Yaser Birjas – Ta’Seel Class Session #11 Q&A

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The US has a strict policy against charging for Islamic knowledge, with a focus on achieving proper knowledge for long-term success. The speakers emphasize the importance of being free from obligation and maintaining spirituality for reward, while also acknowledging the potential for alcoholism and shuba attraction. The segment ends with a discussion of the use of cheese in shuba and sexual attraction, as well as alcoholism and drinking alcohol.
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So now we're going to look at

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the lot of elements that allow us to kind of you know, Mohamed Anwar salam to Sleeman kathira. The mama

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So quick question on the subject that we discussed so far from the book of Mammon. Kodama, Rahim, Allah and also Raja, question number one here charging for Islamic knowledge is charging for Islamic knowledge, okay, or is it considered perceiving the world? Also, if someone does that, do they still get rewarded in Jannah? Now, I think we've covered a little bit briefly on the subject of a, we said that look in the past the lemma and Islamic teachers, that Muslim teacher and so on, they were covered by our cough. So their money doesn't come from individuals that comes from entities such as Al Kahf. So therefore, their handle aside from this kind of, you know, kind of dilemma that we're

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dealing with today. But today, if a teacher, for example, wants to give a class and knowledge, for instance, is it allowed, or she's allowed to charge people for that, it's different. Obviously, we also that the standard, it's always better to make yourself and keep yourself free from any wants or needs from your students. Otherwise, that kind of obligation makes you compromise the hybrid realm, and even probably, maybe the validity of that knowledge when it comes to being delivered. So therefore, it's better to stay away from that. But we have a different standard of teaching, for example. So we have classrooms, you have

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logistics that needs to be covered and taken care of and paid for and all that stuff, and so on. And if we're not going to be charging the students to pay for these things, because we don't have the staff to take care of that, then probably we're not going to be able to deliver the knowledge as it should be. So therefore, again, it goes

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depends on the circumstances, and depends on the culture of that time. But the for the question, meaning if I charge people that would that be considered pursuing that dunya? The answer is yes. But is this haram to pursue the dunya? Not necessarily. Now, everything of O'Meara's of dunya is considered haram. It's obviously it will reduce probably from the amount of reward when versus when you give it this completely for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala but it doesn't mean it's haram. Even during Hajj, we're supposed to be purely and completely for the sake of Allah azza wa jal Allah subhanaw taala says on Arafa laser Alaikum Jana on untapped of Allah Morocco, there is no harm on

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you if you seek the favors of Allah subhanho wa Taala which means it's okay to trade and sell and do business even out of but the more you keep it of course, purely spiritual, the more reward you get for it the shallow Tana

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Can you can you criticize a teacher of knowledge even if your knowledge is limited? Or you answered yourself

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if your knowledge is limited, stay quiet. Because when you don't know what you're talking about, what if what you're trying to criticize is way beyond your level yardage cannula. Besides even Osaka Rahmatullah today he says, Can the role of Allah matmos MUMA wa Taala he died a few months ago winter he went to he came Maluma the flesh of the aroma is poisonous.

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And those who dare to prey on their flesh, the sons of ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala for them and the dunya and Ankara is very well known, like Allah will make example of them. But it means by that he goes like if you're going to try to buy you know, back by the Aloma and speak bad about them without proper knowledge and so on. Be careful, you poisoning yourself with that. Because Allah subhana wa Tada made development to be the character, the sacred knowledge and if they deserve it, and you're going to violate that, then you will endanger yourself. But for the OMA among themselves, they are allowed to talk about you know, other Allama obviously, some of it is right. And some of it is for

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the legitimate reasons such as Jehovah de anima in the past used to criticize this person for their character, this person for their level of memorization and so on. And others unfortunately, it becomes just jealousy and competition. That is the wrong thing. That's the Haram thing for Allah. Now.

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Is it true that 1% to 2% Alcohol is permissible to drink since you can't get drunk from it at all?

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I haven't tried that as a man.

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If someone already tried that 1% and said, Allah, I was okay Hamdulillah I was able to focus and drive and

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I don't know about that. But I think that the reference is probably in when it comes to some drinks. The standard they say, less than 1% for example, alcohol, are you allowed to consume that or not? There's difference between added alcohol to it versus naturally occurring alcohol. Now even in fruits, even in juices, for example, if you leave, let's say, orange juice or if you leave specific grape juice for example, if you leave it a few days outside, you know the fridge what's going to happen to it?

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It's not such good for Mandarin eventually it's gonna start become

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An alcoholic and eventually becomes intoxicant. Before the stage of intoxication. It's okay to drink it. There is natural percentage of alcohol already in that drink already in there. So if you drink it in that state before it becomes, you know, intoxicant. It's halal and that's the issue shahada, we will talk about the kombucha for example. Kombucha for example, has a percentage of alcohol in it. But if drinking it doesn't cause it to be to go drunk or even buzzed, at least, then you'll find but if drinking kombucha is going to make you start speaking French

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means you're way out there. Stay away from it.

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Time Could you Could one work for DoorDash delivering haram food.

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We are going to cover that next week and shallow Tabata Kotara It depends really about the amount of haram element in it. And again, the dilemma they have different positions on the matter.

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When buying food at a grocery store, I was buying cheddar cheese at the grocery store, and then my roommate, who was with me asked whether it's halal or not. And then they start searching and the ingredients. I found that quite dangerous because this makes it extremely difficult to go through life. I mean, whatever it is you're looking for in a cheese, I don't know. And what is it exactly what are you looking for?

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Besides that, besides that, besides the enzymes and the rendering and all that stuff, what else are we looking for in terms of the gradient?

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Gelatin or in cheese? Or are we talking about as jalapeno or otherwise?

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I think we're talking about the enzymes right? Here's the standard about cheese at the time of the prophets of Allah Salah at the time of the Sahaba de la Toronto they ate cheese from them a juice from the Persians we're not even we're not even from the people that the book and they never encountered they never asked if the source of the enzyme was the beer or not.

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So Allah MA from the past they keep saying cheeses Okay nothing wrong with that. Our problem today when added enzymes that's a different argument. Yeah and we're going to probably talk about it next time I show it about a quarter level because we need to do first of all to identify what level of shuba or doubtful marriage ambiguous marriage are we allowed to

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to partake in whether it's actually consuming it or otherwise so that discussion is going to leave it for next week and shallow dive but overall cheese is okay you can eat it in shallow Tana

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is a direct question in European is kombucha halal or haram?

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Enjoy it

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Subhanak Allah Muhammad

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Allah love of God

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