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Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the upcoming month of Shabbat, emphasizing the importance of preparing and focusing on the heart. They also discuss a program for family life and dealing with busy life. The heart is the critical part of the body and is the only thing present. The speakers explain the concept of the heart's function and its impact on the body, including its connection to the brain and its use in communication. They also discuss the heart's use and its relationship to various aspects of heart disease, including the critical ones, the pure ones, and the complex ones. The speakers emphasize the importance of preparation and focusing on the heart to achieve goals.
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Salallahu Salam Baraka Nabina Muhammad wa salam, the Steven katha mama so welcome to the new series inshallah we have in preparation for the month of Ramadan Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us the ability to survive and live until within this month of Ramadan Ramadan mela Mecca among those who will continue the facet of the month of Ramadan make us among those will be forgiven they're sincere but I mean and elevate our status in general for those that Allah Allah manyara him say Amina Gemma, so obviously Ramadan Mashallah is not too far right now from today. Today is the first of Raja that makes it four weeks until Ramadan begins. I mean eight weeks so we say eight weeks two months this

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is something Cipolla counting these eight weeks. We think it's too much and it's still you know too far from today. But in no time you'll see that Ramadan is going to begin and usually Ramadan many many people that keep delaying and waiting for the preparation of the month of Ramadan until Ramadan starts and when Ramadan starts Of course we start trying to catch up by the time we get into the mood of the month of Ramadan what happens we realize it's over and then we started reading I wish I've done this I wish I've done that panela every is the same thing. Every is the same thing. Why can't we learn our lessons? Why can we just prepare for the month of Ramadan ahead of time so

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shallow to bodycote Allah. That is one way of dealing with this. So we have 10 nine weeks Bonilla, we call Ramadan marathon the nine week intensive in which you will get inshallah prepare ourselves for the month of Ramadan. We are going to divide this series to three parts. Part number one, number one, three weeks related discussion relate to the heart to the sense and the meaning of faith, the heart and the sense and the meaning of faith. So inshallah tonight our discussion will be about the heart the vessel of taqwa as we're gonna see in the tender hearted Allah subhanho wa Taala spoke many, many ways in different ways about the heart and the importance of the heart for each and every

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one of us. Then scores when we talk about the heart We always think of what is exactly that makes the heart heavy. The thing that always make this heart heavy and make a dysfunctional, that is the sin therefore next week inshallah Allah we're going to be talking about this this topic My Lord, forgive me for I have sinned a lot

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because we know from the past Ramadan until today, if we count our sins, probably there are too many to count and therefore it's very hard for us to you know, continue like this. So we're gonna need to talk about the the nature of sin, what does it mean? What kind of what are the categories of sins and what is exactly affects the heart when it comes to committing these sins and how can we wipe out our sins? How do we handle this issue? So Ramadan begins a Charlotte Baraka with Allah, at least we have handled a less burden to carry in our hearts so Ramadan begins inshallah we'll be strong vanilla zosen. The third part of the series shallow dalla will be on the subject of Eman. Once we

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clear the heart from the sins. What do we need to fill it with edema with the man

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and as we know, demand is not static thing. It's very dynamic. It increases and decreases. Sometimes we see ourselves in the worst worst state of man. Like we think of ourselves like being like the devil himself. And sometimes we see our Eman as Mashallah increasing so high, we think about ourselves like overkill of the load. And there will be status that is actually in between, how do you understand the demand? How do we keep it high, how we motivate ourselves in sha Allah, Allah throughout the month of Shabbat until Ramadan begins inshallah, throughout throughout the month of Ramadan, there will be discussion of the third session and shallow data, part number two, then

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towards the end of the month of Rajab inshallah and the beginning of Jabara before the beginning of Shabbat. We have two sessions we will discuss on the first session

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throughout our marriage, the magnificent journey. A lot of us when people discuss the subject as Robert Mirage, they really think about just the story itself and how magnificent that story was, but our focus will be in shallow data on something that is considered extremely important for the month of Ramadan. What is the origin of sola? sola? Because Ramadan, we do a lot of Salawat different than other, you know, months of the year such as the tarawih Why is it so significant? And how is it so important we can relate the story in sha Allah over the throbber Mirage and the importance of alternativa the second part inshallah will be on warming up for Ramadan through the month of

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Shabbat. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to burn himself Ramadan in shaba The question is why and how we're going to make this inshallah our discussion on the second part of this of this, these sessions, part number three, which is the last four weeks right before Ramadan start inshallah we will dedicate that for Ramadan and different aspects of our Deen. Of course, obviously, I know many, many people that would like to learn a lot of gum and fake rulings on Ramadan. But these are the same things that happen over and over again, people they keep asking

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About the same subject over and over again, that is something we can leave it for other maybe psychotherapy and other programs, but for this particular discussion, inshallah, I want I want to give you a practical tips on how you can benefit in Shaolin in the month of Ramadan in these areas, number one, Ramadan and the Quran, especially that the vast majority of our members of our community, they're not Arab. They don't speak the Arabic language as a first language, some of them 100 they learned a little bit of the Arabic language, how can we how can we benefit from the Quran, whether I'm reading it, whether I'm memorizing, reviewing or just listening to it through the of

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course the recording or behind the Imam? How can I benefit from the Quran in the best way possible in the month of Ramadan shallow data, the second session will be about Ramadan for busy life, a lot of our members Mashallah to visit very busy people. We have busy young professionals Mashallah young mommies and young daddies and they have kids, so they're handful and we What are you when you come back from August that has a family to take care of and so on. So how can I benefit from Ramadan when I'm too busy? So we're going to give you tips on how you could use that spare time that you have to maximize your benefit from the month of Ramadan without having to feel guilty throughout the month

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of Ramadan. One of the things that many people of that generation actually with that age group or demographic, they lose Ramadan through just feeling guilty. They spent the entire month of Ramadan you know, guilt tripping themselves.

