Surrounded By Hypocrisy

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Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Quran

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tells us about hypocrisy.

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And because we live today in a world of hypocrisy, and because of the fact that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also was surrounded by hypocrites, especially in the medina era, Allah subhanho wa Taala in order to protect our faith in order to protect our morale, in order to protect our iman, Allah subhanho wa taala. He told us about the munaf he own. He told us about their characteristics, their traits, and then Allah subhanho wa Taala has also guided us through the life of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on how to deal with hypocrisy and hypocrites. First of all, is that hypocrisy when you are surrounded by hypocrisy? And when there are hypocritical people,

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whether in the society, whether in the world or even sometimes in your own family at times,

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is a test of faith? It's really a test of faith. That's why instead of Bukhara, Allah subhanho wa taala. He first talked about the believers. And very briefly, he talked about the kuffaar. But then very extensively, he talked about the munaf econ, he talked about their traits, he actually said ficolo be humorous when there is a sickness and there's a disease in their heart. In fact, when you see the hypocrisy in the world that we live in today, especially in the media, and so forth, we talk about the politicians and so forth. Seminars, you wonder that when Allah subhanho wa Taala says, fee Kulu we hear Morocco and there is a sickness in their heart. At times, we're still wondering, do

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they even have a heart or not? This is the world that we live in. So what can we do? Because we're Allah He there are some who are mashallah very strong in their faith. But there are times where so many of our youth and not only that, but so many of our adults, they can their Iman can become weak, they can feel defeated, and they can feel that where is Allah subhanho wa taala? Where is the justice of Allah subhanho wa taala. So when we are living in a world of hypocrisy, and this will continue, you know, people will say that why can we not have a peaceful world? Why can we not have a world where everyone just as doing the right thing, that is not what dunya is Rasulullah sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam has informed us through his a hadith regarding the dilemma to Sarah, that we will live in a very treacherous world, we will live in a world where at one time, your word was your bond. But today we are living in a world that your word is no longer your bond. How many people have been, had been cheated, even after being given someone else's word? We find in the Quran also, that when we talk about hypocrisy, and the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the hypocrisy versus today, it can be a little different to the hypocrisy in the time of the Prophet SAW Salem was primarily people who said they believe in Allah, but they wanted to see and witness the

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destruction of Muslims. They wanted to see this today you do find that manifestation of Iman and so forth to but at the same time, we find other types of hypocrisy, when Allah subhanho wa Taala says, we either eat Allah whom to see do feel all the call, who in no manner will stay home, when these people that will not fit when Allah says that they have this nature that they go and they cause corruption. And when they are confronted that Why are you spreading corrosion? Why are you spreading chaos on Earth? They say that we're not spreading chaos. We're only spreading peace. We're only spreading democracy. We're only spreading peace to other lands. There are lands who are who don't

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have what we have today. We're trying to spread that. So the question once again, is that how do we maintain our affairs? In a hypocritical world? How can you deny we teach our children that how do you maintain your faith? And how do you maintain your affairs while living in a hypocritical world? Today you shall I want to share with you few I mean, just four, four important simple points Inshallah, that we can all keep in mind. Very first thing is, which I've already sort of alluded to, is that hypocrisy is inevitable. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was surrounded by hypocrites, but he never went after them not even once. Never once. Did he rage war against them.

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Never once did he just exclude them from the community. Never once. Did he ever say that you're not allowed to even come close to me. They were in the community of Ross

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So, so long why they he was sending them. In fact, there were times where they would even join the expedition of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. But the one thing we learned about the hypocrites in the time of the prophets of Salaam, when the time came to give a sacrifice of money, sacrifice of life, these were the very first people to take a step back. But when it came to reaping the benefits, when it came to reaping the benefits of, of victory, when it came to reaping the benefits of the hard work that the Muslims had put in, there were the very first people who want to come forward. That's why in our day, BIA, they thought they thought that they're gonna lose their

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lives. So they said to the province of Salem, we're not going to go to her they be with you, we're not going to go to Makkah with you. But when they when they saw the Prophet, Allah, his son was going to high but then they came forward right away, because why? Because the Muslims financially benefited tremendously after high burn. But Subhan Allah, Allah subhanho wa taala, he puts his hand down, I add that saying that anyone who did not participate in her day BIA is not allowed to go in hybrid. This is Allah subhanho wa taala. Previous that Allah understands their hypocrisy. So point number one is that this is inevitable, we're going to be living in a situation like this. And by the

