Mohamad Baajour – Explanations of Duaas in SALAT #5

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the meaning of the DUA and the importance of authentic doulas in improving one's salads. They stress the need for a solid hand and being authentic in experiences. The use of "slack" and "we" in English is emphasized, along with the historical significance of the title and the potential for a new edition. Praises and learning to stay longer in rush activities are also discussed.
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For the past few weeks, I've been trying to discuss the idea the DUA that we make in the salad for the purpose of improving our salad, and becoming from the people whom in their salad harshly on May Allah make us all among them. And we said many times that one of the ways to achieve sure is by changing

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the DUA as long as it is authentic. So we studied for two hours before the Fatiha that are all authentic wrestlers, I seldom recited them one time or another. And we started last week we studied for the authentic doulas in the record. We studied for authentic doulas in the record.

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When we get up from the record, there are two positions in the slot where we rush so much.

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The first is when we get up from the record, and boom, we dive into sujood right away. And the second is between the two soldiers.

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In order in sha Allah to Anna to not fall into that mistake, Listen to me attentively today Bismillah.

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We get up from the record, what do we say? Semi Allahu leemon Hamidah this one here, you have no option, no other option. The others, they have many options, but somebody Allah Holloman Hamidah we do not hear any other narration that for solos, I seldom said anything else. So we have to say semi Allah who live in Hamidah. But unfortunately, I can count in one hand how many people in this crowd know what the semi Allahu Lehmann Hamid Amin and we've been praying for 3040 50 or 60 years. Semi Allah halimun Hamedan sha Allah Allah with the help of Allah, your Salah will change starting from tonight. Semi Allah Who lemon Hamidah there are two words that we have to understand semirara And

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Hamidah in the middle, lemon, semi Allah halimun Easy Hola, Haldimand we all know, but Samia and Hamidah we have to know what they mean. Sonya in general means heard right here. It means something else.

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Allah said in the Quran, when Ibrahim said Alhamdulillah he led you ahead any Alchi Burisma ILA was hacked in rugby. Let's say me or less me or da Alhamdulillah that Allah have gifted me it's my EAD and it's half an old age. And then he said, in Nairobi, Allah lets me or here does not mean semi I mean that Allah heard my dua know, Allah already

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answered the DUA. He already gave him a smile on his half. So the word Semia means sending Allah Hanuman Hamid that is to jab Allah, Allah answered, answered another billion that's from the Quran from the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he used to seek refuge from for Allahumma inni or obika Min Aleman lay in fact we're colbyn layer Yaksha where do I in lay you smack when I've seen the touchbar ya Allah I seek refuge with you from a heart that is not humble from knowledge that's not beneficial. And from a dua hit now you smell here you smell does not mean data is not being heard. If you make dua I'm standing next to you I heard it the understanding is not going to

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hear it. No, do I inlay you smack means do that is not answered. I seek refuge er Allah with you from a dua that's not being answered. So now here we know that Semia means is to jab, answer. Semi Allahu leemon Hamidah What does Hamid Amin

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and let the

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yes if Allah be suffered busy fertile canal hope then what are women? One of the meanings of Hamidah here is the one who attribute to Allah, the perfect attributes with love and veneration, another meaning the one who everything I have is from him.

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Is the job Allah, the meaning of the semi Allah halimun Hamidah. Allah answers the one who believes that every blessing he has is from Him.

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Allah answers

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the dua of the one who believes that every name that he has is from Allah azza wa jal What do we say right after that?

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Have been Allah callaham Allah who will answer the one who says hunt, or better luck and I want to hear from these people. So instantly, I say your opinion a little hand. Now here. The first one I have no option here. I have many options. Listen carefully, or have dinner a little hand or have dinner well I can have

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And, or you add Allahumma to each Allahumma or a bene like Al Hamd Allah Houma, Rob Danna, well, that can happen. What do we do? Alternate first Rocha. Rebecca Allah Callaghan, second raka Robina, Willa Callaghan, wala one, I'm talking from experience. The minute I start using my brain and the solid, the minute your solid will get improved.