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Like I wish I this so sometimes it gets actually some tension happens between a husband wife because of that when the man wants to come with a taraweeh, leaving the wife behind, so you could enjoy the other four, take a break. And then the lady she says, Well what about me and then they fight over this issue, how can we shall learn how to deal with a mother and a busy life. And the following session will be exclusively for family. There are a lot of rulings about family life between husband wife, family and children. Also in regards to bringing kids to the massage and many other things that we deal with, with with families. So we discussed our model and family life inshallah to Allah

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and the last session in preparation for the beginning of Ramadan, which is going to be about maybe three nights before Ramadan starts 10 things to do, and 10 things to avoid during the month of Ramadan, the top 10 things that you need to make sure to do and the top 10 things that you need to avoid doing during the month of Ramadan will be discussing in shallow tobacco data. You guys have any questions about this program before we start with the first session?

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Okay, usually the length of each session, inshallah is going to be about, you know, 40 minutes to 45 minutes in the Layers region. So at least we have enough time to ask questions if there's any questions. And also I know because between marijuana shots, plenty of time sholazar gel, but we're going to limit our discussion and every session for about 40 to 45 minutes in the law historical data. Start in the first session, part one, the heart, the vessel of taqwa. If you look at this image, what do you guys see?

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How many hearts Do you see? Yes. Why?

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If you look at them, one is disease one is sick. One is you know requires communication what is healthy so the domestic cards come in different in different shapes and different formats. And different I would say energy level. That's what we mean by that is, we mentioned this because even the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Allah subhanho wa Taala counted different types of hearts. And it's not just one, it's actually a different status of heart and the heart is one as a piece of flesh of course. But in terms of energy level, in terms of status, there's a strength they come in different different formats, and show us we can discuss this later bodycote Allah here of the prophet SAW

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Selim in the hadith of a nomadic Bashir, the law of the land run said, which is a very famous Hadith many many people they memorize this hadith from Rio de Sala him from a very noble metalized rally, in which the prophets Allah Sam says God Allah, Allah, Allah begun we'll have a look at the beginning of the professor says what Allah Allah Allah begun while haram obey, what does that exactly mean? He said that which is considered hallowed which means permissible is clear and obvious. And that which is haram is also clear and obvious. Which means we don't need much evidence much proof to recognize what is Hello What is haram for the believer, when you know tala tala you

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know what the Haram is and justice, about the Haram and the professor something they said. How would they know Huma muro Mousavi had Lai Allah Monica feminineness. What is the trouble is the trouble and recognizing what is Helen? Know, it's clearly obvious is the trouble to recognize what is haram? No, it is also clear and obvious. The trouble is when you are unable to recognize that when which would in between and that gray is

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The professor some call them obey nahama. For more on Mr. behat in between, there's some doubtful matters, the word Mr. behad middle HTML, which means when when something you can have like something resemble something else. So you're unclear about it becomes kind of like blurry. That's what it means. So you're unable to tell if it's halal, or haram. Should I do it or not do it I'm not sure about this issue. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam says colourway no Hamamoto, Mr behat La Jolla, Allah mahana kathira minuteness not so many people have the knowledge of this meaning not everybody can recognize them. That's what it means. Not everybody can recognize these issues. Then he says

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam called Femina Takashi bohart fucka disturber aldini Wilder which means the right position from these doubtful marriages what abstain and avoid them. He said from an attacker shewhart if you avoid these doubtful matters, then you have kept yourself clear. Which means you have kept yourself your deen and your honor clear from what from suspicion from from from falling into the sin or crossing the license on woman work official hard work off and on. And if someone allows himself or herself to go into these doubtful matters, eventually, the professors of SAP saying eventually you will fall into the into the home, like it will lead the person to go into

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the harem. He said so I said I'm an example for people of that generation that they can recognize called karate. Holding a hammer, you should and your taffy is just like a shepherd, who's bringing his flock to graze around a sanctuary that belongs to somebody else. If you bring the animal on the border of a pasture, what do you expect they're gonna do? They're gonna see that this green on the other side, they're going to cross they don't even recognize these boundaries. So they're going to cross them. He said sallallahu wasallam Allah, we're in the liquidity mullikin everything has his own century.

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That Hema means the sanctuary, some that that they consider dear to them. And then he says Allah in him, Allah him heard him as for the sanction of Allah subhana wa Tada. It's the Maha which was his prohibitions is what you are not allowed to cross the prohibition then the prophets. Allah says, Allah our NFL just said the model. Indeed, in the heart, there is a piece of flesh. And this body I'm sorry, in this body, there's a piece of flesh is a solid hot sort of halogen Dooku where it affects that facet of the cooler that this piece of flesh if it's if it was sound, it was reformed and good, everything else will be good.