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way, there are times even we talk about family conflicts, and so forth. Even in families, we might find people who might be who might have hypocritical traits. Once again, it's very important for us to you for unite to know and understand that you and I don't have a right to call someone and say, This person is a hypocrite, like this is a hokum that you're placing on them. Yes, we can say that they have hypocritical nature, they have a hypocritical personality. They have hypocritical traits and characteristics. You can say that but you say especially towards a Muslim, that he is a hypocrite. He is a Munna fake, that is a decision only Allah subhana wa Taala can make. Number two

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is when it comes to just like you and I, Allah subhanaw taala has ordered us to fight off and ward off the effects of equal fall. And we see that how in the in the society that we live in, even in the current day society that we live in, and all the things that we see spreading in society, as a Muslim community, we've made, we took a stand and we pushed against the fitness of our society. Allah subhanho wa Taala also says that when it comes to the fitness of the munafo own, it is equally your responsibility to ward it off. And to push it away. Your Subhanallah you'll be shocked that even in a world that we live in right now, especially with this whole phocoena Versa situation.

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Subhanallah there were Muslim scholars so called Muslim scholars, who took social who took on social media, who went on social media and said that, you know,

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putting your money wherever you want to wherever you want it to go, and perhaps boycotting and engaging in them when a boycott is totally an Islamic. They're trying to tell people that you have to follow the government, you have to do this. And you have to do that. Yes, we live in a land where we had to follow the laws. There's no doubt about that. But we also have the autonomy, to follow our own Sharia also to follow our own Deen, where it is where it is, does not contradict that, say the law and so forth. And so we're allowed to do that we're allowed to apply our Drina, so forth. But in a time like this in such turmoil, there are some people who took on social media and said that know

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what the Muslims are doing and what the Muslims and how the Muslims are behaving in terms of the reaction to this conflict. And this genocide that is taking place is totally on Islamic. There are many things that are not an Islamic the in fact they are Islamic. It's absolutely permissible to do because Allah subhanho wa Taala has told us that we have to protect the Muslim, we have to stand on the side of Muslim at all times. It does not matter even in the case of Almighty God, Allah Juan. He stood by the mudroom when even when he was a Catherine, when the volume was a Muslim and the mudroom was a cafe. Even in that situation. There was a story when there was a Christian man who came from

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Egypt, demanding justice because he was treated unjustly on the hip hop of the Allahu Allah and he stood by his side. Islam has taught us that we stand by the side of the mudroom at all times. And that is what we're going to do. But you see once again you find these kinds of people and our responsibility is that we find when we find hypocrisy, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, yeah, a Johanna B. J he didn't call Farah well munaf you Tina won't lay him just like we pushed off

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the fitness of golfer is equally our responsibility to push off and ward off the fitness of the of the munafo. And when we see people who are causing destruction, causing calling themselves Muslims, but causing destruction to the muscles, causing pain and causing pain and and just drawing, you know, drawing unnecessary attention. And not only that, but trying to inflict pain upon the Muslim community, when it comes to those kinds of people, you have to push them off and Subhanallah we live in a world today that those kinds of same people who are calling themselves Muslims, but they don't have the right interests of Islam and Muslims in their heart Subhanallah they are the ones you all

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know they are the ones who are given the attention in media. They're the ones who are called on and they are given the they're given the interview time. So that is why number two is just like we push off the fitness of golfer we have to always push off the the fitness of the munafo on and we call them out the way it is. Number three, we have to always keep in mind when it comes to hypocrites is that Allah subhanho wa Taala if not today, if not tomorrow, one day, inevitably, Allah subhanho wa Taala will expose them. Just like Allah subhanaw taala exposed them when I fit on in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah subhanho wa Taala will inevitably

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highlight their hypocrisy and SubhanAllah. We live today in a world where we're seeing exactly that. Now, finally, so many people are waking up. I've talked about this before, but now people are waking up. Now they're starting to see the hypocrisy. Okay, now they're starting to see the hypocrisy within the media, within the politicians, when they're talking about Russia and Ukraine. They can stand there in front of the PR and the press and sit there and cry talking about children dying. But when they're talking about children dying in Philistine, they're all there. Their responses simply as one. This is a war and war, even children can lose their life. It's blatant hypocrisy. And now

