Yaser Birjas – Asr Khatirah – Duaa Of The Distressed – Duaa Of Zakariyya (A.S)

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a man named Jesus being interviewed by a woman named Emraan who wants to take on a new job and facing many questions. Jesus also talks about his plans to give a child to his successor, but refuses to give it because he wants to be a successor to his previous job. The Korean population's use of "opportunities" and the lack of children is also discussed, with a brief advertisement for a soccer game.
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I mean sort of Allah was summoned to kind of you know Mohammed Bin Laden earlier Sigler salam to slim and cathedra to my my dad will continue to get a draft of the Quran dua number nine that the opposite Korea the dua of the Korea in Surah Al Ambia chapter 2189 and 90 called Allah Who terracotta Allah was a Korea is now the robber who and another abode Villa Tada and the forbidden were antihero while the thin fester journal what will happen Allah who was lon Allah Who xojo in the home can who set everyone up in Herat word Runa Raghavan. whare hubba waka new Luna Hayashi

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in this ayah Allah subhana wa Tada brings to us the dua of Zakaria right after dua of a tube which we started yesterday. He is now asking ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada for righteous child to be an heir to receive after him to take the legacy and the tradition after him. And he says, Allah says the prophets awesome. And remember, when Zakariya cried out to his Lord, My Lord, do not leave me childless, though you are the best of successors. And Allah says, So We answered his prayer. grant him Yahia and made his wife fertile. Indeed, they used to raise and doing good call upon us with hope and fear, totally humbling themselves before us. So let's study this. Before we talk about it a

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shout out the first thing is Allah says was a Korea so who's speaking right now? The Korea Allah administration was a Korea and we've learned that from Jack Korea before if you guys remember what surah was a double we started the opposite Korea about the same thing but having a child because remember

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so that Emraan right. When he asked Allah subhana wa Taala for a child and he asked cara bidjan who was aloe vera Leah.

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So he asked Allah subhana wa Taala for a child to be a Willie was Adhara below the and make that child already which means Martha you will please with him and he also be pleased with you and people please with him. So here now is asking ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada again it neither of the who, when he cried out to his Lord, that translation says of here cried out as Lord. But what do we learn from the DA from the opposite Korea from the ayat before? How did he call Allah subhana wa Tada NIDA and half a year

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he whispered his dua, he didn't cry out loud. So I mean, hear the word NIDA and the Arabic nada needs to call doesn't necessarily mean loud, or actually are whispering which means being quiet. So here the translation chose to say cried out loud out loud, but maybe not. Maybe he didn't. He said to his lots of Hannah, what are called rugby, rugby. So he said rugby My Lord didn't say, Yeah, ILA he My God. Because again, if you would like to ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Tala, for provision for patience for any specific, you know, qualities in this life. You You admit his lordship, him being the one who was reserved and Kareem or Hendon, who gives the one who provide the one who protects the one

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who takes back. So if he's the one in control of all these things, I'm going to use Rob.

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So he says, Robbie Ladhani further, do not leave me further. He says, don't leave me don't really be alone or lonely. In that translation, they chose this to use the meaning which means childless.

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Like my Lord, I'm getting too old right now. And this is it. I haven't had a child my entire life and he's now hoping that ALLAH SubhanA wa will provide for him that job for cholera be Ladhani for it, don't leave me challenges on me alone. We're untitled watery thin and you are the best of all successors. Now, in the previous episode of Emraan, there were more details in why he was asking this child for he want this child to become a successor to my successor, the heir of the of many other Imran to take the legacy afterwards. He summarized everything he says, want to hurl water thin, like he's saying to Allah Subhan Allah my Lord. I know that I don't even need that child, you

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being my successor, taking care of the Ummah after me. Like I don't need a child.

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But you're a bit lighter than the further but I would love to have one. Like I know that it's in your in your power to grant me a child

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Although I am not in need of that shot because I know you will suffer as me, you will be you'll be enough. You can be the successor to take care of the OMA after me. But I hope and I wish that you give me that chance. So that's why he says Carla Danny further, were antihero noir Athenia the best of all successes. He didn't say in this ayah and Allah grandma's successor. He didn't say that because and you are the best of all successes which is embedded in there. I need someone to succeed after me to take after me, but I know your Allah, you are sufficient for me and you can take care of the Ummah after me. So after he made his dua to Allah subhana wa Tada. Allah immediately he said

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first the job and Allah which means swiftly we answered his call. Now it could have been the day after the month after the year after, but no matter what the hour of ALLAH SubhanA wa Donna is always Swift, no matter how long it takes in comparison to the circumstances, the length of life in terms of eternity that you're going to have as a result of being obedient to Allah subhanaw taala that is just a swift answer from ALLAH SubhanA wa vistajet nila, so we swiftly answered him, what will happen Allah who you're here, we didn't just answer him. We gave him what he asked for. So we gave him you're here?