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Why is that faster that faster they'll just the cooler and if it was spoiled, what happens? Everything is going to be spoiled after that, then it sits over here, alcohol Indeed, it is the heart. Now when the professor Sam said that what is the correlation what is the relationship right now that we understand from the heart from said speaking about halal haram doubtful matters? And then the heart What do you guys think? What would be the relationship of a right now?

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What's the point if the previous speaker about halal haram and doubtful matters and at the end he says what? And the heart is very important. So what's the connection between all these things right now? Yes.

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Sir again.

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So if your sin if that means if you sin that means you corrupt your heart, okay? What if it was the opposite?

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If your heart is corrupt, you're going to listen

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right? Okay, but what is it considered in relation to this principle? I was mentioned that had a wider purposes and brought the subject of the heart here.

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So the heart is your compass. Which means if you if you concern yourself about haram Haram, where should you look for direction

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in the heart, which is why the prophets of Allah Sam says in one Hadith about the love of Somalia, they call Becca when after kanessa when after kindness is the callback meaning look when it comes to looking for fatwa consult with your heart. Consult with your heart, even if you get consultation from the people which means what you know yourself better than anybody else. Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, Berlin Santa Elena de basura Welcome adira Berlin Santa Elena de basura, every insan every human being an FC basilar you have an insight, you have the best insight that you know, you have the best knowledge of yourself that's what it means. You have the best knowledge of

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yourself, whatever alikom idea even if you're gonna throw down there, all your excuses. Basically, you just kind of fooling yourself that what it means if you know you're fooling yourself which I didn't say anything else. So therefore when the prophets Allah said was telling us stuff they felt bad when after kindness when people give you federa chicken, your heart What does that exactly mean? And is most likely most likely

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If I if I get an answer from people and I'm not feeling comfortable with it, even though it is the answer that I was looking for,

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that means I know that I'm not actually pursuing that I think probably.

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So you know, in the heart so the heart is like the compass. It gets you in the right direction. If you're not doing it right. Somebody will be wrong, actually Belgium. How do you feel that you're doing something right or wrong? what's what's the feeling in the heart, that you are feeling it heavy? When it gets heavy, something is wrong there. You need to work on it. Whatever that is, that's going to be discussing Charlotte Charlotte next week when the last gentleman will discuss the subject of the sin. But what is so special about the heart Why the heart is so important and madam, even Clayman Josie Rahim Allah tala speaker on the on the condition of the heart, he said, the

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example of the heart, to the limbs of the body is the example of the king and the soldiers have an army. I mean, speaking of that, the classical classical formation or organization of states back then you have the king and you have all the soldiers in the army and so on. So so whatever the king orders, what do the soldiers do? ajumma they follow.

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So the heart, he says, is just like a king. And they just follow the order that come from the from, from the king. So therefore, therefore, if someone sees himself falling into a certain sin, like, for example, looking at that, which is haram, what does that mean? Does it mean that the eye just likes to watch haram stuff? No, it means you have a problem in your heart, your heart desires these things.

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If someone always steals, they go, and every opportunity can take things and keep it for themselves and so on. It's not like the hand is wrong. Now there is something wrong in the heart, like there is a desire in the heart that allows this hand to reach out to that which is impermissible to it. If someone always goes somewhere, drive somewhere and do these things, and so forth, even things that just kind of like in the mind, and think that will translate into certain actions that means the heart has a desire for this. So therefore, he says, The heart is like the king. And if the king is righteous, what are the actions that these soldiers will carry? righteous actions. And if the king

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was not so righteous, what to expect the soldiers to do?

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Are they going to be reading Quran?

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Most likely, they will be following orders or maybe doing things because the king allowed them to do these things. They think they can do it and get away with it. Of course, this in the dunya but in the agora have Allah subhanho wa Taala what is the heart of the Arabic language the word heart in Arabic language? Do you know called right? And while there was a cold call the report it says I'm assuming

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I'm assuming in San lol in St. Woman in Lima takanobu massumi in Southern Illinois in a city woman called Ella Lena sakalava does mean he says I'm assuming in Santa Elena see why the sandwich is a human being? Why was he called insan which means comes from the word Nietzschean. He says the word insane comes from the word Nietzsche. And what is this? Yon forgetfulness?

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so insane was called insane because forgets a lot as the last part that is mentioned about Adam alayhis Salam welaka Idina illa abbulu Fantasy Allah magilla, who Asma Allah practices we took the covenant from Adam from before fantasy, which means forgot, that mistake that Adam did an agenda was not was actually viewed or was considered as not necessary as a sin but as a mistake as a forgetful forgetfulness moment from Adam alayhis salaam. So as human beings, we tend to forget a lot in terms of the heart right now. He says, well, boo, elderly medical level, and the heart, which means the cold was cold, cold, because it's yet a call level. What's the meaning of the collar, flipping,

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flipping over, up and down to flipping over. So when you throw it and they say the cold is the example of a feather, if you throw a feather, we drop a feather from from an elevation. How does it fall on the ground? Does it fall straight? It wouldn't. How does it fall? keep slipping, coming up and down, up and down. Probably even switching directions. Our heart is the same thing too. You wake up one day in the morning and you have any retention too fast. Mashallah, halfway through the day, what do you what happens to a cup of coffee? And then you change your mind about fasting and you said handleless, not four, so I can break it so you break your fast. What happened?