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Otherwise, sorry Allah, Allahu Akbar Allah, just mechanical movement without any thinking, the more you involve your brain, and especially as long as they are authentic and Hamdulillah. They are all authentic. Listen to this one. Beautiful and that will help us stay a little bit longer and not fall into that mistake of rushing. Listen. Russell was SLM was praying. And he said send me Allah Hanuman Hamidah he heard someone saying, or bene Lachlan Handan, Kathy Iran, they even move out I can feel

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the solid finished. Let's suppose I said and turned around mentally ill who said that statement?

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Can you imagine? That's a hobbyist.

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How could you add something What have you said Anya rasool Allah, He said, A to bid button with Ella Athena mannequin. I found over 30 I saw over 30 Angels racing to write it down.

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I saw over 30 Angels racing to write down how this isn't Buhari. So in order not to fall into that rush from now on semi Allah Honeyman Hamid bene local hand hand and Kathy are on hand and Kathy are on the eve and Madera can fee this handy Allah that I'm, I'm expressing is abundant, Allah, this hand is full of blessing, Allah this hand is pure type, any Subhanallah I want myself and you to think what am I being grateful for every single Salaat four times or two times, Allah He like the chef or just recited in certain natural and that do not matter Allah He that are Suha Allah Al Hamdulillah that mean that you are a Muslim Hamdulillah that your movement Hamdulillah that you have

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health Hamdulillah that you are from the people of the misogyny, and now I'm led to add water. So I want myself to think about this when I say I'm benna Callaghan and then cathedral and even mobile I can feel the minute I say that already. I'm 1015 seconds extra than my previous a lot because now I added something authentic and full of meaning, or better when I can when I can add to it in the beginning also when I call 100 and cathedra on three even without a country. Now listen to the last part.

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We always heard and I always mentioned that one of the etiquettes of DA is to do what first.

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Praise Allah. Praise Allah first. Right praise Allah praise Allah praise Allah and then ask just like the Fatiha Hamdulillah I mean praise Allah Rahman Rahim praise Maliki Yomi Deen praise er cannot be the way you're gonna stay in freeze. Now time to ask a dino slaughtering stalking so that the etiquette of DA is to praise praise praise and ask the what did I just do? Semi Allah Hanuman Hamidah Robin like Al hamdu Hamdan cathedra on fee then muda can fee Allahu Akbar Subhan Allah, Allah Subhana Allah Allah Subhana Allah Allahu Akbar started

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yet Allah

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start the drought you already made all these praises. Now you're in this June which is going to be our next week in sha Allah, Allah, Allah kept us alive. We're going to talk about the importance of the Institute and what were the DUA is

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made in Suzhou, you have already made the introduction. Allah said, I'm going to answer the one who has harmed you said hunt, and you went down and you start asking, and where did you ask? The closest place to Allah as the origin of why when we understand these things, all our stuff was changed Allah.

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I wish that there was someone who explained this to me 30 years ago.

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Just pray, right. All you have to do is pray. And if you don't pray, you're going to *. This is how we learn. If you don't pray, you're going to help fix your salad become Crusher, this is all not for you for the Sahaba Subhanallah so yeah, one semi Allah holy man, Hamidah

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estadia of Allah, Allah answers the one who believes that everything is from Allah, and he believes that all the perfect attributes belong to Allah.

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In Mussolini now almost Lima D one meaning Mina team one quantity now look on it, the more slowly been our slaw the Ponte one saw the Rena was slogging a lot the one before she you know, she

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wasn't for she I mean I want to call her she I didn't want him down son Dino.

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One downside being bought in or any now was all in

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one heavy lean affordable gentleman one half year warranty. Was that good enough?

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What's going on? I don't know who

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what and gentlemen nauseam

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