. This is an attempt to figure out what is going on Allah Who and I have another possibility and then we'll leave it at this Michelle, I have another possibility Allahu alum. And again, it's not a major issue is a very trivial issue. But still, it's interesting to think about these these things. The the possible solution that I haven't Allah knows best is that we are not obliged to have the exact same name. Rather, what is being referenced is a false god and false gods, they transfer from civilization to civilization, the concept of the god, the god of light, the god of power, the god of this, the god of that right, the name of the God changes, but

00:42:27--> 00:43:18

the icon or the iconography, or the theology of that entity, remains. So if you look at for example, any paganistic tradition, if you look at any paganism, you find within it, a multiple of gods that are found in other paganism as well right pagan isms give rise to other paganism, a simple example that we could all understand the ancient ancient Indians the proto indo the Aryans, the proto indo Europeans, they had a gold God called Indra, Indra, and later on, the Greeks came, and they renamed Indra Zeus. Zeus was their Father God, many of the legends of Indra, we find them in Zeus, many of the powers of Indra and the follies of Indra, we find in Zeus. So the Greek Zeus, is coming from the

00:43:18--> 00:44:06

ancient ancient god, Indra, later on the Romans come along, and the Romans get rid of Zeus, and they name him Jupiter. And many of the legends of Zeus now become the legends of Jupiter with modifications with that, but the concept of Zeus or the Greek Zeus is the Roman Jupiter right? Now, imagine if somebody wanted to speak to the Romans about this God, right? And say, Hey, your God existed in the pre ancient times. And they said, Oh, the ancient Indians that also had Jupiter. They are technically correct, even though the ancient Indians had Indra, not Jupiter, because the concept and the fables and the follies and the legends and the you know, all of these, these these these

00:44:06--> 00:44:49

stories about the mythology basically right remains. So if a Roman person were to be told that oh, the ancient Indians also worshipped Jupiter, he would not be incorrect, even though the ancient Indians would never have heard the term Jupiter. And Jupiter has come from Zeus and Zeus has come from Indra, you get my point here. So when Allah is mentioning these names, this is a theory I have it and I don't know it could be right could throw it out the window, no problem. But we're trying to reconcile an issue of how these names survived, when clearly civilization has been destroyed and the gods have been destroyed. And a response could be as if an actual said, You could do a fun fact

00:44:49--> 00:44:59

within a Razzie and bring up the problem and don't answer it. And this is another theory out there and Allah knows best and that is that when Allah mentions the five names, yes, the five names are pre Islamic.

00:45:00--> 00:45:44

Yes, they are out of names. They don't the names are not the names that people have used. But the concepts, the mythologies, those are exactly the same, or we should say, not exactly. But you get the point here that the basis of them, and therefore, if Allah uses the names that were prevalent in pre Islam, even if the people of North did not use those names, but it's the same iconic graphy iconography is the same theology is to say mythology, well, then this is technically correct. Just like if somebody were to be told in Rome, that hey, your God was worshipped in India, your this idol was worshipped in India 1000 years ago, right. And Jupiter has been worshipped, you know, in many

00:45:44--> 00:46:23

civilizations, he would be technically correct. Even though the name Jupiter would not be known to anybody, even the people of Greece would not have known Jupiter, they would have called him Zeus, right? Doesn't matter. The concept is there. So Allah who are them, this is one way to, you know, understand and then not have any problems with this insha Allah Tada. In any case, if other people have other suggestions or ideas, do some research in history, because here's the point, like I said, we have incontrovertible evidence that these five names are names of idols at the time of Islam, and the prophet nor is millennia before Islam. So to have an overlap with the five names of the out of

00:46:23--> 00:46:46

gods, and the actual gods of Noah, it's a bit you know, scratching of the head. And that's what many of our earlier scholars said, How can this be the case, right? Because the gods do not survive in iconographer, whatnot. So again, if you have another solution, let's hear it and let's see what other things we can do. The next point we'll do Inshallah, but we're just going to stop here. I'm just going to tease you that this is our next topic. And then I'll pause here because our time is up for today. The next topic we're going to do

00:46:47--> 00:47:33

is the reality of the flood. Was it a global flood? Was all of mankind destroyed. As the Bible tells us, the whole earth was enveloped with flood with water, everything drowned. And the Bible tells us that all animals drowned as well. That's why all animals had to be protected by the ark. And the Quran references indirectly this, but Nachman fee, Hammond, coolin, xojo, anything we said to carry to every species, right? This is straight, the you know, the notion of everything having been destroyed, except those who are on the ark, right. And, of course, the biblical story is that, you know, a male and female of every animals was put on the ark, and

00:47:34--> 00:47:54

all the other animals were destroyed. And then obviously, from that all other animals came after that. So there was a new Genesis all over again. And so is this something we believe as Muslims? Was the flood global? Did the flood destroyed all of mankind? Where do we to make of the fact that

00:47:55--> 00:48:35

we don't seem to find any flood that was global in all of human history. And again, we can verify this quite easily. If you look at, you know, the science of archaeology, if you look at the realities of uncovering the past and whatnot, there are signs that are left of this nature. So what is one to make of this, I will quickly say that we as Muslims and hamdulillah do not have to believe in a global flood. And I mentioned the proofs of this in our next lecture. And as for the fact that all of mankind and all other creatures were destroyed. That too is a bit of an exaggeration. As we're going to discuss in our next lecture, shallow to Allah, we do not have to believe all other

00:48:35--> 00:49:12

animals and species and creatures were destroyed. That is something that is from the Bible, the Quran, nor the Sunnah, has disbelief, and frankly, it contradicts everything we know about science as well. So since it is not in the Quran, since our reality that we know also does not add up to this. So it's not a problem for us. But I'll have to pause here because a very interesting point as well, just tantalizing in the Shahla one of the most interesting aspects of this notion of the flood, or the global flood, is that one finds this global flood myth, they call it in pretty much every single civilization on earth, right? So the notion of there having been a flood that destroyed

00:49:12--> 00:49:48

all of mankind, and from it afterwards, mankind rebuilt, this has found pretty much universally in every single mainstream civilization on earth. Even those civilizations that have been cut off completely from humanity for the last 4050 60,000 years, we still find a flood myth amongst them. And so this has caused people to go one of two ways as we're going to discuss next week, the way of skepticism and the way of faith and belief and shall Of course, we are the people of faith and belief. So inshallah we'll stop and pause here and we'll continue shallow. In our next lecture, I will talk a little bit about the global flood or was there a global flood a global destruction or

00:49:48--> 00:49:55

was there global destruction and the global flood myth? Until next time, she's like a locket cinematic Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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