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You didn't commit any sin. But at least you know, something wrong happened that thing is that your heart just changed. And that's not even English. When someone changes decision. What do they say they had What? change of heart,

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the heart change on a man subject matter. So that's exactly what happens in regards to our decision. Our resolve

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remaining on an upright character or steadfastness or sometimes we get weaker and the call the call as Allah subhanho wa Taala. As actually the prophets Allah mentioned the Hadith, why do they keep flipping because the Messenger of Allah Allah says in the Hadith lupinus Vitamina sadara man, you can live with her Keisha. And this Heidi, the Messenger of Allah xlsm says that the heart the hearts of human beings are in between two and he mentioned fingers over ramen, the Most Merciful, of course, obviously, these are now this attributes of aroma, the Most Merciful in a manner that suits His Majesty, nothing to resemble human beings. But it says to the law salon, you can live with her

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kafer Shah, he flips these hearts the way he will Subhanahu wa Tada. So these hearts they keep flipping because Allah made the cutter that these hearts they always stay in a state of course of you know, any kind of shaking and moving, not stationary. And they want find that station why what's the what's the reason for that? Because Allah azza wa jal has given us in the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam the means of making this heart stationary and making this heart actually at ease and tranquility and peacefulness. What is that? We're going to come to the shallow waters. Now having said that, what how many what kind of hearts Do we have or to the Quran speak

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about and the son of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam three kinds of hearts

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number one, I'll call was sorry, I'll call a Salim,

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which is the sound heart. Someday Coco calabasa. Which means also means actually the correct talk. Many, many extra terms that was given to the heart to I'll call a salad but means the sound healthy heart, that's what it means. The second one was called the dead heart or are called l may yet another term that came came for COBOL. My heart was alkazi. What's the meaning of coffee is actually hard. It's not soft at all. It's completely hard like a rock. I know sometimes you say like a rock, which means being strong, but in this sense of it's actually has no compassion, no mercy, no benefit. Everything bounces off, not doesn't absorb anything good. And the third category that Allah

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subhana wa perang mentioned Alma road, means I'll call Bill Murray, that sick and diseased heart. We're going to explain these three categories and schelotto barakaatuh. Why not? Just the first one is the sound heart. And as we speak, I'm going to mention to you some of the terms and some of the attributes and categorize the the characteristics of each heart as was mentioned the plan the son of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and I wanted to reflect on them. Where do you stand on these categories? Where does Where's your heart in which category? Would it fall? So the first one MLS pandemic is among those who have the sounds horrible. I mean, what's the value of this heart a loss

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of power? This isn't sort of the SRA Yo man I am foul marijuana noon dilemma at a logical insulin.

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Yo Milan found Milan while I've been a llama otological been selling the day will neither wealth nor sons will avail except he who brings to Allah a truthful and a secured or a sound heart in the last part says listen, your wealth that you keep, you know, accommodating throughout your lifetime, it's not going to make it's not going to actually help you in any way on the Day of Judgment. It's not going to be helping management children family like most of us Mashallah we raise our kids to become you know, Mashallah the jewel of our hearts in life. We would like to have our kids like badge in our in our on our shoulders, seeing the machine successful in the dunya and so on. So, so what does

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that exactly mean? Allah says, Listen, your children won't benefit you. Your money won't benefit you the only thing that will benefit you the Day of Judgment, Calvin saline that sound heart so when we talk about sound heart however the last part I'll explain that somehow mammals has elemental literally explained them in many many different ways actually, called colobus Alcala

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colobus Selim that sounds hard, who will not show me a man which means stuffed with a lot of

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stuff with a lot of Eman and the meaning of stuff. A lot of Eman is basically for the sternotomy demon, everything that that that comes in and out has to do with believing in Allah subhana wa tada and the love for Allah zosen believing in Allah azza wa jal and for the love of Allah subhana wa Tada. If you guys remember one of the sessions we had in past Ramadan, we talked about the purification act, right. And we mentioned that there are five categories for purification of the soul. And the first the first category was the physical purification. The second category was about purification of the actions and the act. And the third category was a purification of what the heart

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the intentions. So when someone's heart is full with Eman, all the intentions come and reflection to that particular area, always in goodness, always in higher demand. So

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obviously, that kulbhushan

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followed him on any kind of sugar whatever that matters Come come there what happens to them? They bounce off they don't stay

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any kind of thoughts about sin or intention to commit sin it bounces off it completely. In the hadith of

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de familia matter of the allowed Rwanda. He mentioned that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that that Allah tala

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unfit and other colluvial de la ciudad Ruda, he said, the Messenger of Allah So Sam said that that doesn't know the fit and the trials and turmoils and all these you know, things that that we face in this dunya in this world, Toto guru will be exposed to the heart out of Dalhousie, just like the straws of a straw man, you know, if you have a straw man somewhere, you know that they're all they're all on line next to each other. And they're attached with a string. If you cut that string, what happens to the straw to destroy they fall one after the other one? meaning there's like no break no intermission between these these these fit and these trials we always face draws in this

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line. He said out of that hasid rudan rouda like one stick at a time all the time. He said sola sola, the galoob then the hearts they are divided in regard to the split and in different categories for Calvin push Riva, Nexus fi nuclear to soda. Any hard that absorbs that fitna will actually will result in a stain a dark stain on that heart. What are you Mr. Calvin Raja, whichever hard that actually bounces that off and rejects that sin or that fitness, trial and neck that fee looked at them by law, it would leave a bright stain on it all right cylinder heart. He said. So the last item then until until the heart, these hearts are divided into these categories, major ones

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COVID he says Allah salam, Calvin abbiamo cosafa.