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Alhamdulillah people are seeing that hypocrisy. So always keep in mind when there are hypocritical people and they have hypocritical traits, Allah will inevitably expose them there is no question about that. And number four, last point is

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it can it can easily for any of us we can easily be drawn into hypocrisy, and we can be called to hypocrisy. Because a lot of times being on the side of the hypocrites might be the easier thing in this dunya but we have to always keep in mind, we will never ever stand with hypocrites. You never ever stand with people who say one thing and they do something different. Because we find in the seat of the Prophet sallallahu it was sent him a very similar situation in the story of God been Malik while the Allahu Tehran. When the Prophet saw some he came back from the book and goblin Malik did not participate in the expedition of taboo. And he came back to the Medina and it was the nature

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of the Prophet SAW sent him that every single person who did not participate in the expedition had to come back to the Prophet and provide their excuse. Why did they not participate in the expedition? The Munna phiaton came to the prophets of salaam they provided lies Roswaal some knows that these are lies, he just let them go because why? Hotham Allahu Allah, Allah will be him while some are him wider. I'm sorry, English Allah, Allah Subhan Allah has put a seal on their hearts, the probability something's not expected. It's not expecting anything from them. He's not hoping anything from them, he just let them go. But then now came the turn of carbon Malik and Colin Malik

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had a choice to make, do I speak the truth and be honest with the Prophet SAW Salem and honest with Allah subhanho wa Taala or just like the mafia on the moon Africa and we're coming to Gabby Malik and they said, Just lie It's not a big deal just lie just make up any excuses brother Salam and just get away with it. You don't have to go there and say the truth See, we went we lied on the face of the problem Salam and see he didn't say a single word to us. He just let us go. Just lie and you'll get away with it. Gaby medical Yola, Juan decided to set it on the side of truthfulness, and he spoke the truth. And he said the truth promises Salam, and as a result there is even a boycott that

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took place after that. I mean, the Muslim community they stayed away from carbon Malik for approximately 50 days we know that this is mentioned the Hadith of the prophets of salaam but after those 50 days, Allah subhanaw taala forgave cognate Malik and what do you say at the end? Yeah, you have Latina I'm an otaku. Allah wa Kumar saw the thing. All you people who believe always be conscious of Allah subhanho wa Taala and stand on the side of those who are the truthful people, even 50 days there were very difficult 50 days upon cabin muddy, but after that Allah subhanho wa Taala forgave kabhi Malik and some of the other Muslims who did not participate

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paid, but what happened to them when I fit one? Yes, they got away with it initially, but there was no forgiveness for them eventually down the road. So that is why we learn from the story of copying medical YOLO I never stand on the side of hypocrisy, no matter how lucrative and how appealing it may look like we always stand on the side of the hook. And even if we suffer just like in the, in the story of God and money he suffered very briefly, if you and I we have to suffer, because I will stand up for the hug and I will speak the hop and I will speak the truth and so forth. Let it be, but in sha Allah in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala I'm standing on the side of the Saudi thing.

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I'm standing on the side of those who speak the truth. I'm standing on standing on the side of on the side of those people who are not hypocritical, that's the side that you and I we have chosen. So these are four things that inshallah that you and I we can do a show are living in a world that we live in and we always constantly make dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala to keep us on the side of the hub. That's why this is a dua deposit Salam, Allahu Medina, Al Huck the hochkar was on a TBR Yet Allah show us the hawk as hawk and give us the tow feat to follow it. Aloma and haka haka was looking at the BA what Arenal bow through the battlefield that was finished in October, yeah, Allah

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show us about that as battle and not only that, but give us the Tofik and give us the ability to stay away from it too. So we should try to you know, recite this dua or any of the DUA that is the you know best but keep on making dua keep on applying these things for the seal of the salam and inshallah we even we live in a chaotic world inshallah we'll be able to maintain our faith in our iman inshallah for us and for our kids inshallah amigo but I mean, what is that common love hate sin I'm already going to lie but

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in Muslim me know Allah mostly Lima de one meaning I will not mean it will quantity now look on it. The more saw the pain I was saw the bond the one saw the Rena was sabe Irati one before she you know, she

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will invoice you, Shireen I want to call her she is the one downside BP now one downside the party was slow on me now was all in

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one heavy Lena foldable gentle home one half year warranty was good enough. Guess

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what the guilt or I don't know who

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