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Well, I have no idea who you're here a gift. Which means

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ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada didn't give him you're here as a result of his of course of his hard work and no, that's a gift from Allah subhana wa Donna, you gave him your hair,

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whilst loving Allah who is Oda and US law Hello xojo The word salah, which means to amend the affairs of his spouse, then all affairs, although the translation chose only one area, which is simply what they chose on the area of fertility, and we made her fertile for you. So ALLAH SubhanA wa taala, he said, We'll give you a child and make your wife fertile, although she was above that age of fertility, but we made that for you. So you can have the child but then Allah Allah gave us right now the reason why he answered the call of all these profits, if you guys remember the last few sessions, we've been talking about the DA have three other Ambia who remembers with me the three

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other MBR came in that order. The first one was a delightful,

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no Halle Saran actually, within this capacity because it didn't come as a DUA, but no first, the second one came Are you

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and then the third one was Eunice. And now the Korea for profits, they all ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and Allah says festa Janella first agenda which means we answered his call, we answered his call. Now Allah Allah is telling us why they deserved to be answered. This why is given to whom right now

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to all of us.

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Like if you want your data to be answered, then have these qualities. And what are these qualities called in the home? Can we set our own hierarchy? They used to rush in doing good deeds, not lazy, not procrastinating. No second thoughts. Every time there's an opportunity for higher therefore it

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they compete for goodness, they always try to do their best in Afghanistan, Iran, where the Runa and they call upon Allah subhana wa Dona regularly. Robin whare, Hava

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out of fear and out of hope, which means in terms of times of adversity, and dharma for spirity they will always make dua they always supplicate and ask Allah subhanho wa Taala for the goodness of this word in the Hereafter,

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which means what they're always connected to him, their dependence and reliance has always been on him, nobody else. And then he says Subhana wa Tada, what can we learn Aha, Shireen. And they have submitted themselves in humbleness and humility to us, which means when it comes to Allah subhanho wa taala, you submit all your efforts to him, You made your DUA,

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you raised to do good deeds, you made your DUA, and still Allah chose to test you.

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He chose to test you with something, not what you were hoping for. So what you need to do in response to that, submit yourself with Russia and humbleness and humility.

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Yes, I'm doing good because many people nowadays unfortunately, when Allah subhanho wa taala. You know, they do good deeds, a lot of good deeds. And then when ALLAH SubhanA, Allah chose to test them with something of adversity. What do they say they they feel surprised and shocked, was my lord, I mean, me, why me? Why my son, why my spouse? I'm the one who's always in the masjid and we're the one who always you know, give this and do that. Yeah, but the question is, why not? If Allah chose to test us with whatever he wants subhanaw taala it's not because Allah Arjuna was

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is abandoning you. It's just a test. It could be an ovation for your status for giving some of your sins. A reminder. Paulo Alana was maybe Allah was setting an example through to the other people to to get the current benefit from it Subhanallah like we see unfortunate in the situation because they may Allah make it easy for the amount of galantamine. They've been tested with hardships.

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May Allah subhanaw taala alleviate the suffering of Allah. But people from outside like us looking at that and see their patience, to work on their dedication to their faith. They're constantly divided Subhanallah Wallahi it brings you closer to Allah aza. So maybe Allah Who knows maybe the tests that you go through, could bring higher to you and to other people around you. So therefore, remember, if you would like for your diet to be answered, you need to rush into doing good deeds. All was constantly making dua to Allah subhana wa Taala out of fear and out of love and hope to Allah subhana wa Tada and also humbling yourself to Allah azza wa jal no matter what the outcome,

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what the results are, you do that you will be granted your wish as Allah subhanaw promises Ambia and you give it to them may Allah subhanho wa Taala make our calls answered your Brahman for the hierarchy. Let's make the dragon shot together. Bonilla, Azerbaijan, the DA of IU of the Korea first Robin Ladhani further were Anta Hyrule word is in

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rugby Ladhani for the war Anta Hyrule Warriors in

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rugby large Ernie for the war Anta Hyrule Warriors in

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La Ilaha illa Allah Allah in an and

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Subhanak in the consuming of aalameen

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Rob be in the Masseria door?

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We're Anta or hamara he mean,

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rugby. Zeleny Elma

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rugby ish rally Saturday.

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Wire certainly Emery

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what Hello OData melissani

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ef Kahu Kohli

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rugby heavily Mila dunka Walia.

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wotja And who? Rob Barra, the Robina Tina mela don't Kurama

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Well, hi, Lana Mina and Marina Rasheeda Rob be at the hull knee. Model Hello sir.

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Wha origini Maharaja sadock wa jal Lee Miller dunka So Don nasira

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Allahumma hamari de comm Rob Bayani sobre

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la Miami Zakon Lakeisha

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