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Why taught so pure cosafa which means just like the marble you know, if there's dust on the marble, how do you plead? How do you clean it up?

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You could just do what you could just blow it off, right? If you blow off the dust, it would go away. If they did effort, just a damp cloth, you just take it off handle, it's clean. Now much effort needed. Right? So he said that cosafa. And that sulfur is basically it wouldn't be affected like the dodo fitnah to Madame artesanato would not be affected by any trial. And as long as they haven't the earth still exists, and then in the dunya won't be affected at all. And then he said, As for the other heart, it is so dark. And he said to the LA salon for cuckoos images becomes like the cup, when you flip it upside down.

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When you put a cup upside down, can you can you fill it with water? Gemma careful with water? What if it rains? Would it be filled with anything? No. What if you try to fit it? What if you put it under under a waterfall? Would it fill it in with anything? Nothing that wouldn't benefit at all, because it wouldn't be filled at all until what do you do first? You flip it to the right action position. And then you could put water in there. He sets a lot of solar. This is the example of El kulu. So this is the pure one. And there's of course the one that is also affected by these Phaeton and these sins. So the hearts as you can see here, they're very important. And and it's because

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everything that comes into the heart will be affecting it for the long term. And let's see what the last part is about the colobus Selim and the pure heart and the sounds are number one. Allah subhanho wa Taala give the first category the first actually attributes of that heart sank Alamo and what's the medical McMahon ultimate Nan, which means serene, tranquil, serene. He says upon Allah to Allah alladhina amanu Nobu boom with Allah, Allah, Allah kulu instead of the rod at 28, Allah says Allah Dina among those who believed, without my inclusion with the Corolla, and their hearts find serenity and tranquility in the remembrance of Allah. Indeed, in the remembrance of Allah hearts

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find tranquility and peace.

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So ask yourself is your heart tranquil? Was all shaky and always freaking out? Every time something happens suddenly you find yourself you know, freaking out what happens gonna happen to me or whatever happens, you're always sitting, you're always in a handler in a state of of peace. The second category, the second attribute, I'll call bill money. What's the meaning of money? and money is basically the column that always comes back to the last panel, it never returns the last like when something happens, where would your heart turn first? Does this turn to people are looking for help? Or is it turn to to the ground to something you know, artificial, this world? What does it

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turn straight to Allah azza wa jal first and foremost, that's called alimony

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Hello abattoir to Allah madheshi mana belay with Jabba Calvin Mooney, the one who truly finished the Most Merciful span on what

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was called the money and came to us with this money part, which means the heart that returns always to Allah azza wa jal. This isn't sort of path number 33. The third one, the last panel that I mentioned about the hearts of the believers are the sound heart and Virgil. What's the meaning of virgin Alhaji is another form of hatia you notice we will be talking about Hershey a lot harsher is different than fear. Fear is just generic title for you know health is generic, you know, the translation for for, for fear. But Russia is that conscious fear of Allah subhanho wa Taala like you have that fear of Allah azza wa jal based on knowledge, which has an element of reverence and

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respect Carlota botica was Allah in Nam manana Latina nuclear Allah YG let kulu boom. Indeed, those who believe that those the believers are those who heart when they're when they're when Allah subhanho wa Taala is remembered when they're members of Allah panel that comes to them with Gillette kulu. Their hearts tremble, their hearts have this sense of fear. Like it's kind of like have this Harsha that reverence? So it's actually fear that is filled with reverence and respect to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Another category or another actually attribute the last part I mentioned, fertilizer origin, lane, meaning lenient, what's the meaning of being linear? That means it's not

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rough. It's not harsh, not harsh, very lenient? How do you know that your heart is lenient? Do you know when people they hear something, someone says something bad to them, their hearts immediately kind of, like, hardens, and they want revenge right away. But the believers their heart is still lenient, they still still soft, they can take you know, action in a very decisive manner, but at the same time, they want to actually use compassion and kindness. So Allah subhanaw taala says here alone, and how do you take it out? kita Masha masani tuck Sherman who jewelry nationala bomb, some mottolino julu makuu Isla de la. The believers in the translation last Potter speaking about the

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believers when Allah azzawajal reveals the Quran and the Quran and they hear the rest of the klentak shall remain who do the Latina Amano mean the skin of the believers it just kind of like you can see that's how you can like what we said English you get you get goosebumps which means it just like Wow, it's so unbelievable what they hear it just it's really fills them with with fear and hasha but then he says the man Lee nuku boom, would you do makuu illogical then their skins and their hearts becomes lenient as they remember the words of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah subhanaw taala spoke about the hearts of the believers and the sound hearts as being an orphan. Rahim are often Rahim

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which means compassionate, very tolerant, very compassionate. Karla has the origin speak about the Gambia and specifically Sally Salaam carvana fuku Bella Dena, fatten Rama, he said about his la Salaam. And he had made in that we have placed in the hearts of those who followed him. Those who follow the SLA Sara field will obey Him. He says partner with a law firm

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that compassion and mercy, compassion and mercy. So as a believer, this your heart filled with compassion? Is it filled with mercy? Or is it filled with something else?

