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So now I come on up until Labor to cattlemen, the peace and blessings of Allah be upon you all. We have to understand that Islam is a comprehensive faith and it's a comprehensive religion. It touches on every single aspect of our life, whether directly and indirectly, the deficiency is in our understanding and practice. There's a beautiful Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, where he debunks a myth or an understanding in regards to masculinity. He says here, laces should the to be surah and Nima should the to Allah, the Yummly co NAFSA. Who and the lava and this hadith is on Muslim, the promise a lot more topical in LA, it's agreed upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam said, the harsh one is not the one that can wrestle. Verily, the harsh one is the one that controls themselves when they are angry, beautiful benefit here, we think masculinity is with the muscles and with strength and with growling, roaring, and that is the one that is harsh, that is the one that it should be that we should fear. Rather, the one that someone should fear is the one that is an animal that has animalistic qualities and is a deadly weapon. For example, they may know how to use a gun perfectly well, they may be experienced in it, or they may be someone that is knows martial arts and is very experienced in it. They know how to defend themselves and their family. But

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they know when to use it self defense, how to defend themselves and the ones that they love. They have self control, as we talked about in the last hadith of apostle, some said, Do not get angry basically means Be patient practice patience, the one that is able to destroy something, and knows how to control it and use it when he wants to for the betterment of himself and the ones that he loves. This is the one that has she did not the one that just has the physical ability and goes around bullying people so on and so forth. The one that if he or she is bullied, they know how to give the business. They know how to defend themselves and their families. That is the shady one, the

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one that has self control and this is why the discipline one is the successful one. And that's what the province that Allahu Allah was missing here. So let's not fall into that masculinity, the fake masculinity, the toxic masculinity, rather, the real masculinity is the one that has strength and knows when and how and where to exhibit that strength for the betterment of himself and his family. May Allah subhanaw taala bless you all, and make you those that are strong, mentally physically and spiritually Sinhala Gramma to over to catch you