Yahya Ibrahim – Guidebook to God #11 – Patience- An act rewarded without measure

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the characteristics of being patient and resilient, including the restriction of speaking about circumstances, the importance of endurance, and the three levels of endurance: a sub actuality, a patient, and resilient. They stress the need for patience and embracing actions in achieving success, and emphasize the importance of showing patience in daily life. The speakers also mention the reward of actions that are not measured in time and the need for individuals to demonstrate their resilience and fulfillment.
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slub I like to translate sobra as resilience, the ability to push on when other people can't. It's important to kind of give a more comprehensive understanding of what it means to endure with patience and perseverance and resilience. slobber is one of the most comprehensive and most important characteristics that you and I can develop. The prophets I tell him says in the authentic hadith narrated by by Lima Muslim, from the statement of urban rural hataoka, the Allahu anhu, Matt la I've done a thought and hire on Walla Walla m feminist club, no human being no slave of God has ever been given anything that is more prolific, more comprehensive, more essential, more necessary

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for their life and the next life, then to be given enduring patience and resilience. The ability to push on when other people can't suffer is an act of worship that begins in the heart, demonstrated by the restriction of the tongue and the fulfillment of the deeds. What do I mean by heart, it's not in your heart you find between yourself and a law, a level of patience and endurance is that your heart is not discontent. It has a level of rebar contentment and hope in Allah's mercy subhanho wa Taala that you feel even when let down even when something is not right, even when in a moment of difficulty, that Allah is always with you that you are not absent from Allah, Allah sees you and

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hears you and knows you and is aware of your condition. So it begins in the heart, but it's also a restriction of the tongue from speaking about, about Allah, or speaking against the condition Allah has set us in being able to speak to a law about our circumstances. And therefore there's a difference between complaining about a law and where we find ourselves in life and being able to complain to Allah subhana wa Tada. The third element of celibacy is to be a person who has a resilience in their habits, in their behaviors, and in their physical decisions in the things that you and I do right and wrong, that we hold ourselves to higher account. And Mr. McNeil claim, he

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speaks about sub resilience in three levels. There is a sub reality more to be patient and resilient in the things that we are ordered to perform the good deeds that were ordered to do. And in fact, the mammoth dental claim says that that is the most difficult aspect of patience, that is more difficult than to demonstrate patience, and Ill Malou which is number two, to stay away from the wrong things. It is going to be a more difficult journey for you in your life, to be a maintainer and vigilant for your federal prayer each and every morning, then it will be difficult for you to stay away from say taking drugs or to cheating on your spouse, it's going to be more difficult for

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you to maintain your five daily prayers each and every day and fulfilling your Joomla and being consistent with your Zakah. And doing the obligations that are necessary for you will be a harder, more difficult challenge than it is to stay away from how long from eating this flesh of swine or being a person who has cheated others and defrauded them of wealth, making the major sins. Number three is to have patience when there is a downturn in our life or what we perceive to be a downturn. In fact, the loss of Hannah with Allah says well as an Takahashi and well Hiram lakum. Perhaps you may look and detest at something as being difficult and unwanted in your life. But that actually is

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what is best for you. In one of the authentic hadith of the prophets. I send him he said, Linda, perhaps the poverty you are experiencing is the medicine you needed in life. And then another statement, what are the Zenon da perhaps Allah enriching you was the medicine you needed at a particular point in time. So sobre is the totality of our existence. The most important aspect of your patients is to be patient with the orders of Allah to fulfill your a bada as best as possible to maintain your dealings with Allah subhanho wa Taala in the most acceptable kind and comprehensive way that your heart is full of love in the act of worship, that your heart is open with the fear of

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Allah, that your heart is hopeful of a large reward that you demonstrate taqwa that you woke up out of your bed, not just because if I don't do it, Allah will punish me. But because I woke up out of love for Allah care for Allah, hope in Allah thankfulness to Allah. That demonstration is a massive act of substance. One of the great acts of reward that is rewarded by Allah without measure is a sub Allah subhanaw taala says in Nima your wife, your wife saw a beautiful nature on the radio he said that those who demonstrate an unending level of resilience have patience in the

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Good deeds that I've ordered them to perform in restricting themselves from the harm in being patient when I've tested them with some of the tumultuous affairs of their life, where I will bring upon them a loss of wealth, a loss of income, a loss of health, a loss of life, a loss of prosperity, that they say in alila, he were in LA Raji rune, that it makes them remember that from me, I have given them the order that they be brought into this world, and to me, everyone that we all have them shall return, that we are from a loss of Hannah to Alice command to enjoy this life for the time that we enjoy it. But it's also from his command that we have austerity and difficulty

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in it. And all of our circumstances are from Allah. In Allah he were in La Jolla, Raja own Allah, Allah him sola to mineral be him. They are the ones who will have the mercy of Allah descend upon them, and they will be the ones who are successful Allahumma dynamin home, as it relates to patience, I want you to know that it is something that we can learn and it's something that we should encourage in our children, and you and I were not born

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in San ohada. Mankind was created with the capacity to become aggrieved and to lose hope and to not demonstrate patience. But we are taught in the five pillars of Islam, essentially, in the four actions of worship of Allah in our Islam, to develop patience, you develop patience, each and every act of your sada you got to wake up in the depths of the night before the sunset, and you got to wait until the darkness of the night before you retire and you pray you're Asia, you have to demonstrate patience in your fasting for hunger and thirst and and resistance of the inclinations of lustful intentions to our spouse. you demonstrate patience by sharing from your wealth as a cat that

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is do Subhan Allah the journey of Hajj May Allah join us on the plains of out of a is a journey of patience each and along the way fell out off with our fo Sukkot l. f. G. De La Fille Hodge, there isn't any sexual activity or lustful leanings. There's no vulgarity of words or debate or argumentation, that all of us are in a consecrated state, hot and thirsty and disheveled and in clothing that isn't normally the ones that we choose for ourselves. We're humbled by Allah to demonstrate resilience and fulfillment of the obligations of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Our Sadhguru The, the prophets I send him says in authentic hadith every Muslim patient is illumination. It's not

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light, it's not nor it's the meaning it's a light for yourself, but it's an illumination for everyone around you. Because if you've ever seen anyone who's been trialed and tested and found themselves in difficulty in life, but they've held themselves with their worship of Allah, they've maintained a dignified stands in their condition that they haven't been of those who have lost control of themselves and their emotions, that they've remained firm for themselves in their family. They become a light for us and inspiration of us, that when we see them, we say, Subhan, Allah, Allah has tested them and Allah has given us what we have been surprised, but somehow in the law, in

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their dignity and in their response to their challenge and test, they have shown to us the way of righteousness, may Allah subhanho wa Taala make us from those a Siberian, those who are resilient in the face of adversity, were best shared is slavery and may we receive the good news and the Bushido agenda amongst those who are patient. Well, suddenly lahoma seldom was it was very sad now whenever you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam your brother your hair Brahim was Salam aleykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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