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The desire for revenge, the desire to fight back the desire for this and what is it that fills your heart? Look at it and ask yourself this question. Allah subhanho wa Taala spoke about the sound heart as harsh

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was the meaning of who she is which means with constant concentrating on the last panel data as the origin to the extent that it humbles itself. So the focus on Allah that is humbles itself so the hearts are humbling themselves the last origin call Allah tala Alameda De La Nina Amano untuck Shaku boom evictory La Jolla manager ml Huck, Isn't it about time for those who believe that their heart should humble themselves to lie to their members of Allah subhanho wa Taala Well, monosyllable Huck and what came to them from the truth. Obviously that means if you know something is right, that you need to do and Allah commands you to do it, then you do it.

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Unfortunately, most of us we know what is right and what is wrong, but we have hard time really following it because our hearts my desire is something else.

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So the human ego sometimes stops between us and doing that which is right.

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That's That's the problem. And if you just kind of your heart is always connected with law you want it doesn't matter to you because you always feel comfortable, feel strong. Also Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned of the attitude

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The beauty of this heart the sound heart is a Sakina

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Sakina which means tranquility hula, hula the Angelus. Sakina colluvial Minelli is that imana It is his Hannah Matata, who sent down a Sakina that tranquility and peace in the hearts of the believers. Leah's dad, he managed to increase them and a man and they believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah tala also mentioned about this heart is strong, it's away. Yes, it's lenient, and it's soft and tender but at the same time, it is also strong holla to Allah. What about Nala boo boo him his camo speaking about the people of the cave. What about Nala Ruby, which means a large part of what obatala COVID means a lot of jelly tie that a man on their heart, meaning make it actually strong

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and powerful.

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The last one, most bit, the word most better, less bad. It's basically it's a sign it's a sign. It's a sign of humbleness, humility, kindness, you name it. All of this combined, makes the heart so lenient and so soft and so obedient. That's the meaning of muffit obedient

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when the command comes from Allah subhanho wa Taala no question asked, go straight to the obedient part, obedience to Allah subhana wa tada God Allah azza wa jal, Walia, lm Allah Dena,

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Arabic, so that those have been given the knowledge they would know that is true from Allah subhanho wa Taala. For you to be so they would believe for to be to photometer localu so their heart will be obedient to that heart. The heart will be obedient to the heart. Do we have a mokuba Tata Gemma is our heart always you know obedient to Allah subhana wa tada under commands of Allah zosen. So, these are actually these are 1010 categories or 10 descriptions that we mentioned about the sound heart. The second category now to compare is the dead heart.

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Allah subhanaw taala also mentioned few descriptions and attributes relate to the dead heart follow us surgeon

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tilcon apostolica and

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tomorrow soon will be Nat McConnell you mean Obamacare w COVID cattolica Akbar Allahu Allah kulu will Catherine use the word Yoruba. So the first category that these hearts are already been the word taba means what? Actually sealed

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it when it was sealed. What kind of seal is there when you say something that was sealed was the miniature man that you can open it right? When you said an envelope, it's not supposed to be open. When something when a door is being sealed. There's no way you could actually open it has to be broken. And when you break it, you could probably even destroy it before you actually benefit from us. Pamela sollozzo just said that these hearts are completely sealed and the seal of coffered ceiling hypocrisy the seal of of this believers ought to be put on these hearts number two, he says hello to Allah. The word casia which means hard. So hard, no softness in the Galatia Allah forbid

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manakamana him ethafoam la Nahum was kulu boom Casa

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de mythical calm speak about very slowly when they broke the covenant with the laws of origin, Allah subhana wa tada and says, We cursed them with Jana Casa and their hearts became so hard became so hard with with no benefit at all. And that as a result of being so hard with their hearts, you had referral code and they start manipulating the text of Allah zosen manipulated the deal. This is exactly what happens to us and these days as movement as Muslims have handled on the Muslim community, we have a problem with this issue. Nowadays when you come to the Muslims, you tell them Allah, it's not like is this is true, and if you tell them this is no Quran, there was just a man of

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water we listen when we obey, there's no it's bad. There's no colorblindness but instead the people they want to argue know, why this that they want to try to find a way not to follow the command that came from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So when it becomes so hard to start trying to manipulate the rulings and the text and so on, number three,

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Allah subhanaw taala use the word Excel. So that heart is locked. There's a lot on these hearts. He says cronometer Allah FL at the bottom for an am Allah Lubin ox Allah Shouldn't they reflect or ponder over the verses of the Quran or maybe their hearts has been you know has locked over them. So the heart has been the heart has been locked and completely kind of like sealed in that fashion. And obviously, there is no way you can have access to this heart until you remove that lock first. That the fourth description or attribute the word Mattoon Colorado man whom is eco Jana Allah boo boo him Akin. If Coco was an Allah

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What's the meaning of kin? Like they're called? There's, there's our weights on top of these hearts. You only have voids under something you can't move it you can't shake it at all. That's the problem with these hearts it's just like being you know, filled with chains falling with with heavy weights, there is no way you can move that heart any other way. Well, last panelist also mentioned that has Ron Cal Bell, Ron Allah, what is the ron ron is the resonance. You know, when someone commits a sin and start doing something wrong and so forth, follow the traces of what they commit stays on the heart like the stains isn't art and if it becomes frequent What happened to that to that one or that

