Wael Ibrahim – I am here for the TRUTH An atheist honest say Free Palestine

Wael Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The speaker urges everyone to stand up for truth, saying that everyone has their own agenda and the truth is just as big a lie as their own agenda. He also mentions that the Israeli government has been collaborating with the media to portray the truth, causing confusion and distrust among politicians. The speaker urges everyone to stand up for truth.
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for humanity, for freedom for justice, and mainly for truth, I'm here for truth and I don't care who they are. I've got no connection to the Middle East. I've got no connection atheists, I think I'm just a German rights and universal justice, not not no different faiths talk versus unreal. And you're living now in an empire of lies. You know, an All I want is the truth is, whatever it is. And you know, it doesn't matter if people like the truth or not, the truth does not care. The truth does not have sites. You're not there's no side to be honest, just stay on the side of truth.

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And we've got to stop the media from perpetuating lies, unverified information, or half truths are just as just as big a lie as us making it completely up. And what's really interesting, in Australia, everywhere I go, I asked people, do you know anything about it? And they said, Well, I'm out of I do not know much, but they all know about 40 Babies that's been decapitated. They all know what they know. Still, and that was a pure lie. It's completely debunked. Why anybody wants to believe anything that the Israeli government says about their 400 1400 test, or that that was a surprise attack. They knew six, seven hours, they didn't do anything. They are complicit. This is a

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manipulation for genocide. And that agenda has been going for decades. And I can't believe that anybody can see it. It's it's now in plain sight. And designers are losing the media. Whoa. The world is seeing the real truth. It's not the channel nine and the channel seven. Anybody who's still listening to mainstream media is fooled and it's been brainwashed to stand up for truth. Let's all take no sides, just the truth. Thank you.

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