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residue? It just like when you start when you keep using the same thing over and over again over and over again. And you never have maintenance

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if you don't have maintenance what happens you start seeing you know, things building up this builds up actually on that on that that machine whatever that use your teeth if you don't maintain you know dental hygiene regularly what happens you have builds up right and then start getting weaker so getting pain and suffering from disease and other things. That's exactly what happens to the heart kettlebell Ron Allah colluvial mechanic subunits upon what Allah indeed, what they've been earning means their deeds, led their hearts to have this run that actually that sheet, you could say that layer of run ceiling under their hearts Carlota Bhagavatam, the heart has as elaphe was a miracle

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for Ghana, like a screen wrap. You know, when you have something that is wrapped very well, you don't have access to it. He says upon what Allah will call kulu buena wolf. They say we have our hearts as if they were wrapped with something like we don't have access to our hearts. You know, some people Subhanallah some people that come to me in my office as well. They have they have a problem on that issue. Like they say, I have the desire to do good, but I don't see I don't see my heart following it.

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And will I will not when I hear these words, it hurts me. And it scares me. Because this is a problem. When Allah subhanho wa Taala puts that barrier between you and your heart.

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If Allah azza wa jal puts that barrier between you and your heart, that's a disaster. That's a problem.

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And the last panel warns people inserted unfairly in regard to this issue.

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The loss of power that can put a barrier between us and our hearts. And this is something an example for this when there's a better such as Ron, or such as this rap, and also lost permission the word

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the word Russia, the shower, like a screen or a sheet that is wrapping the hearts power. So there will be no access to that person to the heart. And as a result, mentioned other attributes of this heart. He said life Kahuna dongbu life going to be a horse that had comprehends nothing, like don't don't understand anything, and never recognizes the monkey, and that was Haram. Allah Subhan protects us from the Jeroboam in the last category of the heart Mashallah finished with the line about seven minutes. The disease heart disease heart, which is the sikar Katana field glooby model for azada Houma la Hamada wala Hamada alamanda McCann we actually been there also a few a few

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descriptions or categories and attributes for this heart The first thing the word modeled that was mentioned which means sickness, illness, disease, call it Allah Fie Colombia model, class passes, the hearts filled with disease, facade omala hamara de Sala made it even worse.

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Now, why is that because by choice by choice, they let go of their hearts, you know, to, to, to fall into this kind of illness and sickness. So they just basically did like they asked for it.

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You know, when someone know that he's not supposed to do this kind of thing. And they keep doing it over and over again, over and over again over and over again.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala let go of them. Just like the body let go of you. Like if someone keeps eating sweets over and over again, over and over again, over and over again. And the body's giving you signals like I can't take this anymore, this is too much. I'm getting sick right now. And the person continues with that what happens? The body the body gives up on them. So it's falling, falling apart, becomes you know, malfunctioning and so on. Same thing. So if they decided if they chose that path of misguidance and their hearts becomes disease and sick, loss passes varada home alohomora man he deserved it they earned it for themselves.

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So that's the first category the first the second attribute that Allah mentions pinata Allah, Hulu he said La Jolla kulu boom la What's the meaning of La Jolla? Miss heedless

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Minh allow allow is basically like always entertaining themselves with with the word recreation like instead of recreation that's what it means. No serious matters in their hearts. No

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serious matter in their lives, like they're always in a state of recreation, La Jolla, San Paulo boom, completely he lives from what's coming to them, which is the day of judgment. The third, the third attribute of Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned by the Colombian z is the word z, z or z is basically kind of deviation. You know, when someone someone's paralyzed, the heart is sick. There's always that desire to do that which is wrong, even though they know it's wrong, but they still do it, because the heart is deviating towards that which is actually pleasing to them. And that was actually considered considering wrong. Another attribute that was mentioned a lot upon admission,

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the word of afla krafla which means

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when what's the best time for the man? heedlessness?

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negligence, negligence, lawful negligence basically, the heart is completely negligent as the last part that says sort of calf was burned off sick. Amala Dena, the owner of Bahama Dotty will actually always hold yourself steadfast for those who listen to who was calling upon the last panel during the day and during the night. You redo the designing and looking for the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala voila, Dinah ganim Don't run away from them to religion at the height of dunya designing the pleasure of this world called Waterman alfalah Calvo and the cleaner don't obey the person whom we had their heart, laugh and have fun Convo like being negligent and financial bondage, one of the

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members of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And as a result, it's about Hawa and they follow their desires. So part of the site is actually an overflow, if the heart is always negligent of remembrance of Allah subhana wa Taala which means they know this is the time for Salah, but they ignore it, they know this is a time for them to give charity, but they ignore it is the time to remain, you know, steadfast, and they kind of like you know, they acknowledge that the time or the need to tell the truth, but they don't. And they acknowledge the power. So this is this is what they do. That's a sign of this sick and diseased heart. There is more exercise for these hearts. But what is important

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right now to know is what's the results of these three hearts. The results of these three hearts Isabella they say is that the neffs itself the neffs which is basically the soul of the soul, the spirit of that soul, as a result of these hearts ends in three categories we have enough Alma enough unless a Model B suit and unless Alabama one knifes becomes a Mothma which means that serene and peaceful pneus that self yourself when you feel peaceful tranquility, filling your heart filling you because your heart is carbon solid.

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The second category unus ammara su, then after only orders you to do it. Now what is wrong, why because the heart is dead.

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So if the heart is dead, there's no communication with the heart then turns to his desires all the time. And then he says when necessary.

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That's the law that's the blaming ness.

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So whichever whichever energy that is stronger in your in your heart, then then apps would follow. So if the heart is at some point feels the energy of higher in order to do that, which is good. But if the energy is low, then the desire actually follows does actually become stronger and you follow that desire, Ramadan is coming. And this way we need to work on a shallow diabolical data strengthening dial higher the color for good in our hearts so that when Ramadan started shallow to botica with Allah, we have inshallah the inclination to do that which is good, stronger than anything that's been alleged. And finally, why the heart is important. Once again, because it's all

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about the taqwa what

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Allah says in the Quran about ramadan ramadan koulibaly camassia mocha makuti Valentina macabre comme la la COO,

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COO, all you who believed could evaluate camassia fasting has been prescribed upon you like it was prescribed before and those will be for you.

00:49:18 --> 00:49:31

To consider you might become what? righteous some of you acquire taqwa. So it's all about taqwa. Ramadan is all about. Okay if I'm going to acquire taqwa, where should I start? What do you guys think?

00:49:32 --> 00:49:34

You started in Walmart

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or go to India bizarre. Exactly certain facts of rice and, and all the good stuff that we need for them for Ramadan. inshallah, is that where we start to prepare ourselves for taqwa Ramadan? Obviously not. Should we start preparing ourselves for Ramadan? By hitting the gym and getting exercise so that inshallah when Ramadan comes of handler, we're physically strong? That is good. There is no doubt

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Is that but is that where you need to start first? Do I need to go Ramadan and pay for Ramadan by Mashallah buying all these wonderful books and start reading and reading or reading or to prepare myself for Ramadan? Is that what I need to do? Maybe you should. But this shouldn't be the first thing you worry about and you really need to consider Salford to enjoy an acquire the best level of taqwa and Ramadan. But where do you start? You start from the heart. You seen this hate hate avora rhodiola Randhawa in which the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam was speaking about some of the etiquettes of the believers among themselves in the marketplace.

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Imagine in the marketplace which means it's something related to dunya he says so lesson with this hadith Do not be envious of another myth that has to do with bhagavato Ratana joshu Raja de barro says well, and then he says, hola Salaam, work una vida, la Juana be brothers to one another. It says the hustle diminisher It's enough evil for one person and after a while Muslim that you hurt your Muslim brother. He mentioned the last time that it's very very important that if you gonna if you would like to avoid all these diseases that he mentioned earlier, what are the disease he mentioned, Savalas, Allah. Don't be envious. wallet adalberto don't give your back to one another.

00:51:21 --> 00:51:28

And Walla Walla, teenagers Don't try to kind of compete against each other and dunya what all these things that disease of the heart.

00:51:29 --> 00:51:43

These are diseases of the heart. He says that a lot of them. Basically he says in this highlight, these are the diseases of the heart. Then he said, attack wahana. Remember, remember that righteousness and piety is here.

00:51:44 --> 00:51:50

And he points is just sort of Lhasa which means it's in the heart. He says righteousness and piety is here.

00:51:51 --> 00:52:17

Duck wa is here taqwa is here taqwa three times he repeat that Salah Salem remind the people that taqwa is in the heart. What does that exactly mean? If you always desire this envy, and competition with other people and saponify inheriting other ones and always having ill ill feelings about them. And so what does that exactly mean? means it's taking the space of your taqwa in the heart.

00:52:19 --> 00:52:28

It's taking that space from your heart. And if you would like to acquire that taqwa back into your heart, what do you need to do? Clean it up.

00:52:30 --> 00:52:46

Get all these things out of the heart. So that when Ramadan begins, shallow that you have enough and plenty of space to fill your heart with taqwa. Remember, when the prophet SAW some sort of taqwa hoonah, he's telling us cleared it up for taco.

00:52:47 --> 00:53:06

Clear your heart, so you can achieve that. And if your heart is heavy with other things, besides taqwa, it's going to be very hard. It's going to be very, very hard to earn that quadrant, the month of Ramadan. So mela, homemakers among those who listen to the speech of black women and for the best of it, may Allah subhanho wa Taala give us the taqwa in our hearts,

00:53:07 --> 00:53:44

Mullah soprano, to purify our hearts of manual him and give us the sound hotjar. But I mean, unless you give us a mecca among those who follow follow that to which the best that would lead them into dunya. And as a gentle for those that are a little bit I mean, I'm sure a lot about next week. But now when we come back, we're going to talk about what causes what basically blocks the heart from acquiring that taqwa. And that is the sin what's the meaning? How does it happen? What's the effect of the sin on the heart? And what categories of sins you know that hurts the heart? What is it exactly? We're going to talk about all these things inshallah to bodycote Allah and how we can

00:53:44 --> 00:54:05

recover if we make a sin. How can I recover? Is it even possible that if I make a sin, even if it was a major sin, is it even possible for me to recover and purify my heart so that when Ramadan begins inshallah Allah as if this never happened? We can discuss these issues and more than shallow the next week when the last ga Sushil Bonilla Tabata any questions yes or no

The Heart: The Vessel Of Taqwa

This talk was given at the Valley Ranch Islamic Center on Mar 30, 2017.

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